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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 93

93. Dragon King (4)

[…I wonder if that’s even necessary.]

Tatiana bit her lip at the answer that came from the other side of the communication screen.

Originally, I never intended to ask for help from the pioneers. After all, the Precursor ordered himself to kill the man, and he didn’t bother to give him the necessary items.

However, if you think of the power you experienced a while ago.

Right now, her power alone is absolutely impossible.

[Isn’t it enough to just call the warchief now? Are you going to take out that relic?]

“…Under the circumstances, the time axis was twisted once.”

Tatiana barely answered in a dry voice.

“Only the most powerful of the rulers of Hell could commit such nonsense. It must have happened because of the fragments of the Gray Devil.”

I had known from before that Princess Tristan was possessed by a gray demon, but I had no idea that I would use my strength with this much… ‘dedicated’ attitude towards that man.


[well. Probably not the kind you think.]

The Seer’s answer that followed was the Ark’s answer, which was completely different from what she was thinking.


[I mean, you didn’t come out to help that man. If it ended to the extent that the timeline was twisted, the devil himself did not appear.]

Tatiana narrowed her eyes.

“…Well, what do you mean?”

[If the main body of the gray devil came out directly, it wouldn’t be enough to distort the time axis. That’s probably all because the bowl was overflowing?]


Tatiana, at a loss for words, remained silent.

Now, this woman.

Even such a phenomenon that occurred at that time was dismissed as ‘no big deal’ compared to the actual appearance of the demon itself.

[And, the overflowing bowls… I’m sure you won’t be too happy about it. No matter how much a person has a constitution that is unconditionally loved by villains, there is a very high possibility that even that will not be eaten in a bowl in which malignant nature is inflated to the limit.]

It’s full of explanations that I can’t understand.

If it’s natural, then it’s natural.

It is no exaggeration to say that he has the highest level of understanding of demons among humans in the material world.

“…That means that there is no need to worry…?”

[No~ What. That man wouldn’t even think of using that power by overrunning the bowl, but I can still give it to you. If that man dies again, I will be in trouble.]


Tatiana looked at the Seer with a puzzled expression.

“…Did you say that again this time?”


The Seer answered with a smile.

[That man was badly beaten by the devil. Before. died.]


Obviously, I’m talking about people who talk about people who are alive right now.

Such a question ran through Tatiana’s mind, but the Seer continued talking casually.

[Again, I think I’ll be a bit sad.]

Tatiana’s eyes widened.

For the answer that came back like that, there was no doubt.

Because it was all mixed up with 50,000 complex emotions.

Has a woman who normally wears a light attitude that makes her feel inhumane like a mask ever show so much emotion?

Remorse, sadness, anger, irritation, and most of all.


This woman who acts as if she knows everything in advance. This woman who seems to hate even the running of her toe in her own choice.

As if there was something that even he couldn’t do anything about.

Tatiana widened her eyes and stiffened at the shock, then suddenly realized something strange and opened her mouth.

“…But, Master Seer. Didn’t you order me to kill that man?”

[It did?]

“If so, why-”

Are you saying you don’t want to see the man die?

Didn’t he say not too long ago that he would throw an ordeal at the level of killing that man with all his heart?

Do you ask questions with such questions?

[He’s like a spring.]

A strange answer came back.


[The more intense pressure is applied, the more it bounces with twice that amount of force. If you keep making death threats, you’ll grow up faster.]


[The more you try to kill, the more it will grow. If you succeed in killing them… well, you were destined to ‘fail’ this time anyway. Could it be that?]

Failing what?

Tatiana’s expression hardened.

Because there was an inexplicable sense of incongruity in the Seer’s attitude now.

“…Sir the Precursor.”


“Ah, sorry. Let me ask you one thing.”

Right now, this woman’s words and actions are just like that.

“As for the actions or purposes that the Seer moves, it seems that he moves everything to ‘make the man stronger’-”


Tatiana kept her mouth shut.

Cold sweat flows down.

Because I read the chilliness felt in the voice of the pioneer.

[Let’s do that?]


Tatiana silently lowered her head.

Right now, it’s a feeling of intense pressure that she’s stepping on the line.

Right now, this topic is unmistakably, to the point where I can feel that it is the ‘reverse factor’ of the pioneers.

Fortunately, the Seer who saw her silence soon returned to his usual light voice.

[Well, anyway.]

The pioneer stretched out and continued.

[I can give you what you said. Even the most powerful artifacts are all about sealing the existence of demons for a while… but isn’t that enough?]

“…yes. thank you.”

[Then, I will deliver that for now. Please work hard on what I asked for~]

The Seer spoke in a light voice.

[Because while you’re doing that, I’ll be aiming for the ‘real goal’. While that man is preoccupied with you.]

“…I’ll take it.”

Communication ended with that.

Tatiana silently bit her lip until blood came out as she watched the Precursor disappear.

Still, the Precursor puts the man above himself in the priority list. Just by looking at it, that feeling is conveyed very desperately.


So, what is she going to do?

I just made a plan thoroughly and trampled on the man.

If the power of the devil is sealed, it would be safe to say that there is no power in this academy that can stop the ‘ancient being’ she can summon from the sea.

If you place it in the most effective form, it won’t be too difficult to subdue the man.

All that remains is to read in advance the number of ‘numbers’ the man will prepare until the artifact arrives.

‘…Where is he now?’

A hologram that informs the status of the entire academy placed in her room came to mind. Thanks to that, it wasn’t that difficult to find Dowd Campbell’s current location.

If you can see where and how much time you spend, you can get a rough idea of what you’re up to. I’m not the kind of person who would just suck my fingers without preparing anything.

the middle of the sea.

Since it’s the hunter’s night, it seems that he participated in it and moved.



Tatiana’s expression hardened momentarily as she instantly remembered what ‘thing’ was at the location where Daud had built the boat.

Although it was released soon after.

‘…No, no way.’

No matter how crazy they are, the number of people on this side is only a few students. You would never think of making contact with the creatures there.

And, if contact is made.

That would be nothing but suicide.

Tatiana closed the hologram with that certainty.

‘…You’re wasting time, you bastard.’

She thought so and sighed.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I went to meet the ‘King of the Sea’.

That would be nothing but self-sufficient water.

“Heo-euk… hee-euk…”

I catch my breath and look at the people lying at my feet.

These guys jumped out in a rage as soon as I knocked down the fat guy who was talking abusively to Li Lu.

“Isn’t it stronger than I thought?”

I was wondering how strong it was because it jumped out so terribly, but if it was a level that I could clear all by myself without Talion or Riru, there must be nothing really wrong.

Desperation was also applied as a B grade.


Of course, even if it is.

I tried it once to see how much stat correction I get from bare-handed fighting skills.

‘Doesn’t it feel better than I thought?’

It’s not just the level where the stat goes up, but it should be said that it feels like the motor nerve itself is changing.

If it were me before, I was able to do many movements that I could not have imagined at all.

Like a summer salt kick, a three-round round kick, or reacting very naturally to the opponent’s attack and countering it with a fist.

‘…This is enough.’

Previously, it only ended up increasing the progress rate by 10%, but with this performance, it wouldn’t be impossible to complete it before the main quest boss fight.

If I remember correctly, there will be an event that will raise your martial arts proficiency like crazy soon.

You can probably see it by leaving this sea and moving to the next stage of Hunter’s Night.

“…Isn’t it okay if the reaction is so light even after defeating this number?”

Following my instructions, Talion, who was collecting all the equipment they were wearing, said in a puzzled voice.

“Aren’t the warriors of the Tribal Alliance wearing proper equipment boasting fighting power that exceeds that of the regular knights of the Empire?”

“What are you comparing your level with an academy student? ”

Actually, the battle itself was nothing.

I said that I had excellent equipment, but now that I have a backup of my skills, this is enough to lightly play incomparable.

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Just in case, they were all so tired of blocking the tallion line with me, fearing that there would be an accident over there after crossing over to Liru.


At first, from the moment the fat guy said something, the blue aura turned around and I was dizzy.

If I went into battle as it was, something must have happened…!

“More than that, take care of your equipment. I’ll use it all later.”


At my command, Talion accelerated his work.

The ‘Workshop’ of the Tribal Alliance is considered one of the best in terms of technology among all academies. I can’t help but write if I’ve come this far.

Thinking like that, I think of the ‘ingredients’ list I’ve kept so far.

Byeolcheol, adaptive leather, ectoplasm, intermediate relics that I picked up from the beasts before… If you think about what you’ll collect from these guys’ equipment now, you’ll be able to make a pretty helpful item.

Something that would greatly help strengthen this person and me.

As I was looking at Riru with that thought in mind, Riru looked back at me with an expression that said her head was pounding.

“…why did you do that?”


“Why did you fight? Not even trying to send anything to me.”


That’s because if I send it to you and run rampant, everyone dies.

But how should I explain it?

“okay. I hate to explain that. That’s it, that’s it.”

Lilu let out a deep sigh and then muttered in a low voice.

“…Does it really start with silently being nice to you?”


“Nothing. And, more than that.”

Li Lu continued with a sullen expression.

“…What is this guy going to do?”

After collecting the equipment, they all manipulated the boat and sent it back to the dock.

The guy who first poured out his verbal abuse at Li Lu is now tied up with a rope.

“It should be used as a sacrifice.”

I haven’t been able to find it yet, but it just worked out just fine.

If it doesn’t have teeth, it’s called gums, and if you don’t have a suitable monster, you should use this guy at least.

“…an offering?”

Li Lu narrowed her eyes and looked the tied pig up and down.

That look is a bit odd.

as it were.

“…It looks like you hung rice cakes on some kind of fishing rod?”

I laugh at Talion’s sentiment.

Because it’s a very accurate expression than I thought.

“He said he needed a sacrifice…. But is there ever a situation where a human-sized sacrifice is needed…?”


Saying that, I ordered Talion to grab both ends of the guy.

“If you do three, you throw as far as possible. One, two, three.”

Then, the body draws a parabolic curve and flies away. It seems that Talion and I threw it with all our might, so it flew quite far, and the handsome guy looks almost the size of a fist.

There was a splash, the sound of people falling into the sea, and screams.

It seemed that he had been drooping for a while, and finally came to his senses after he fell into the water.

Ignoring the screams that the guy murmured for a while, I checked my watch first.

‘It’s not too late.’

He was notorious for being so rare that he had to meet all the conditions in the game in order to meet him.

If you’re waiting here exactly during Hunter’s Night, at the exact time, with an ‘offering’ of exactly the same size.

There is a guy who comes out to eat this.

A very, very scary guy.

Recalling such information, I adjust the “fishing rod” connected to the fat guy’s line.

Soaked in water and removed, soaked in water and removed.

It moves dazzlingly to make it look like appetizing food.

“Uh, uh, dog, dogs, dogs! What is this! I am Krunger-Doda! The next Chieftain!”


“That’s right, get me out of here! If you don’t, you will pay a heavy price!”

“is it.”


Riru, who had been watching him treat him carelessly, sighed and intervened again.

“I think you better be careful though. No matter how insignificant he may seem, he’s the heir to the chief. The Tribal Alliance won’t stay quiet?”

“You say so.”


“Anyway, as long as I’m fighting with you, I have no choice but to pretend. I can’t help it. That’s it.”


And, that

Li Lu closed her eyes and put her head down.

This guy is making gestures as if he is contemplating why such words come out as naturally as breathing.

“…why is that so obvious?”

Lilu said that in a voice that was almost exhausted, but it’s hard to focus on anything right now.

Slowly, the ‘bite’ is coming.

“…the wind has stopped.”

The first to realize that was Talion.

The rain and wind that was constantly blowing around stopped. The waves that rise in the turbulent sea also subside.

Like the calm before the storm.


Come to think of it, that’s an appropriate expression.

Because there is no word more suitable for the word ‘storm’ than the existence that will be revealed now.

“Hold tight.”

I speak to Talion and Liru, who look around with a puzzled expression.

“Otherwise, I can’t focus.”


To the place where Kroon was in front of me.

‘Something’ slowly appeared.

The first thing to appear is a huge horn.

Seeing the two horns attached to her head, Riru stiffened her body as if she realized something.

Perhaps, this person will know.

what the hell is that thing doing?


Li Lu said in a trembling voice.

“…Aren’t you sure we’re meeting native creatures?”

“It’s a native creature.”


He smiles at the screaming Liru.

Well, strictly speaking.

They must have lived in this area, so they are native creatures.

To just call it a ‘monster’… it’s because the ‘price’ is too high.

What appears after the horns are scales all over the body. mustache. And, clearly visible even from far away… ‘Dragon Heart’ fluttering in the chest.

Water Dragon. Sea Dragon.

Although it is a distant collateral, it is a monster that belongs to the dragon family and is classified as one of the world’s most powerful monsters.

appeared before us.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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