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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 94

94. Dragon King (5)

“Hee, heehee!”

I can hear Kroon, who was floating as a sacrifice from far away, making a frightened voice.

Of course, I don’t even think of calling that place a coward this time.

Talion and Liru’s mouths were wide open after seeing what was in front of them, and they didn’t want to close.

“…is that a dragon? From the creation myth?”

“It’s called a water dragon, but strictly speaking, it’s not that kind of dragon.”

In Sera’s worldview, dragons are just… not that ‘light’.

They act as a kind of trigger for maintaining the world as a whole, so even in the game, they don’t show up in person unless it’s a really special case.

Of course, because of that.

It is absolutely not that the water dragon is an easy opponent.

At least when it comes to specs related to ‘combat power’, it’s inferior to the real thing, but I’m not ashamed to be called a Balaur.

It’s the same even if it’s just the way it looks right now.

[ A crisis situation is detected. ]

[ A powerful target that can turn hostile is watching you. ]

[Skill: Applies Desperation to Grade A. ]


As soon as the water dragon opened its mouth and roared in its gigantic form, a piercing sound resounded around it as if the air was ripping apart.

It was a cry with a terrifying ‘wave’ so that Talion and Liru, who were next to them, covered their ears in fright and fell to their seats.

“Howling, this, damn it…! This level alone…!”

Lilu clenched her teeth and let out a voice like that.

The roar of a monster of a certain level or higher has a special effect by itself. It’s usually an effect that cuts your stats before starting a battle.

And if it’s the howling of a guy belonging to the dragon species.

< System Message >

[ Physical defense is reduced! ]

[ Magic resistance is reduced! ]

[I feel an instinctive fear of the difference in rank. Your body movements slow down! ]

At this point, it’s safe to say that this isn’t just a roar, but a kind of curse skill.

It’s because he created a level of debuff that a normal wizard would barely be able to squeeze out after spending tens of minutes just by shouting loudly.

‘…No, it’s actually a curse, right?’

Howling of dragons in the game is judged like that.

And fortunately.

I have one skill that I can manage to counter with such a decision.

[ Unique Skill: Anti-Magic ]

[ Those who have faced the curse for a long time will naturally learn how to counter it. ]

[ ◆ Opens anti-curse related stat ‘Anti-Ma’. ]

I mean this. A skill stolen from YuRia.

< System Message >

[Rolling the ‘Hangma’ stat…]

[ Resistance succeeds. Unaffected by negative effects! ]


While Riru and Talion lay on the floor gasping for breath, I, who can move freely by myself, activate the boat’s emergency safety device.

A blue force field is created near the boat. The howling that kept beating their ears was blocked by him, and Talion and Liru also barely got up.

“…How can you move normally against a guy like that…?!”

“I usually train hard.”


The gaze of the guy who had been panting with his face turning blue when we ran together a little while ago came back to ask if he had anything to say.

It is true that all of these people benefit from planning ahead of time and making preparations.

If I hadn’t taken out the Anti-Ma stat, I would have been stuck here like those two.

“…By the way, what will he do?”

Talion said, pointing to Kroon, who was drooping a little away from the boat.

It looks like he just fainted from that howling, but he doesn’t even move.


I nodded and swung back the fishing rod attached to the guy.

It’s a state where the desperate situation has been applied to A-class, so it’s not difficult to blow away a guy like that if you use all your strength.

Drawing a big parabola, the guy flew far behind the boat and fell into the sea with a splash.

good. With this, the possibility of him dying from the water dragon was greatly reduced.

“…Is that what it is?”

“Usually, you don’t die just because someone screams a little louder in front of you.”


“Though there may be some level of trauma.”

I lost my mind and was floating in the water, what.

Still, since he’s the next chief, he should have something in order to protect himself when he falls into the water.

As long as you don’t die, it won’t matter.

“He is also my brother. You have no respect for people of the same gender.”

“…Why do you sound like you’re giving special treatment to women?”

“Isn’t it?”


It’s dark.

“You guys, if you have time to chat, think about getting out of here right away!”

Seeing us like that, Li Lu quietly whispered.

It was a look that didn’t want to stimulate the existence in front of my eyes.

“Because they don’t seem to have any intention of attacking us yet.”


The water dragon, whose sacrifice had disappeared right in front of its eyes, was staring back and forth at the place where the sacrifice was and at us with its huge eyes wide open.

The thing that was in front of my eyes simply disappeared, but I don’t understand where it went or why it happened.

“…Isn’t that more stupid than it looks?”

Talion let out those words in a voice that was astounding.

“It’s not like that. His strength is a master, but his head is inferior to that of a normal demon beast.”

The biggest difference between dragons and water dragons comes from here.

Through super-intelligence, a level of intelligence that is far from the Balaur, the level of mastering all of the knowledge of Pandaemonium and the celestial world.

I’m not saying that I’m not a demon beast and that I’m a native creature.

Looking at the offerings like this now, the reason why they jumped out was because it was around this time of year when I opened my eyes, and something edible seemed to float in the water, so it just jumped out.

There doesn’t seem to be anything hostile to us right now.

“okay. Then it’s not just about getting out of here when you’re out of your mind…!”

“…I agree.”

Talion agreed in a breathless voice as well as Liru’s words leaked out in whispers in a cold sweat.

It was clear that both of them agreed on the point of never provoking the presence in front of them.

Certainly, yes.

If you think about the difference in specs between that guy and us, it doesn’t make sense that the desperate situation is now A. You’d be right to judge that for now, it’s of little interest to us.

“No, there are better things than that.”

He said that while scratching his cheek with a careless expression.

While the water dragon is silent, kick the lever to release the force field near the boat.

“Talion. Did you bring the window? Don’t write in your family. A disposable javelin used for throwing.”

“I brought it, but why…?”

“okay. Give it to me.”

I received it from Talion, who passed the window while putting on a strange expression.


As it is, I throw it at the water dragon with all my strength.

The spear that hit the bridge of the nose bounced back empty and without a pulse.

Talion and Liru looked back at me with dazed expressions.



Surprisingly, no damage was done.

The Tristan-type swordsmanship I am holding provides damage compensation to some extent regardless of the weapon, so I thought it would fit at least teeth.


At least it was successful in getting the guy’s ‘attention’.

It was because I was fixed on this side of the guy who had been looking around with his eyes wide open to see where the sacrifices were around until just now.

“…Didn’t you just say that that guy’s strength is equal to that of a dragon?”

“It was.”

“And you provoked it just now?”



Hearing Riru’s dejected voice, I rather looked at him with a strange expression on my face.

“You said you wanted to get a high score? I thought it was important.”


“Isn’t it enough to be a dragon?”


Li Lu quietly closed her eyes.

A transparent expression unique to a person who had put everything down was floating there.

“…I’ll go first, Grandma.”


While that person was muttering something similar to a will.

[ A crisis situation is detected. ]

[ It is judged as a level that poses a direct threat to life. ]

[Skill: Applies Desperation to EX grade. ]

The fierce roar of the water dragon poured down here.

A tidal wave rushes in.

There had been a storm before, but now it was a gigantic tsunami that was incomparable to that. It is a level that is dozens of times higher than the boat we are driving now.

One of the most effective abilities of water dragons is to control water currents. This is as simple as breathing.

“Wait a minute, this will turn your stomach as it is…!”

It’s just that I shouldn’t have been so flustered at this level.

I grabbed Talion’s shoulder as he tried to scream like that, and rammed it into the inside of the control rod.

“Hold the steering wheel.”


“You taught me how to steer the boat all along. You have to steer.”

I smiled at Talion, who was looking at me blankly, and said,

“Wake. Because I believe in you.”

At the very least, out of the opponents I could bring into a situation like this without hesitation, Talion was the only one who could do something like this straight up.

He has good adaptability, good concentration, good manual dexterity, good memory, and above all, he doesn’t have to worry about ‘taking care of himself’.

I didn’t bring this guy from the beginning for no reason.

“…If you believe me, can you please discuss this crazy thing, big brother!”

In fact, despite screaming like that, he faithfully holds the steering wheel as per my instructions. It faithfully executes evasive maneuvers to avoid the raging tsunami.

As I skidded in the middle of the wave like surfing, I and Liru were tossed around on top of the rocking boat.

“Are you really going to fight that one?!”

“Or I wouldn’t have provoked you!”

Li Lu bit her lip and looked at me.

“…Are you entrusting the future of the school to this level, grandma?”

“I beg your pardon?!”

What are you mumbling about in this situation?

I can’t hear you, so speak up!

“Nothing! Rather, what is the way to win!”

“How to win?”

“You wouldn’t have risked your life to do something like this without thinking?!”

I’m sorry for Riru who brings out such a spirit.

“I can’t win!”


He continued talking to Riru, who had a blank expression.

“How do you win against something like that in the first place? It’s a dragon! Even if we die and wake up, we can’t win!”

“…then why did you start a fight in the first place, you crazy bitch!”

“Because I need them all!”

Whatever it is, I like to build up a plan step by step from scratch.

The reason why Talion was first brought to the tribal union was to use it now, and the reason why he took the anti-mass stat from Yuria was because it could be useful now and later.

And, what I want to do to the water dragon now.

It’s not a fight… what can I say.

It’s to ‘engrave’ it.

If you see only me, make sure to elicit a ‘specific reaction’.

And, that kind of work too.

It will undoubtedly give me decisive help later. at the end of this chapter.

“It’s like that, I think it’s fine, but if we go on like this, we will be annihilated! There must be some way to fight…!”

“That’s right!”

Saying so, I knocked on the cockpit door.

“Talion! Slow down!”

“yes?! If you slow down now, the boat will capsize…!”

“It’s okay, so hurry up!”

“…seriously, I don’t know!”

As Talion slows down with such a scream, the ship is exposed and tossed in a huge tidal wave.

However, for a very short time, it gives me and Liru time to move.


So, in between.

Grab Li Lu and climb to the top of the boat.

It’s a boat with a mast, so when I went up there in one month, the altitude itself felt different from before.

To the extent that I could feel the anger inside the water dragon’s pupils.

The water dragon that saw us raised its front paws. It seems that it is a mountain that will strike us as it is.

A hit would shatter us and the boat intact.

And what am I going to do here.


“what! If you don’t move quickly, you’ll get hit by that-”

“Stay still.”

It is to adjust the position of Liru.

I put it behind me and delicately adjust the position.


To make it look like I’m covering my body to ‘protect’ this person.

And hug this person tightly.

to look like lovers.



Riru opened her mouth with a voice holding something to the limit.

“…what are you doing?”

“You’re figuring out a way to fight the water dragon.”



He said so confidently to Li Lu, who asked in a confused voice.


Of course, on the surface it might seem like nonsense.

This is the only way to overcome my ‘situation’.

A water dragon is also a water dragon.

About the ‘something’ that will come after that.

Swipe open the system window.

And read the ‘record’ written there.

< System Log >

[ An emergency event may occur soon! ]

‘…They say that if a person gets hit multiple times, they develop the ability to learn.’

What I’ve realized over the past few days is that demons’ obsession is far greater than I thought.

Even Elnor, who was so gentle with me at the moment, could tell just by looking at how he ran out of control as soon as the situation twisted and exploded a few times.

in other words.

At this point, it is said that when ‘something’ comes that is much more sensitive to my ‘relationship’ than that other person, I know it through learning, even if no one teaches me.

With that thought in mind, I naturally bring out one of those countermeasures.

Seeing this, Riru forgot the situation and blinked blankly for a moment.

“…What kind of mask is this again?”

“If I don’t use it, I will die.”


“Really. I can’t even write.”

that guy is coming

Than the water dragons that are causing a phenomenon close to this natural disaster.

Dozens or hundreds of times more terrifying guy.

while thinking about it.


The ‘white slash’ that must have been wielded by someone who was angry.

The front claw of the water dragon that was about to strike us was cut in one blow.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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