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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 257

257. School Festival (3)

“…Did you say Professor Astrid?”

Into the silence of her room, Elijah managed to open her mouth.

The sentence itself that flew earlier was so strange that it was clear that a faint anger had melted into it.

A thief cat, at least I’ve never done anything to make the other person hear that-

[Hero. The secret of the other world.]

With those words, the giant’s optics rotated smoothly as Elijah fixed her gaze on the sword she was wearing.

[Basically, angels don’t commit violent acts, but there are many things that they decorate inside. That chi angel, doesn’t he come in contact with you only when he wants to?]


[Normally, no matter what you say, you don’t respond well, right? ‘Respond’ only when you have a business.]

It is true.

Elijah, who was speechless, couldn’t answer, but her optics swiveled back to another woman, Jin, who was widening her eyes near her.

[Ah, the devil’s bowls. The janitors in charge of ‘the end of the world’. Compared to the role he plays, he gets criticized too much, and it’s not his own destiny, so it’s pitiful, but from my point of view, I can’t look at him favorably.]

Significance, ridicule, contempt—the kind of voice that must have been mixed together.

Even though the voice is composed of electronic sounds, the hostility that the other person exudes is not normal.

“…What is that-“

Someone brought out such a sentence in a slightly suppressed voice in a breathless atmosphere.

And the thing that came back against him.

It was a flood of completely incomprehensible information.

[I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you guys. Aside from the damn ‘gray’ that created this now frozen gear-like structure, none of you have become a host for such things because you wanted to.]


[Please don’t misunderstand me. It’s not that I don’t like ‘you’. I hate being inside you. According to multidimensional causal analysis, none of you have ever killed Daud. From my point of view, all of you are potential killers-]


In an instant, a thunderous roar fell.


“What, what?!”

It doesn’t just stop at shouting, but the vibration of the air is released to the level that a ‘physical shock’ comes to the surroundings simply with a simple voice.

Light objects are scattered in the air, some people are pushed and fall, and loosely erected structures are destroyed in one fell swoop.

The noisy surroundings suddenly become quiet.


It was as if Elijah, who was watching, was dumbfounded and opened her mouth slightly.

No, that’s right.

Since you are screaming ‘slightly louder’, is it that a small storm has broken out around you?

I’ve often seen superhumans change the scenery with just one swing of their swords, but it’s the first time I’ve seen the surroundings blow up after just shouting loudly.

And then, Alpha-11, who created the situation, sighed and quietly opened his mouth again.

“You are talking too much, Professor. Even if you couldn’t keep the magic tower secret, you seem to have spilled over ten of them.”

[How is it? All of these are things I observed.]

“I know you love your son very much, but the people here have done nothing to Mr. Dowd.”

[Not yet, I mean. That’s serious, but still.]

The steel giant snorted and crossed his arms.

[I’m sure there’s not a single person among them who didn’t do their own thing to get very sticky with my son?]

“So, making assumptions like that is your bad habit-“

As Alpha-11 was about to say that, he suddenly realized that none of the humans around him were raising their heads properly, and cleared his throat.

Because the tightly shut mouth and red-hot faces were giving the most definite answer.

“…Aren’t you all at an age when your blood is full of energy?”

When Alpha-11 said that awkwardly, Professor Astrid continued with a snort.

[Well, as you said, if you shake this place right away, nothing will come out. So why don’t you all keep your heads up. I won’t be longing for more than this.]

After saying that, the steel giant’s gaze went to Dawood, who was walking up to the podium from afar.

This is one of the main events of the school festival. It’s time to present the ‘research results’ in front of everyone. Any human being in the academy can see it through a large projector.

“What the hell, what is-“

[I don’t know anything right now. It’s going to ‘begin’ sooner or later anyway.]

Astrid said and waved her hand.

[Anyway, if I have to tell you one more strange story… The word ‘key to the world’ that child often calls. It’s not just called that, it means that the entire fate of this world depends on that child.]


I’ve heard of such a story.

Elijah recalled the thought as he cupped her hand tightly.

How many times did the angel say that? It’s the key to the world.

The existence of Doud Campbell is far more important than you think.

From noble mtl dot com

Perhaps this strange person is talking about that now.

[…To destroy the world.]

However, what came next.

[In some cases, it could be the other side instead of you guys.]

Not at all.

That was an unexpected sentence.

[Starting today, the continent is going to get a little noisy.]

Such a stroke spread coldly through the air.

Between them.

-What do you think is the best way to rid the world of war?

That voice fell.

There is a myth that the world’s most dangerous lunatics don’t look as crazy as they think.

Did you say it was a gumilbok sword? People who hide swords under smiling faces.

And the man sitting on the podium and sitting on the chair almost perfectly met the first condition.

Something that doesn’t look dangerous.

A laid-back demeanor, a gentle smile on his face, and an even voice.

Selim Bronx saw Dowd Campbell as a perfectly harmless man. Most of the people watching him now probably share that sentiment.

The following words were also clear but warm.

The topic being dealt with wasn’t like that at all.

“Since the beginning of time, humans have pointed guns and knives at each other for very different reasons. We did it for the sake of a great cause, and we did it because of our personal beliefs, and we did it because we just didn’t like each other.”

This is a fact I saw from Count Nicholas not too long ago.

For one very insignificant reason, humans are a species in which each other can become demons to each other.

In a huge group called the Empire, the so-called ‘politicians’ who are ready to shed a lot of blood for each other’s ‘fight for interests’ are not too different from that in a large unit.

“I’ve always wondered why they act so cruelly to each other. Is there any way to live a little more peacefully, is there any way to live without getting hurt as much as possible? I used to think about those things often.”

It is the voice of a relaxed and gentle dreamer.

That’s why.

“By the way.”

“Not too long ago, I had a conversation with one of the ‘human hunters’.”

The ‘change of mood’ that followed from that sentence was even steeper.

“He taught me how to effectively hunt children by using their parents as bait.”

A breathless silence spread around.

Daud Campbell’s words were still calm. Because of that, it was even better conveyed that this was a statement of a calm truth that was not mixed with any punishment.

“It was an experience that taught me that humans are creatures that can be so cruel for no reason.”

The conclusion was, therefore, easier to draw.

If humans can become that cruel.

A certain ‘civil war’ that has already been pulled to the fuse is, after all, a matter of time.

“People, for whatever reason. Even if you don’t have it, make it. He is someone who can put a knife through others to achieve what he wants.”

That’s why.

“So, I thought about it a bit. Is there any way to solve it in the human unit of ‘me’?”

The expression on the audience’s face becomes strange.

It’s the same with the topics covered, and the sudden cut and assertion, so it’s not a presentation content that can be dealt with in a student-level club.

Daud put something on the podium while questioning faces and suspicious murmurs spread in all directions.

It was a small box that came with it.

“Okay. Maybe if you look at this, the explanation will be a little faster.”

Earth in recent times has been featured in various media because it is a nasty thing that each other inflates feathers on each other.

It means that it was a peaceful era enough to attract everyone’s attention just because such a ‘threat’ could occur.

Then, where does the source come from?

What is the most preemptive condition for maintaining peace?

The answer is very simple.

“The conclusion I came to is ‘deterrence’.”

After saying that, Daoud opened the box.

And within it.

“Able to cover the entire world.”

‘Public enemies of the world’.

I was liberated.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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