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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 261

261. Dating

While the president somewhere was struggling with an outrageous request, the count somewhere was also letting out a sigh of relief due to a similar request.

“Are you serious about this?”

No matter how much it is, asking for permission to enter for club activities at a time like this, even if it doesn’t fit the context, there is that much.

It’s a role close to that of the Marquis Bogart’s assistant, but it’s too easygoing for a request made to a person who would make fun of the 3rd and 4th ranks in the Elders’ Council…

“If you are making such a bold request, it would be more correct to think that there is something behind it.”

“I think so too, aide.”

Earl Rebel said annoyedly and shook his head.

‘…What advantage is there in doing this now?’

A civil war is about to break out. It’s not long before there’s a justification for that, and the other person isn’t so stupid as to not know that.

“How is Nicholas’ ‘resurrection work’ going?”

At the words Count Rebel said, a hint of disgust passed across the secretary’s face.

I didn’t think much of it. Nicholas was unmistakably a repulsive person, even from the point of view of his fellow human beings.

However, what the aide said next was a bit unexpected.

“It’s going well, but some… ‘side effects’ are being observed.”

“Side effects?”

“Okay. To borrow a little from the people involved…”

The disgust on his face grew even thicker.

“…’Appetite’ has increased a little bit.”


“Rather than that, you should consider the other side’s intentions for taking such an action.”

It is an unnaturally rapid topic change.

Earl Rebel tilted his head at the fact that he clearly reflected that he did not want to talk about this topic any more, but the topic brought up by the aide was undoubtedly one that was difficult to ignore.

“…Probably the emperor or prime minister will stand behind it, prime minister.”

“Unless you are quite a lunatic.”

The personal assistant nodded in agreement.

This Dowd Campbell is a guy who has already appeared on the information network several times that he has a close relationship with the emperor and the prime minister.

The aide and the count concluded at the same time that there was a high probability that he was carrying out some important mission. Otherwise, there would be no way he would walk into the enemy camp with his bare body like this. He must be ‘hiding’ something.

It was a flow of conversation that would have been hysterical and full of laughter if Caliban or Atalanta, who knew the truth, had listened.

There was an answer in the sentence. Dowd Campbell was just more than a madman…

But the two, still unaware of the fact, continued to flesh out the conspiracy theory.

“The fact that the emperor or prime minister is moving in this situation must be seen as having a considerable amount of provocative intentions.”

“…I see. The light went out in the foot, is that it?”

The aide and the count exchanged insidious glances.

On the contrary, there is a high probability that such a provocative action is a defense mechanism that comes out of the other party’s bottom line.

A dog that is ready to bite you will never bark. Keep an eye on the opponent’s movement and aim for the ‘gap’.

In other words, this is highly likely to be a bluff out of desperation.

The countermeasure is also simple.

“…Be careful not to be negligent in welcoming guests, aide.”

“I will follow your orders.”

There is no need to be nervous about a dog that can’t even bite. You can just deal with it moderately and send it back by giving ‘humiliation’.

Perhaps the timing when the ‘terrible thing’ happens to that guy named Doud Campbell is the timing of the outbreak of civil war.

“Don’t do anything hastily. There is a corner that I definitely believe in, so I’m going to stick my head here.”

“You don’t have to worry. We will start after all preparations are complete.”

Even more insidious gazes were exchanged between the two.

“…Do you believe that?”

“No way. Rumors are usually exaggerated.”

To say that would have been the prelude to all the tragedies that followed.

Because, out of all sorts of wild guesses, there was only one thing these two got right.

That Doud Campbell is hiding something.

“Hey, Caliban.”


“…Were the elders actually good guys?”

[Are you kidding me?]

Yes. It’s not me either.

Or do you have a reason to be so nice to me, my enemy…?

Thinking of that, I recall the experience of today, which has no other way to explain other than ‘warm hospitality’.

As soon as you enter the manor, you are greeted with courtesy, delicious food and cozy accommodation. Whoever sees it, it is an atmosphere that treats this side sincerely.

There is no friction distance. Even if I want to quarrel, the other person’s response is too neat…!

“I thought that as soon as I entered, I would be imprisoned, tortured, or worse, stabbed or executed…! Why don’t you…!”

[…Really crazy, this.]

Of course, it’s strange to see the attitude he’s taking after entering the military hub of the hostile forces, but he’s sincere at least in his words.

In any case, what I am advocating is ‘restraint’. They don’t make an excuse first, but isn’t it just a villain to wield violence?

“…Well, I still have faith.”

[What faith.]

“Belief that the Council of Elders are bad guys who will do such a terrible thing to me.”


“Couldn’t they be stabbing themselves?”

Or else I’m in trouble. Please, please, please do something rough with me…!

[You bastard…]

As I was listening to Caliban’s low voice, I heard a knock on the door.

Come to think of it, I must have called you to come at this point.

“Are you there?”

“Yes. Come in.”

The person who enters the room expressionlessly at my words is Victoria. The only person I brought here.

Of course, I had planned to bring only this guy from the beginning, but it was very strange that the other guys didn’t even interfere in the middle.

‘…Really strange.’

I can’t believe that the guys who would have risked their lives to rush at me asking why I was only taking them over there were so quiet.

I questioned him several times if he was experiencing something bad, but he also came back again and again with a promise that it was never like that.

In the first place, most of the guys who would burst out with demonic energy immediately after such a thing happened, so I didn’t doubt it too much.

[…I don’t think you need to doubt that much. Aren’t you the one who advised you that you only need three types of Magi to charge your seal in the first place?]

‘…But that’s true.’

Even so, I still can’t believe you.

I’m pretty sure she’s my mother biologically, but nothing has been revealed about her yet, and her intentions are unknown.

“What is it? Call someone and don’t say anything.”

“Hey, are you really not going to tell me?”

I know that this guy also escaped while he was with Professor Astrid. I wish he would have told me at least what happened along the way.

It’s a question I’ve already asked several times on the way to here with such thoughts, but the response was the same.

“You kept telling me. I know nothing at all. We gathered together and came out as soon as we heard what we were going to talk about.”


“Seras, she and the others seem to be listening intently to something.”


That’s… That’s kind of weird.

It was hard to see the attitude that a person named Astrid took towards that side was friendly, even in empty words.

In the first place, she judges her daughter-in-law on her own accord, just looking at the way she says what she says.

When I think of all the people gathered there, even if my mother could put up with it, they weren’t easygoing enough to show a cooperative attitude.

I don’t know what kind of conversation was going on between the two of them that led to such a situation…

“What is it? If that’s all there is to it, I’ll just go. To be honest, I’m going to die of annoyance just by following you all this way.”


“For me to even ask that question in the first place… What about the daughter-in-law? Honestly, I don’t know why so many women are attracted to someone like you.”


Why is he so venomous?

Come to think of it, my attitude has changed dramatically since he made me suck my finger the other day.

Before, if it was just ‘indifferent’ or ‘vigilance’, since then, the frequency of open disputes like this has increased quite a bit.

[…That’s usually it, maybe?]


As I was tilting my head at Caliban’s voice speaking incomprehensible words, Caliban continued with a voice that couldn’t hide his laughter.

[No, why. I was confused by the feelings I experienced for the first time. Just looking at you makes me tickle.]

‘…I want to bully the girl I like more, something like that?’

When I think Grand Assassin is like that, I feel like a shy tiger.

However, in that respect, I agree to a certain extent.

That’s right from the reaction that comes back to a topic that I poke at once.

“If you didn’t like me that much, you wouldn’t have come along this time.”

I have reminded you several times that it is even such a dangerous area. It’s not like this guy didn’t know.

To this, Victoria pouted her lips in reply.

“…You promised.”


“If I lose a match with you, I will do whatever it takes.”


“…I hate to admit it, but I was defeated because I couldn’t kill Seras.”

I barely hide my smile. If you show that kind of expression, this guy will go into a rage.

There is no need to make the other person angry if you think about the topic that will be ‘continued’.

< Tip! >

[ If the Devil’s Bowl feels good towards you, the supply and demand of Magi will be smoother! ]

[ If you don’t like it, there may be difficulties in supply and demand work! ]

A while ago, a window like this popped up.

Perhaps it was a window that explained the reason why the purple demon’s demonic energy was slow to gather and didn’t gather 100%.

My heart is that I want to get rid of that part quickly.

If I’m right, it’s very likely that Seras and Victoria- and furthermore, the purple devil will be the key to the attack on Nicholas, the biggest stumbling block in this chapter.

It’s good to get rid of even the smallest grievances as quickly as possible.

In that respect.

‘Caliban. Do you remember what I said before?’


‘The thing I said about Fynol.’

[So, what are you saying? If you say that, who will understand?]

‘I told you that if the conditions are met, you can seduce him in one day.’


I didn’t say that for nothing.

So, the reason why I brought this guy all the way here is itself.

Even in a dangerous area like this, if I could create a situation where we could be “Just the two of us,” There was no reason to refuse.


“What is it? Please don’t call me with a friendly feeling. Unpleasant enough to give goosebumps-“

“Today, go on a date with me.”

The point is to speak clearly and concisely.

From noble mtl dot com

Make it clear to the other person that they have no choice.

Whether you like it or not, I’m going to have a very sweet time with you today. With such a will.


Victoria’s voice heard me. She died right away with such a agony.

The guy who had been standing for a while rolling his eyes, scratched his chin and kicked the ground a few times.

Soon after, she looked up at me while blushing.


My voice dropped again as Victoria stiffened her body with such a strange noise.

“For that reason, I left all the other guys alone and only came out with you.”


“Is there a place you want to go?”


Victoria’s figure with her mouth pursed and her face blushing was much cuter than she thought.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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