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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 90

90. Dragon King


He sighed and manipulated a PDA-like object.

It’s like a newspaper, so to speak. Although it was replaced with ‘electronic devices’ instead of paper to match the level of tribal union technology.

There was an article written on it stating that Alan Bar-Thor, Warchief of the Tribal Alliance, would personally inspect the Forge of Struggle.

Regardless of which window it is, it is true that it is an important news if you look at it in the headlines.

‘I have a sweet body.’

On the surface, it just sounds like a great person is visiting this academy, but you should always keep in mind that it is Tatiana who moves this person.

It wasn’t my intention, but it must have been quite tense since Elnor’s one big upset.

What moves Alan is a kind of ‘insurance’. He must have called that way because he thought he had to kill me for sure since he was in trouble because of Elnor.

Even if Elnorr tried to kill himself with all his heart, he would be able to buy ‘time’.


Exactly, it means that you think so.

The rampaging gray devil’s bowl is the final boss of this game. Can you stop it with that much?

Of course, from my point of view, whether I like it or not, I should refrain from using Elnor’s power, so it’s a useless fact.

It’s not simply because I shouldn’t get married, but the high convergence rate itself is a prerequisite for creating a new sculpture.

The third piece… among the main events of the scenario, is the one that has the greatest ripple effect. It’s not like they’re placed behind a bend for nothing.


< Quest Info >

[ Main Quest ] 〖 Chapter 3 – Apostle of the Overturned Tsunami 〗

[5 days left until the ‘Duel’ incident! ]

[The incident continues immediately after the boss battle! ]

The good thing for me is that Tatiana’s not going to be outright sending out assassins or summoning something out of the sea, at least for this whole time, since she’s got that ‘reckless’ attitude.

He must have been scared to death when he saw Elnor’s power while trying to ram it with all his might, so he’s saying that he won’t think about killing me in earnest until the means to stop it are in place.


And such a free period is a very good time to raise my specs.

Thinking so, I looked at Liru, who was performing the traditional ritual of the tribal union.

On the bleak coastal cliffs, where only dead grass has dried up, a fire is burning the necklaces.

“Open the way, heaven.”

After muttering that with her eyes closed, Lilu quietly put another necklace on the fire.

“For the warrior to return home.”

These were things that had been carefully stored in the collapsed house that Li Lu had previously built.

It’s used like an ID for Tribal Alliance warriors.

As befits a place where you can see a little open sky in the huge dome-shaped furnace of struggle, the smoke that was raised in that way rose up in a lump and dispersed into the air.


Li Lu, who quietly raised her eyes, watched the smoke scattering like that.

For a long time, I just kept looking at it without saying anything. In a way, it seemed like he was holding back his tears.

Think about your settings.

It must be the belongings of the clans that died on behalf of Riru and Casa on the night that Alan Bator applied for a ‘great duel’ to take over the command from the previous warchief, Kasa.

The reason why that person gritted his teeth to somehow return to the tribal union is to honor the warriors who were not properly buried in their homeland.

In the tribal land assigned to each clan, there was a widespread belief that warriors who failed to properly perform the burial ceremony could not return to the ‘home of the warriors’ in the sky.


And while the smoke spreads.

I was staring at the bottom of the coastal cliff.

[What are you doing?]

“You’re memorizing it.”

[Memorize? what?]

“This is the way in.”

[…road? what way Is there only the sea?]

“I have all of that.”

Caliban’s puzzled expression is conveyed to this point. From the outside, there will be nothing but the sea with waves. All I see is just the birds constantly watching.

But, really, there are all of them.

I was not the first to ask Tatiana for nothing.

How to raise my durability stat, and key hints for splitting the chapter boss’s head are all here.

On the ‘inside’ of those maddening waves.

I came here on purpose to observe that. Because there is something that can only be seen from this side.


Let’s do it.

Lilu, who had been sitting and watching the bonfire for a long time so that all the necklaces would turn to ashes, suddenly said these words.

“If it weren’t for you, there wouldn’t even be a chance to resolve this… in such a short period of time.”


that would have been

Considering the progress of the original work, it would be impossible for Riru to come from this place without receiving Luca’s necklace.

If I hadn’t intervened in the middle, there’s a good chance it wouldn’t have actually happened.

It’s fortunate that this person’s burden seems to have been greatly relieved.

“What do you plan to do in the future?”

To my question, Li Lu fell silent again.

He thinks for a while, stays silent, then opens his mouth again with a determined voice.

“…I have to get revenge.”

“Who are you talking to?”

“To all those involved in the death of our clan.”

Lilu continued with a voice like frost.

“I kill them all with my own hands. It is a natural right to pay tribute to those who died unjustly.”

I don’t intend to deny that either.

They must have been good people who did nothing wrong. Even more so, it was Li Lu’s family.

It’s true that if you want to kill other people, you have to dig two graves. Shouldn’t the one who kills have to pay the price appropriate for it?

‘…No, but wait a minute.’

Breaking out in a cold sweat, he gazed at the blue aura that dwelled near his body. It’s the devil’s energy

Anyway, it’s a mask that leaks out like this when you’re even a little angry.

“Well, I will help you with that.”

Saying that, I grabbed Riru’s hand.

“Let’s do our best. Because I also made a promise with Kasar.”


Li Lu opened her eyes wide and took turns looking at me and the hand we were holding.

“Cow, why are you suddenly holding your hand and making a fuss?”

Li Lu, who blushed, said that and shook my hand.

I let out a sigh of relief when I saw the blue devil’s energy scatter around me.

Looking at this person, it feels like she has no tolerance for making contact with men.

Whenever I feel like I’m going to get angry while sticking by my side, I deliberately soothe him like this.


There are times when I feel pitiful in my situation.

what can i do

If you want to live, you have to live patiently.

[ah. ah. It spreads from the central control room.]

As we pondered on such sadness, a distant voice resonated as if through a loudspeaker, reaching our location.

[A storm is coming. According to the shamans, it’s the biggest thing they’ve come to lately.]


Looking up at the sky, it is gloomy. It looks like a big thunderstorm and windstorm will come sooner or later.

If it was a sane place, they would probably tell you not to get into trouble by quietly shutting yourself in here.

This is a melting pot of struggle. A place where students are put in extreme situations whenever they have a chance.

[So now all students can gather at the plaza near the waterfront. more.]

Then it is.

He smiles bitterly and gets up.

An event that announces the start of Chapter 3 in earnest.

It was an announcement announcing that the ‘Night of the Hunter’ was about to begin.


The problem is this.

Thinking so, I looked towards Riru.

I didn’t just say that the key to clearing Chapter 3 was to guide this person’s violent side.

Considering the current state of handling Liru in the tribal union and the character of this person.

During the course of this 3rd chapter, the possibility that Li Lu could not hold back her anger and collided here and there is almost certain.

In the original work, it was just a problem that ended with difficulties in progress, but now the worst thing is that there is a blue devil that explodes even if you get slightly angry.

It means that if possible, I should stick to it with an adhesion mark throughout the chapter to take care of it, so that the devil doesn’t run out of control and end up like Elnor.

in other words.

A list of things to do in 5 days.

1. Always give Riru mental care so that he doesn’t get angry beyond the normal level.

2. Don’t get your head split by Elnor and Yuria.

3. Learn martial arts from Casa.

…that’s about it.

It’s a list that will take your breath away.

‘I hope it goes well.’

As always.

It was clear that it would be a busy week.

A beach in a stormy rainstorm.

In the outdoor facility leading to the outside of the furnace platform of struggle, there were many rugged people exposed under such weather.

Both men and women, as if they had been tanned, only those with copper-colored skin and healthy bodies.


You’re crazy, everyone.

I can’t do that no matter how much I exercise.


Hattan U-Jul.

Since he’s the dean of the ‘Hall of the Hunters’, a school dedicated to monster hunting, it’s natural for him to come out directly to this type of event.

“Originally, around this time, the new semester will start, and I’m going to briefly introduce myself and go… This is a melting pot of struggle. You don’t need that either, do you?”

Hattan laughed fiercely and continued.

“It goes short and bold from the start of the new semester. It’s the first hunter’s night in years, kids. It is time for the most honorable warrior to shine!”

At those words, thunderous cheers and cheers erupted from the surroundings.

In the atmosphere as if the festival they had been waiting for had arrived, the students from the Empire only looked around with bewildered expressions.

No, right now a storm is raging that is not strange even if a light-bodied person can fly away. What are these madmen doing for fun?

“Anyone here knows what a hunter’s night is, but there are guests from the Empire, so I’ll explain in moderation.”

Having said that, Hatan threw a metal orb into the air.

It is a holographic drone. A plan that outlined what to do here and how to do in the future was shot up in a video.

“Tribal unions are the most haunted places among all the countries on the continent, so a good warrior is the same as a good hunter. It is a facility where our entire academy is educated with a special emphasis on hunting monsters.”

The image of the hologram then changed.

A burning volcanic field. A snowfield with a blizzard. A jungle close to a jungle. And now the stormy sea on which we stand.

Each was the most barren, harsh, and famous for being the habitat of the most notorious monsters.

“The furnace of struggle itself has artificially created an ecosystem of monsters inside the academy to deal with those monsters. To make the experience as close to real life as possible.”

The explanation continued.

“And the night of the hunter. This is the time when all monsters near this academy are most ‘difficult to hunt’. Special abilities have been added, simple combat power has become stronger, and there are even some guys who don’t die no matter how much you kill them.”

The hologram image continuously changed, revealing the images of various monsters.

A demon that makes it transparent. A beast whose claws and leather are several times harder than usual. A demonic beast that regenerates a severed head.

“In this multi-day event, it is a big event that gives the greatest honor that the academy can give to hunters who have shown the best ability in different environments. It is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the most important times. Do you understand?”

Imperial students faced each other.

Because it was more difficult to understand.

To put it simply, isn’t it a time when the entire academy is dozens of times more dangerous than usual?

“…Then why did you call us outside? You need to be in a safe place inside the academy-”

“What are you talking about.”

Hattan grinned.

It was a smile full of ferocity.

“At a time like this, I should rather be more aggressive in trying to kill those guys.”

“…Isn’t that a much higher risk of dying? The basic strategy of the monster is to aim for the weakening period, so that there are no casualties as much as possible-”

“What are you talking about. The greater the risk, the greater the reward.”


The imperial student, who had been refuting it hard, kept his mouth shut.

It seems that he has now realized that his way of thinking is completely different.

This place is originally a town like this. A place where only crazy fighting cocks survive, who are taught that the stronger the opponent, the more aggressive they are.

It’s not that the imperial students who try to take a rational approach to everything are being looked down upon.

Even Liru, who had heard of mad dogs in Elfante, said that she couldn’t be so violent here.

“Well, I’ll give you the minimum safety device. Call me if you feel like dying. I will save you.”

Having said that, Hatan looked around with cold eyes.

“Of course, I don’t think that guys who don’t have that level of courage or skills… aren’t worthy of being left in this academy. You’d better be prepared for the lowest point.”

“Now, wait a minute. The grades given in the furnace of struggle are also reflected in our grades.”



“You can catch them too. What’s the problem?”

While the faces of the Imperial students turned pale at that plain answer, Hatan continued talking without hesitation.

“And the hunter’s night, the first is ‘Sea Hunt’. The greatest honor goes to the one who catches the most powerful thing first!”

He pointed to several boats anchored here and there near the shore.

These were ships with harpoons, nets, and other full-scale hunting equipment.

“The boat is ready. Let’s go!”

With those words, the students of the melting pot of struggle each shouted and split into twos and threes and began to share and board the boats one by one.

The imperial students, who were making faces of bewilderment, were still.

“…Is that sweet?”

Talion, who was next to me, said in a dejected voice.

“How to use a boat, how to find a monster to hunt, how to catch it once you find it, and nothing else?”

“Why are you telling me that?”

Li Lu, who was with him, responded in a more bewildered voice.

“Hunting is the fastest way to master hunting when you first realize it while bumping into it yourself. Asking for learning is best learned by doing it after failure.”

“It does.”

I tapped Talion on the shoulder, who was smiling and making an expression asking what kind of bullsh*t that was.

Because he was the only one who would team up with me right now.

It was because Elnor, Elijah, and even Yuria and the saintess had been forcibly absent because they were busy with something.


I don’t know why everyone is so busy that they have to come all the way here and think about what they have to do.

In the end, the only ones who can go out together at this place are Riru and Talion.

“Even though I can’t hunt at sea, it’s hunting while riding a boat all day. It’s fun to the end.”

As we walked to the boat with me, Li Lu grinned and opened her mouth.

His eyes were twinkling with excitement.

Perhaps feeling my gaze, Li Lu immediately tilted her head and replied.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“no. After all, he seems like a good fit to be in the tribal union.”


“You look happy. He was always very angry when he was in the Empire.”

“…are you condescending that you brought it, what is it?”

Lilu, who grumbled like that, scratched the back of her head and fell silent.

Maybe because of my mood, my face looked slightly red.

“…? why.”

I turned my head to see Talion tapping his arm next to me, and this time he clenched his fists with his eyes wide open.

“He is also my brother.”


“I felt that they had their eyes on me since last time, but as expected, I immediately attacked one more person-”

“…You are the one to steer the ship.”

At the cost of talking nonsense, the hardest part is thrown here.

“…Leading the boat all day long by myself? It’s possible, but it’s a bit-“

“I have no intention of doing it that long. Let’s grab the big one as soon as possible and go back.”

“That is good. Let’s catch the biggest one and go back. What do you want to catch? Kraken? Giant sturgeon? or not-“

“We’re not just out there hunting, Lilu.”


Riru, who answered in an absurd tone, answered with a smile.

The Apostle of the Overturned Tsunami in Chapter 3 is a guy who has been shown sneakily before, but has a connection with the “ancient existence” under the sea.

As you can tell from his name, he’s incredibly powerful.

And to clear it without the devil’s help.

I, too, have a need to come into contact with beings outside the norm. It’s what I’m supposed to do throughout this hunter’s night.

There are certain things that can only be done when the monsters become stronger.

“We are going to meet the king of the sea.”


It starts with Nom’s home ground, the sea.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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