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Retired Hero Wants To Sleep Chapter 111

Mission No.6 Greed (5)

“… Is this not good?”

Ewald let out a low voice.

It was because Adele was sweating profusely.

Sweating isn’t that dangerous, but no matter how you look at it, this wasn’t sweating because it was hot. It was too sticky for that.

Above all, Adele’s face was slightly distorted. This is a painful expression.

So, Ewald’s expression also distorted.

‘It’s a cold sweat, but this.’

Even the towels were so damp that I couldn’t even wipe away the sweat.

Ewald looked around, looking for something to cool off.

“Mister, can’t you use magic? There is something like lowering the temperature.”

Shupea left Adele half naked and looked at Ewald. However, Ebalt shook his head with a bitter expression on his face.

“I can make water, but if I use magic to lower the temperature, Adele will die.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You can’t use attack magic to lower your body temperature. Then catch the baby.”

What is attack magic?

“… Isn’t the magic to lower the temperature something you learn at the beginning?”

“It skipped, so it’s a problem.”

There is magic that lowers the temperature around you. Many. It is also easy to write.

But Ewald had never learned such magic and had no intention of learning it.

Ebalt, who had only learned offensive magic to pierce the enemy whether he was asleep or awake, could not cast ice magic that even Fionir could use enough.

Shupea sighed with an expression of absurdity.

“I shouldn’t have learned everything.”

“… That’s right.”

Adele frowned even more in pain. Her lips were dry as she struggled as she twisted her body. It wasn’t a fever, but the temperature around him was hot enough, so Ebalt lowered his hands to his hips, concerned about dehydration.

“I think I need to get some water.”

There’s nothing wrong with losing her mind. Ewald opened the lid of the canteen and filled his mouth with water.

In that state, as soon as Ewald lowered his eyes and looked at Adele’s face, Elif flew at Ewald.



Ebalt, who spewed water into the air with an unexpected blow, lifted his head with a very rough face.

However, Elif shouted at Ebalt with a completely bewildered face.

“I-I will do it!”

“… What?”

“I’ll get you some water.”

Come on? Ebalt frowned and wiped the water from his mouth.

However, Elif, who had already taken the canteen away from Ebalt, looked down at Adele, hugging her canteen with a face that would make her burst into tears at any moment.

“… Don’t you know how to feed it?”

“I-I also learned first aid when I was in the military.”

Elif, who said that in a high-pitched voice, looked down at Adele’s distressed face and put on an extremely embarrassed expression.


‘What’s Heeing?’

Unable to understand why this young lady is in such an uproar, Ewald grabbed Elif’s shoulder with a pitiful expression.

“Give it up. I’ll just do it.”

“I don’t like it.”

‘What else do you hate!’

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Ewald’s face slowly grew annoyed at Elif’s incomprehensible behavior. Seeing Ewald’s expression, Elif grabbed the canteen with a tearful expression.

There’s no way. Elif put the remaining water in his canteen into his mouth with the expression of inhaling a bowl of poison.

Elif, who turned her swollen cheeks to Adele, tried to control her rough breathing and grabbed Adele’s upper body.

Adele, held in Elif’s arms, let out a short moan, but didn’t twist her body much. Instead, he just gasps and still has a troubled face.

Elif lightly wrapped Adele’s head in his left arm, moistened Adele’s dry lips with a finger, and lightly pressed his chin down.

Adele’s rough lips opened, revealing neat teeth.

Ellie’s heart started beating.

As he pulled his chin down even further, Adele’s red tongue made its appearance.

Elif controlled his breathing just twice, then took a deep breath and put his lips on Adele’s.

Cool water moved from Elif’s mouth to Adele’s mouth.

However, Adele, who had lost his mind, could only hold water in his mouth and could not swallow it.

Elif could feel the water trickling down between their lips.

It was then.

Her Elif’s eyes closed slightly, and her left arm, which was supporting Adele’s head, pulled her Adele’s head closer to Elif.

As the two of them got close enough that their chests almost touched, Elif’s empty right arm wrapped her arms around Adele’s side.

‘Why is this…’

Something is strange.

Elif, who was pushing water into Adele, and Ebalt and Shupea, who were watching it, gradually became dumbfounded by her strange feeling.

But Elif, most perplexed by her, moved her right arm that was holding her Adele, and gradually moved her hand upward as she groped her body.

In the wind, her breastbone and collarbone, which were on the path of her movement, began to be exposed into the air.

Gradually, Ewald’s face became devastated.

Unsurprisingly, the unconscious Adele couldn’t swallow the water. Feeling the water just running down her mouth, Elif cupped Adele’s breast lightly with her right hand, her face quite bewildered.


‘What are you doing, that thing?’

Ewald’s mouth was wide open with a shocked look on his face.

At that moment, she began to rub Adele’s breasts in her right hand.

“Turn your head!”

Shupea, her face burning red, hurriedly turned her head away from Ewald.

In an unexpected attack, Ebalt even heard something snapping in his neck, but thanks to that, he escaped from the strangely strange scene.

Why are you feeding water and making such an erotic scene?

Shupea, who had turned Ebalt’s head and looked at Elif and Adele as if in a frenzy, saw Elif’s lips slightly open and something passing over her, and exploded as it was.

“Don’t stick your tongue out, you crazy girl!”

“What’s the fuwa wow?”

Elif, who spewed water into the air like a madman spewing alcohol, drew in her breath that she had been holding in an instant and turned her surprised rabbit eyes to Shu Pea.

Having covered all the water in Elef’s mouth, Shupea didn’t even think about wiping off the dripping water.

“What the heck Kohok! Did I do something wrong? Koheh, Koheh!”

Scary Shu Pea’s gaze flew at Elif, who was coughing up bubbles in his nostrils.

“… Shall we start with what we did well?”

Supea, who was poisoned like a cat with a hiss, pushed the canteen towards Ewald, who was sitting with her back turned away without even looking at this place.

“Your uncle feeds you.”

“No, that…”

Ewald, who had been trying to feed Adele with pure motives just a few minutes ago, now coughed with a face that she didn’t know what was going on.

Shupea also showed her teeth with a face of embarrassment and said she would die, then turned her gaze to Elif.

“Get a room at all, get a room.”

“What do you mean?”

She was more annoyed at the fact that she was asking because she really didn’t know, and shook her head while seriously contemplating how to deal with that naturally virtuous Elif.

“I have to use my healing powers quickly somehow.”

“That, that’s it.”

Ewald let out a continuous cough and smoked something else.

“Cough Cough Cough.”

“Oh, stop coughing!”

“It’s not me.”

Elif was staring at Shupea with an already tidied up face.

If it wasn’t clearing the cough, and if it wasn’t for Elif and Spea.

Superea turned her head to Adele, who was abandoned on the floor.

Adele, who had been out of sight for a moment, turned to his side, slightly clenched his fists, and let out his cough.

Did you wake up? Ewald quickly looked behind him and tried to raise his body.

“… Justi.”

Ewald pushed the floor with his hand and stiffened.


Adele, who couldn’t tell if she was talking nonsense, talking in her sleep, or fantasizing, let out a long, nasal voice.


Ebalt, Elif, and Spea’s bodies simultaneously gave rise to goosebumps.

This is edification

Ewald stiffened in a hesitant posture, unable to do anything about it.

Even so, the aftermath of the embarrassing scene that Elif unfolded hasn’t gone away.

However, among the group, Shupea, who was the least immune to that aspect, blocked Adele’s mouth with her hand. Still, Adele’s strange moaning was coming out rhythmically.

“Bar, Valkier-sama’s grace is limitless and high.”

Be godly. Be godly.


“Peace like sewage to me. Oh, God damn it, peace like a sewage to me!”


Little bit

Adele’s red tongue licked Shupea’s palm.


Shupea rolled backwards, her entire body covered in chicken meat.

She couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Gwa, are you okay, Shupea?”

Elif approached Shupea, who had collapsed on the floor and was writhing about something she couldn’t stand.

However, Adele’s smooth legs, which were in the path, twisted in a bewitching way and wrapped themselves around Elif’s waist.


Something heavy

Before Elif could feel something coming over him, Adele grabbed him and pulled him straight.

As Elif lost his balance and fell, he felt Adele’s legs tighten around his waist like a snake.


And Adele’s rear naked choke, right in that position, hit Elif.


Adele, who subdued Elif with a posture as if hugging her from behind, blew hot snorts into Elif’s neck.

At that sticky breath, Elif could feel all the hairs on her body rising up.

“Oh! Oh oh oh oh oh! I hate it!”

Adele’s right hand brushed the sweaty nape of Elif’s neck and crawled down like a snake.

Completely bewildered, Elif felt Adele’s hand entwined across his chest and down his navel.

“… Hegok!”

She fell asleep

Supera was left in a state of mental contamination from Adele’s physical attack and was rolling on her stone floor, and Elif was cradled in Adele’s arms with a beautiful foamy face.

Ewald trembled with a face that he didn’t want to know what the situation was, but Adele, who pushed Elif away like a spider that had sucked up bodily fluids and put down its prey, tightened the clothes that were completely stuck to the skin even more and opened her eyes completely. I threw it at Ewald.

‘Is it my turn this time?’

Should I draw the knife?

However, Ewald, unable to come up with even the slightest hint of a plan on how to respond to Adele, only hesitates and backslides.

“Hey, hey, Adele! You were lying sick just a moment ago! Can’t you just lie down?”

Crouching like a cat, Adele bent over him and lifted his hips.

Straightening her bow-like waist, Adele moved her legs strangely, as if she were showing Ewald her curvaceous body.

If a stranger saw it, it would be breathtaking to see him so s*xy, but Ewald, who was choking with embarrassment, looked around him and found a way out.

However, the only way out is the way he has been walking so far.

Above all, Ebalt was not a human being to run away from over his men.

Besides, the person he had to run away from was Adele. It is absurd.

“… You will die.”

Now Adele was not the look Ewald knew. Her eyes, utterly captivated by her lust, were dimly shining.

Adele, who was groping her bright red lips with her even more red tongue, raised her upper body slightly from her lying position.

Unexpecting what she was about to do, Ebalt clenched her fists only to crush them.


“Hey, wait, wait! Hey man!”

The slender Adele’s hands cumbersomely tore off the clothes that were covering her upper body from side to side.

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

Retired Hero Wants To Sleep

은퇴용사는 잠들고 싶다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A comic continental epic unfolded by Ewald Kitsuka, the continent’s best magic swordsman who sealed the rare demon king to himself.


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