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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 260

260. Aftermath (2)

Following my memory, Gideon’s death is the biggest divergence in Elnor’s fall event.


In fact, when I say corruption, I had a strong feeling that it didn’t come close to me.

From the point of view of ‘experienced firsthand’, if people around me change like that, I have the feeling that I really want to risk my life to stop it.

There is a bit of a creepy feeling about how far the bowl where reason has been blown away by Magi can go down even if I just reflect on my past.

[…Is that it?]


[In the past, when solving the nighttime situation, you did something that didn’t even look like a human being.]

That’s right.

The sense that I wasn’t myself until Elnor brought me to my senses remains unmistakable.

So, shouldn’t I at least know how to show gratitude?

In that sense, Gideon’s ‘long-cherished wish’ is the surest ticket feeling that keeps Elnor from falling into such a situation.

It feels like that…

“What do you think?”


“I think I still need a bit of diligence…”

The result of seeing all the sword dances unfolded in front of my eyes that Gideon said was a ‘demonstration’.

Looking at Gideon saying that, I have no words to say.

‘Does it require diligence?’

Tell them to talk nonsense as much as possible.

Of course, I sometimes instructed this person remotely, ‘Practice this, practice that.’ Based on the diary left by this person, I want to help you reach the ultimate strength you want a little faster.

As a result, the person in front of me right now.

‘…Isn’t it at a level where you can fight Lard to some extent?’

I feel like it would be possible to rub against that monster that has surpassed the modern Swordsman and even reached the position of the strongest of all time.

It was he who taught Gideon the basics of the sword in the first place, and the special ability he was hiding was a special ability, so he couldn’t win…

“…Let me tell you something about my feelings, but.”

And why is that kind of person looking at me with a nervous face like an examinee waiting for the announcement of my passing?

“…It’s a passing grade. Enough.”

I feel ashamed of what I am evaluating such a human being, but the words themselves are unmistakably true.

“I’ll be able to cut what you’re trying to cut. Absolutely.”

With that said, Gideon closed his eyes for a moment and let out a deep sigh.

Relief, achievement, and determination.

It was clear that the emotional expression was mixed with those things.

It’s only natural that he has his lifelong ‘desire’ right in front of him.

‘…If this person’s long-cherished wish is clear.’

Did you say that he was cutting off the source of the curse that had come down to his family?

A story about Elnor’s mother. She is also the deceased a long time ago.

She said that ‘who’ killed that person is a fact that ultimately touches the root of this person’s long-cherished wish.


To explore that, though, you’ll have to retrace your way to the darkest and shadiest corners of Imperial politics.

And the humans who will become entangled in the process…

‘…His Majesty the Emperor, Prime Minister Sullivan, Elnor, Gideon, and…’

Fanol, Elijah and this man.

I looked at Soul Linker with that thought.



It’s no coincidence that all the Guardians were put into action during the Red Night Crisis.

For about half of the time, this person must have gone voluntarily, but there must have been some kind of ‘work’ to create such a ‘situation’ in the first place.


Such thoughts are quietly meditated on by myself, ‘so that they don’t spill over to Caliban’.

“Then, I will bring the ‘cutting thing’ right in front of you for you.”


Gideon’s eyes widened slightly.

“…Did you know that?”

“Why aren’t you surprised?”

“It’s something you get used to when you’re with them. It’s like you always knew the secrets you wanted to hide the most.”

Nodding his head with a wry smile.

“…I can’t find it anyway.”

For now, you should be lying flat on your stomach.

Thoroughly hiding their appearance, forming several layers of social and political protection nets and not revealing themselves until the end.

However, the Imperial Civil War is a super-large event that will make even such a guy jump out of his ‘shell’. Opportunities always come.

“Oh, I have something to discuss additionally.”

Suddenly, chills run down my spine.

“If this is over, about Elnor’s wedding-“

“…Let’s talk about that later.”

With that said, he sent Gideon away.

Marriage is a marriage that will freeze to death, at this timing.

The empire is now torn apart by the war, and slaughter battles are unfolding everywhere. Is marriage important right now? Uh?

[Honestly, but?]


[It’s a civil war, I think you’ll somehow prevent it, but marriage feels like you’ll be defeated even if you know about it, so I’m very excited-]

“…What do you think of me, you?”

Dowd Campbell.

A man who can stop an imperial civil war, but is helpless to the woman who is trying to squeeze him out of bed.


I don’t know if it’s a compliment or a curse.

“And even me, there are people who can’t stop it if they make a mistake.”

What immediately comes to mind is the face of a certain count.

The face of a certain madman who preached about how to hunt humans without changing his expression.

[…I kept hearing about the resurrection or something. Is he really going to come back to life?]


Cut it down and answer it.

“It comes to life.”

The most important person in this chapter is him. I immediately kicked him out as I pleased, but as long as this world is built on the foundation of the original game, he will definitely come back.

It’s much more… A ‘monster’ look, though.

“In that sense, this time around, we are going to be busier than ever.”

While preventing civil war, you also have to deal with issues on Gideon’s side, and deal with Count Nicholas and Marquis Bogart.

A few bodies are not enough.

With such a condition, I need someone to help me. Certainly.

“…Honestly, this is what gave me the biggest confidence.”

It could be Elijah holding the holy sword, but Elnor would probably do it too. If possible, it is better if it is someone who has nothing to do with the world or Pandemonium. It seems that the structure of the stage is ‘the further you go’, you have no choice but to shoulder a huge penalty.

And the scene in front of me right now.

“…I don’t think there’s anyone stronger than this person who meets all the conditions right now.”

While saying that, Gideon glanced at ‘Ben’ just now.



“Could you do something like this?”

[Can you do it?]

I think so.

Of course, in the battle between the saints and superhumans nearby, it would be fair to say that it was a battle between natural disasters that took human form.

What Gideon had just done was clearly bizarre, even by that standard.

“…That person just cut the ‘sun’, right?”

The sun floating in the sky.

Obviously, it was distorted, as if someone had cut it.

So, if you have all those things, there is no reason to delay.

You have to act right away.

And whenever I exert such an action force, there is a human being who suffers first.

“…What is this?”

The president of Atalanta looked at the document I held out with his ax eyes and fired at it.

“As you know.”

“Yes. I know it’s going to be crazy the moment I sign it.”

“This is an application for activities outside the club.”

“From the point of bringing it directly to the president, not to the advisory professor, you know that it is only an excuse, right?”

“Look, you know it well.”


Should I slap this bastard in the bamboo tube, or slap him in the chin of his partner?

An expression that seemed to be worried like that appeared on President Ilsoon’s face.


The president, who washed his face dry, opened his mouth in a rather serious voice.

“All the areas we pass through while doing the requested ‘outside activities’ are strategic military bases for the Presbyterian Church. If you, who are already drawing attention, enter here, you are crawling on your limbs.”


“What is it?”

“Do you know what is most effective against those bastards who have turned their eyes to start a war despite having deterrence?”

In fact, even after the development of nuclear weapons, conflicts, large and small, did not cease.

Right after the development of nuclear weapons, the war continued.

But how did the war end?

“I’m just going to show it to you once. Why deterrence is deterrence.”


The president held his head.

“…You look like you’re going to say something crazy again, but I’ll listen. What is it?”

“I won’t explain.”

The sentence I sprayed with a grin fell on the president’s blank face.

“Because I will show you in action.”


“If you have authority like the president, you can put me in here under any pretext. If you let me and the club members wander around here, there won’t be a civil war. Is it real?”

“…Dog f*ck asshole…”


Please keep your dignity, President.

“…I will review it. I’m not sure, though.”

In the general sense, it’s a rejection, but for this person, it’s an acceptance.

This person is so easy. If you push it like this, you will listen to everything even though you grumble.

Of course, it might be because I proved my achievements.

[…After all, this is really like your mother.]


[Seeing how they accept all of this nonsense…]


Ignoring Caliban’s words full of sympathy, he cleared his throat.

“I’m asking a question while I’m talking. Do you know where the other Exorcist members are now? Why can’t I see anyone?”

I left it alone with Professor Astrid, but the guys who should have come to me now and made noise are no longer in sight.

“Professor Astrid said he had something to say and took me away.”

“…Really, I can’t get my head around it and I’m going to f*ck the kids again-“

Atalanta tilted her head at the disgust that came out of me involuntarily.

“…Do you know each other?”


Come to think of it, it seems that there are quite a few people who don’t know that that person is a self-proclaimed mother.

Actually, as Atalanta said, it’s a bit difficult to describe him as an acquaintance.

It’s someone I know, but not someone I know personally. Not even friendly.

So, the voice asking about the next business wasn’t so moderate.

“Didn’t you hear what I have to say?”

“…Well. Did you say you had something to conspire with?”

Atalanta scratched her head as if he didn’t understand.

“I heard that the big iron golem took you to the ‘1st Daughter-in-Law Qualifying Tournament’ because you needed to give prior notice.”


What are you doing?


Did you really do that?

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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