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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 92

92. Dragon King (3)

Dowd Campbell was a really odd man.

If someone asked Li Lu who he was, she had nothing more to say.

You can tell just by looking at what this man is doing right now in the sea where huge waves roll along with the storm.

“Put the side brake there. Turn the steering wheel 30 degrees to port.”

“…what is a side brake?”

“Just press the button on the left side of the helm.”

It was as if he had handled the ship of the tribal union for more than ten years.

At first, she ran around trying to help somehow, but now she just sits quietly with a troubled expression on her face.


a strange person

From the first time I met him, he knew of the existence of a law that only a very few could handle even in the tribal union, and he handled a boat that would be difficult to start without professional training like a professional sailor.

The more you look at him, the more he is a man who makes you wonder where his ability is at the bottom.

And when I see that, it’s a natural thought.

‘…Why is he so interested in me that he treats me well?’

I can’t figure out the intention.

If you look at what he does, he plans everything from one to ten, and he is a guy who consciously tries not to do meaningless actions.

But, why do you do that to yourself…

do you mean you did well?

Like when I was confronting Luca, and when I got on the train and had an emergency.

It’s to the point of thinking that it’s absurd to see him blindly doing good to himself without explaining why.

‘It’s unlucky.’

I tried to mumble those words on purpose, but it didn’t help much to dislike the man.

To be honest, Casa Garda and himself, who were kicked out of the tribal union, would be a ‘mass of nuisance’ to say the least.

This is true for all those in power who have been kicked out of the core power class, but even more so if the person in power now is the one who personally kicked them out. It’s obvious that nothing good will come of being involved.

But, to myself, this guy.

It’s nothing, I keep taking the attitude of ‘priority’ to myself.

What I felt while sticking together for a few days.

That every time he showed signs of feeling something ‘negative’ about anything, this man would intervene and try to dissipate those feelings.

As if he never wanted to see her angry.


How could you recklessly hate a man like that?

Considering her and Kassa’s current condition, it wouldn’t be strange to avoid them at all, if they were this devoted.

-Isn’t it because you like it?

-…You’re talking nonsense, old woman.

– It’s nonsense. All men are originally like that. Most of them express things from being nice to me without saying anything.

Immediately, the question and answer I had with Casa the other day came to mind.

It was the same from the beginning of knowing about Kasa’s existence and approaching him, and I don’t know what he did, but I was surprised when I heard that he was recognized by her and accepted as a disciple.

-So, please answer me well. ‘Cause I’m the one you must hold on to

What surprised me even more was when Casa said that to himself.

Casa is not one to gossip about others behind their backs, but it is even rarer to admit it.

Because those hurdles are a bit different from other people… they’re tight people.

Even Liru, who can turn even the best students in the Empire into a paste in seconds if she has the conditions to punch her at close range, is she still treated as a martial artist who has ‘never reached the level of an apprentice’?

-Hold on, what do you mean?

-Your face is quite smooth, isn’t it? Either use it or whatever you do, at least get a seat nearby. ‘Cause he’s worth it

-…Hey. I know he’s a bit of an oddball.

Is this something you would do to your granddaughter?

I remember answering with a lot of such emotions and covering my forehead.

-I don’t know if he’s as great as the old woman says, I’m not sure?

Maybe it’s a mixture of resentment or jealousy.

-I heard that I was just barely at the apprentice level, and that he just passed on saying that he would see the end of the school within 10 days?

Right now, the reason why he wakes up every morning and trains hard until the evening is mostly with the intention of perfecting the fighting technique that Kasa could not achieve, ‘Standing’.

The warchief who was the strongest fighter who was even called Kwonseong. Those movements that she has put most of her life into and put together.

A school that can be called Casa’s life itself, a compilation of all her life, struggles, efforts and fruits.

There was only one very small step left to its completion.

At least that’s how Li Lu saw it.

Although Casa himself always made fun of himself, saying that one step was farther than the level he had accumulated throughout his life.

-It did.


So, it is more incomprehensible.

If it was such a distant achievement that Kasa himself expressed it like that, it wouldn’t make sense to put such ridiculous conditions on an idiot who didn’t even know how to fight until recently.

– He doesn’t know anything. Breathing, flow, form, posture, why the hell would she entrust the end of her lifelong longing for fighting skills to someone like that?

-That’s not important, Liru.

However, Casa dismissed her question with just one sentence.

-Do you know why I couldn’t complete the standing fighting technique, Liru?

-…why couldn’t you?

-Because no one came to kill me anymore.

As she said that, Casa’s burning eyes remained vivid in Riru’s memory even now.

Casa Garda’s life was full of struggle.

Knock down the guy in front of you, fight to survive, and fight another guy tomorrow.

– Fighting comes out most desperately when you fight to survive. Before I thought that I was on my own and that I didn’t have to fight anymore… The guy who ran into me like that was gone.

At some point, there was no one left to beat.

It was at that point that people around her called her warchief.

-The guy who took my limbs would have been useful if he had been well groomed, but honestly, it wasn’t even a fight. You threatened others with their lives. I had no choice but to have my arms and legs cut off quietly, maybe?


He is saying that his limbs flew off at the level of tripping over a rock and falling.

As Li Lu frowned as she recalled the memory of that night, Cassa, who had been smoking a smoking pipe, continued to speak.

– And, that guy named Dowd can fill that in. He is the one who has risen on his own on the road of endless struggle. If you said you would do it within 10 days, you would definitely have something to think about. i respect that However, it will satisfy the ‘minimum’ requirements to demonstrate it.

…Did such a colossal modifier deserve to be attached to that dim-witted and bewildered fellow?

Of course, in certain situations, Li Lu herself would show surprising quickness and ability to deal with situations, but most of Daud’s memories she remembered were bizarre, strange, or bewildered.

To the extent that I can’t understand why the person who was the head of a hegemon would make such an enormous evaluation.

– Or, would you like to make a bet?


– First off, you don’t hate him either, do you?

-…I never said that.

-Do you see my eyes as decorations, Li Lu. Doesn’t it show that you don’t say it with words?


-This old lady knows for sure that other men have not even approached you saying that they are afraid of you, so she has no experience like that.

-AA AA AA-! What is it, so! Bet or talk!

-That’s what he said boldly to me. He wants to become very close with you in 10 days. want to go all the way


I remember being so dumbfounded that I couldn’t answer straight away and just opened my mouth.

that guy

Did you really say that?

-If I’m right, he’s the guy who can really do that.

Kasa’s face, which was grinning unluckily, flickered in front of Liru’s eyes.

-Let’s see if that happens or not. Whether or not you completely fall for such an insignificant guy.

That’s never going to happen

all right

Li Lu pursed her lips.


Feeling that if she thought about it any longer, somehow she would become even more annoyed, so Li Lu opened her mouth in a gruff voice.

“What is the king of the sea we are looking for? How powerful is it?”

“Well, strictly speaking, it’s not a witch beast, right? I mean… it feels more like a native creature.”

Such an answer came back from the other party.

“It’s good to contact you in advance. Because it is comfortable.”

“…What do you mean it makes you comfortable?”

“It has all of that. There is a guy who keeps calling out nonsense under the sea.”


Li Lu frowned at the vague answer.

“…just be a weirdo. I have to get a high score.”

Li Lu replied in a ferocious voice.

“The guy with the highest score in the night of the hunter gets the right to appeal to the warchief for anything he wants. That’s what I’m after.”

“yes. With that, I know roughly what he intends to do to the warchief.”


This guy always knows everything.

As Lilu thought so and frowned again, Daud, who skillfully gave instructions to Talion, frowned as if he remembered something.

“The question is, what is it? They say that we need some ‘sacrifice’ to meet the king of the sea.”

“A sacrifice?”

“I need something like bait to summon that side. So, I tried to hunt down a suitable monster on the way…”

After saying that, Daoud looked around the sea.

does not exist. nothing.

“…that’s strange. During Hunter’s Night, things must be swarming. Why is there nothing?”

Certainly, as they say.

Normally, it is a period during which the activities of the usual sea monsters are many times more active, so it is normal for small monsters to medium-sized monsters to pop out.

There is nothing now. As if someone had swept it beforehand.

“Your stupid face is interesting. Did you come out looking for prey?”

Suddenly, with those words, everyone on the boat turned their eyes to that direction.

A formation of several ships, and on the ship standing at the forefront, a man with an appearance the size of a house was approaching us with a fishy smile.

It was a face that even Riru knew.



The next chieftain of a tribe that worships the blue wild boar of the Ger-Do Plateau.

I remember that Casa did reject them quite a bit because they had never hesitated to engage in serious crimes such as drug trafficking or human trafficking.

Thanks to that, they were the ones who were the most uncooperative with the Garda clan, and they were the ones who would argue with them at every turn.

Not to mention, now that she has become an outcast, there will be no more ruthlessness in her depravity.

“Even demon beasts seem to be able to differentiate the smell of an exile. Seeing that nothing ever comes around you.”



It’s a sham that’s not the same. It’s probably a scheme that Riru started to get low grades during Hunter’s Night. Considering how petty these guys are, that’s only natural.

“…let’s go somewhere else. There is no reason to deal with those guys.”

Saying that, she turned her head away from her.

Normally, I would have gone straight to that guy and smashed his jaw.

Even if you deal with it now, there is only a corner to lose.

Anyway, that guy is a candidate for the next chieftain. Compared to her being an outcast, her position within the Tribal Alliance is incomparable.

Aboard the ship right now are the best warriors of the tribe, who were chosen to personally escort the chieftain.

If you put your own feelings first and fight the other side, you’ll only be a nuisance to the guys you’re with right now.

“Are you running away? Is that Liru Garda? ha ha ha!”


Li Lu sighed.

It was a deep breath to drive away the anger.

Anyway, it’s right to just step back from this spot. Even though she wasn’t used to holding back her anger, she knew that it was the right thing to do rationally.

“You look like a worm-like bitch who can’t even protect her clan!”

Probably, if he hadn’t left those words, he would have definitely done so.

Li Lu’s movements stopped abruptly.

Anger is heard. Anger, like burning my head white, boils from the depths of my heart.

Take a deep breath, calm your thoughts for a moment, then resume your conversation.

“…now what?”

“I don’t know what you were thinking when you returned to the Land of the Tribal Alliance, but you better get out of here before you see a bad look. There is no tribe that will accept a traitor-”

Kroon, who had been saying that, collapsed.

It must be because someone violently turned the jawline back with a hook.

“You shouldn’t go around saying that you have a pierced mouth.”


“Then I might die.”

With a dazed expression, Lilu stared blankly at Dawood, who at one point crossed over to the other’s boat and slapped Kroon in the jaw.


It’s a start again, you bastard.

why, why again

Because she’s trying to hold back, because she’s barely holding back because she’s afraid of causing a nuisance.

As if there was no need for that, as if he was angry instead.

Doing something like this to a guy who would only lose money if he pretended to fight…!

-Isn’t it because you like it?


Inside, Lilu thought so.

No. Why would a guy like me do that?

A man of this level of ability would think that it would be better for him to be with another woman rather than her. It’s nonsense.

– It’s nonsense. All men are originally like that. Most of them express things from being nice to me without saying anything.


Casa’s words continued to circulate in my head.

-Let’s see if that happens or not. Whether or not you completely fall for such an insignificant guy.

‘That will never happen!’

She repeated that.



If someone asks if you said that with confidence yourself.

I’m sure the answer will be a bit puzzling.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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