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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 79

79. rings (2)



Atalanta and I looked at each other without speaking.

There was a very strong sympathy in their eyes looking at each other.

I know roughly why this person is looking at me like this.

“Are you exhausted?”

“…It seems you know it yourself.”

“Even the president who said that did more than I did, not less.”


Well, it’s only natural that I’m putting all my energy and effort into avoiding Elnore lately.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Atalanta look like a half-corpse like this.

“…So, this is the result of your request. This is a list of people who will be selected as exchange students this time.”

The method of the selection test is simple.

Anyway, whatever it is, students who have shown ‘excellent performance’ are selected and organized.

Whether it’s something that makes them absolutely staggering, whether it’s a terrifyingly good fight or superior resourcefulness. Any kind is good, so anyone with a visibly outstanding ability will be selected. It’s a fair playing field of opportunity.

Of course, as with everything in the world, sometimes things that are ‘fairer for some’ happen.

I glanced over the list of students that Atalante had put out.

All the names of the people I had ‘recommended’ by talking to them were listed.

Elijah, Yuria, Lucien, and Talion.

‘The exchange student event lasts for a total of 10 days…’

As soon as we arrive at the Furnace of Struggle, we will be busy here and there, so there won’t be much of a rush together, but we must take those who must be placed in each ‘section’.

Among them, humans are the key to breaking through the entire chapter.

“…You managed to put Li Lu on the list, didn’t you?”

When I said that to Atalanta, a transparent smile returned from there as if the soul had escaped.

As if it provided most of the reasons why he became like this now.

“…It was great externally, really.”

Atalanta said that while washing her face dry.

“You have a rough idea of the tribal confederation, don’t you?”

“…right after the change of government in a coup, right?”

“What do you call a coup? Because it happens all the time in that neighborhood.”

As the word ‘union’ of tribes fits, it is a republic system run by a meeting of chieftains leading influential tribes.

The most powerful of the chieftains reigns as the warchief, which is determined by a duel between candidates elected through voting.

“…Is it okay for a country with that much power to decide the head of politics through a duel?”

“I can’t help it because it’s tradition. It is a place that is more stubborn and closed than any other group on the continent.”

Atalanta smiled and replied.

Of course, the reason why the country runs smoothly is because there are only people who are outstanding enough to do their part no matter who is elected.


This time is an exception.

Right now, the warchief over there is a person who will cause an uproar on the entire continent if he doesn’t ‘take it down’ quickly.

“The one who defeated the previous warchief, Casa Garda, and took over as warchief this time is Alan Bar-Thor, the chief of the Black Wolves.”

Atalanta, who brought up the name, let out a deep sigh.

The reaction is that just thinking about it makes me sick.

“…I heard that he was originally a gentle and thoughtful man, but lately he has completely changed. In order to get Riru Garda in from there, I had to use all the connections I could draw on.”

“…You must have had a hard time.”

Seriously. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Atalante, it would have been close to impossible to convince that person ‘now’.

Cutting off three of Casa Garda’s limbs, framing Riru Garda and banishing her from the tribal union like Casa, and annihilating the clan.

‘Cause that’s all he did


To be precise, by the “dark curtain” controlling him from behind.

As this person said, the Alan in the original work I know is not the kind of person who would do such a thing.

It happened because he hooked up with some damn devil worshiper.

“Rather than that, how are you?”

Atalanta sighed and said.

“I didn’t say that Princess Tristan was preparing a ring-”

The president, who saw me in a cold sweat, kept his mouth shut.

“…Can I really not help? You keep rejecting me, so I’m just leaving you alone…”

“It’s rather a bad effect to help with that.”

There is no way I can help.

Are you going to stop me from delivering that ring? If that happened, would it be enough for the mad Elnor to run amok?

“I heard that you’ve been avoiding Princess Tristan for the past few days, but that won’t solve the problem-“

“-I know best that it is not.”

I’m sure you’ll have to figure it out somehow.

My current situation is truly desperate.

Even the skill with the same name couldn’t help me this time.

1. Get an engagement ring? → As soon as YuRia, who is possessed by the white devil, confirms it, there is a high probability that I will die.

2. No Engagement Ring? → There is a high probability that Elnor will run out of control. Again, the odds of me dying increase exponentially.

It’s the hell of hell.

The reason I’m running away right now is because I can’t come up with a solution.

‘…Combining the two pieces is also a problem.’

Whether the devil’s vessel holds one piece or two pieces is the difference between heaven and earth.

One only shows up in a runaway situation only when there is an emergency.

From two, the ‘communion’ becomes a little stronger.

It means that Elnor will soon be able to come into contact with the gray devil’s ‘will’, albeit weakly.

And I don’t know how that will work.

‘…always nice though.’

What the gray devil has shown me is always unwavering kindness.

Either I don’t accept it at all.

I don’t know if you’ll forgive me for ‘cheating’ after one more drink.

I don’t know either.

“…First of all, we need a little bit of time. If you think about it for a few days, you’ll come up with a good idea-“

!!!!!!!!!!Demon Alert!!!!!!!!!!

[‘Devil-related’ emergency event occurs! ]

[This is the most important event! ]

[If you don’t act correctly within the time limit, you will die! ]

[This is an event related to the target ‘Elnor’! ]

[ Go back to your dorm right now and prepare! ]


what is this?

Elnor opened her eyes and inspected herself.

It is a look that has been decorated with utmost care.

It was checked over and over again by Beatrix, and it was polished by herself almost all day, and even the man and her ‘mark of promise’ who paid a fortune to the most famous designer in Jeze Kagenov.

The preparation is perfect. She proudly walked into the dormitory.

“Oh, Chairman-? What’s going on in the freshman dorm?”

“I came to meet someone, Sir Ophelia.”

Elnor spoke in a voice full of determination, and Sir Ophelia tilted her head.

“Dawud again? It seems that there are no special class schedules today, so he is in the dormitory, but it seems better not to touch him, right?”

“Is there any reason?”

“No, you just don’t look very well today – your face was pale and you were sweating a lot earlier –”


He was a man with a wide gap between good and bad eyes from before.

It was clear that she probably had a rough idea of what she was determined to come this time.

“…Thank you, Sir Ophelia.”

Elnor nodded with a solemn gesture.

“But I really need to meet you today.”

It was clear that the actions that followed were also derived from that will.

Elnor, who walked quickly and arrived in front of Dawood’s room in an instant, took a deep breath.


My heart is pounding. The whole body is like a ball of fire.

From the moment she was able to remember her actions, she stood out in most fields, but at this moment, there was no way to suppress the anxiety that weighed down her whole body.


I raised my hand to knock.

The will that had led her to this point was put to shame, and she hesitated.

if, if.

For whatever reason, if.

If Daoud refuses this ring.


A wet voice came out like a thread.

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Just assuming that is like opening a huge hole in my chest. My nose is stuffy. Water fills up around the eyes.


Do you think so?

The hand he raised to knock on the door couldn’t come off.

I want to run away. Maybe it could be the catalyst that shakes up your relationship with him.

Aren’t you happy with this? Wasn’t it happy just to watch that man from the side?

Maybe this is her greed. Isn’t it unilaterally burdening the other person with too much burden?

At least just by looking at her running around like that, it’s clear that she doesn’t like her behavior.


Doing something that man hates

Rather, just like this.

From now on, all the time, like this-

[Are you satisfied with that?]

Her body stopped.

It was a voice that resonated in my head with terrifying clarity.

It feels like the ‘dark aura’ that was previously confined within the heart has risen to the head.

As if there had been only ‘one’ before it had become ‘two’.

Is this the voice that comes from within herself? Or is ‘something else’ talking to her in her head. not even differentiated

Because I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

But, one thing is for sure.

There was an atmosphere in those sentences that I couldn’t possibly refuse.

[Can you bear it even if that man falls into the arms of a woman other than you?]

[Isn’t it?]

[Then you should.]

[Make that man yours.]

[And, if it doesn’t become yours-]

to that voice.


Elnor knocked on the door as if possessed.

smart smart

“My dear.”


No answer.

Again, smart.

Swallowing dry saliva, he continued his speech.

I knocked on the door as if pushed by something, but I was still very nervous.

“My dear. Are you listening?”

Still no answer.

However, Sir Ophelia is not one to lie to her. Clearly Daoud is in this.

“I already knew what was inside. You’d better open the door quietly.”


“I have already asked Sir Ophelia, the headmaster of the dormitory. You don’t have any special class schedule today.”


On and on, no answer.

Elnor gritted his teeth.

“great. I’m thinking of ignoring it until the end, isn’t it?”

As long as I’ve come this far, I can’t back down.

She grabbed the longsword.

“Then I’ll cut it and go in.”

one island.

The door to the dormitory was completely cracked.

Inside, sat Daoud with a stunned look on his face.

“…Isn’t this a violation of school rules?”

“The student council is responsible for enforcing punishment procedures for violations of school rules. Coincidentally, I am currently serving as the student council president.”

Elnor answered lightly and inserted the longsword into his waist.

“I came to tell you something. Haven’t you been avoiding me lately?”


“I guess… was it about number 32?”

“…why are you counting them all?”

Why do you count all of them?

Her time, her mind, and her body are all pledged to this man.

Because each and every time she meets this man is a precious memory that she can never throw away.


She slowly took the ring out of her bosom.

“You know very well why I came here.”

approach him bluntly.

I barely suppressed the trembling of my whole body. I wonder if I’ve ever been this scared of something since I was born.

“I’ll ask you, Doud Campbell.”

He barely calmed down his throat, which was about to stop, and continued talking.

“Will you marry me?”


like that.

The die was cast.

Elnor lowered his head and closed his eyes tightly.

I couldn’t even look straight into this man’s face.

Silence follows.

continue, all the way.


The silence that felt like eternity to her was broken.

Finally Daoud spoke slowly.

“I don’t think this is.”


A chill crept into his chest.

“How can you suddenly give me something like this without telling me?”



with just that one word.

It feels like my heart is being torn into a thousand pieces.

I can’t even stand properly, so my legs are wobbly. The temples tighten. watery eyes

“Shouldn’t you at least give me a chance to choose?”

“I, I, I-”

I don’t know what to say.

My head is dizzy.

‘it hurts.’

It hurts, I think I will die. I can’t breathe.

My chest hurts so much.


Even in the feeling of being torn apart, the sentence I just heard runs through my head.

A choice, what a choice.

Any other woman besides her?

[And, if it doesn’t become yours-]

A voice resounds in my head.

It’s the voice you just heard.

But stronger than before.

To the extent that consciousness is blown away. Hard enough to make her feel like all of her reason was being consumed in her head.

Really, going beyond that, if this man, if he didn’t become hers, I’d rather-

“It’s not the right size.”


Elnor’s eyes widened.

this man.

what did you say now?

“Look at that, it doesn’t go well.”

I hurriedly raised my head to look at Daoud, and there was Daoud whimpering and slipping a ring on his finger.

“Isn’t this something we should go together and match? What would you do if you hit it in the eyes by yourself?”


Mouth gapes.

Still, I don’t know what to say.

However, it had a completely different meaning than before.

“Let’s go to the store together later, Elnor.”

Daoud smiled brightly.

“This important thing is that the prospective couple originally choose together.”



this man.



She hit Daoud with a blow.

Daoud tumbled to the floor with a gasp, but instead of apologizing, she blushed and huffed.

“Don’t tease, don’t tease!”


“I, I, this time, really, you, really, really-!”

By the time he uttered the last word, he had grabbed Daoud, who had collapsed on the floor and was wriggling, and was swinging it around in the air.

And on the face of Elnor, who acted like that, there was a ‘truly bright smile’ that he had for the first time in his life.

It’s not the kind of expression that leaked vaguely and subtly before.

Really, because I was feeling happiness on a level where my whole life was brightly lit.

“Go, then, let’s go! I’ll go wherever you say! Just talk!”

“…Eh, Elnor, please put it down, if I go like this, I’ll die-“

“I’ll pass it all on to my parents’ family! Chuck, there’s a lot to take care of, so see you soon!”

Saying that, she threw Daoud back into the corner of the room.

Because I actually had a lot of work to do.

A smile that could not be hidden continued to flow from his lips.

“Oh my, Elnor- You came out early…?”

To the extent that Sir Ophelia, who was at the entrance, opened her mouth wide in amazement at the sight of her.

“Eh, Elnor? Uh, what’s wrong with that face? What happened-?”

“Sir Ophelia, the world is so beautiful.”


“Life is worth living!”

Elnor, who had only communicated that, ran out of the dormitory at breakneck speed.

Truly, life was worth living.

How can a person be this happy!

“…is he finally crazy?”

I could even ignore the muttering that came from the back of my head.

Breaking out in a cold sweat, I glared at the window in front of me.

[ Remaining time limit ]

[ 00: 00: 03 ]

[ Corruption level of target ‘Elnor’ is reduced from 122% → 0%! ]

[Successfully solved the event related to ‘Elnor’ before the time limit! ]

[Death is cancelled! ]

Dowd Campbell.

He was miraculously brought back to life with 3 seconds left until death.

They said ‘correct behavior’, so I thought for a while about what kind of bullshit it was.

It seems that the last action was the correct answer.

Had I not just received the ring, I would have died on the spot.

It was an event that popped out of nowhere, but somehow it was resolved…!


However, I can’t be too happy about it.


!!!!!!!!!!Demon Alert!!!!!!!!!!

[‘Devil-related’ emergency event occurs! ]

[This is the most important event! ]

[If you don’t act correctly within the time limit, you will die! ]

[This is an event related to the target ‘Yuria’! ]

[ Find a way to survive! ]

[ Remaining time limit ]

[ 12: 00: 00 ]

Dowd Campbell.

Extend life remaining from 3 seconds to 12 hours.


Fuck you.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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