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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 77

77. attack

[…Yes, you.]

Caliban’s voice is heard from inside the amulet.

[From now on, if you have something important, tell me as a prosecutor before you say anything. Why is this guy who usually has a good head but only when he’s like this…]


It might be better to do that in the future.

Best regards, Caliban.

“…You are a child who carries disaster on the tip of his tongue.”

Casa Garda said, clicking her tongue.

This was the reaction that came after listening to my explanation.

“I know what you mean. That’s what a deep relationship means.”

At least, I think I succeeded in conveying what I was thinking clearly this time.

“Alumni. He wants to become a priest of Riru.”

Having said that, Casa fell silent for a moment.

The trait I picked up from Liru, ‘Martial Arts – Standing’, is a school created by Casa. At least while this person’s body was ‘normal’, he must have been receiving it from this side.

And I’m about to ask this person to teach me that too.


In hindsight, this is very disrespectful. The two most important things in tribal unions are honor and fighting skills.

It’s the same as asking me to spread trade secrets with my bare mouth?



I take a deep breath as I watch Casa put down the smoking pipe with a snort.

If you’ve talked about these things, there’s definitely something to come.

< System Message >

[ A crisis situation is detected. ]

[ It is judged as a level that poses a direct threat to life. ]

[ ‘Skill: Desperation’ is applied as an EX grade. ]

[ ‘Skill: Proof of Faith’ is activated. ]

[All stat additions are temporarily changed to ‘endurance’ stats! ]

[ ‘Skill: Divine Shield’ is activated. ]

[ Due to the effect of ‘Attribute: Divine Power Operation’, 2 are created at the same time! ]

At the same time as the prepared skill was activated.


A blow like a flash exploded.

The process of motion is blown away, and it is as if only the beginning and the end exist.


Looking at the still fist in front of my nose, I barely manage to hold back my dry saliva.

Even after turning all the extra stats of the EX grade into endurance, and spreading two shields that became harder due to it, this person ‘barely’ blocked the lightly punched fist from the seat he was sitting on.

with a body like that. Even with a messed up blow where even the center of gravity was not set straight, it was this powerful.


But, in other words.

Somehow ‘blocking blocked’.

The blow of the strongest person at the top of the world view, who was even called Kwon Sung, right in front of his nose.

“You have the capacity to say that your liver is swollen.”

Kassa smiled grinning again and picked up the smoke pipe.

Looking at it, he breathes a sigh of relief.

“…the conditions have been met, Casa.”

A lion’s necklace that proves that you are a promising talent recognized at the chieftain level.

And proof of the ability to withstand the blow of ‘the one to teach’ regardless of the means.

All of the criteria for requesting to be accepted as a disciple by the tribal union were met.


Casa, who blew out the smoke from the tobacco, was silent for a moment.

“To see the end in 10 days, you can understand it as meaning that I will master all my skills.”


“Is there any reason why you have to do that, baby?”

I wish I could stop using mind reading.

Actually it is. I’m saying this because Chapter 3 itself starts tomorrow and ends in 10 days.

My goal is to learn all of this person’s fighting techniques by the ‘final event’ of Chapter 3 that will take place 10 days later.

Otherwise, it is safe to say that the clearing probability drops to the extreme.

There is one more thing besides that though.

“…I want to help Li Lu.”

If you think of that person’s ‘purpose’ right now, it’s true that there is just such an intention to some extent.

“Are you helping me?”

“Isn’t that person living so hard to regain the rights and honor you lost? The things that have been taken away by the unrighteous.”


“Because no one but you can do that.”

This is a fact that can be seen clearly even if you look around.

The clan of a tribal union has the same meaning as the commonly used ‘family’. The number of members is not much different from those words.

In that sense, the number of incense burning around now.

Aside from Lilu, the last survivors of this clan are the children Liru just brought in and Casa are the last.

“He is a stubborn and proud man. I will never stop until I really achieve it.”

This shabby right now, but the fact that he made a large building ‘alone’ where all the remaining clans can live proves that fact.

In tribal unions, the space where clans live is only possible within the buildings built by themselves. that’s the tradition

Also, in the tribal union tradition, the elderly and children are excluded from the ‘work force’.

Even after being kicked out of the tribal union, Riru Garda stubbornly defended it.

Even though it would have been a tremendous labor of this size, I would have known nothing about architecture.

He built it alone with his bare fists and his fists.

So, I’ve been telling you since the first time I came here.

There is no reason to laugh at this space for being shabby. Because it is a space that has such pride and effort.

“However, the current method is too slow. There is no one to help.”

The way Li Lu chose now is to prove her worth at the ‘Imperial Academy’. Grow your power base in the empire and get revenge on those who made your clan look like this in tribal confederation.

If you think about it, this person always participated in ‘events that can stand out’.

It was like that during the observation class, and it was like that during the midterm exam.

If, like the reputation attached to him, he was an idiot student who had no regard for school rules, there would be no reason to do so. I would have wandered all over the place on my own.

But, like I just said.

That method is too slow. You never know how long it will take until you see results.


“…you mean you’re going to take it all away, baby.”

“So that everything can be achieved in at least 10 days.”

If Riru passed tomorrow’s selection test, obtained the status of an exchange student, and headed to the tribal union’s academy together with Kasa.

It’s not impossible either.


Casa, who had been looking at my face for a long time, smiled lightly.

“You mean it with all my heart. I’m not saying this with any scheming.”

At times like this, this person’s mind-reading mindset is good.

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Just prove your intentions and don’t need to do anything.

“But, I guess I should ask why. Why are you even doing that?”


“The help you mentioned is by no means something that can be given to someone who was a stranger until yesterday.”

He sighs.


Common sense should answer this, of course.

“…I’ll just say that it’s important to me too.”

“It’s important.”

“Yes. Helping Li Lu is also important to me.”

Right now, the roster that Lilu is gnashing her teeth at as ‘revenge target’ overlaps the ones I need to kill as I progress through Chapter 3.

If you succeed, you will only benefit.

On the other hand, if revenge fails or if the ‘process’ is creaky and Riru gets angry.

The blue devil is released right away. Sounds like I don’t have a choice.


And, Casa, who looked at my face for a long time.

Soon, he burst into a hearty laugh.

It was a laugh that resonated so loudly that I couldn’t believe his age and physical condition.

< System Message >

[The affinity level of the target ‘Casa Garda’ has been upgraded to ‘interest level 1’! ]

[He is a good-natured person. Rewards are reduced! ]


Although it’s much better than getting angry or coming out cold just for listening to me.

This is a reaction I did not expect.

Why are you like this?

“You mean you said you wanted to be close with Li Lu at first, baby.”

Casa responded with a bigger smile.

“I don’t think you said it so wrongly as I thought.”


“You never meant to say that, but… when you live at this age, there are things you can barely see. There are many times when you get a feeling of ‘what’s going to happen’ just by looking at what you say and do.”

The shape of the smile changed slightly.

If it had always been warm and benevolent before, what should I say about this smile?

The feeling that you did well.

“You are destined to be imprisoned by your own words, baby. Didn’t you say you were hanging a disaster on the tip of your tongue?”

“…What does it mean?”

“It means you will definitely keep your word, even if you don’t mean to.”


“Because, like it or not, there is definitely a destiny that will happen. It’s been hard for Liru to find a suitable partner.”


“It won’t be difficult to listen to you. It must be a relationship that will become stronger in the future. isn’t it?”

It would be nice if you like me and cooperate right away.

Why is it a bit strange?

One thing I realized is that the ointment of the tribal union is very effective.

The wounds were healing very quickly thanks to the medicine that Li Lu had dabbed all over her body. To the point where I wondered if he had used some kind of magic.

‘…it worked out well for now.’

It’s not even the devil’s vessel, but it seems like it’s not for nothing that the favorability rating was stuck at the first level of interest from the start, and Kasa cooperated with everything I said.

That he would send Li Lu to the selection test tomorrow, that he would accept me as a new disciple, that he would deliver well to them, and that he would head for the tribal union with Li Lu, everything.

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good is good

He said a lot of unpleasant things, but anyway, good things are good things.

Thinking so, I arrived at Hakgwan-dong and headed for my dormitory.

At that time, the system window flashed before my eyes.

< System Message >

[ There are 24 important unread messages! ]

what else is this

24 cases?

I blinked and manipulated the window.

< System Log >


[ Target ‘Elnor”s madness is alleviated! ]

[ Corruption level is lowered! ]


[ Target ‘Elnor”s madness is alleviated! ]

[ Corruption level is lowered! ]


[ Target ‘Elnor”s madness is alleviated! ]

[ Corruption level is lowered! ]





what is this.

When I checked the date and time, these were the things that came to my mind during the past week as I twisted my body to avoid Elnor’s notice.

All 24 cases are the same content. A message that Elnor’s madness has been alleviated and his Corruption level has been lowered.

‘…I didn’t do anything?’

I don’t know what it is, but it’s a good thing for me.

Honestly, considering Elnor’s personality, it was clear that the moment I started avoiding him like this, he would start turning around.

So, I was thinking that I should somehow soothe it sooner or later, but it seems that both of the symptoms I was worried about continued to get lower without my knowledge.

“Here you are.”

It’s a surprise.

I turn around in amazement at the sudden voice coming from close by.

someone who knows

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Vizsla. He is a terribly ordinary-looking man, but the reality is that he is an exorcist, an elite agent of the Seonghwangguk.

Previously, it was also helpful during the Valcasus boss fight.

Seeing that he is still inside the academy, he seems to be keeping his camouflage status well.

“…what caused you to suddenly come out?”

“I came because I had something to tell you. Your safety is an important position in many ways even from the standpoint of the Seonghwang-guk.”

Having said that, Vizsla sighed reluctantly.

“…There are a lot of intelligence coming in from around you that there is a massive operation targeting you. You’d better be prepared.”


It was about time to come.

guess what

The boss of Chapter 3, [The Apostle of the Overturned Tsunami], is, as many have said, a very shady guy.

Considering his personality, my existence is likely to be very annoying to him.

It’s not strange at all if he messes around with me before the chapter even starts.

“…Did you hire a famous assassin?”

“Four-winged veil. do you know the name More novels at noblemtl.com

Quite famous in the underworld.”

every know

He is a member of the Wanderers, an assassination organization run by the Apostle of the Overturned Tsunami. pretty strong

“…All right. Thanks for the info.”

“be careful. not your average guy The previous two attacks were well received by you, but…”


Wait a minute.

“Two attacks?”

“yes. I heard that over 20 assassins were put in. Your ability is also an ability, so it seems you handled it safely. However, the person being put in this time is from a different dimension, so you can get the information directly-”

“Haven’t I ever been attacked?”

what are you talking about, man



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Vizsla and I awkwardly looked at each other.

“No, is that information reliable?”

“…The intelligence gathering power of the Holy Kingdom is the best among the hegemonic countries. It will definitely fit.”

“You’ve never been attacked?”

“Anyway, I have the information to pass on.”


“Be prepared, Doud Campbell. He’s no ordinary guy.”

I look at Vizsla with a puzzled look on her face as she quickly disappears leaving only those words.

‘…Well, anyway.’

I don’t know what you mean by two raids involving over 20 assassins.

If it’s enough to come and deliver it in person like that, there’s a high chance it’s not a lie.

The expected attack date is probably tomorrow.

It is likely to come before the ‘selection exam’ begins.

‘…I don’t want to deal with him.’

Among the wanderers, Veil is the one I don’t particularly like. The type that doesn’t work with strategies and presses down with simple ignorant specs.

However, there’s no way I’ll just back down just because I don’t like it, so what can I do? You have to fight even if you don’t like it.

You will have to prepare thoroughly and pay back in reverse.

next day.

The selection test has begun.

In a situation where the assassins did not reveal their nose plucking.


why don’t you come

< System Message >

[ Target ‘Elnor”s madness is alleviated! ]

[ Corruption level is lowered! ]

Why do you suddenly come to mind again?

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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