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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 85

85. goodwill couplets

“The rulership of Alan Bar-Thor, who has been installed as Warchief, is still in effect. Although the majority of the Chieftains of the Confederacy are slowly expressing dissatisfaction, the desired level of governance is still functioning.”

Tatiana’s voice slumped down into the private room where no one else heard.

Thanks to her position as the warchief’s closest confidant, having a spacious private room meant that her ‘regular reports’ were not hindered, but she never broke the mask she always wore.

A narrow-eyed, smiling face.

The reason was simple. Because the Precursor ordered her to go like this.

She was always on the side of following the orders she received from the Seer. Even if your own life is at stake.

[What artifacts went into brainwashing you? Is it still working well?]

As he said that, white steam rose from his masked face.

It was evident that he was probably in the northern part of the Empire by now. A territory ruled by Margrave Kendride.

Did you say there is something ‘decorated’ over there?

“Yes. At least it will work effectively for as long as you wish.”

[yes. If there is a problem there, you will miss all the fun scenes. Should I manage it properly?]

“I will accept it.”

[You don’t have to go long. It only needs to stay that way for the 10 days that the exchange students from Elfante are staying.]

If anyone hears it, it will probably only hear the conversation of madmen.

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Just to see an ‘interesting scene’, and also because of an ‘academy event’ that lasts for only 10 days.

They brainwashed one of the continent’s hegemons and used it for their own good.

[It’s a rare opportunity to gather four of the devil’s bowls in one place. Can’t you just let it go?]

“…Did you say four?”

I’ve already met two bowls of what you said.

Elnor Elinalize La Tristan. Gray Devil’s Bowl.

Yuria Greyhounder. White Devil’s Bowl.

And yet there are two more?

[The blue devil and… the red devil. Both are here now. it feels to me I’ll have to find out who the bowl is from now on.]

“…I’ll keep that in mind. So that we can report satisfactory results-”

[Ah- no no, you don’t have to work so hard. I’ll find them anyway.]

Having said that, the Seer yawned and waved his hands.

[We have the most powerful ‘trap’ in the world, right?]


That is, it certainly was.

Doesn’t there exist a man like a magnet to whom the devil’s vessel will come to you even if you just stay still?

However, there were definitely things I didn’t understand.

“…Can I ask you something?”

[Well? He’s usually compliant with everything, so why are you asking all the questions?]

“Why are you giving that man… only ‘trials that can be overcome’?”

The first is the Marquis of Riverback, and the second is the boy king Balcasus.

Going through the battle, the man is getting stronger and stronger. I’m getting closer and closer with the devil’s vessels that I can call my colleagues now.

Considering the ability of a pioneer close to omnipotence, the reason the man produced such a result was because he only gave him trials that he could overcome. Otherwise there would be no such result…

[I’ve never done that before.]


[These are the things I put on to kill him with all my heart. I didn’t really do my best, but the conditions set to the level where I can barely breathe should a miracle happen?]


[It is purely his ability to overcome it with the best results. Is it fun every time I see it?]


The clairvoyant smiled and continued the sentence.

[Well, if you’re looking for a reason why he doesn’t do his best… the stronger he gets, the stronger nothing bad will happen to us.]

“What does it mean?”

[Overcoming the ordeal, the man becomes stronger, and his relationship with the devil’s vessels grows closer. That alone is good. Is it easier to achieve the ‘goal’?]

All of these facts are on the same line as the necessary conditions on the way to the ‘final goal’ that the pioneer himself dreams of.

The goal she or he wants to achieve at the end is obviously different, but in the end, the man must have been a human being who, paradoxically, was of great help to their primary goal of collecting all the pieces in the devil’s vessels.

[Couple and company, I like seeing Dawood twisting his body hard to survive, because there is nothing boring in the world.]

Seeing Tatiana speechless, the Seer laughed again.

[Are you even jealous?]


[Does it make you feel really bad because I praised her?]

At the mischievous voice of the Seer on the other end of the video call, Tatiana fell silent for a moment.

Perhaps, the Seer is doing this on purpose now.

There’s no way she wouldn’t know that she would feel that way when she heard these words, who could dedicate her body and soul to the Seer.

[that’s right. I’m doing it on purpose.]


[Kill him with all your heart. It won’t be easy. I couldn’t do that cunning Marquis Riverback, and I couldn’t even do the strongest gold magician, the boy king. What about you?]


[If you look more interesting than that guy, maybe I can give you a compliment?]


[Cheer up, Apostle of the Overturned Tsunami. Is near the sea the most advantageous area for you?]

Communication was cut off with that.

Tatiana, who had been sitting in front of him silently for a while, nodded and stood up.


She took a quick glance at the necklace she always wore.

There was a jewel in its centre, glistening with a gloomy spray of green.

When she closes her eyes, she hears the ‘thing’ inside them calling her. The ‘huge being’ near this furnace of struggle.

Apostle of the overturned tidal wave. The last survivor of a clan forgotten by history, serving an ancient entity buried beneath the sea.

using all its power.

Kill Dowd Campbell.

Within 10 days, by any means.

“…I’ll take it.”

She muttered quietly and grabbed the necklace with both hands.

There was one good news and one bad news.

< System Info >

[The effect of steady exercise is unleashed! ]

[The rank of the ‘Strength’ stat goes up! ]

[The rank of the ‘Agility’ stat goes up! ]

< Status Info >

「Dowd Campbell」


Strength: E (10% until rank up)

Agility: E (10% until rank up)

Endurance: F

Luck: F

Power: D

The good news is this.

Daud Campbell, the first rank up of emotion at last.

When I was in the territory, my rank didn’t go up no matter how much I helped with the farming work, and it was the moment when the results of wearing a lion’s necklace and working out like hell for several months finally bore fruit.

With this, the efficiency of the desperate situation will be able to jump twice as much as before. When using Tristan-type swordsmanship or martial arts, you will see the effect.

And, the bad news is this.

“Gak, hah, ah, ah, evil, ah-”

Even with the stats that have risen in the ranks, it is impossible to follow the training course that Casa has written.


Lilu narrowed her eyes when she saw me uttering a sound that was almost like a scream rather than breathing.

Today is the first day of the ‘training’ that Casa instructed me to do. Among them, basic physical strength training, which is the most basic.

‘…If it’s the way it used to be, it wouldn’t be strange to jump up and ask what kind of crazy thing he’s talking about.’

Originally, basic physical strength doesn’t increase overnight, so there’s no way you can increase stats that were trash until yesterday in such a short period of time.

At that time, it is efficient to first receive all of this person’s ‘skills’.

That’s how I tried to ask Cassa.

‘Then, does your goal of learning all of the martial arts I’ve accumulated over the decades for ten days from today make sense?’


‘You must have said that to me because you have the means, baby. I have an idea, so I am doing this. Any other opinions?’

there can’t be

Anyway, I’m in the state of professing to Kasa that I’ll see the end of the martial arts he devoted his life to within 10 days.

If you handed it over without hesitation after hearing such words, you would have no choice but to obey without saying anything.

“…Hey, stop. There is no point in running any further.”

Then, Riru, who was next to me to pace myself, stopped me with a click of her tongue.

“I’m sorry, aaa

“…don’t talk, catch your breath.”

Li Lu sighed and approached me, who was gasping for breath as if she was about to vomit.

“Stand upright.”



Lilu glared at me with a slightly reddened face.

It was an expression that said not to make me explain.

“…I’ll give you a massage. stand upright If you stop exercising like this, you won’t be able to stand up.”


“Don’t make me say it twice. kill it?”

I straightened up at the fiercely flying sentence, and Li Lu grabbed my arms and legs and started to knead them.

It was a little painful because I felt weak, perhaps because of my shame, but the effect was certain. The pain in the limbs, which felt like being torn, dulled.



Why is this person so kind?

If you think about the appearance in the original work, is it normal to look at it with cold contempt for not being able to do this?

No matter how likable he is, considering this person’s personality, this is undoubtedly an unusual appearance.

“…Grandma expects a lot from you.”

Perhaps reading my thoughts, Li Lu muttered.

“They told me to treat you as well as possible. So you do. I would never do something like this to someone like you.”

“…Is that so?”

I feel like I’m working really hard for that.

Let’s just laugh at those words and stay still.

Goosebumps all over the body. An ominous sensation runs through the whole body.


Come to think of it, there was one more bad news.

“Hey there, Liru.”

It speaks only by the shape of the mouth. The people I’m paying attention to right now are people who will listen to even the slightest sound.


I wonder if this side is also aware of it, and I match the rhythm while frowning at my image of speaking only with the shape of my mouth.

“Are you still there?”

Li Lu touched her forehead without saying anything.

It seems that he himself felt the sensation I just felt.

“there is.”


“It’s an amazing tracking technique. I will never be able to find it.”

“…I couldn’t find it, so how did you know it was there?”

“The life flowed out. You were bouncing around like crazy when I just massaged you.”

“…ah. with that.”

Because I also felt ‘something’.

It must have been something ignorant enough for me, who is insensitive to that kind of thing, to know vaguely about it.

“How much are you loved over there?”

I don’t know man

That’s Elnor.

It has been following me continuously since this morning. I probably wouldn’t have known he was doing that if Li Lu hadn’t told me about it.

‘…why are you doing that?’

I don’t know why I’m thinking all of a sudden.


It’s really scary.

Even now, whenever I get even a little closer to Riru, I can feel a tingling sensation all over my body.

“…Rather than that, I’ll have to move slowly now.”

Looking at the clock, I sighed and stretched.

Thanks to working out with Li Lu from early in the morning, I was drained of my energy, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spread out and rest like this.

The first exchange student event, ‘Friendship Dalian’, was scheduled right away.

‘…the words are goodwill.’

I heard that it is an event in which injuries and even serious injuries are not uncommon, thanks to the fact that the characteristics of not wanting to be inferior to the academy of the opponent country are clearly reflected.

Of course, if it’s more important to me than those characteristics.

‘…a chance to raise endurance stats.’

If you do well in the event, you will have a chance to acquire some pretty decent items as the ‘Token of Promise’ that Riru received from Luca.

It’s an event that shouldn’t be wasted for the sake of it.

“…By the way, are you okay?”

As I was thinking about that, Riru spoke again with only a mouthful of words.


“To be honest, it’s going to be pretty hard to find an opponent for Dalian with your skills.”

That’s… I think it could be.

Anyway, I’m in a state where I’m not desperate. How many times have you been ignored for looking weak on the outside?

“By the way, if I can’t find it, I’ll probably have to stand still in the hallway of the waiting room with no one there.”


The goose bumps that had sprouted before are sprouting again.

“Are you sure you won’t do anything to that woman when you’re alone like that?”



The arena, which was scheduled to compete with exchange students from the Empire, was filled with heat.

Of course, most of them were the heat of the Tribal Alliance, and the Empire’s personnel were standing in a queue like half corpses.

With a few exceptions, these friendly sparrings in the furnace of struggle were, for the most part, an event tantamount to an execution ceremony for the Elfante students.

Even if it was in other fields, the interpersonal combat power of the tribal alliance warriors was at a truly reputed level.

And, Badel Gup-ta, who applied for this event, was looking at the Imperial students with a snort.

‘Weak imperial bastards.’

He slung a greatsword almost as tall as himself over his shoulder and looked at the Imperial students with contempt.

Still, all of them are blind. Compared to a year ago, nothing has changed.

It’s absurd that these guys are tied up as members of the ‘three major powers’ just like themselves. Last year, I applied for this event with the same thoughts.

Oh, what a pleasant memory it was.

The feeling of knocking down a student from the Imperial side who begged him to stop, until he broke all his teeth so he couldn’t even speak properly, still lingers in rapture at the tip of his fist.

‘Is there no one to beat like that this time…’

Anyway, befitting the purpose of friendship, this sparring was a way for the students of the melting pot of struggle and the students of Elfante to find each other freely and pair up.

In that respect, Badel would put a lot of effort into finding the weaker ones.

Although he was somewhat confident in his own skills, it was his preference to bully while controlling his strength slowly.

A suitable ‘prey’ soon came into sight.

‘…He’s not even manly.’

A man who kept looking around with a pale face.

He continued to look around with impatient eyes. Voluntarily go to other students and beg them to fight with you.

However, the students of the furnace of struggle always frowned and shook their heads. It is clear that the attitude that it will not work because it is ‘too weak’ is clear.

Whenever that happens, the man’s expression is filled with despair.

‘…What a strange guy.’

If I tried sparring with that kind of skill, it would be obvious that I would get beaten up.

What should I say about this

Even if you do that, it’s like saying ‘you must find a partner’.

As if you were being chased by someone.

Although it is.

Being weak on the outside, and not being confident in your attitude, are definitely Badel’s ‘taste’.

Look at the name tag.

Dowd Campbell.

“hey. You guys stick with me.”

“Oh, really?!”

When I approached and said that, Badel snorted inwardly as he saw the man’s expression brighten up.

Without looking back, he approaches the guy who is shaking his hand and whispers in his ear with an evil expression.

Because I wanted to see this guy’s expression frozen in fear from now on.

“I am stupidly happy. Why don’t you prepare in advance? The moment you decided to deal with me, it was already too late. I will start sparring right now and continue to harass you until the end of the event-”



To that response, which was full of sincerity no matter who heard it, Badel was at a loss for words.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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