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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 113

Mission No.6 Greed (7)

“Hey hee hee hee profit!”

As she walked forward with Adele on her back, Balt shook her neck, disgusted by her tongue licking the nape of her neck.

But as she held Ewald’s neck behind her, Adele sucked Ewald’s nape carefully, and this time, Adele blew a sticky sigh into Ewald’s ear.


It is immeasurable how many times her knees gave out and she collapsed, and Balt was still exposed to Adele’s sensual attacks.

“School, shift!”

Ebalt turned her desperate gaze back and her eyes twinkled at Elif and Shupea, but the two women raised their hands and showed their palms and backed away abruptly.

“Why is that, Captain?”

“Shouldn’t you take responsibility as a member of the crew, Captain?”

“When did you not call me my baby, Captain?”

“I’m not going to abandon my baby, Captain.”

“… I will tear them both apart.”

Ebalt revealed this to Shu Pea, who used to express herself even with respectful words that she hadn’t used in her life.

In this situation, Ebalt threw a ferocious glance at Elif, who did not hold her words for long.

However, Ewald was attacked by Adele.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”

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Adele’s tongue entangled in Adele’s left ear, which had disappeared into Adele’s mouth.


“Screams are offensive. Keep your cool, Captain.”

“Cheer up, chief. I will cheer you on, Captain. You’re doing your best, Captain.”

I hate to see them any more.

Feeling as if caterpillars were crawling all over his body, Ebalt twisted his body and twisted his upper body, but Adele, who gently hugged Ebalt and showed crazy tongue movements, once again blew hot breath into Balt’s ears.

“Still, captain, shouldn’t you be glad that your nipples weren’t attacked?”

“… Shut up.”

Shupea, who was carrying her two grains of raisins in the vast wilderness, spread her palms to Ebalt with a serious expression.

“I didn’t know that watching was so comfortable. Please continue to suffer.”

“… Seriously know how to die, you bastard…”

Little by little


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“You can’t enjoy it too much, man, no, chief.”

“You are doing well, chief. Just carry it all the way.”

Ewald let out a long scream.

“Shut up! See you when you go back…”



* * *

“Hey, did you manage to hold it in well, mister?”

Right before the race change from human to chicken due to the goose bumps all over the body, Ewald’s declaration that he could not go any further led the party to seize a sturdy stalactite and tie Adele tightly.

“Hi go oh oh, you can’t do it twice.”

“… Did you do it or did I?”

Elif let out a sigh of relief and secretly disappeared behind a stalactite that was out of Ewald’s sight, but Shupea was throwing a single smile at Ewald with an expression of fun.

“You worked hard, mister.”

“… It was the worst half day of my life.”

“Didn’t you enjoy it?”

“Cut it in pieces.”

“Ouch, ouch, that’s scary.”

Spear, who was giggling and trying to run away from Ewald, sat down in a position where she could see Adele and leaned against the rock behind her.

Ebalt, who had often loosened his legs, sat down on a rock a little away from Shu Pea while looking at his blood-stained knee.


“… Don’t snort.”


“… Don’t hum before I pierce your nasal passages.”

Adele tugged at the tip of his right foot with a seductive look, pulling the bent foot toward her.

Adele’s soaked legs glistened and glistened.

It would not be strange if someone attacked Adele in a fit of lust at any moment, but Ewald shook his head with an annoyed face.

Ewald looked at Adele with a look that had incinerated his absurdity, but Adele, who was slightly twisting his upper body from side to side, looked down at his tied upper body once more and licked his lips again with his tongue.

So Adele opened his mouth to Ebalt with a voice alluring enough to throw a fireball at the man’s chest.

“Do you like to tie up?”

“… Does anyone have a gag? A rotten sock is fine too. No, a rotten sock would be nice.”

Ewald growled. If I don’t have a gag, I’ll have to put a sock on my mouth.

However, Shupea was breathing evenly with his head buried in the floor when he was asleep.

From behind the stalactite on the other side, the sound of the elf’s breathing could be heard quietly.

Must be very tired Because I had an erotic battle with this Adele.

However, Ewald, who had been fully exposed to Adele’s s*xy attack, was awake with wide eyes.

Adele, who seemed indefatigable, was twisting her legs, exuding terrifying bewitching all over her body.

Adele is spewing out her crazy eyes, telling Ewald to hug her right now and pour out her desires on me.

Besides, the fact that she was tied up made her lust even more.

Of course, Ewald thought he was lucky that he didn’t have such a tendency, and he let out an incomprehensible sigh.

But even so, Ewald did not deny that male instincts were wriggling.

Balt knew that the more he denied his desire, the stronger it became.


Adele, who flirted with Ewald in a nasally voice, twisted his legs and smiled menacingly.

“Stop talking nonsense.”


“It’s not you.”

While checking items individually by dragging the backpack he had left with Shu Pea, Balt pulled out the knife from his waist and began sharpening it on a portable whetstone.


Adele tilted his head at Ewald in a voice so foreign and sensual that it was impossible to believe it was Adele.

“Aren’t you standing?”

As his hand slipped on the whetstone, Balt checked his fingers with a frown.

Ewald sighed in relief as he cut off the tip of his fingernail and looked at his sword as it moved away.

“Or not.”

Adele pushed her breasts forward once more, her eyes half-closed, and her lustful voice let out.

“Shall I build it?”

“… Could you shut up before I turn it upside down?”

As he sucked his finger, where his fingernails were cut, and made an expression of disapproval, Balt soon turned his feelings toward feeling sorry for him.

“Since everyone is sleeping, can we talk comfortably?”


“… They said that if she snorts, the nasal passages are cut out. Are you going to open it because you think you can’t penetrate it?”

Ewald slightly turned his head to look at Adele, who was struggling to look bewitching.

In Balt’s liberated eyes, there was a hint that he didn’t care whether Adele was untethered, performing a striptease, or rubbing her breasts in front of her eyes.

“So, shall we talk?”

She just needs to be physically touched.

Many people may have forgotten, but Ewald is a male who has been bedridden for 27 years.

“You’re attached to Adele.”

Ewald slowly drew out one of his daggers and rubbed the tip of his sword against the whetstone, moving his gaze slightly to Adele.

Adele was still desperate to seduce Ebalt and face him, but Ebalt, whose heart was already in the bean field, calmly raised the blade of his dagger as if he were watching a cow and a chicken.

Then, Ewald quietly threw out a name.


At that moment, Adele’s gaze went cold.

* * *

“I think it would be okay to talk about it.”

Usbel fixed the eyes of the beast on Lafon without answering. However, Lafon, who was caught by the collar, only takes on a calm appearance, like someone who doesn’t care at all about what situation he’s in.

It is a foreign sight.

In an instant, Usbel released the strength of her hand that was holding Lafon’s collar.

Lapon, who landed lightly as if jumping off, nodded his head to the side, tidied up his clothes, and returned to Ohisa.

“I want to tell you something girl.”


The two girls of similar height radiated a terrifying glare at each other without taking a single step back from each other.

“There are many reasons why dwarves do not enter the sanctuary where Benadium is buried, but the biggest one is this.”

Lafon slightly averted her gaze from Usbel.

“Lust comes.”

“… Lust?”

Usbel’s face contorted at once.

“All the men have changed a lot.”

Blinking her eyes three times at the sudden talk, Usbel put the most disturbing part of Lafon’s line into her mouth.

“It’s hot…”



A chunk of rock fell on Usbel’s head.

“Then master!”

Usbel, who had pictured her inexpressibly promiscuous and erotic scenes in her head, lost her sanity as her face turned red.

“Elf, Supera, and Adele! Hey! You mean you can just say XXXXXXXXX XX XXX mouth XXX!”

“… My God, Tosaf.”

Usu Bell, who grabbed Lafon’s shoulder and shook her by the shoulder, spewing out her obscenity like a rapid-fire cannon, let out her voice full of devastation, anger, and envy, but Lafon furrowed his eyebrows in displeasure.

“… Are you saying that Kitsuka-sama becomes some kind of beast?”

“The male doesn’t know!”

Throwing out her terrifying lines, Usbel shoved Lafon on the shoulder and turned her around.

However, Lafon strongly held Usbel’s small hand.

“Let go! You can’t see me like that!”

“Except for the dwarves, no other race has ever been in forced estrus. You don’t have to worry about that part, do you?”

Usbel stopped abruptly.


“… With Ohisa’s name on it, that part is certain, so why don’t you stop worrying?”

Usbel, who had been moved by the feeling of a ray of hope shining warmly from above, glared at Lafon, hardening her expression again.

“Then the underworld!”

“It’s the first time I’ve heard that demons call ghosts, so I apologize for that.”

“You know very well that it won’t end with an apology.”

“I think an apology would be enough.”

Lafon calmly looked at Usbel.

“It is true that the underworld overlaps with parts of the depths of Kaselheim. However, Kitsuka-sama went to a place where the underworld does not overlap.”

Usbel glared at Lafon, still keeping his sharp eyes.

“Therefore, I don’t think Belzedeus, who was sealed by Kitsuka-sama, will ever summon the ghosts of the underworld.”

“… Are you sure?”

“You probably don’t know what position Tosaf is in the underworld.”

Speaking of the dwarf god, Lafon ended his speech with a calm face.

A lot of thoughts went through, but Usu Bell eventually returned from her demonic form to that of a human girl with a short sigh.

She blinked her cute brown eyes for a moment, then she made only a cheep at Lafon and then turned around without a word.

And Lafon, who had thrown Ohisa’s figure behind Usbel’s back, spoke in a voice full of her subtle laughter.

“Don’t you think that’s the explanation?”

“It works. It works.”

Usbel, who was still bothered by something strange about her, frowned at her displeasure at not knowing what that strange feeling was.

She has something but I don’t know what it is.

“Isn’t something going to happen?”

Lafon shook her head slowly at her Usbel’s uneasy question.

“How would you know?”

Lafon’s eyes, which kept her deep eyes, were slowly getting colored by the word trust.

“However, if it is Kitsuka-sama, I think you will be able to overcome it no matter what, so why don’t you trust and wait.”

After all Ohisa is Ohisa.

Usbel let out an exclamation of exclamation and nodded her head, then she grabbed Lafon’s small hand.

“Hey, let’s go grab a beer.”

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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