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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 86

86. Friendship Dalian (2)

10 minutes after the start of Dalian.

Badel was genuinely feeling fear.

“Aren’t you carrying a weapon?”

“If you use something like that, it ends too quickly.”

I remembered the questions and answers we had when we first entered Dalian.

In fact, Badel had never used a weapon in the previous wars. From start to finish, he beat the opponent with his bare fists.

Because it was his taste to enjoy seeing people in deep pain.

“really? You mean to beat me with your bare fists?”


“Oh yea.”

If you think about it.

I should have been vigilant from the moment my expression brightened as soon as I heard those words.

“…Did you go crazy, you bastard?”

Thanks to that, those words were coming out of his mouth in a trembling voice.

The difference in skill is truly staggering. That’s what it looked like in the first place, so I chose this guy to bully him slowly and leisurely.



The heavily-whipped fist lodged itself in Daud’s chin. It comes clearly delivered to the hand. The skillful combat sense clearly speaks.

This is a blow that, more than a human being, has no choice but to collapse. A fist in the chin would shake the brain as it is.


This man doesn’t fall.

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Just like it has been countless times before.

After staggering a step or two, he backed away, casually bending his neck and trudging back this way.

“Ah, that’s fine.”

Goosebumps rose up Badel’s arms at the sound of his voice, as if he was really in a good mood.

“…Stop sparring. You bastard, go to the infirmary and get treatment-”

“Why stop?”

Hearing that he sincerely did not understand, Badel took a step back this time.

It was an instinctive movement.

‘…I, against the imperial bastard, withdrew from the fight?’

As soon as he realized that fact, his expression frowned as hard as it could.

More sadistic violence rains down on Daoud. It was a blow with enough power to be pitiful to say that it was poured on one person.

Daoud’s body is swept to and fro. Flesh protrudes and blood flows like a fountain.


“…You chose your opponent well. great.”

this time too.

Even in a half-corpse-like state, he was rather smirking.


Badel’s face slowly began to turn white.

It would have been rather welcome if it was simply a weak guy trying to come. Trampling on such a guy thoroughly would have had its own taste.

Now, this guy.

He is genuinely ‘enjoying’ this situation in which he is being beaten one-sidedly.

As if there was some colossal benefit to oneself!


Seeing him muttering like that as he walked this way, fear filled Badel’s eyes.

What the hell are you doing?

Was this a match in the first place?

This guy, is it the same person?

“…don’t come any closer.”

“why? I just liked that. Once more-“

“Don’t come any closer!”

Badel, whose face was completely white, took a step back and tried to press the red button placed on one side of the stage.

If you press this, it will probably be treated as surrender.

It’s probably something I would never have touched normally, but I kept thinking that it would be better to be humiliated for a moment than to keep facing this monstrous man who didn’t know what it was.

However, there was a human who grabbed his chin with such a dripping hand.


Daoud said in an urgent voice.

There is a longing that goes beyond that in her eyes.

“No, don’t do that. can you still do more? You said you would beat me until the end of time?”


Badel’s face turned even whiter when he saw Daud grabbing his arm with an almost servile grin.

Originally, it wouldn’t be a face to be scared to see, but it was very effective in making his mind half go out in that it didn’t fit the situation at all.

“You can do it. you’re still cool I was beaten, but why are you surrendering? Are you kidding me?”


“Keep your promise. please. I beg you.”

“go away…!”

at last.

Badel had no choice but to press the surrender button while screaming.


As my opponent runs away while trembling as if he has seen a ghost, the expression of regret does not come off my face.

really not worth it

< System Log >

[I had a battle with an opponent who had excellent fighting skills! ]

[A new move set is added to ‘Attribute: Martial Arts – Standing’! ]

[I had a battle with an opponent who had excellent fighting skills! ]

[A new move set is added to ‘Attribute: Martial Arts – Standing’! ]

[I had a battle with an opponent who had excellent fighting skills! ]

[A new move set is added to ‘Attribute: Martial Arts – Standing’! ]




< System Log >

[ Despite being seriously injured, the battle continued successfully! ]

[The mastery of ‘Attribute: Iron Man’ increases. ]

[ Despite being seriously injured, the battle continued successfully! ]

[The mastery of ‘Attribute: Iron Man’ increases. ]

[ Despite being seriously injured, the battle continued successfully! ]

[The mastery of ‘Attribute: Iron Man’ increases. ]




I guess he was kind of a hitter.

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Just standing still and getting hit just looked at the fact that he was accumulating two attribute masteries. I have to fight a fairly strong enemy, but it’s possible, right?

I think I could have accumulated more if I kept getting hit, but I don’t know why, but I suddenly ran away and it was regrettable.

< System Message >

[ Subject ‘Elnor’ is very angry that subject ‘Badel’ dared to hit you. ]

[Has intense hatred towards the target! ]


Thanks to that, the odds of being bothered by this person who is still looking at me have increased.

If it wasn’t for me observing, there’s no way this window would pop up.

Badel, why did you run away…!

I promise to deal with you until the end of time…!

“That Badel got scared and ran away…!”

“I can’t believe there was such a crazy bastard in the empire…!”

“You’re an admirable madman…!”


The words of the tribal union students whispering to me around me pierced my heart.

Why do you guys talk like that?

‘…Anyway, the first thing to check.’

Anyway, Elnor doesn’t come out even if I try to find it. In that case, let’s see what we got.

< Mastery Info >

[ Attribute: Iron Man ] [ Grade: Basic ]

[Current proficiency: 88%]

[ The warriors of the Tribal Union are constantly putting themselves into extreme situations and repeating training to develop coping skills. It’s very dangerous, but the effect is certain. ]

[ ■ Increases resistance to various injuries and pain. It reduces the level of pain and allows you to move more easily even in severely injured situations. ]

[ ■ The effect is proportional to the durability stat. ]

One of the characteristics that I accumulated proficiency while being beaten like a dog.

Even now, I just apply medicine to the wound with a simple first aid kit and apply a bandage, and the improvement of the wound is noticeable.

If the medicine wasn’t very good, I should have bought an expensive potion by taking all the leftovers from the point shop when I was hit this much.

And, above all.

‘It doesn’t hurt that much, right?’

The effect of reducing the ‘degree of pain’ written here.

It’s much more useful than you think.

If you polish it well enough, you can roll it as one of the key abilities for this chapter.

Actually, the pain you just felt from being beaten wasn’t too bad?

[…Even if you have that kind of ability, don’t you think you’ll be beaten to that extent?]

“You said you could hold on?”

[Are you the one who asked me how to endure being sick a while ago?]

People naturally grow up.

[It’s not true that you’re growing, but you’re going crazy, right?]



Ignore Caliban and check other attributes.

< Mastery Info >

[ Attribute: Martial Arts – Standing ]

[ These are efficient movements that a boxer with a genius sense has carved out over a lifetime. Even though it’s not all finished yet, it can unleash great power! ]

[ ■ Receive strength compensation in battles in an unarmed state. ]

[ ■ Receives a dexterity correction for evasive actions while unarmed. ]

[ ■ You can unlock various moves included in the fighting art through practice. ]

[ New moves unlocked! ]

[ Progress to completion: 10% ]

This is more important than the previous iron man characteristics.

I mean, it’s progress until the ‘completion’ of the last sentence.

It’s not for nothing that the feature description says it’s not all finished yet. This is a school that even Casa couldn’t complete.


And, I have to complete all of these, but I can lead the ending of Chapter 3 to the way I want.

The last ‘enemy’ in Chapter 3 is an opponent that can never be defeated with a weapon.

I will work hard in the future.

[ Update the status. ]

As I was thinking about that, such a sentence came to mind on the electronic display board inside the stadium.

It seems that the one with the higher ‘score’ in this friendly match is being promoted.

Scoring is a form of giving a higher score to the side that showed a ‘better battle’ through all the complex factors.

Even if you are a weak person, if you hold up well against a much stronger person, you will be rated higher than your opponent.

Once it is set like that, check it from the bottom.

You only need to be in the top 3…

[ 1st Place – Riru Garda ]

[ 2nd – Elijah Krisanax ]

[ 3rd – Doud Campbell ]

It was a chin-up, but it worked.

Considering the difference in combat power between that guy and me, who was in desperate need, it was inevitable that the score would be very high just by accepting surrender.

‘…Liru came in too.’

Considering his fighting prowess, it was natural, but this person also had to be in the ranks unconditionally. Only then will the ‘Main More novels at noblemtl.com

Quest’ proceed.

And other than that, look at the ranking that comes down.

Everything else is fine.

[ 4th – Phenol Laipek ]

When I see the name attached right below me, my eyes go wild.

Come to think of it, he also came because of the exchange student in the story. I’m not someone I’d really like to meet.

He’s a key figure in Chapter 4, and also the ‘core’ of the Heretic Interrogation Center I’m trying so hard to avoid.

the problem is.

< System Message >

[The target ‘Fenol Laipek’ is interested in you. Related events coming soon! ]

[If you come into contact with the target, the ‘Heretic Inquisition – Special Interaction’ received as the clearing privilege of ‘Boss: The Boy King’ will be unlocked immediately! ]

[ ‘Skill: Fatal Charm’ cannot be applied to the target! ]

As soon as I saw that name, this window came to my mind.

Eyebrows are frowned upon.

Faynole, if I remember correctly, is clearly a villain. It is also a wicked person related to the devil with a high probability.

But so far, that system is a process and probability, and the fatal charm that has been skipped and beaten is completely inapplicable?


If that happens, the importance of the ‘related event’ written here will explode.

Considering his personality, this skill was minimal insurance. If this is not applicable, it means that there is a very high possibility that I will fall into some kind of ‘danger’ as soon as I meet him.

‘…Let’s take care of that later.’

When did I even care about that?

We don’t have enough information to deal with it anyway. The system doesn’t even tell you when the event will take place.

Even if you think about it, if you can’t come up with a solution, it’s best to think about it after shutting up.

He sighs and gets up from his seat.


[ Friendship Dalian event ends. ]

[Please gather all students who entered the top 3 to the Hall of Fame. A commendation will be given. ]

Because such announcements came out one after another.

Now is the time to use the token Riru received from Luca. It’s time for me to take care of endurance stats that will complement my body that bursts after being injured through it.

It’s compensation time, so to speak.

< System Message >

[ Corruption level of the target ‘Elnor’ increases by 10%. ]

[ Subject is in ‘suspicion’ state. Corruption is tripled! ]

[Current target’s Corruption level is near 100%! There is a possibility of ‘runaway’ of pieces! ]


I’ll have to look into solving this somehow.

The ‘runaway’ of the pieces written here is not an event that can be easily seen. It has to exceed 100%, and at most it is at the level of ‘representation’ through the medium of a bowl, and it can never go to ‘runaway’.

Probably, in terms of numbers, you have to go over 200% to be at a level where you can barely see the possibility, right?


If it explodes once, the destructive power cannot be compared.

The runaway of pieces, it’s just… the chest is different.

It should be said that it is a level that clearly shows why the devil’s bowl can destroy the world alone if it is wrong.

Of course, as I said before, it is also an event that is hard to see. It’s a level that can only be seen at important events in the main scenario.

‘…What could that be?’

It’s not like I’m going to do anything to bother Elnor on purpose.

is not it?

In order to give special meaning to honoring honor, it is a place built at the highest peak of the furnace of struggle, a dome-shaped structure.

Thanks to this, you can clearly see the sea surrounding the academy, which is difficult to see normally.

And on top of that, Tatiana, the priest, greeted the three students with a narrowed eye as usual.

riru garda. Elijah Krisanax. and me.

All the people watching this look dissatisfied. Originally, there was a prevailing perception that the people of the empire could never come up even after several years.


smile inside

It was seen at the Dalian event, but overall, the melting pot of struggle is a place where Elfante is internally belittled and ignored. Such a trend prevails.

‘Thanks to that, there are things that are possible.’

I look ahead as I reflect on what I will ask for here.

Tatiana’s gaze came out and sequentially scanned the two women on either side.

“I heard you did great, guys. In the furnace of struggle, rewards are always given to those who achieve excellent results in battles where blood is directly exchanged.”

It is a tradition of tribal union that has been handed down traditionally. In particular, to give a reward to those who achieved excellent results in ‘fighting’.

“First of all, let’s hear what you want from the first place, shall we?”

When that gaze lingers on Li Lu, the expressions of the crowd around her harden.

You can even hear all sorts of gossip and contemptuous whispers.

“…The prodigal son has returned. Didn’t you fight the warchief’s clan first and then be annihilated?”

“I don’t know why I came back to this land, but I’m sure I learned at least one lesson. We do not welcome such rubbish.”

The evaluation given to Li Lu by the tribal union is ‘coward’ or ‘human scum of the world’.

First of all, the reason why Casa Garda and Alan Bar-Tor competed was because Riru ‘got into a fight because he couldn’t stand his temper’.

Second, the reason why the Garda clan was exterminated externally was because Riru committed ‘cheating’ during the duel between the chiefs.


Of course, from my point of view, who knows the inside story, if you ask me to summarize the situation at that time like that, it is at the level of nausea.

It was all planned by the narrow-eyed woman in front of me.

“…allow me to enter the clan’s ‘territory’.”

Riru spoke to Tatiana as if spitting it out.

I thought what if I ran into Tatiana and started a fight, but fortunately, it seems that I realized that it was not wise because I said it earlier.

“There are things we haven’t dealt with yet.”

At those words, violent reactions immediately erupted from the surroundings.

“The shame of that coalition!”

“The spirits of the dead warriors will curse you! Trying to set foot in the space of those who died because of you!”

Until just now, the humans who quietly muttered behind their backs raised blood in their eyes and shouted so that their throats rang.

What Li Lu said now, from the perspective of the swings, is that the son of a child who killed his family through his own fault should step on the land of his hometown just once.

“Lucca Han-Chai of the Hyrule Mountains guarantees my rights. It is the chieftain’s authority.”

Riru, who didn’t care about the reactions around her, lifted Luca’s dream catcher that I had tied in her hand. It seemed that the people around him had recognized what it was, and the voice that had been bursting out suddenly diminished.

The authority of the chieftain is almost equivalent to that of the imperial family in tribal unions. Even if you have dissatisfaction, it is said that you are not even allowed to throw up.

“I see.”


of course.

Even taking that into account,

Riru’s eyes widened a little, probably not expecting Tatiana to consent so obediently.

He was probably the one responsible for the annihilation of his own clan, so he must have expected all sorts of nasty and nasty interference even now.


And that’s me too.

I narrowed my eyes and glared at Tatiana.

If it was this guy, there’s no way he wouldn’t have noticed what it meant to enter the space of the Riruga clan.

Because there is the biggest hint to kill the ‘ancient being’ you are enshrining.

So I thought I would let go of all kinds of hindrances.

“Then, what does second place want?”


Elijah looked around awkwardly.

It’s a sign that they can’t adapt to the harsh atmosphere.

“…May I ponder a little and tell you later? I don’t know what to get.”

“Do whatever you like.”

Perhaps it was a timid choice, feeling that she would be criticized no matter what she asked for, but this time Tatiana readily agreed.

It’s not even an offer I won’t listen to.

“Then what about you?”

“…Can I think about it a bit more?”

As usual, I also have a few things to ask for right now. It’s like access to the ‘Workshop’, a furnace of struggle that you must visit at least once in the game. Right now, for the durability stat, it’s the right to enter Liru’s land together.

However, somehow this guy’s expression is unusual.

It was from the fact that she had just accepted Li Lu’s offer without hesitation.

“I see.”


My eyes narrowed even more when I saw him accepting his chin like that.

What are you up to?

while thinking so.

Tatiana came down from the podium and stood in front of me.

People around me were looking at me with eyes wondering what this person was doing.

“Especially, I don’t mind any favors from you, Doud Campbell.”

Tatiana, receiving such stares, continued with a single smile.

come a little closer to me As if trying to whisper something in your ear.

“Because you will die here anyway.”

at the same time.

From the necklace he is wearing, a green light begins to flicker.

I could immediately figure out what that meant.

No need to explain in words.

A large space in the ‘sea’ near the dome-shaped furnace of struggle begins to stir.

Matching the timing of this guy’s necklace blinking, that one moves rhythmically as well.


It was a ‘sinister’ move.

Tatiana’s narrow eyes widen slightly.

“I heard that planning and preparing ahead of time are your traits, Doud Campbell.”

“That is your weakness.”

Poison seeps into your ears.

He came closer and hugged me gently. People around him seemed slightly surprised by this sudden action, but this guy didn’t care at all.

“If I summon that thing, everyone in this room will die. I will be included with a high probability.”

What spilled out of his slightly widened narrow eyes was madness to the point of dizziness.

The madman’s unique chaos melted in his mumbled tone further spurred such a feeling.

“But this time I waited for you to come out of the academy ‘structure’.”

“Perhaps you didn’t expect me to act so recklessly.”

“The Precursor ordered me to kill you with all my might, so I will burn everything and leave you here-”

Even though the words continued like that.

“Hey. shut up.”


Urgently interrupts Tatiana.

The boy’s expression darkens for an instant.

But I don’t have time to worry about that.

“I want to kill myself, so I’ve prepared something for conversion, and I understand everything!”

It feels like this guy is immersed in his own world and has come up with a huge plan.

That’s not the first thing I need to worry about right now.

“Get away, please!”

Twisting, I try to free myself from Tatiina’s body, which is tightly ‘hugging’ me.


Sadly no.

Tatiana is also the final boss of a chapter, even though she’s not a fighter.

Your physical abilities must be far superior to mine.

This kind of struggle seems to be no more than a real bug crawling.

“…sensei, what are you doing?”

Even though Elijah from the side threw out those words in an astonishing voice.

I’m serious.

“I heard that if you call that, there is a high probability that you will die too! You mean you can live!”

Beyond being serious, the real eyes are spinning. It is urgent like crazy.

He starts talking to Tatiana, whose expression is blank, and shoots him.

“If I don’t untie this arm right away, there’s no chance of survival at all!”


before even completing that sentence.

< System Message >

[The target ‘Elnor’ is outraged to the point where he loses his mind at the sight of you rubbing against a new woman again! ]

[The subject is ‘suspected’! ]

[The target’s corruption level increases 3 times! ]

[ Corruption level of the target ‘Elnor’ exceeds 300%. ]

[The target enters the ‘runaway’ state! ]

[The expected damage range is the entire ‘Furnace of Struggle’! ]

[ The chance of surviving is 0%! ]


Along with my nausea, that message pops out.


everything around.

started to break down

“…uh. uh?”

“What, what?”

A murmur began to flow from the surroundings.

Because these humans also instinctively noticed that ‘something’ was happening.

first second.

Gray aura soared in all directions. everything is getting slower As always when the gray demon manifested before.



The devil’s ‘runaway’ doesn’t just end there.

2 seconds followed.

the world splits

“What, what?!”


Screams burst out in all directions.

As if someone cut this dome-shaped sphere in half with a giant knife, the space bends and stretches in a bizarre way, tearing the entire building apart.

This huge building built by thousands and tens of thousands of people over a long period of time.

One of the best buildings on the continent with world-class technological prowess, so empty.

All defenses, force fields, and even the angel’s barrier are useless.

in just one second.

split in half

Come crashing down.



The sound of buildings collapsing deafening. Even the throat-ripping screams of people are drowned out by the crackling sound of the entire dome.

It is normal for people to be stunned at the scene of such a huge destruction, and there are people who burst into tears in an unsightly way, and people who have lost their minds at all are not uncommon.

“…this, crazy…!”

In such a hell, I hurriedly turn my head to find the culprit that caused this situation.

What I was looking for was quickly found. At some point, it was Elnor who was mingling with the crowd.

And as soon as I saw it.

Realize the most horrifying fact.

All of this is not to say that Elnor didn’t really ‘make up his mind’.

It’s just that the object that literally caused this is just breathing, and the world is just collapsing because it can’t handle its existence.

In all these actions, hostility is excluded.

how do you know that


Elnor’s eyes, redder than blood, prove that fact.

〚…I endured it once. In the case of Riru Garda, I might step back and think it was my mistake.”

now, in this place.

〚But twice. No way.〛

The person Elnor really wants to do harm is.

A person who can produce such power just by standing still, a person who will pour all his energy from now on.

〚Who else is that woman, Daud?〛

only me

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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