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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 83

83. Sea Train (2)

“Simulation starts.”

“Video team, operating normally.”

“Artificial beast team, operating normally.”

“Safety team, normal operation-”

Hearing the reports coming up one after another near the situation room, Hatan U-Jul nodded.

“It was well made.”

Those words came out in a satisfied voice.

From the point of view of having personally hunted a large monster, there would be no human among them who would notice that it was fake.

Of course, you might feel a bit harsh against kids who obviously won’t have any real combat experience.

‘The true qualities come out only when the person is pushed to the limit.’

The name Furnace of Struggle itself was named with the intention of exposing students to the harshest environment countless times.

Iron gets stronger the more you strike it.

In that respect, this virtual simulation was enough for Hatan to smile with satisfaction.

“Hey, I can’t get used to it every time I see something like this.”

Although the laughter disappeared as soon as I heard the voice next to me.

A woman smiling with her eyes open.

The surroundings are full of people wearing clothing that exudes a savage feeling unique to the tribal union, but this woman is attire that exudes a civilized feel.

The words that followed must be sentences that can feel the difference well.

“People who look like this are handling high-tech gadgets that can only be handled in the Mage Tower. Tribal confederation is a strange place the more you look at it.”

“…Priestess Tatiana.”

Hattan shook his head with a sigh.

“It’s a request, if you’re here to observe, why don’t you just shut up and watch?”


At the harsh sentence, the woman stuck out her tongue and skillfully raised both hands.

From Hatan’s point of view, he was so disgusting that he wanted to punch him in the face right away.

“Isn’t that too much? What did I do wrong?”

Hattan’s expression softened even more.

“Then let me tell you right here.”

Compared to before, it was a sentence poured out with half a life.

“I hate you, Chief Priest. Considering what you did to Alan, I’m glad you didn’t die right away from me.”


“He was my friend. His brain was just as stupid as it was then, but he was still a warrior who was brave, knew honor, and knew how to fight fair and square.”


Hatan’s voice, like frost, continued to pour down on Tatiana, who was still smiling without an answer.

“He wasn’t the kind of guy who would suddenly do something crazy, start a fight with the great warchief who was good at ruling the federation, cut off three of his limbs, and even annihilate his entire clan.”

Indeed it was.

He fought a duel with Casa Garda, who was respected by all warriors, and cut off all three of her limbs despite everyone’s opposition.

It all happened after this woman was appointed as the chief priest of that tribe.

Even the ‘process’ of the duel itself…

‘…It was terrible.’

Hatan, recalling the scene at the time, gnashed his teeth inwardly.

It was never a fair duel.

To be precise, it was a ‘massacre’ that would be shameful even to call it a duel.

Besides the duelists, most of Casa Garda’s clans were killed that day.

“Warchief Alan only ascended to the position of governing the tribal union through fair duels. Both authority and legitimacy are appropriate. Isn’t it?”


That’s why it was to measure the limit of patience to not give a blow to the woman who was talking like this now.

Instead of replying to them, Hattan continued with the following instructions to the personnel in the situation room.

“…track the vital signs of everyone on the train.”

“I will do it!”

With the Tribal Alliance’s technology, it wasn’t that difficult to get that much information from everyone over there.

It is also an essential process. Vital signs tell us a lot.

It’s easy to prevent accidents, and you can see how cool the person is in this situation.

The ones with the lowest heart rates, the least emotional agitation, and the quickest judgment.

And, the humans who show the best in that standard…


Liru Garda and Casa Garda.

A bitter smile appeared on Hatan’s face when he saw familiar faces.

Those two know the tendency of the tribal union, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that they immediately calmly assessed the situation after seeing this.

‘…I don’t want to stop stepping on the land of my hometown again.’

Entering the furnace of struggle as it is is highly likely to be suicide in many senses.

Maybe it would be better for you to come forward and give me a word of advice before you come in.

And, except for these two.

“…Doud Campbell?”

Hattan grinned at the man moving above the train like a turtle crawling.

Oh yeah.

that guy

I remember it.

It was because the image of him arguing against the Emperor before had left a very strong impression on him.

As expected of a guy who does such a thing, he seems to be the most calm in this situation.

I don’t know why you’re moving in such an ugly way.


However, this time it was different from the smiling face of Hatan.

Tatiana’s face twisted to the side.

His face is always smiling with his eyes wide open, so it’s a subtle change that’s hard to notice if you look closely.

“Oh. Chief Hatan.”

In spite of the voice that followed,

That feeling was evident.

“May I increase the difficulty gradually?”


Hatan’s absurd voice echoed quietly into the situation room.

“What bullshit is that, Chief Priest. What difficulty level-”

Before Hatan could finish his words, Tatiana snapped her fingers.

On the screen, it was the timing right before Riru ran into the large Mazu.

and at the same time.

A yellow aura began to emanate from the large mazo.

Hattan’s eyes widened.

“…the high priest. What did you do to the artificial beasts?!”

“Well, I just tried inserting the heart of ‘Thunderbird’, a really large monster, into the finished artificial beast. It’s probably capable of producing half the power of a real large monster?”

Upon hearing those words, most of the staff in the situation room turned pale.

That is ‘special magical power’ that can never be handled unless it is a ‘real demonic beast’.

The reason why regular knights can’t rub even the tips of the claws of large beasts, even if it is a medium-sized beast that must be beaten, comes from there. A large monster that uses special magical powers has the power equivalent to a natural disaster in itself.

Even if it was half of that, everyone over there was a student. I can’t afford it.

“You can’t just greet guests from the empire, can you? Isn’t that what it should be?”

“Did I go crazy! The personnel over there are all students of the Empire. No real experience! If I had to die…!”

“Are you dying? Do you need to pay special attention to it because you are a student?”

At the reply that came back casually, Hatan was at a loss for words.

“…Have you sold your last conscience, you mad bitch. Are you ignoring the lives of students in the field of education?”

“Weak people die this way and that way. Wouldn’t it be better to weed out those guys quickly?”

Tatiana’s face, when she said that, was still the same as usual.

A narrow-eyed, smiling face.

It’s like it’s really nothing to you.

“It was at the direction of the warchief. If you have any complaints, why don’t you go there and tell them?”

Even, to pass the responsibility on to others as it is.

Hatan, whose eyes were bloodshot, grinded his teeth softly.

No matter what the political and diplomatic back-ends are and what the intentions are, words don’t seem to work.

“Prepare your equipment now! I go in myself!”

It is safe to assume that there is no way to block it remotely as long as the heart of the real beast is pierced.

The only way would be to enter the simulation site yourself and beat it.

However, casualties will undoubtedly occur while you enter.

While Hatan’s expression softened as he recalled the thought.

“Wait a minute, Chief! Something is wrong!”


“Huge energy detected!”

Someone in the control room shouted something like that.

“Great energy? what-“

And, there was no time to ask Hatan what to say.




A ‘gray’ aura.

It rose from inside the train like an explosion.

From peeking through the cracks in the wrecked train, it appeared that two women with drawn swords had slashed them on the spot.

“What is that…!”

At the same time someone screamed like that.

The entire screen went black.

“…Are you okay?”

Let’s check things out first.

Seeing Li Lu nodding blankly in my arms, it seems that her condition is fine.

In fact, I had just come up with a plan to deal with it.

The ‘Stigma’ skill, which uses all means to increase durability, has a record of blocking even Casa’s blow.

Create it at an appropriate location to ‘bump into’ Li Lu, catch the body as it is coming down, and get out of Mazu’s attack path as it is.

That would have been the best way to protect someone who couldn’t even change direction in the air.

I don’t know about defeating Mazu, and at least for the purpose of protecting this person, there couldn’t have been a plan as good as this one. I have actually been successful.



It’s a problem with being successful.

Breaking out in a cold sweat, I turned my head toward the sound of footsteps walking along ‘with Liru in my arms’.

“…I heard your voice from above, so I came here.”

Elnor said as he inserted his sword.

I alternately check the sword sliding into the scabbard and the aftermath of the ‘hit’ that this person threw.

The ceiling of the train hit by the first slash was cut intact than expected.

Of course, the fact that the metal plywood was cut in chunks rather than just being directly cut by the sword itself is not normal, but when you look at the things that were cut after that, it is a story.

The slash that stretched all the way inside the train cut a part of the train like a head like that, and then spread out.

The large mazo that was caught in the path was ‘shattered’ so that it was almost reduced to powder.

It stretched out for a long time, and even destroyed the dome-shaped ‘outer wall’ that surrounded this simulation set.

Thanks to that, now I can really see the sky. You can even see seagulls among the sparks flying from the wires protruding from the broken outer wall.

“I came here because I thought I had to save you quickly in this emergency situation.”


If I made a mistake, I would face an attack of such power.

Elnore opened her mouth with a grim expression.

“Who is that woman?”

With such a voice, I look at the window floating in front of me.

< System Message >

[ Corruption level of target ‘Elnor’ is increased by 50%! ]

[The target enters the ‘suspicion’ state! ]

[During the ‘suspicion’ state, the increase in corruption is doubled! ]


Who was the guy who said that he wouldn’t die until he entered the academy without a sense of danger?

i want to kill

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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