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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 259

259. Aftermath

[You did it brilliantly.]

As soon as I got out of the venue, those words flew from within Soul Linker.

Befitting those words, the attention from the surroundings is enormous.

However, none of them has the courage to speak directly to me.

Perhaps, the process of ‘understanding’ what they just saw doesn’t seem to have been properly completed.


He breathes out his nose and moves slowly.

In line with that gait, all the humans around him hesitated and retreated.

I don’t know what the hell they just saw, but these were actions that clearly expressed their intention that they didn’t want to get involved with me here.

And, right now, it’s better that way.

The person I’m going to visit right now is a guy who wouldn’t be strange if he got interrupted a lot in the middle.

[I think the event itself will be delayed due to the aftereffects?]

“Because it wasn’t something the average person could bear to see.”

Receives words with a bitter smile.

From the time I first received the Seal of Fallen from the Gray Demon, I assumed it would be this kind of ‘function’.

[…How did you guess that?]

“Compared to other guys, he’s an exceptionally possessive guy.”

This is the guy who immediately shattered the white devil, who was his ‘kin’, just because he touched me a little bit.

Can you just leave the biggest stumbling block in the future where me and that guy will live forever?


From noble mtl dot com

“Life span.”

The devil, a half-god being, has a relationship with me, a mortal. One way or another, it’s a self-evident fact that there’s a very ridiculous wall in the middle.

Unless you put a stamp on my chest and make me ‘immortal’.


Listening to Caliban’s voice saying that he has realized something, laughter flows out.

So, didn’t you say that every time you met me before? I will be with you forever, until the end of the world.

[Then, you.]

Caliban continued with a more dejected laugh.

[Did you receive the seal knowing it would happen from the beginning?]

“…I didn’t expect to turn it into something like a real devil.”

I guessed that it was something related to lifespan, but I didn’t know it was this terrifying.

I did notice the effect when I was split in half by Yuria in the past.

[If you use only 3 and this effect…]

After saying that, Caliban blurted out the end of the sentence.

But it wasn’t too difficult to guess the meaning between the lines.

If you charge all the remaining demons’ demons.

How far can that go?

“…Go all the way.”

And then, he spits out the answer to that question concisely.

Now, this is just the beginning.

As I have told Kwon Seong-nim before, my goal is to create a world where the devil’s vessels are not ‘hated’.

[…Isn’t what you’ve just done exactly the opposite of that goal?]

“Right now.”

In other words, it feels like the despair of what can be done with demonic power.

[Can there be hope in this kind of power…?]

“Yes. Of course.”

Receives words with a smile.

“I did it so cruelly to do that in the first place.”

Turning without build-up is less effective.

Just by showing the extent to which the devil’s power can become terrifying, people must have been reminded of the fear they had forgotten all along.

Then what do I do?

It is to ‘overturn’ such concentrated and accumulated emotions at once.

On a properly constructed ‘stage’.

[I don’t know what you’re thinking. I really don’t know this time. What are you decorating?]

“Creating a stable future for polygamy.”

[…Ah, yes. I was originally like this.]

I giggled as I listened to Caliban’s sigh, but soon the questions flowed out in a suspicious voice.

“…By the way, how come you look better than I thought?”


“Nothing else, I thought you would be the one who would make the most of me if I turned into a demon.”


I also had some fear.

I wondered if there would be a change of heart if I really saw myself transforming into a demon.

No matter what, this person has always stuck with me at all times.

If there really was a change like that, well.


A little.

It must have been heartbreaking.

While thinking about that, Caliban opened his mouth nonchalantly.

[I’ve raised it a few times in the past, but now it’s more fun to watch wherever you go.]


[I wonder how far a trash idiot will become a trash idiot…]

This guy was something like a knight of justice.

What the hell is this sudden change of character?

[And, what.]

Caliban giggled.

[In a way, I am the closest ‘companion’ to you. If it’s not me, someone will watch over you until the end.]


The steps I had been walking on ceased.

Involuntarily, I fixed my slightly enlarged eyes on the Soul Linker.

[Try as much as you can. Succeed, fail, or go to hell. It looks like I’m the only one who can take care of a idiot who is doing something big like this?]


[It’s already been a while since I was tied to you by spirit. I can’t hear it if I can’t hear it. But what, do you think you’ll hate it just because your lifespan has increased?]


[Why is your voice watery? Are you impressed?]


[Then, since it’s a request, can’t you go and do something sticky with Elijah? I got engaged to my friend Kim. When you do something sticky, make sure you don’t see me-]

“…Shut up your mouth.”

She smiled at Caliban who was giggling and took her steps again.

[By the way, where are you going so busy right now?]

“If you have done your job, you should do a performance evaluation.”

In the fantasy devil show that can be summed up as ‘don’t start a civil war unless you’re confident to fight with me for life or death’, the one that will be most directly affected is the elders who are fiddling with the declaration of war button even now.

So, the most suitable person to measure the ‘effect’ is bound to be here.

Can’t you see it over there right now?

“Ah, Dowd Campbell! I was waiting for you!”

From far away.

Marquis Bogart, always smiling like a clown, was swinging his hands with all his might.

“Civil war will break out.”


“It was a very impressive demonstration, but even if I stopped it, the condition of the nobles under my command, who were turned over by interest, was not normal. I will run to die or die.”

If you think about the Marquis Bogut from time to time.

This person is saying that you need to learn how to do some build-up when you talk.

He sighs as he accepts the wine glass he was given.

“…Why did you go that far? I just did that.”

“Because they couldn’t see it.”


“Even if you hear the testimony, it will be treated as nonsense.”

That’s a very simple reason.

However, it is also a compelling story.

If people say things like ‘the prosperous country trembled at Dowd Campbell’s leadership, the key figures in the empire fainted, and the brave warriors of the tribal union urinated’, I would say what kind of crazy thing I was talking about.

Although it is a sentence infinitely close to the truth.

“However, just because they treat this as nonsense doesn’t make what you showed them there lie.”

The Marquis Bogart smiled and raised his glass.

Okay, when the tips collided, the blood-thick wine inside swayed violently.

Like a typhoon in a teacup.

“It sounds like the stage is being laid. What you’ve shown here gives you an ‘opportunity’ to dig deep into their hearts.”

The sentence continued with a smile.

“Soon we will ‘resurrect’ Nicholas, and when we hear that testimony, they will come out from all sides trying to catch you and kill you somehow.”

“…I guess so.”

“Isn’t this an important aspect of your plan? To show how overwhelming the ‘devil’s power’ is.


“They are really good friends. Voluntarily giving me the chance to ‘prove’ what you said. Wouldn’t it be fine if you could crush it without hesitation?”

Listening to those words, I looked at the Marquis Bogut.



“Really, are you my enemy?”


“Then why are you telling me all of that?”

“Isn’t it fun when you lose so easily!”

At the answer that came back with a single smile, he continued to stare at the Marquis Bogut in silence.

“If you go to my club booth right now, there is a person who says he is Professor Astrid.”

Just a moment.

It’s a fleeting moment that’s hard to detect.

The Marquis Bogart’s smile stiffened slightly.

I capture it in my eyes without losing sight of it.

“You seem to be dating me, so why don’t you go and say hello?”

“Because we are not happy to meet each other!”

“…Is that so?”

In an instant, he returned to his usual expression.

Looking at that figure, I answered calmly.

‘…I know one thing.’

I don’t think it’s a good relationship, very.

Somehow, this man must have had a very ‘deep’ relationship with Professor Astrid in the past.

“…Ah, indeed.”

The Marquis Bogut, who was silent for a while, suddenly brought up another topic.

The intention was obvious, but even so, the content was something I couldn’t ignore.

“Archduke Tristan wants to meet you urgently. Shouldn’t you be paying more attention to that?”

“…Duke Gideon is looking for me?”

“Yes. Are you ready to make your dream come true? You say you can finally cut what you want to cut, or what?”


It’s about the ‘curse’ that has been passed down on the family of Duke Tristan.

This is the content of Elnor’s ‘Special Quest’ that I opened a long time ago. It must mean that I finally achieved the cut-off I drew for achieving that.

From noble mtl dot com

‘It’s okay.’

The timing is also good. The method of completely erasing one of Elnor’s ‘Corruption’ branches is also included in the main chapter of this time, the Great War of the Empire.

If Gideon had risen to that level, it would be of great help to the progress of such an event.

“…Thanks for the advice. Was that all the duke’s business was?”

“Oh, there was one more.”

“…Is that so?”

Then what is it?

Don’t make me ask twice, quickly-

“If your wish comes true, you say that you will finally consider holding the wedding ceremony between you and Princess Tristan.”


“It was very funny to me to say such things from the perspective of a father who said things around, was very shy, and abandoned his daughter like that, but in conclusion, it seemed to be that way.”


“It’s the biggest thank you you can do.”

Just don’t ask.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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