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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 112

Mission No.6 Greed (6)

Shupea, who was hovering right in front of the threshold of delirium, was in a state of ultra-short-term amnesia.

She scratched her palms so much that the skin on her palms where Adele’s tongue touched was peeling off.

However, it was Supera who couldn’t even guess why this palm was like this.

Adele was in pain just a moment ago, I remember her…

Ewald came into Speah’s gaze.

Ebalt, who had clenched her fists and pulled her up to her face in a fighting stance that could only be seen in her back alley, stared into the distance with a puzzled expression on her face.

In response to her curiosity about what she was looking at and making that expression, Supea turned her head to the place where Ebalt’s gaze reached her.

And there, with her top off, Adele leaned back, her long legs crossed, her arms supporting the ground behind her back.

Adele tucked her toes into that position, gently swaying her slick legs toward her Ebalt.

Superea blinked her eyes as she stared at Adele’s chest with her dazed expression.

‘Is it big?’


‘B cup? A little bit of a C cup…’

Reality flew into Shupea’s eyes.

“Hey! You, you, what are you doing! This crazy! Hey! Where are you naked!?”

Ewald’s and Adele’s gazes were fixed on Speaa at the same time. Ewald looked shocked, but Adele’s expression was a little different.

That’s new prey.

At that moment, Adele flew towards Shupea.


At the terrifying scene, Ewald closed his eyes and turned his head away.

Of course, it is an action that has been made with thorough conviction that no human accident will occur.

Besides, in the back of his mind, Ewald had the thought that he was really lucky.

“Kyaaa! Wow! Hey, hey!”

The rear naked choke that even the swordsman Elif gave in to was perfectly spread behind Shupea.

Shupea, who was subdued in an instant, struggled, but Adele’s hand crawled into Shupea’s clothes like a snake.

Started to lose consciousness at Adele’s hand brushing his collarbone, Shupea closed his eyes tightly.

Petals were falling.

Adele’s fingers lightly stroked two small raisins.


In a place like this, with a person like this.

Shupea swallowed her tears as she bit her lips.

Adele’s hands stopped.

Those two little raisins from Spea…

It was because it was placed in a lump in a vast empty field.

Adele blinked her eyes that had begun to become transparent, tilted her head, and let out a voice that was so sticky that she had never heard it in her life.

“No… Uh?”

In an instant, Superea opened her eyes and let out a curse like a scream.

“Hey, you b*tch!”

Supera, who was united with venom, murderous intent, malice, malice and murderousness, radiated light from her eyeballs.

“It would be nice to have big breasts, b*tch who is sick of this blessing!”


A brilliant five-colored glow formed a protective film and swelled from Shupea’s chest.

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Ewald thought that a large mass of pearls would form from Spea.

What was created by the extreme situation and mental strength beyond the limit was a protective shield far beyond the golden light.

In an instant, a protective shield with a diameter of more than 2 meters spread out, exuding holy energy.

Ewald quickly turned his gaze to Shupea at the sudden sound.

The grotesque figure behind Shupea flew into Ewald’s eyes.

At the end of the protective film that formed around the bodies of Supera and Adele, a bizarre human-shaped darkness extended from Adele.

Like a ghost, the form holding Adele’s hands tightly was pushed away by the protective shield and stretched into a terrifying look.

The dark eye sockets and mouth wide enough to be called the devil’s on the part of the face presumed to be the devil’s, vomited out an inaudible scream and squeezed Adele’s wrist tightly.

Whatever it is, this is wrong. Ewald drew his sword and at the same time cut through the darkness that was pushed out of Adele’s body.

In an instant, Ewald’s sword cut the darkness into two pieces and drew a cool line.

Having parted his target with perfect form, Ewald quickly turned back.

However, the darkness in human form was still there.

‘Didn’t it work?’

Ewald pulled up mana from the mana core with the mindset of wondering if there was anything like this.

It is an intangible energy. Physical force does not work. If so, it didn’t seem like the magicians would be eaten.


Ebalt poured mana into the sword in his hand and vomited out his magic words.


Brilliant magic light emanated from Ewald’s sword. Ebalt brandished his sword as if holding a pillar of light.

The darkness was swallowed up by the light. Nothing caught his hand, but where the sword of light passed, the darkness split and tore up and down. However, Ewald slashed through the darkness and turned the body to the right and slammed it down violently with a bell.


The darkness began to dissipate crosswise. However, the darkness that had slowly dissipated as if it had cut off the opponent from behind quickly returned to its original form.

“… sh*t.”

Instead, the part of his head with the traces of the punctured eyes turned 180 degrees, and the darkness towards Balt was moving its mean mouth at Balt while shedding an obvious sneer.

This method doesn’t work. Besides, Ewald had no other choice.

Ebalt, who quickly retrieved his sword, shouted at Shu Pea, who gave off a strange spirit.

“Remove the shield!”

“Mister, are you crazy?”

“Right now!”

As soon as Ewald pulled his fist back, he thrust his fist at the shield. Nothing touched his hands, but he could clearly see the fog-like darkness dispersing in Ebalt’s fists.

However, Ewald’s purpose was not that darkness. Spreading his clenched fist, Ewald gently wrapped his arms around Adele’s stomach.

The soft feeling of the bare skin was transmitted to the palm of his hand, but Ewald had no time to worry about that.

Ewald, who wrapped Adele’s body with his right hand, pulled Adele back as he confirmed with his own eyes the protective shield that was disappearing in an instant.

The darkness that had been oozing out of Adele for a moment was absorbed by Adele as if being sucked in.

Ewald, who had pushed back with sheer brute force what she was trying to bring up to Spea, lifted Adele up with a complete embrace from behind.

Adele struggled with her, wriggling her limbs, but whether her breasts touched her hands or not, Balt hugged her tightly, blocking her movement.

Adele makes a fuss while holding her in her arms, and Shu Pea, who is lying on the floor, quickly raises her up.

Ewald gritted his teeth and wrapped his arms around Adele’s neck.

“Mister, what are you doing?”

Shupea shouted at her.

Right now, Ewald was strangling Adele with tremendous force.

Ewald was putting strength on her arm as he glared at Adele’s neck with fearsome eyes.

“Are you planning to kill me?”

Ewald threw those beast-like eyes at Shupea and shouted briefly.

“Starting with Adele’s chest, spread the shield!”

Shupea didn’t even ask.

As if it was not a waste of time to nod, Shupea spread a protective shield with sharp eyes.

“Yes, I will!”

A golden protective shield swelled from Adele’s chest in her arms.

It was an incredibly short time, but just before the protective shield swelled and passed over Ewald’s face, something like pitch black brushed Ewald’s face and pushed it back.


“Hey, talk, mister!”

So, Spea answered, but Spea’s eyes were not on Ewald.

Her eyes were on Ewald’s back.

Ewald judged that she must be seeing the dark form that had been pushed away from Adele.

Ewald, who was so sure, shouted quickly.

“What are you looking at, what are you doing?”


Only then did Shupea look into Ewald’s eyes and shouted.

“Holding her by her own neck!”

Ebalt, who was choking Adele, nodded and relaxed his hand.

Her utterly limp Adele staggered and bent her knees, but Ewald gently hugged her belly and around her breasts, closed her eyes tightly, and lifted her up.

This is because Adele’s clothes were completely taken off in the chaos.

Ewald, who held Adele in her arms without being able to see anything, went looking for Spea.

“Hey, Sister Shupea.”

“… Do you speak, Brother Ewald?”

You seem to have some free time now. Ebalt opened his mouth with one cheek completely pursed.

“What do you see now?”

“I want to know?”

Ewald nodded his head.

“Are you going to believe it?”

“Let’s talk.”

This time, Shu Pea nodded her head and opened her mouth with a ferocious expression.

“… An evil spirit is clinging to Adele.”

* * *

“Laphone, Lafon, let’s talk.”

Usbel crept up to Lafon, examining her baggy dress.

Lafon, who was talking about Dvahur and her about Shuheim, nodded her head at Usbel and turned to Dvahur.

“Excuse me for a moment.”


Usbel grabbed Lafon’s tiny hand and hopped out of the conference room with her jolly stance.

Usbel seems to have found her hopping pretty cute, so Lafon also hopped along with Usbel, matching her feet.

She finally moved to a place where no one could see her, Usbel lightly released Lafon’s hand from hers, crossed her arms in front of her chest, and stood facing her wall.

She felt a little different from Usu-Bell’s appearance, but Lafon opened her mouth to her Us-Bell with her calm voice.

“What is going on?”

“It’s nothing else.”

Usbel’s body, which had turned toward her wall, turned toward Lafon.

Lafon involuntarily inhaled a breath filled with tension at the sight of Usbel.

With her two horns like sheep’s horns, the cute demon wings sprouting from her back, and a tail wagging around her hips, Usbel turned her bright yellow eyes terrifyingly and looked at Lafon with her completely chilled face. Started staring at

“Do you think that saying that the dwarves don’t go digging for benyadium will be explained by the fact that they didn’t go because it was just sh*t?”

Even the tone of voice has changed.

However, Lafon opened her mouth as if she was not intimidated by Usbel’s appearance.

“I don’t think I cheated on you, demon lady?”

Lafon’s tone also changed.

Usbel nodded her head and accepted Lafon’s words.

“I don’t think that just because you didn’t cheat will explain it.”

This time Lafon crossed her arms and tilted her head.

“Why don’t you just say what you want to say?”

“I want to ask you if you are willing to give an answer. Am I wrong, Ohisa?”

Usbel’s cold eyes turned to Lafon.

As if to respond to Usbel’s gaze, Lafon turned to Usbel with an emotionless face.

“I know that my life is precious. If you don’t answer well, your throat will drop before you even pull out the Kamache, so you’re going to talk nonsense?”


Usbel nodded her head and she threw those heart-stopping, fearsome eyes at Lafon.

“Why didn’t you tell the master that the lower part of Kazelheim overlaps with the underworld?”

“The underworld?”

Lafon tilted her head with a strange expression.

“Is that important?”


Sharp nails dug into Lafon’s neck.

Pushing Lapon up to her wall, Usbel bared her teeth with her ferocity and began to lift her Lapon.

However, Lafon just stares down at Usbel’s face, who is slowly moving away from her with the same color on her face.

“I also really regret not being able to stop Master since I discovered the Underworld a little while ago.”

Every tooth that appeared between Usbel’s lips was replaced by her fangs.

“The underworld is the home of specters, and the demons call for specters.”



Usu Bell flashed her sharp fangs with a voice that would tear apart Erado Lapon at any moment.

“Did you forget that Beelzedeus was sealed in Master’s body?”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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