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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 80

80. desperate situation


When Elijah saw his name on the ‘list of exchange students’ released as a poster, he clenched his fists and exclaimed.

Luca, Grid, Falco, and even Trisha.

As she checked the names of all the friends she was with, she smiled brightly again.

It seems that the past few days of going through the special training in hell together with my friends have not been in vain.

“You can go with this, Trisha!”

“Elijah, Sue, choking!”

Such a scream came out as Elijah shuddered and hugged Trisha tightly from behind.

But Elijah didn’t care and didn’t loosen his arms around Trisha.

“Thanks to you, I can’t fall apart even with the teacher!”

Didn’t Tricia push her back right away, saying that Dowd Campbell would be on this list with a high probability?

If left alone, other women would support and stir-fry that man without her. I told you to work hard if you don’t want to fall behind.

Nice to hear that!

“Now, wait, Elijah, rather than that, we need to come up with countermeasures.”

There were a lot of unwelcome names on the list right in front of me.

“…with the student president, the person you mentioned called Yuria…, the saintess, and even that mad dog…? Whoa, I’m going to talk about this.”

Elijah’s expression softened slightly at the line of hair flowing out of Trisha’s mouth.

Originally, exchange students only select students who stand out the most regardless of school district, but even considering that, it feels a little strange that the number of students is concentrated among freshmen.

In general, isn’t ‘a number of school districts’ the most basic ability measurement unit in an academy?

Even so, this is a composition as if the freshman was selected as the ‘center’, and among them, only the people around Doud Campbell were selected.

“So you have to be alert, Elijah.”

Trisha said calmly.

“To tame that stallion-like man, you too must have your own weapon!”

“…Trisya. Aren’t you still a priest?”

Anyway, word choice is what it is.

Being a stallion to a normal person.

“I’m not a normal person, honestly.”


“Hold on to someone in the academy and ask them about them. Does this kind of evaluation come out or not?”


Even Elijah couldn’t resist.

“…Rather than that, what do you mean by having your own weapon?”

“I mean, do you have something unique to you that other girls can’t do?”

Is there such a thing?

Wasn’t the reason I was extremely depressed not too long ago because I didn’t have anything like that? There was nothing he could do to help that man.

“You don’t have to do anything. If you know something about him that no one else knows, you can start there.”


If that’s the case, there is one.

Previously, when Archduke Tristan was encroached on by an unknown object and went on a rampage.

The man was confronting a ‘monster’ whose shape was unrecognizable.

I still remember clearly the image of Dawood talking as if he ‘knows’ it well, in a state where time stopped altogether.

It was because he was determined to “sacrifice” something of himself so that everyone present would not die.

‘…I didn’t bother to ask.’

It was clear that it was not something that would be easily explained to others.

It’s probably something that other people probably don’t know.

“…Hey, Trisha.”


“You have a teacher.”

Elijah, who was pondering his thoughts, suddenly spit out a certain keyword.

“Because it feels like being friendly with something, something really terrible?”


“Can’t we come up with something out of it?”

“…For now, let’s think slowly together. What is your own weapon?”

Trisha was a good-natured person.

It is said that I couldn’t bear to yell at my best friend to stop messing around with ghosts.


Then, realizing that the surroundings were strangely quiet, Elijah turned his head away.

It happened because everyone’s attention was focused on one side.

And Elijah, who saw the person at the edge of his field of vision.

I could immediately understand why this was happening.

‘…She’s a very pretty person.’

Elijah involuntarily came up with such a thought.

He was short enough to be called a kid.


It was a condensed beauty that grabbed the atmosphere even in a place where people like this were gathered.


To the point where I feel like I’m not ‘the same person’.

It was to the point where a non-human ‘other existence’ made up that figure, and I felt a strong feeling that some of it was mixed.


The student, who raised the wand without saying a word, skimmed through the names on the poster.

And Elijah instinctively read the name where the tip of the staff had stopped.

-District 1, Phenol Laipek.

I’ve heard that name before.

Did you say that she, a candidate for the hero, is ‘one of the strongest’ in the first year, and the reason why she cannot be called the only one?

He is truly the greatest genius of all time when it comes to handling magic. A monster that Atalanta President Professed to be able to surpass even himself when it comes to magic.


You were such a person.

It was just that feeling.

He was a very conspicuous person at a glance, but what should I do when I have no contact with him?

I thought so.

Until Faynole confirmed her name and raised her eyebrows with a hmmm.

It seemed that the ‘other name’ he was looking for was nowhere to be found.


Soon she moved the wand, moving it to the other side of the list.

Soon, the eyes opened. It’s a sign that you’ve found the person you’ve been looking for.

Elijah also moved his gaze and read the name written on it.

-District 2, Doud Campbell.


Wait a minute.


this person too?

“…As expected, there is.”

Saying that, Faynole smiled.

With an expression full of decadent allure, she soon walked to the other side.

It’s like, if you check this out, other people aren’t even worth caring about.


Elijah, who had been staring blankly at him, opened his mouth wide.



That human, where the hell did he go and what did he do?


While Elijah was thinking about it.

Trisha said in a hard voice.

“…Hey, Elijah.”


“Let’s not get involved with that person if possible.”

Elijah blinked.




Seeing Trisha speak strongly, Elijah nodded his head shyly.

Anyway, I’ve never been hurt by hearing Trisha’s words.

Of course, she wasn’t saying that for no reason either.

‘…I can’t see anything.’

In Faynol, no ‘color of the heart’ could be found.

No matter what kind of person you are, you can’t have ‘feelings’ at all. So, as far as Tricia knew, this could only be seen in one instance.

someone who is already dead.


Tricia stared at the back of Faynol’s head in silence.

But, that woman.

It is clearly alive and moving.

‘…What is that person?’

Certainly not a normal ‘human’.

Tricia, so convinced, watched Fynol walk away, hiding her sweaty hands.

Looking down at the ring on her finger, she passed dry saliva.

One minimal stopgap.

I went to Elnor, who was jumping with joy, and asked him not to announce our ‘engagement’.

I promised not to tell anyone about it, at least until I graduated from the academy.

That’s because if there’s a rumor, I’m just finished.

“…Certainly, it would only have a bad effect if it became known that you were still engaged to a member of the ducal family.”

Fortunately, he also agreed. It is said that he managed to suppress the land mines that would explode unconditionally in relation to other demons and vessels behind him.


However, the mine in front of me has not yet been cleared.

I stare at the ticking timer with bloodshot eyes.

!!!!!!!!!!Demon Alert!!!!!!!!!!

[‘Devil-related’ emergency event occurs! ]

[This is the most important event! ]

[If you don’t act correctly within the time limit, you will die! ]

[This is an event related to the target ‘Yuria’! ]

[ Find a way to survive! ]

[ Remaining time limit ]


I don’t know how to survive even if I squeeze my head out of amman.

What the heck is ‘right action’?

In the case of Elnor, it was a combination that was filled with pure goodwill for me and the gray devil, so it was solved by simply accepting his heart straight, but this guy really doesn’t get a sense.

[By the way, does that lady have any reason to be so anxious? You’re suppressing that strange curse with a circlet, aren’t you?]

“…He’s fine. The guy in there is the problem.”

As Caliban said, Yuria is not a big problem.


As long as this window pops up, there is a high probability that white devils will run amok and come to visit me.


“There is a crazy guy who goes out of his way even when I’m wearing ‘unseen’ accessories.”


“If someone else gave it to you out of ‘love,’ you go crazy twice as fast.”

Is this name a demon of obsession for no reason?

The White Devil’s ability to gather information about the objects he cares about is truly nonsensical.

Then there might be a solution, like running away unnoticed at all.

The problem is, Yuria is a vessel that automatically increases her Corruption level even if she is away from me for more than two days. If I’m away from myself for too long, he’ll charge me recklessly.

And, in my memory.

Because of Liru and Elnor, I’ve been away from him for at least 3 days, right?

This time limit is the period until Yuria sets foot in my room.

And, the moment he enters my room and sees this ring.


It’s also written on this system window.

i die

But, this time I really don’t know how to get out…!

“…anything within 9 hours…”

He muttered that and got up from his seat.

The plan is something you can concoct in your head.

Considering Yuria’s usual routine, now is the time to try to curse with Lucien. This time limit must also be a sign that the guy behind it is coming.

If so, what should I do?

Within the remaining time, considering the personnel and resources around me, if I create the optimal conditions-

[…But you know.]

The car I was trying to keep thinking like that.

I heard Caliban’s voice.

[Aren’t you being very relaxed right now?]


[If you’re a demon with such an enormous collection of information, can’t you somehow find out without meeting you in person?]

“…what do you mean?”

[I don’t know on what grounds you think that the lady will arrive at the right time after 9 hours.]

Caliban continued with a dumbfounded voice.

[A man is coming from the hallway now. Is it a girl.]

Goosebumps keep creeping up.

When I hurriedly turn my gaze toward the door, I actually hear someone’s footsteps.

Sir Ophelia temporarily repaired the door, so I couldn’t see who was on the other side.

As I was staring at it in a frozen state, I heard someone knocking on the door.

“…Mr. Dowd.”

it’s yuri

Sweat trickles down.

“Are you inside? There is something I want to ask you.”

“…Uh, YuRia. Sorry, I’m a bit busy right now-“


The voice is the same calm voice as usual.

However, something feels different.

Normally, if you say something like this, you’re really asking why with pure intentions.

now something.

chill rises You can feel the sticky, wet feeling under the sentence.

“Why are you busy?”


“Tell me please. Why are you busy?”

“…That’s it, you know.”

“I saw the president in the student council room earlier. I happened to see it while walking down the hallway of the Garrison House.”

My heart sinks.

Garrison House is the name of the building where Yuria and Lucien are always attached.

If it was the student council room there, it was an incredibly far distance. It’s a distance where it’s hard to even recognize each other.


“…on your finger, you’re wearing a ring.”

Yuria brought out exactly that sentence.


At that distance, Elnor would almost look like a dot.

By the way, did you ‘correctly’ recognize the ring you’re wearing on your finger?

When it comes to the object of obsession, it is said that it is a white devil who boasts information-gathering abilities close to supernatural powers, but this is too damn…!

“But, as soon as I saw it.”

The coldness in YuRia’s voice deepened.

“Oddly, strangely. I felt I had to go see Mr. Dowd right away.”

Without realizing it, I took a step back from the door.

I can’t even see YuRia’s face yet.

“In my head, I keep hearing voices. Go on, go on, go on.”


Kwajik, doing it.

The entire door, which was temporarily repaired, is twisted.

Yuria, who was standing across the door, hit it with her fist.

“Mr. Daud, Mr. Daud, is leaving me. I want to make an eternal bond with someone else.”


The door spits out debris, further crumpling its shape.

“Isn’t it?”

Again, Kwajik.

The whole plywood is crushed, creating a ‘gap’.

And through the gap that opened up.

YuRia’s hands came in.

While doing it, the gap bizarrely widens.

Through the crack in the broken door, you can see Yuria’s face.

eyes are out of focus The face that always smiled at me when I looked at me has no expression.

Not only her eyes, but her hair is dyed white, the color of the demon that dwells within her.

A white aura seemed to freeze all over the body, dripping from the surroundings.

[Isn’t it-…..?]

Instead of ‘voice’, ‘letters’ come out.

What it means is clear.

The ‘evil energy’ dwelling in that body is getting stronger to the point that even the star iron circlet I’m using now can’t suppress it.

< System Message >

[Target ‘Yuria”s corruption level is about to exceed 100%! ]

[Check progress changes! ]

[Time limit changes! ]

!!!!!!!!!!Demon Alert!!!!!!!!!!

[ Remaining time limit ]

[ 9: 17: 19 ] → [ 0: 00: 30 ]


Fuck the system.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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