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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 256

256. School Festival (2)

Turn back time a bit.

The morning of the school festival. It is the day of the showdown.

[By the way, what exactly is the Elfante School Festival?]

“…You’ve been to Elfante, haven’t you? Don’t you know that?”

[It’s me, I don’t know because I was drafted into the Imperial Army right away after going around for a while. I haven’t been able to fill it for a year.]


[And immediately after that, he was put into the Guardian and his personal information was all classified. It’s a school festival and what do I know?]

Ah, that’s right.

Was there a setting that Elijah came to Elfante to find the last footsteps of this man?

So here’s an overview for Caliban who doesn’t even know what this is.

“Well, as I said before, it’s roughly like a fair.”

With that said, I pulled back the curtains on the window of the inn.

However, the fair is a long fair.

The scale is a bit different.

When I looked up, there were huge letters engraved in the air with magic sparks.

It also looked like a huge calligraphy phrase was carved into the sky. Or it reminds me of the sky show I’ve seen from time to time all over the world of Bing.

[ We welcome all distinguished guests to the 1022nd Elfante School Art Festival. ]

The number of events in proportion to the terrifying length of Elfante’s history is also noticeable, but what is more noteworthy than that is the fact that they did such a ‘money thing’ itself.

It’s impossible to engrave magic sparks in the air at that size unless you pour magic stones like water. I don’t know, but I would have spent about a month’s worth of operating expenses in a big city.

The fact that they only used it for greetings in letters is because it was a performance to match the ‘class’ of the people visiting this event.

“…People come from all over the empire, no, almost all continents. It is one of the biggest events not only in Elfante but also in the entire empire.”

In fact, similar events are held in the Great War of the Holy Kingdom and the melting pot of tribal union struggle, but the scale and the ‘quality’ of each booth on this side are overwhelmingly inferior.

It is held every few years, but as much as it is, all kinds of inventions and research results that are difficult to see elsewhere are poured out.

[…Do you usually call an event of this scale a school performance?]

Caliban said he was dumbfounded, but this time I have no choice but to agree.

To be honest, it wouldn’t be strange to hold an event of this scale in the imperial palace.

“Originally, it wasn’t like this… Actually, from the perspective of an empire, there isn’t much to be ‘boasted’ to other countries.”

In terms of technology, it is inferior to the tribal union, and in terms of academic/cultural achievement or historical symbolism, it is inferior to the Seonghwangguk, which produced the first warriors.

Although the modern hero is Elijah, a citizen of the empire, it doesn’t feel like he has a huge cultural advantage.

Then, the thing that the empire can put forward as the strongest point against other countries is the quantity and quality of ‘human resources’.

“I show off like this every few years. I don’t know anything else, but this is what we do best.”

So to speak, it’s kind of like taking the initiative.

The ‘quantity’ of various resources on a different level from that of a prosperous country and tribal unions. Anything big, huge, flashy.

And if you invest that much human resources, of course, very creative and innovative things will pop up from time to time. That’s why other countries are forced to visit even though they clearly know the intention.

“…Although with that nature, it’s perfect for revealing what I’m trying to do.”

So-called Dowd Campbell Showcase.

If I want to exert a ripple effect on the ‘whole continent’ through what I have prepared, it is difficult unless it is an event of this level.

Saying that, I left the room to go to the booth assigned to the exorcist.

And, as soon as I left the dorm room.

“Oh, nice to meet you.”

I met the gentle cyborg again.


I heard that he is an executor of the Magic Tower, and considering Caliban’s reaction, he is a high-class talent who can shock the entire empire just by appearing.

Isn’t it too light?

“What are you reacting so hesitantly to? It’s not the first time you’ve seen it.”

“…No, what.”

Scratching his head, he answered like that.

Did you say the name was Alpha 11?

As I was awkwardly blurting my words, the executioner of the magic tower followed me with a friendly gesture.

As I stride in line with my steps, I can feel the eyes of the people around me focusing in this direction at once.

“…What’s going on over here?”

I was asking the question with confidence that he probably wouldn’t have come here just to see a real school festival, and looking at Alpha-11 shrugging his shoulders, it didn’t seem like a very wrong prediction.

“I came for escort. He is so eager to see you.”


As soon as I heard those words, I thought about the ominousness.

This person came to see me a while ago and said something, and there is also a burdensome person who keeps trying to appear and scatter rice cakes.

And as soon as I arrived at the exorcist’s booth, shuddering at that fact.

The anxiety was hit as it was.


“…Professor Astrid. Do you intend to commit paternity murder?”

The sight of a 5-meter-tall giant robot being stopped by Alpha-11 while trying to hug me violently was a scene that gave me metaphysical fear even now.

[Oh, oh, look at their faces. Are they all beauties?]




Seras, Victoria, Faynol, and even Elijah all stood firm, not knowing what to say.

Actually, I think everyone would change positions and sit in their seats, but they would look like they didn’t know what to say.

The biggest reason is probably the very existence of the steel giant who speaks with a resounding voice at the entrance because he cannot enter the booth.

And secondly.

[Son. Where did you pick and date so many beauties?]




[Son… ?]


From noble mtl dot com

It was the presence of Dowd Campbell who gritted and ignored the appearance of such a steel giant.

It’s pitiful that even an iron wall can’t have such an iron wall…


However, even as Daud, who kept his mouth shut, he had a lot to say.

‘It’s full of strange things.’

If ‘communication’ was possible in any way like this, there is no reason not to visit until now.

It is true that it is not easy to sympathize with a human who has never seen her face since she was born, and now that she is her mother.

The other person’s bewildered attitude It’s a reason to be unwelcome anyway It’s said that it’s overflowing.

And, above all.

‘…What about your father?’

Aside from the fact that I don’t bother talking about my mother, it is a fact that I know very well how much this person’s existence is in Armin Campbell’s soul as a family member.

Father’s room was still full of mother’s things.

From when he was a child to when he became a grown adult.

Those few decades, in a meticulously managed manner.

To what extent would you miss this person?

To what extent would this person have a great meaning?

By the way.

I wish I could find you like this.

Not even once.

Not even once, to that person.


Doud Campbell’s expression frowned even more.

He sighed and got up from his seat with an expression that he didn’t want to be with the other person at all.

“…Announcement and come.”


Before the steel giant called Professor Astrid could say anything, Daud jumped up from his seat and left the booth without looking back.

An awkward silence soon filled the seat.

Not only the members of the Exorcism Club who were present, but even Alpha-11, who was present, had no choice but to pay attention to Astrid.

“…Are you okay?”

Professor Astrid laughed at the worry mixed with electronic sounds.


The steel giant sighed and crossed his arms.

[Well, it doesn’t seem like you’re getting as much hospitality as expected.]



Those who sensed the subtle ‘change’ on the spot must have been a bit quick-witted.

As soon as Doud Campbell stepped out of his seat, the ’emotion’ mixed in with the steel giant’s voice became very subtle.

[Still, I grew up well. Even if it was too much, it was good to go outside and take a look.]


As if he no longer had someone to ‘notice’.

[…Other than that, it’s annoying enough as I remember.]

Because the ‘warmth’ contained in that voice disappeared in one fell swoop.

Inhumans. Impersonal. Further, inorganic organisms.

As soon as Doud Campbell disappeared, the ‘humanity’ that remained in the form of a piece was turned off.

All that comes out is a terribly inorganic voice.


Perhaps, in the following sentences, the number of people who sensed such a change would have increased even more.

On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be much difference. However, what lies at the base of that sentence.

It is a deep ‘contempt’ for the other person.

[Are you guys thieves who don’t even know how much?]

– Ilsun.

The air began to cool rapidly.

Selim Bronx, a member of the Imperial Security Council, felt extremely bored.

Speaking of the Elfante School Art Festival, it is a hotbed of incidents and accidents as people from all over the world flock to it. Of course, she didn’t want to ruin an event of this magnitude, so she often had elite agents like her.

‘…I think it’s much worse than the last school festival.’

However, despite being entrusted with such an important task, all she felt was a terrible boredom.

All of them are bizarre discoveries with no clear use, or superficial research with no practical use, or at least not flashy enough to catch the eye.

Of course, as school festivals aren’t usually big events, there are still a lot of hitters left, but it’s hard to expect much from now on.

I expected quite a bit because the staff of the Magic Tower would come, but it feels like being here would be a waste of time.

Such feelings were further maximized in the presentation of the club that followed.


The name is odd.

Speaking of recitals, it would be useless like the hitters from the previous turn.

What promising announcements could come from a man who seemed insignificant even by student standards…


Selim thought so while she yawned.

“What do you think is the best way to eliminate war from the world?”

– Suddenly, like that.

A suspicious topic has fallen.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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