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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 84

84. suspicion

Riru Garda was a very quick-witted person.

Even if you just came out of an unexpected death threat, you can quickly notice how the situation is unfolding.

“You know what?”

Doud Campbell is trying to say something.

He is quite nervous at the appearance of a woman approaching from the side with a terrifying expression.

As if this were dozens of times more of a threat than the giant Mazo who had just collapsed.


Seeing this, Li Lu untied Daud’s arm and jumped up.

“…I don’t know.”

And, before thinking, the mouth moves first.

“Are you threatening this guy?”

“Get out of the way, though. It has nothing to do with you-“

“It doesn’t matter.”

Elnore stopped walking with a hint of “Huh?”

It seemed that he was so dumbfounded that he didn’t even know how to react right away.

Probably not what anyone present was expecting. Even Daoud was looking at her with a blank expression.

“…No, what kind of relationship are you?”

“I know you owed me your life at least once.”

Perhaps if someone asked why she was doing this now, Li Lu couldn’t give a clear answer.

However, it was not right for her to remain still after being favored by someone.

It was clear that this man, at least the perception that she was ‘worthy’ of doing this was well entrenched in her head.

“If you want to do something to this guy, go for it. Why don’t you turn me over.”

To be honest, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.

Because this was a face she knew. A human who has memories of being crushed by that “force” once before. The student council president of Elfante.

A woman who just killed herself with a single blow, killing the giant Mazu. It was clear that if he fought this side, he would be destroyed in a matter of seconds.

It would be a miracle if even one thing could survive.


But, nonetheless.

He calms down his trembling arms and prepares to fight.

Adjust your fighting spirit and stare at your opponent.


And, oddly enough.

Rather than responding to her like that, the other person’s momentum subsides.

To be precise, it’s a ‘shocked’ look.

There was almost a look of sadness on his face.

“…good. until there.”

And before I could even think about it, another voice broke into the situation.

It was a voice uttered by a woman who appeared during a spatial teleportation ceremony opened in the air.


As soon as he confirmed who the target was, rather, Li Lu’s expression instantly changed to that of a demon.

At least.

The night most of his clan died.

Even in that scene.

Like a devil, I have never forgotten the face that casually smirked with narrow eyes, even in my dreams.

While Alan was dueling with Kassa, it was this woman who was in charge of ‘handling’ the clan.


she growled like that

It was a voice condensed with the level of a beast’s roar, but Tatiana, who was wearing it in front of her, still had a single smile on her face.

“All of you have passed the test with great success! It is definitely one of the best in the military!”

Seeing him deliberately openly ignoring himself, Li Lu’s expression contorted even more horribly. power in the fist I want to throw a punch in the face of that woman who is going to rip you to death.

However, there was a hand that grabbed her as she tried to jump out immediately.

Looking back, it was Daoud. She is shaking her head.


She knows it’s not a wise decision.

Anyway, she is now in the position of an outcast from the tribal union, and Priestess Tatiana is the closest aide to the current Warchief, Alan Bator. The aftermath of the storm that will blow just by attacking is truly enormous.

It means that it is natural that this man is being ripped off like this now.

And, above all.

“You can’t win.”

What Daoud had said stuck in her ears.

In an instant, a furious rage soared to the point of turning her mind white, but even she couldn’t deny that it was true.

Priestess Tatiana is strong. Even in the entire tribal union called the warchief’s clan, he single-handedly killed most of the warriors entering the elite.


So, when the guy said that.

Li Lu could only open her eyes wide and look back at the man.

While she stood still for a moment, Daud, who had pushed her aside, got up and approached Tatiana.

“Nice to meet you, Priestess Tatiana.”

“… Hey, I’ve never introduced myself, but you know me?”

“Because you’re so famous.”

Daoud spoke softly.

“There were several ‘greetings’ sent to me. I have received it well.”

It wasn’t directly dealt with, but it must be true that at least this side dispatched assassins several times.

Tatiana’s narrow eyes widened slightly when she heard those words.

Like the eyes of a reptile, what flows out of the yellow pupils that have been torn all the way is a life that cannot be hidden.

It was a completely different look from when he treated Li Lu as if it were air.

“…then the student is that Dowd Campbell?”

“Do you know?”

“I know.”

She held out her hand as if for a handshake.


Unlike Liru, this one seriously seemed to be someone ‘worthy of dealing with’.

“I’ve heard a lot about it from the person I serve.”

Ordinary people would think of the warchief as soon as they heard the word attendant.

Both she and Daud knew that Tatiana was not talking about him.

rather than that.

It’s far more ‘dangerous’.

“Please say hello.”

Daud, still smiling, took Tatiana’s outstretched hand and shook it.

“The last time we met briefly, we couldn’t talk properly. I promise to deal with you properly the next time we meet.”

“…I do not know. you are busy Maybe if you have a business, you should try to solve it with me first.”

“Is that so, then?”

Both faces are smiling. Both of them are polite.

However, the atmosphere.

It’s like walking on knives with each other. It felt like each person hid one dagger under the crest.

“…First of all, shall we go to the inn? You must have severe travel poisoning.”

“Thank you for your warm hospitality.”

And by the time they were saying that to each other, everyone present was realizing it.

this man or this woman

that they have similar tendencies.

In that they were both madly insidious, it must have been.

A VIP of the size of Princess Tristan would be an important person to the extent that even at an academy in a foreign country, they would be given a private room unconditionally.

That said, it meant that the conditions were perfect for Elnor to open up to someone when he arrived at the inn.

[…What’s wrong with your expression?]

Beatrix, who was on the other side of the magic engineering video receiver, said that in a timid voice.

Perhaps, if someone unfamiliar saw Elnor’s face now, the first thing they would ask was how it was different from his usual expressionless expression.

But at least Beatrix was able to speak very confidently.

This is the worst expression of Elnore I’ve seen in a while.

From the fact that a woman who hadn’t been in touch if there was no business, suddenly asked for a video call to herself, something hit her back.

[You’ve been in a good mood lately. Didn’t you brag about it by grabbing everyone passing by and telling them to look at this ring?]

Of course, from her point of view, who knew what the ring meant, I used to stop her from tearing it apart, telling her to stop because it was rumored.

Still, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to see Elnor, who looked happy every day.

“…Hey, Beatrix.”

After hesitating for a while, Elnor opened his mouth with a sigh.

“I have a strong feeling that Daoud is cheating on me.”

Beatrix’s mouth fell open.

[Did that bastard named Daud cheat on you?! How many days have you been engaged?!]

“Not sure. Didn’t you just say you felt it?”

Elnor cut it off and answered like that.

“If I were sure you were cheating on me, I wouldn’t even ask you.”

[What are you talking about?]

“First of all, I would have cut the fire fox that had tailed the man and saw it.”


yes. At least I know that even if the bean pods are covered, they are firmly covered in that the words do not come out right away.

[Then are you sure you’re not cheating? The possibility is high?]

“…He’s a guy who’s done countless times before stabbing other women around without even realizing it. I’m halfway giving up on that part.”


At this point, before giving advice as a friend, I worry as a human being first.

What kind of man are you engaged to…?

“…But this time, it looks a little dangerous.”

It was even more so if the human being who was conceding to this extent made him feel a sense of crisis.

“It hasn’t been long since we met, but in the meantime, if I can make another woman ‘sincere’ to that extent… it’s not just about flirting.”

Moreover, it hadn’t been long since he had given himself a ring.

He could understand even that woman named Yuria. From what I heard, I heard that we crossed the line a few times together. Even if Daud has a strong sense of solidarity, I can understand that.

However, in the case of Riru Garda this time.

It’s been a while since we met, and there’s nothing special to say about it, and even I’m not good with her.

‘…I’d rather be of that type.’

The memory of taking Dawood away to fight her before still remains.

If she was going to use him that way, she would have just split Lilu in half.

But, before.

The woman was genuinely willing to ‘sacrifice’ for Daoud. I really tried to fight with Elnor for ‘protection’ rather than ‘interest-oriented’.

What kind of connection was there between the two of you?


her head hung down.

It was a clear gesture that the endless gloom rose up in a lump.

If you come this far, even if you don’t like it, you end up having terrible imaginations.

maybe that guy

Even with a ring, with another woman.

Wouldn’t it be like trying to have a close ‘relationship’ with her?

Hopefully that won’t be the case.

Wouldn’t even the ring he gave her be nothing more than a ‘temporary measure’ he had put out to avoid disappointing her?

[…So, what are you going to do?]

“How are you doing?”

[What will you do if it is confirmed that you cheated on me?]

“…I have to kill the woman first.”


For now, this part is abandoned. It’s because I’ve been taking it for granted since earlier, so it’s clear that no matter what I say, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be listened to.

However, the answer I haven’t heard before.

[Who is that Daud?]

“…I’ve never thought about what to do until then.”

Beatrix was taken aback.

The look of Elnor who said that.

Even she, who had been seeing this woman for over 10 years, was so foreign to her that she had never seen her before.

“…There must be a better ‘way’ than killing. I never want to do that to that man. I want to have you by my side somehow.”

There is something in that voice.

〚And, above all.〛

It felt like something was shaking inside Elnor, as if he would go blind just by looking at it.

〚Isn’t killing just too… easy? 〛


Seeing this, Beatrix began to come up with another idea in her mind.

That Dowd.

It really shouldn’t be cheating.

Or what would happen, she had no idea.

[Well, then, wouldn’t it be better to check it first?]

At least talking like this seems much better than hearing ugly stories about killing someone.

At least in many ways, if left as it was, Elnor was in the mood for some kind of accident.

At Beatrix’s words, Elnor raised her head slightly.

“You confirm?”

[You just have suspicions, don’t you have any physical evidence? Then check it out now! I’ll also gather some information about him!]


At those words, Elnor slowly raised his head.

The action was still gloomy.

Unlike before, it was a clear gesture that the ear was in a state of attraction.

“…As you said, then it would be better to check thoroughly.”

[What are you going to do?]

Looking much more energetic than before, Beatrix continued with a slight smile.

Seeing her stroking her chin as if she had just thought of a good idea made her feel better.

yes. At least by energizing a friend, it paid off—

“Wouldn’t it be better to keep an eye on all of that man?”


“Sleep, wake up, who you meet, what food you eat, who you talk to, who you laugh at. all. Not a speck of dust.”


“Is there anyone who dares to steal the favor that will return to me in its entirety? If there is, I will be able to see with my own eyes what kind of year it is.”


“I must start now. I’ve done something similar before, so it’s much easier-”

let’s correct

Elnor had cheered up, but the other side was going to suffer greatly in return.

‘…I’m sorry, Dawood.’

To the subject she had never met before, Beatrix apologized from the bottom of her heart.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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