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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 78

78. ring

The four-winged Veil is an assassin belonging to the Proud Wanderers.

In addition to his twin swords, he uses telekinetic power to add two swords floating nearby, and is a rapid swordsmanship that emanates from a total of four swords.

Its dazzling slashes, emanating from an attack route four times the size of a normal swordsman, had a reputation for turning anyone into minced meat in an instant.


And those four swords were all broken now.

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Veil looked at his beloved swords with blank eyes.

They were companions who had passed through numerous battlefields enough to call themselves warriors of reversal and always stood by their side. They were famous swords that would never go unnoticed no matter where they went.

And there is a human in front of him who has slashed those swords with his ‘bare hands’ as if he were crushing them.


Elnor nodded and looked down, clasping his hands.

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Just put on a gauntlet and ‘caught’ the sword that Veil had just poured all his mana into and hit it with all his might.


Does this make sense?

I’ve heard that Princess Tristan is a human with great skills for her age, but this is not a level that can be explained to such an extent.

Because the level difference was not one level, but two or three levels must have been possible only for me.

“…that’s absurd.”

He said it like a moan.

“I’ve often heard that he performs dances that are almost miraculous for his age, but it seems that his reputation as a genius is not in vain.”

The remains of colleagues who were mobilized in advance for this ‘raid’ were scattered around.

Body parts burst, pulled out, and grotesquely twisted corpses.

This is a scene that this woman achieved by herself, without even pulling out a sword, with her bare hands.

“How did you find out about this place, princess?”

Obviously, they must have thoroughly controlled information about them, but how did they know and come all the way here to do this?

“It’s just that there are people whose targets overlap.”

Elnor answered the question asked by Veil, wiping the blood off his cheek.

“The targets overlap?”

“I’ve been feeling Daoud avoiding me lately. So I made up my mind and followed suit.”


“Come to think of it, there are quite a few people doing the same thing as me.”


If you are avoiding it, surely you are avoiding it for a reason.

Then, I would usually pretend to understand the other person’s feelings, but I don’t know how the option of stepping on the back without hesitation comes out.

As the bewildered Veil remained silent, Elnor shrugged and continued.

“So I figured it out a bit like this.”

next moment.

Before Veil could react, Elnor came close and grabbed his arm.


My body floats in the air without even a chance to scream in pain. The body, which had been fully swinging to the other side, fell to the floor as it was.

The arm is crushed as if it had been put into a crusher, and internal organs are shaken as it is driven into the floor, several ribs are taken out, and the spine is paralyzed, resulting in a concussion.

In less than a second, a strong man of that level suffered multiple fatal wounds.

At that point, Bale truly pondered the sentence he had just recalled.

A genius who doesn’t match his age is an asshole.

‘…This is just a monster…!’

It is a dragon power that far exceeds the ability I had heard before. As if something happened in a short period of time and it became explosively strong.

It would be possible to bring the specs similar to that of the bio tank only if it was Kendride Marquee.

Even the Gongnyeo is the heir to the ‘famous family of swordsmanship’, not a human specializing in martial arts using the body like you!

“Once you do this, if you ask a question, you will almost always get a decent answer.”



I fully understood how he got this information.

If a monster like this were your opponent, no matter how much you endured, you would end up losing your life.

Even if it’s an assassin, it’s a business relationship after all. After all, most of them are those whose lives are the most important.


“…Are all the others dead?”

“Then you tried to kill Daoud, but didn’t you?”

It’s a flat tone, like when you say that the world becomes brighter when the sun rises.

It feels like he is even asking a question about such an obvious thing, even mixed with the feeling of being dumbfounded.


Then it is.

The atmosphere that this woman is giving off right now, such negotiations are not going to work.

Even if something is twisted, he is a very tightly twisted human being. It’s like thinking of the man as the center of the world.

Then, the end that Bale will face here is also self-evident.

“…I had a wife and children, but I didn’t know you would go on like this in vain.”

He muttered bitterly and quietly closed his eyes.

Anyway, due to the nature of his job, he is always in a state where he is risking his life. I’ve always been prepared



When no shock was felt for a long time, Bale himself was embarrassed.

When I slightly raised my eyes, there was Elnor, stroking his chin and contemplating something.




Unable to hold back the silence that lasted for a long time, when Veil finally opened his mouth, Elnor nodded and replied.

“Are you married?”


What question is this again?

As Veil stared at her silently, speechless, Elnor tilted her head.

“is not it? That’s it.”

Soon, her legs went up. It was clearly an action to trample on Veil’s head.

“…Married man. That’s right.”

I don’t know, but Veil, realizing that this part is taking up a huge part in his survival now, hastily moved his mouth.

Actually hearing that, Elnor lowered his leg again with a hmmm.

“Then ask me something. Who proposed first?”


Even if he is crazy, he must not be an ordinary crazy person.

While Veil was really thinking about that, Elnor tilted his head again and lifted his leg.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to answer.”

“…my wife did it first.”

The legs slide down again.

“great. A little more detail.”


“Tell me more about progress and progress. Did you accept it as soon as you heard it?”


Bale took a deep breath.

The pain that rushes through the whole body right now is also painful, but it is because the dizzying sensation felt from this conversation itself had to be calmed down somehow.

First, let’s start with the answer.

“No, I declined.”

“The reason is?”

“Because the job of an assassin itself is dangerous. Even a guy like me can’t turn a woman he likes into a widow. I thought that was what it meant to be treated with respect.”

Elnor stroked his chin for a moment.

Indeed, is it like that?

‘That man could be that kind of fruit too.’

I always had the feeling that I was taking on something without telling her.

If you take your mind off of it for a bit, aren’t you a human being who is always caught up in a new threat somewhere? See the assassins springing out of nowhere and targeting the man right now.

It’s not that I’m avoiding her now because I hate her, I just have to judge that it’s because I’m considerate of her.

It’s not because I know what she’s preparing, it’s just that I avoid it because it’s the right time.


no, not exactly.

I don’t think I can survive if I don’t think so.

I didn’t kill these assassins for no reason to pour out my anger.

If that man had even refused the ‘ring’ he had now in his arms…


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Veil gasped and looked up at Elnor.

It was because I saw that the entire space around her body was spurting out a lot of life force.

To the point where I feel I’d rather go back to the crazy topic we were just discussing.

“…By the way, why are you curious about that?”


Elnor suddenly came to his senses and looked down at the veil.

“I just wanted some advice.”


“The situation, the lines, the overall atmosphere. What things moved you?”


Bale thought desperately.

For some reason, I felt like I had to answer very well here.

“…feral? Feeling raw? At least my wife did.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was proposed with the attitude that if you don’t marry me now, whether you die after marriage or not, one of you and I will die here.”


Elnor, who was silent for a moment, nodded.

It seemed like he liked it very much.

“Thanks for the advice. Just try it once.”


Following that, Veil’s expression turned pale when he saw him pull out his sword without raising his legs.

“…for a moment. Didn’t you answer everything I said well?”

“Don’t worry. I have no intention of killing you in return.”


So what does this mean?

“You are threatening. No matter how much I tried to kill Daoud, I can’t just send him back.”


“I’m going to make some offers you can’t refuse, so listen and decide. Will I die or will I follow?”

Elnor continued in a flat voice.

“First of all, we start by spitting out information about who the client is. Got it?”


Suddenly, Bale realized something.

Maybe it would have been better to just die.

“Ah, but I promise you one thing.”

Elnor sighed as he suddenly fidgeted with the ring in his arms.

“If ‘successful’, I’ll make sure to give you my own return.”

“…success, when are you going to try that?”

Elnor stroked his chin for a moment, lost in thought.

I’m sure you’ve heard some good advice, so there’s no reason to delay.



Whatever it is, big things must be done quickly.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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