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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 147

Mission No.3 Three Priests (1)

“What do I know about predestination?”

Her head went blank as she tried to look at the priest who proudly uttered such a sound.

However, Shupea looked out the window with a sullen expression and lit a cigarette.

“Valkier-nim saves some people and doesn’t save others. The predestination of salvation is that everything has been decided. Couldn’t there be much more serious bullsh*t than that?”

“Well, but obviously the doctrine…”

Still looking out of her window, she lifted one of her lips,

“That nobleman upstairs just knows in advance who will be saved and who will not.”

He blew out thick smoke.

“Valkier-nim is not a bully.”

Excerpted from ‘The day that rotten b*tch said the right thing’ from 『Kontinentalen Speer』. The best bard on the continent. By Adele Meles.

“I will be the best priest ever!”

Would it be five years old now? The man who stroked the girl’s hair with bright blonde hair had to smile at her words.

I’m not sure by what standards she will become the best priest, but the girl with her dark green eyes gave a clear smile to Priest Pe Diem Za Bastian.

“Yes, Sister Spea. But even if you become the best priest later.”

Peddiem carefully wiped the cream from Shupea’s mouth with a handkerchief.

“Shouldn’t we fix the spilling of food first?”

Pe Diem, who was kind and benevolent, stroked Shu Pea’s hair, revealing on her face what she had for dessert.

“Ah… , Are you here, Brother Javastian?”

Pe Diem involuntarily hardened her face at the voice he heard from behind her.

But Pe Diem, realizing that Supea was giving her uneasy look because of her own hardened face, soon loosened her hardened face and turned her head back.

“What are you doing?”

“That… We have a meeting.”

Have a meeting

will be a meeting

Besides, the purpose of the meeting must be very difficult.

At that judgment, Pe Diem only sighed inwardly.

“Ego. Then you are playing here, Sister Shupea.”

“Yes, priest!”

Shupea nodded vigorously and sprinted towards somewhere.

She was cute enough to warm her chest, but Pe Diem’s ​​face, which turned her body around, was incomparably stiffer than before.

The priest who had come to pick him up had to cower at the sudden change in his expression.

“… If you’re recommending a high priest, you don’t even need me, brother?”

It was almost a growl.

But the young priest shook his head at Peddiem.

“This is a meeting about Sister Geresbek.”

Geresbek? Which of the two Geresbeks?

… No The answer must be with me, of course. At the thought, Peddiem furrowed his eyebrows.

Priest Mariella Geresbeck. And his daughter, Spea Geresbek.

Peddiem brushed past him, almost like pushing him away.

“Come on, Brother Javastian!”

“There is no time.”

From noble mtl dot com


“Thank you for your precious time, brothers and sisters.”

The old priest stroked his beard and delivered a somewhat pretentious greeting to the priests gathered in the middle.

The priests sitting in a circle were also greeting each other, creating a friendly atmosphere.

Except for two people, Peddiem Jabastian and Mariela Geresbek.

The two of them, sitting next to each other, were exhaling displeasure around them with stiff faces.

And just in time, the old priest looked at Mariella and opened her mouth.

She said, “Without dragging it out, I would like to tell you why I have gathered my brothers and sisters today. It’s nothing else, but we want to discuss about Supera Geresbeck, the daughter of Sister Mariella Geresbeck…”

A sigh of sigh or a sigh of relief escaped from the mouths of the people sitting around the round table.

And it made Peddiem and Mariela deeply uncomfortable.

As the surroundings became noisy, the elderly priest let out a loud cough and stood up with a strange smile.

“First, I must tell you the story of Sister Spea Geresbek.”

Mariela Geresbeck’s eyes twitched, now in her late twenties.

“Sister Shu Pea Geresbek, as many of my brothers and sisters know, is the granddaughter of the venerable High Priest Patrick Geresbeg.”

“What’s so important about Shupea’s grandfather being a high priest?”

Mariella, with her sharp eyes, spat out a voice that was just as loud as her eyes.

It was her intention not to bring her grandfather’s halo to this meeting.

But the elderly priest gracefully spread his arms from side to side to hear her words.

“You are also right. But don’t we all know how great High Priest Patrick Geresbek is? It is because of the dignity of High Priest Patrick Geresbek that we are trying to take care of Sister Shu Pea Geresbek, who inherited her blood. …”

“It’s none of my business whether it’s my father’s dignity or greatness.”

Mariella jumped up from her seat.

“Isn’t this funny meeting created because of the ability that Supera has innately, Brother Joren Schultz?”

The elderly priest, Joren Schultz, smiled deliberately.

“I don’t know what the person who said we shouldn’t spin around is hesitating so much.”

Mariella seemed to have made up her mind. But Peddiem caught her by the hem.

With her disapproving look on her face, Mariella slumped back in her seat and completely took her eyes off Priest Joren Schultz.

“Yes, it is. What Sister Geresbek said is correct.”

Priest Joren Schultz, nodding his head slowly, stretched his hands out to the side toward his audience.

“Sister Spea Geresbek, who inherited the abilities of High Priest Patrick Geresbek almost intact. You too must have felt the power of that clever sister.”

Joren’s voice gradually grew stronger.

“Sending Sister Spea Geresbek to this land is like a gift from Valkier. Didn’t you feel keenly how empty the place was after we sent the High Priestess away?”

“You must have felt the growing power of the Church of Durumbo, Brother Schultz.”

Mariella Geresbeck was quick to sarcastically.

But be that as it may, Joren clenched her fists and sighed at her.

“Sister Shupea has innate divine power. And all of you here must have seen the power of her sister. But just a week ago, I saw with my own eyes how big Sister Shupea’s bowl was.”

Joren’s voice rose even higher.

She said, “Her psychic powers were enveloping her sister.”

At that moment, the priests around the Round Table began to riot.

Mariella and Peddiem were even looking at each other when Joren said, “Spiritual power enveloped Shupea.”

“I am sure you know what this is all about. This is the proof that Val Kier-sama’s protection has appeared in reality, and it is also proof that Val Kier-nim has prepared a big and secret thing through her sister.”

“I’m out of my mind…”

Peddiem murmured involuntarily.

But Mariela’s expression was getting cold.

“Sister is only five years old now. If you make her sister’s abilities bloom with love and care, the Church of Val Kier will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before…”

“Well, don’t you think your tongue is a bit too long, Brother Schultz?”

In an instant, thick dialect came out of Peddiem’s ​​mouth.

“I didn’t call all the people to have Shu Pea enrolled in her church in advance. Will it be decided by majority vote anyway? Am I wrong?”

Pe Diem stood up from her seat with an expressionless face.

“They have already decided everything among themselves and come and go. They live very tired lives. Isn’t it? Isn’t that right, you gentlemen who put noodles in these skulls?”

Invective words pouring from an expressionless face.

The faces of the priests, who had been stabbed in the abdomen with expressions, became stern.

Either way, Peddiem had something to say.

“What? Did you just say the story of the scripture that said to look back on yourself when you hear the right words? hehehe, did these unanswered writers stop thinking as a group? Aren’t you saying you’re trying to revive a church by dragging a kid in and making her face mad?”

Mariella turned her bitter face away.

“When you get old, you should grow old gracefully, I’m sorry, you burns. They bring their children and talk about revival. Was it Shaw who told his followers that it was the Valkier who governed everything in the world? Or did Valkier-sama have a dream saying, ‘Bring Speah with you’? If you want to go crazy, these gentlemen, shut yourself up in your house and go crazy quietly. As the days get hotter, everything gets messed up, the installer.”

“You talk too much, Brother Javastian!”

“What if you talk too much!”

Peddiem Jabastian, the mad dog of yesteryear, picked up and put down the round table with a thud.

“Did you know that what you are doing is something you are not allowed to do according to doctrine? It seems that he wants to take Supera Gya and make him a priest, so it seems that his free will has been robbed now? If you have enough time, everyone can set up a pseudo-church one by one. Where are the priests robbing free will, damn it, damn it!”

In the end, Joren screamed at Peddiem’s ​​face with a reddened face.

“Don’t force yourself, Javastian! I bet you don’t know that Sister Shupea is telling everyone that she wants to become a priest herself!”

“Oh. Did you hear me? I know very well that the little boy has only been wandering around for about a month because he said, ‘I’m going to become a priest from now on!’ Isn’t it?”

Peddiem put on a puzzled expression.

“If you said something to her, she would walk around with her brainwashed face and that’s it. Why don’t you just lock it up in the basement and brainwash it in earnest? To? You bastards wandering around without this mind. Even so, that’s the child’s free will. What are you doing with all this bullsh*t?”

Pe Diem, who was looking around with her sly face, lifted one of her lips.

“That’s true. A plague that turns around? Hey, I’m going to get sick, so I have to go out and use it? See, Sister Geresbek. Let’s go You might catch the plague while you’re here. If you get caught, wouldn’t you be able to see the sister selling Supea? But I couldn’t see it.”

Peddiem grabbed Mariela’s arm and dragged her.

“Come on, Brother Javastian. But when I get out of here…”

“Do you think those chis won’t be able to catch Superea without us? It’s going to be decided by voting, so you’re saying that everyone except us will agree to make Shupea Priests?”

“… Okay.”

At that moment, Joren’s lips opened.

“That’s not it, Brother Javastian. We are not going to vote on whether or not to bring the child.”

“Huh. Puck or something. Isn’t Valkier-sama manifesting faster?”

“Is it really so?”

For some reason, Joren’s face is confident.

The sight offended Peddiem badly.

But Pe Diem turned very slowly at the sound of small footsteps behind her.

“We are not trying to vote.”

With those words, Joren held out his hand toward Shu Pea, who was walking from the other side.

“I would like to introduce you to Rev. Geresbek in Spea.”

Being a monk… Peddiem’s ​​face contorted quickly.

However, the face of Shupea as he walked toward the priests gathered in the seat was paradoxically bright.

“Mom! Uncle Javastian!”

Shupea jumped in with a happy face.

Mariella’s expression darkened in an instant.

“They say you can become that priest! I can be in this temple as a monk!”

Her face, covered with frustration and bewilderment, turned to Shupea.

But Mariella only had to bite her lip.

Since Shupea herself declared that she would become a priest in front of so many priests, she had to follow her free will.

That is what the priest of Valkier has to protect.

“… All of them are so dirty and smart like a dog. You’re going to be a little envious, right?”

Pe Diem turned her body around.

But she had someone standing in her way.

It was Supea.

“Uncle Zabastian. I will definitely become a great priest.”

So please support me.

With such twinkling eyes, Shupea was looking up at Pedim.

She is so small and young, but when she was looking at Shu Pea who spoke so boldly, Pe Diem felt her mouth dry.

But she is now helpless.

Pe Diem got down on one knee and stroked her hair gently.

“Yes, Monk Geresbek. You don’t need anything great, but a monk can definitely become a priest. Not the priest that people love, but the priest that Valkier-nim loves.”


After stroking her hair once more, Pe Diem stood up from her seat.

Then, as if he didn’t even want to meet her eyes, he started to leave her meeting room.

Just before opening the door, a suppressed word lingered in Pediem’s ​​mouth.

“… f*cking bastards.”


Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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