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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 91

91. Dragon King (2)

“This, how to use it, kyaaa!”

Tricia, who had just finished taking a shower, screamed as she touched an object in front of the dressing table and was covered in water.

It happened as soon as I pressed the button attached to the center.

Drenched in water on her face, she immediately burst into tears.

At first glance, it looked just like an iron rod, but I would have thought it was something that spews water from the end.

“Ah, there are a lot of interesting things, but you should know how to use them. I can’t come to my senses. Elijah, you…”

Saying that, Tricia turned her head and immediately shut her mouth.

On the other side was Elijah casually drying his hair through a hot air blasting machine.

“…how do you use it well?”

“I just knew.”

“You just know?”

When Trisha replied with a puzzled expression, Elijah nodded expressionlessly.



It’s strange.

The Elijah Trisha remembers was a darker person than she thought.

I heard that he grew up in a monastery since he was a child, but sometimes it feels a bit harsh.

By the way, what about Elijah now?

‘Originally, at this point, it’s normal to hang on while saying things like help Trisha~…’

Trisha thought so and tilted her head.

Even she, who is said to have the strongest vitality from her friends, casually uses things that she can’t adapt to.

It looked so natural that anyone would believe that he had grown up with these things from the beginning.

‘It’s been a bit strange lately…?’

He was a friend I always heard that he was smart and quick-witted, but recently Elijah’s ‘learning ability’ seems to have gone beyond that category.

Lately, it’s like you can figure out anything by pretending. It feels like my ‘understanding’ and ‘insight’ have increased tremendously.

It’s even more so when I think of the way he stretched out saying that he couldn’t read the sentence even if it was just a little bit long.

As if he had acquired some special ability.


However, apart from that appearance.

Elijah’s appearance now was a state that Trisha could not leave alone.

‘It seems to have improved a little…’

Not too long ago, I shared a lunch box with a teacher, and I remember running around saying that it seemed like they liked it too.

But just recently, after a goodwill match, I went out to receive a commendation, and after returning, I keep thinking about something expressionless like that.

Even today, there was an important event held for students with excellent grades, such as Hunter’s Night, but the person himself did not attend with an attitude of not being interested at all.

“…Shouldn’t you be concerned about grades?”

“I did well during the friendly sparring, so whether it’s hunting night or whatever, I can skip a day or so.”

“…Then, will you lose money in the next semester’s joint practice in Seonghwang-guk? You cut them in order of grades, too, right?”

“Let’s go and think about it then.”


to be irresponsible.

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Judging by the color of her heart, it’s fortunate that she doesn’t look so depressed, but even so, compared to her previous situation, which was completely pink, it was clear that she wasn’t in such a good shape.

Originally, Elijah himself had a tendency to act excessively when he got entangled with that man, but isn’t this kind of emotional drop a bit too much?

Finally, Tricia sighed and opened her mouth.

“Is something else not going well?”

“…uh? huh? No, no no.”


Trisha let out a sigh.



“Are you angry if I refuse to help you because you feel burdened?”


“I do it because I want to. It’s not because someone else made it. okay?”

“…No, yes.”

Elijah pursed his lips.

“I’m sorry. Every time I talk to Trisha about a teacher problem. It seems to be a nuisance.”

“are you okay. Especially when it comes to that person.”

“…huh? What are you talking about?”

“…Because I’m also an erratic person. I am personally interested.”

From her point of view, as a human observer, few people are as strange as that.

I have a feeling that it wouldn’t be bad to do research on a combination of things with Elijah.

‘…It’s so faint that I can’t see it well.’

It’s not as extreme as Fynol’s, where you can’t see any color at all, but Dawood never shows enough emotion to notice clearly what this person is thinking.

Even though there are many women around who treat themselves favorably, there is almost no light of ‘admiration’ that the person himself radiates directly from his heart.

that’s like

“…It seems like he’s forcibly suppressing his heart.”

“uh? what?”

“Oh, no. Nothing.”

Trisha shook her head as Elijah’s eyes widened at the unintentional words.

What was there to say about the man’s condition?

“No, tell me more. Are you saying that the teacher is deliberately suppressing his feelings?”

However, Elijah, apparently already absorbed in the subject, stopped brushing his hair and pulled a chair close to her.

“…uh, um…”

At that steadfast attitude, Trisha eventually twitched her cheeks and continued her explanation.

It was valid that he didn’t want to talk about his ability. If you reveal that you have this ability, it’s only natural that you won’t be treated favorably.

So, try to speak as bluntly as possible.

“No, it’s just that he seems to think that revealing that he has a crush on someone will cause a lot of trouble. See what you do.”

“You think that too, Trisha?!”


What is this violent reaction?

The reaction is that this was the worry that I had been thinking about dying until now.

“It’s just… that’s what happened.”

Having said that, Elijah frowned.

“I’m feeling a bit… ‘sensitive’ to things around me these days, Trisha. I don’t even know what the trigger was. I mean, it just is.”


These words exactly match what Trisha felt while watching Elijah these days.

I guess you knew best.

“And there is one thing that I feel very well with that sense.”

Elijah paused for a moment.

As if there were no memories that were as terrible as he recalled.

“There is something inside Princess Tristan’s body. That’s for sure.”

“…is there? what?”

“There is something entangled with the teacher. Every time the teacher sticks with another girl, something really explodes.”


Somehow, the sense that something was ‘twisted’ remains smart.

There was one big incident that made it feel like there was something strange about sitting inside the academy and having a conversation like this.

I don’t remember, but the feeling that Daoud and another woman ‘get entangled’ and burst out is definitely engraved in my body.

“…Is there such a thing?”

“huh. surely.”

That is why.

“Then it’s a big deal.”

“Big deal? why?”

“No, he’s with another woman right now. They seemed a bit close to each other.”

“who? Wouldn’t it be just one or two?”


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Judging from what he’s saying, it seems that Elijah is starting to realize that he’s trash.

Should I stop accepting this as a friend, or should I just give up.

Trisha sighed as she remembered that thought.

“I just heard about it from the other kids. Talion and a guy named Liru went out to sea in this weather in a boat.”

“Is that hunter’s night or something about it? But isn’t that a big deal?”

“No, I heard that Princess Tristan caught a glimpse of it nearby.”

Elijah sighed and inhaled.

Of course, it wouldn’t be that Elnor was really determined to go after him. If that was the case, it would have exploded a long time ago even if it exploded after seeing it.

It probably made sense to be around there to do something other than Daoud-related business.

‘If you just run into each other, nothing good will happen…!’

At the very least, it is human nature to give a tip or a warning to that person.

“I’m going to ask for help!”

“help? to whom?”

“I have a friend I can trust!”

Having said that, Elijah quickly left the room.


On the stormy terrace, YuRia silently looked down at her own arm while fiddling with the severed person.

This white stem started from the fingertips and slowly began to descend. This indicator, indicating that the disconnected person was eroding him, had finally come down to his wrist.

If I dare to reveal that I’ve come this far, I don’t bother showing it because it’s obvious that my older sister, who is always watching over me, will be sad.

‘…It’s not that far away.’

As someone who has been carrying this sword for a long time, it feels visceral.

fingertips. wrist. cuff. Then, the moment when the curse that stretched out climbed up his body and reached his heart.

That he would never be able to be in this world as the Yuria Greyhounder, as he is now.

It will change into ‘something’ that can’t be called anything like that.

And, if you look at it.

I can’t help but recall the words of Faynol, who had just come to her.

-You can never stop it by just letting it go.

The woman who referred to herself and YuRia as ‘of the same class’ clearly said so.

-You might simply think of it as a curse coming from that sword, but the opinion of the Inquisition is a little different.

Heretic Inquisition.

A special enforcement agency of the Empire that operates in a system separate from that of the Holy Land.

It is the only group in the world founded under the grandiose ideology of fighting against the ‘devil’.

Even in the imperial family, it was also an all-out super-legal institution that few people would put a brake on.

People who had such power that YuRia had no choice but to sit down and listen to her story even though she was the one who verbally abused her sister.

-…to have a different opinion. What do you mean?

– It’s not just a curse. In terms of the amount of holy power she possesses, it is not a coincidence that that woman who ranks next to the Emperor is making no progress despite earnestly clinging to her every day and consecrating.


As if it’s a very natural fact that even a human with the highest level of s*xual power among humans can’t cope.

-Your curse… is an item with an additional ‘something’ added to the ancient curse. We need one more way to make it better.

Faynol continued to say that.

-If you don’t monopolize the man, you die. Yuria Greyhounder.

-…Exclusive, no?

-That man… It’s difficult to tell you now, but he has an ability close to a magic potion for the ‘existence’ sleeping in your sword. Even at the Heretic Inquisition, they are very interested in that man’s nature.

Feinall smiled broadly and continued.

It was a smile that seemed sweet to YuRia, like being caught in a mousetrap.

-Simply put, the Inquisition wants to push you to ‘test’ that ability. to monopolize that man. Of all the nearby objects, you seem most suited to observe them.

-…Push me.

Dowd said he was the only one in the truest relationship. Even left a token of promise.

Thinking so, Fynol’s words flew to him as he was holding his neck.

It’s still clearly in my brain.

– Do you really think so?


-There are so many attractive women around him?


To the stiffened Yuria.

Faynol’s words went on and on.

-If you’re sure, I won’t stop you. If you need any help, please contact us at any time.


– I’ll be waiting for you.

With a depressed expression, Yuria touched the pendant Fenol left behind.


Daoud is not one to fool himself.

No, it has to be.

Otherwise, I just can’t stand it.


As I was thinking about that, the door suddenly opened.

It was Elijah who was breathing heavily.

“Uh, are you here to find your sister? It’s regular worship time right now, so you should be in the cathedral…”

“I came to see you, not the saintess!”




not your sister?

I don’t know if it was a childhood before catching the disconnected person, but since all the times I remember were spent alone. This is almost the first time ever.

“Uh, that, I’m sorry, for some reason, you came all the way here to find something like me-”

“This is not the time to talk like that. We have something to do together!”


what to do

Originally, he would have moderately refused.

No matter how much she wears a star iron circlet, she is now carrying one of the most powerful curses in human history. An accident may happen if you run out of control by mistake.

Besides, didn’t Faynol just hear that this is a combination of powerful beings that even her sister, who is a saint, cannot control?

“What are you talking about? You are our friend!”


Maybe it would have been if Elijah hadn’t said this.

‘Chi, friend?’

Is it okay to spit out such brilliant words easily?

YuRia was flustered and continued to speak stutteringly.

“Ooh, did we have a decisive event to call it that?”

About her human relations.

1. Family – older sister

2. The most precious person – Dowd

3. People to be thankful for – Sir Ophelia, who lends the facility, and Atalante President, who accepted her in Elfante.

It is the ultimate in minimalism that can be organized to the extent of …

By the way, a friend to a person who can compress all human relationships with one finger like this.

It’s so… so…

“…chi, friend. yes. Ugh, uhm.”

It was too sweet a word to refuse.

“Well, if we’re going to do it together, what…?”

“Let’s go find the teacher together!”

Hearing those words, YuRia hesitated.

do you have to go get it? What kind of crisis is he in right now?

“Right now, he’s with someone named Riru Garda, and if the student president nearby sees it, it could be a big deal-”

He probably couldn’t blame Elijah for choosing Yuria.

At least, the Yuria she saw was the most talented of all the people she knew, and although I don’t know if it was intentional, she seemed reticent, and she seemed to be on good terms with Daud.


What she couldn’t judge.

“That Riru Garda.”

She hadn’t realized how good she was with Dawood.

“Are you a woman?”


“Are you a woman?”


“You are a woman. Look at the reaction.”


“is it so. let’s go at once Where is he now?”


Apparently, the intention was to tip Daud so he wouldn’t be caught and killed by Elnor.

What does this cold reaction mean?

‘…I feel like I got a certain landmine while trying to avoid an uncertain landmine?’

That must have been a more accurate monologue than Elijah himself thought.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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