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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 145

Mission No.7 The girl who picks up time (17)

Terrible scars were revealed through the cut off of Shupea’s priestly robe. Using the Capoteron as a walking stick, Spea staggered to his feet and turned to Capo with a face almost like a living corpse.

Theron inside the capo teron in her hand let her worried voice flow into her head.

‘Daughter of Valquier? Are you okay?’

There was no such thing as an answer.

‘My body is a mess… You die like this I know?’

“… Can I live if I want to live?”

As if she was about to collapse, she stepped forward and looked like she would die at any moment, but her unfocused eyes did not leave the capo.

Capo, who had been staring at Ebalt collapsed, finally moved her gaze toward Shu Pea. Ewald collapsed, and Usbel and Eccrine were engulfed in flames and turned into rags.

As Speaman, the most incapable of fighting, all lay dying, she leaned against the capoteron.

Strangely enough, however, Capo found the situation so intrusive.

“Is it so. I know I smoked cigarettes and lived like a dog in your eyes.”

Shupea’s parched lips trembled.

“I know!”

Even the shouting feels like everything is collapsing.

“It’s not like I started believing in you!”


“Nobody introduced you!”

Her Shu Pea’s knee was bent.

“You know I came to believe in you against my will!”

At Valkier, Supea vomited her blood.

“Remember when I turned my back on you? I hear you talk from dawn until I fall asleep! Praying to you! Do you remember how I, who laughed at you, became crooked overnight!”

Bleeding too much An indescribable chill wrapped around her whole body.

She said that Shupea had already stopped her accident.

However, her Shu Pea’s mouth opened even wider.

“Free will! Free will, which we talk so much about! Free will, which teaches that humans and beasts are fundamentally different!”

Shupea, who moved his bloodshot eyes, vomited anger with the momentum to pour out his lungs.

“I did not trust you of my own free will! When I came to my senses, I only realized that the temple was my home!”

A sneer crept across Shupea’s mouth.

“Ha, it’s funny to see you still priesting. Yes?”

This time, Shupea, who drew a self-deprecating smile on his lips, waved her wide-eyed eyes.

“What? But why am I doing this to you when everyone else is dying?”

The red area of ​​the priest’s uniform gradually widened.

“… It’s funny. When I think I’m going to die, I say so many things to you. Do you think it’s scary to die because I’m like this? I’m afraid I won’t be saved.”

Shupea’s body quickly lost strength.

But that didn’t stop Shupea’s voice.

“Don’t worry. I won’t say anything pathetic about doctrines or contradictions here.”

A curse thrown at Valkier.

Shupea somehow wanted to stand up and speak confidently.

But Shupea’s body couldn’t stand it.

Shupea, who fell to the floor violently, struggled again as his whole body trembled.

“You didn’t even make the doctrine, did you?”

Capo was watching Shupea without taking any action.

“… Damn, I’ll die before I can say anything.”

Bloody eyes stood in Shupea’s eyes.

“But Valkier, who is full of love and grace, I have one favor to ask… !”

In the end, a puck sounded from Shupea’s wound.

It’s the sound of blood vessels bursting.

At that moment, Shupea’s body collapsed.

The indescribable pain caused Shupea’s eyes to open.

So she laid her body down on the cold floor.

“Yes… Can’t hear… I hate it… Did you?”

Her life was drained from her pupils, completely out of focus.

“Ha, this is a bit… Too much… Yes.”

Her blood bubbled from her bloodless Shu Pea’s mouth.

“Me… How the world… I didn’t live… But… All sins start from rain, comparison… It seemed to… It was likehahahaha.”

She didn’t even have the energy to laugh.

“So… In the yard to die soon… Last… Only one sin… I will build it.”

Shupea’s voice turned into a rustling sound.

Shupea let out a hellish moan and hugged her wound. Surprised even herself that she still had the strength to scream like this, she gathered all her energy and raised her voice.

“Why… That… Sacrifice… Total. Dedicated to you… I exchanged my life for myself and wished to you for the last time in my life… Raining.”

Slowly and with difficulty, Shu Pea’s voice forced its way through her throat.

“I am one… Tung by taking him… Let’s hit… Yo. This.”

A strong bloody smell rose from the intermittent cough.

“Yeah, kuhuk, I’m going to take four people… If you take one… Losing… I’ll feel… Please.”

Suffea breathed in and felt the feeling of the cold floor gradually dulling.

“Like me… Rather than that person… They are much… More world… I need it.”

Movements like a wounded little animal struggling to survive. But even that small movement slowly stopped.

“Boo, please… I will.”

I thought I didn’t have the strength to laugh, but Shupea’s cheeks were wrapped in a light smile.

“Ah, right… All.”

A single tear flowed from the corner of Shupea’s eye.

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“I… No matter how much I hate you.”

However, Shupea’s eyes, which had already opened, stopped moving.

“You are… I can’t… Throw it away… Talk… For giving…”

The last breath escaped from Shupea’s body.

“Thanks… Wow.”

And everything was bathed in light.

* * *

Shupea’s body was bathed in brilliance. Only faint shadows crouched in the center of the light. However, the radiance that started from Shupea spread endlessly, consuming all the darkness and fog.

Of sacrifice.

The final crusade obtained by those who have dedicated themselves to Valkier and dedicate their last mission to Valkier.


Shupea opened her eyes.

All the light surrounding Shupea disappeared in an instant with a popping sound.

The bloody foam around her mouth remained the same, but Shupea, who jumped up from her seat, looked around her body with surprised rabbit eyes.

“Am I dead?”

What? Shupea groped her body and made an absurd expression.

However, when he found the priest’s clothes still covered in blood, he let out a stupid laugh. There is no way you will die wearing the same clothes you were wearing.

Therefore, the fact that he is still alive means that the sacrificial order has been rejected.

Supea smiled as he struggled to figure out what expression to make.

“Ha, did I get blacked out by Valkier-sama?”

‘… Valkier.’

Theron’s voice came into Shupea’s head. Supera, who had a puzzled expression on her face, tilted her head when she found the capo theron with the handle part hanging over the top of her foot.

“Did you say that?”

‘I didn’t expect to see Valkier in person.’


Shupea suddenly looked around.

However, on the other side, Ewald is kneeling, and on this side, only Usbel and Eccrine are entangled.

Other than that…

“… Uh?”

The angel capo was staring somewhere, frozen in place.

‘There Valkier is playing a capo…’

Shupea couldn’t see anything.

I wonder if Lafon felt this way when he couldn’t find Tosaf.

Although Shupea was flabbergasted, she desperately sought Valkier when she was told that the object of her faith was right in front of her eyes.

But all I see is a capo.

‘… Really, Valkier…’

The capo quickly dropped to his knees.

‘In love for humans…’

From the tip of the eight wings, the capo was shattered into fragments of light.

‘He’s out of his mind.’

With his hands clasped tightly to his chest, the capo bowed his head.

She didn’t understand what the hell was going on.

The angel capo was slowly disintegrating as he knelt in prayer.

However, Capo’s face was so peaceful that he even smiled.

The capo disappeared completely into a piece of light. It took only a few blinks of an eye for the last gleam of the little light to fade.

All of the capo is gone.

Instead, Theron’s voice flew to Shupea.

‘… Yes?’

Spaa, who had been staring blankly at Capo, suddenly came to her senses when she heard Theron’s blank voice.

‘You really want me to tell you that? Uh, you’re not doing it yourself? No, just talking to you makes me feel bad and I’m going to die. I’m the devil As for Rauspe… Well, okay.’

What Theron was talking about was now taking a back seat to Speaa.

Shupea immediately stood up from his seat.


With his eyes wide open as he knelt down, Balt’s white eyes turned towards the floor.

“This poetry!”

Seeing that figure that would be believed even if it was dead, Shupea let out a voice that supported it.

“Valkier-nim, what if you save only me! You can’t see me right now and save these people’s corpses! Are you crazy?”

‘A message from Valkier.’

Theron’s voice reached Shupea. When a voice that had settled down somehow resonated in his head, Shupea shouted out loudly.

“Now, what kind of message is the message!”

‘You’d better listen and get angry.’

At that calm voice, Shupea shut his mouth.

There was nothing that getting angry now would make things better.

And Theron’s voice came quickly.

‘To my beloved daughter.’

To my beloved daughter, Shupea.

‘Within my ability.’

Within the Valkier that grants power.

‘You can do it.’

Supea stared at the place where her capo was, with her changed face completely blank.

Now about this Valkier… Shupea fumbled and moved her mouth.

“Able… Force?”


And the last message of Valkier came out.

‘Grumble in moderation.’

With a popping sound, Shupea’s face turned red.


“… Oh, I’m terribly sorry.”

‘Rather than that, what should Mr. Ewald do?’

Appearing concerned, Theron awakened Shu Pea to her reality.

That’s right, Ewald.

Quickly leaning over Ewald, Supea placed her capoteron across her thigh and looked at Ewald.

It seemed that he was barely breathing, but Ewald was such a mess that I wondered if it would be more appropriate to say that he was dead.

Judging from the fact that Beelzedeus hadn’t appeared yet, it seemed he wasn’t dead, but something deep in Speah’s heart was blocking Speah’s actions.

“… So, are you telling me to treat you now?”

‘I don’t know.’

There were no options.

Spea here,

“… Eh, I don’t know.”

A priest whom Valkier loves.

Quickly kneeling, Shupea put her right hand on Ebalt’s head as she straightened her priestly robe.

And she began to say her prayers with fearsome speed.

“Ah, Valquier-sama, who just passed away, thank you very much. After a while, I hold onto each other and pray. Can you see me on my knees? How many years has it been? Oh, it’s nothing else, my uncle is a mess right now, so I hope you can help me get up.”

‘… Whoa, you’re such an asshole, aren’t you?’

Supera, a bully priest who even the devil acknowledged, continued to pray after swearing at Theron.

“My uncle, he is the person I couldn’t be without. If he had been sober, he would have been shy and couldn’t speak properly, but you should know that my uncle is a very nice man, and although he has a dirty temper, he is still a warm-hearted person. I’m not saying that I want to save this person because I like him, but he is a person we really need. You know very well. Therefore…”

A prayer of truth flowed from Shupea’s lips.

Along with that, great brilliance exploded from Shupea’s hands, which were placed on Ewald’s chest.

“Please save my uncle.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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