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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 252

252. Confinement

The day after I met the Executor of the Magic Tower.

Looking at the calendar gives me a headache.

[3 Days left?]

“I will.”

Actually, there are only three days until the day marked with a red circle for the school festival day.

‘…Actually, there isn’t much left now.’

Liru probably finished the number of things to do, and YuRia’s side was also handled well yesterday, and Seras and Victoria are also quiet. It looks like neither of you will stand out until the day of the school festival.

‘…Three is enough.’

I am reminded of the nobleman’s words, “My mother,” Which the magistrate of the Mage Tower said.

It was a series of chaotic conversations, but nonetheless, the core was pointed out sharply.

[Do you believe that?]

“…Well. Anyway, it’s true that we have to collect demons.”

Anyway, Magi are gathered sequentially, so it’s just a matter of checking whether or not three are enough.

It took me a while to insist on saying “Red” And “Brown.”

< System Log >

[ The mood of the target ‘Red Devil’ is rapidly getting worse. ]

[ The mood of the target ‘Fenol Laipek’ is rapidly getting worse. ]

[ Targets are also affected by your ‘Wave of Desire’! ]

[ We are starting to make efforts to implement the planned work in a little more detail! ]


Doesn’t it feel like it’s connected to a window like this that popped up in the past?

Even now, when the other side is quiet, there must be something up here.

[…But why do you seem to care more about other things than that?]


[As you said, the red guy must be determined to strip you right away, but somehow it feels like that’s not his biggest concern.]


That’s right.

The biggest concern is elsewhere.


With a slightly trembling voice, he opens his mouth.

“Elnor, where are you and what are you doing?”

[…Is that so?]

After thinking about it, Caliban also agreed with a sign of yes.

The person who should stir me up the loudest is now the quietest.

Of course, it’s not a good feeling. Because it feels like the night before the storm.

“…Hasn’t the last time you tried to strip me as it is and ended up in an attempt?”


“But in the current situation, what the hell am I going to prepare…”

Since he was shaking with a look of fear just imagining it, Caliban also let out a silence filled with signs of agreement.

[…Must be fun]


[I’m already looking forward to how badly you will suffer-]

I don’t think so.

Because this is like a personality buster with no sensitivity whatsoever.

“…By the way, why is the surroundings so cluttered?”

Indeed, there is a continuous hum throughout the building.

It’s not a dormitory for freshmen, and now it’s a high school district, so even though I moved to a pretty good room, there aren’t that many cases where the surroundings are noisy.

‘Imperial’ Academy Elfanteda. Could there be another madman who could directly challenge the Emperor’s authority, aside from a madman like Count Nicholas-

-If you come in like this, we’ll be in trouble too! Please obey the school rules, Marquis!

-Ahahahahaha! No worries! Even if Your Majesty came in person, you wouldn’t blame me!


As I held on to my throbbing hair, my room suddenly opened.

“Nice to meet you, Doud Campbell!”


This is the Marquis of Bogut.

The head of the Council of Elders, to which Count Nicholas, whom I killed, belonged to.

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If I had to pick a person I didn’t want to meet right now, I would definitely be in the top three, and with a frown on my face, the Marquis Bogart walked into the room without hesitation.

“Hey, Elfante hasn’t changed at all from when I went there! “

“…Why are you here?”

When I said that in a voice that seemed extremely tired, Marquis Boguert shrugged his shoulders and continued talking cheerfully.

“I am here to offer both a warning and an apology!”


I’ve never been tired of being entangled with this person, but today it’s especially bad.

I managed to open my mouth with a look that it was difficult to say anything more.

“You only talk about business, and you-“

“The ‘resurrection’ of Nicholas using the technology of the Mage Tower will be completed in less than a week.”


At the words of the Marquis Bogut, my smile disappeared, and my expression became serious as well.

“You can think of it as the starting point of the civil war. I don’t know what you’re planning, but do you think it’s better to do it quickly?”


“So, this was a ‘warning’.”

The Marquis Bogart continued with a smile on his face.

“I am truly sorry for the inconvenience that idiot has caused!”


“Please, I told you several times to know that I am disgusting, but I think you didn’t understand it because you were so angry!”

I didn’t expect to see a human like a marquis spit out such direct words.

To a human who is nothing else but a clown himself.

“So, whatever you ask, I will do anything!”

This human.

Are you aware that you and I are hostile?

Grabbing his throbbing head, I received the words with difficulty.

“…That’s the request, let’s just ask one thing.”

Aside from asking if you can trust this side in the first place, receiving something from this side is very strange, starting with the picture.

My position is to be openly close to the Emperor and Prime Minister, who are at odds with the Council of Elders and are strangely forming a cooperative relationship with each other. If I have a close relationship with this side, the genealogy becomes a mess.

But, still.

I have at least one question for you.

“I heard that you are working with Victoria Ebatrice.”

I bring out those words in a slightly subdued voice.

“…What do you want from you? What are we collaborating with each other for?”

One fact that I clearly chewed over when I blew Nicholas’ throat just a while ago.

In the empire, the guys who ‘cleaned’ the sub-species are literally trash.

I couldn’t help but wonder why the leader of those guys and Victoria were holding hands.

“Oh, that? It’s nothing.”

The Marquis Bogart continued with a smile on his face.

It was clear that the expression was in confrontation with the words that followed.

“I needed a skilled assassin, and I decided to get what I wanted most.”

“What did you expect Victoria to cooperate with a human like you-“

“I decided to die.”


“I decided to give you my head.”

Looking at the other person in a daze at the words that flew out of nowhere.


It’s such an abrupt sentence that even Caliban, who is inside Soul Linker, said it in a daze.

“I decided to give you Nicholas’s head as a bonus, but you blew it first, so you don’t feel a little fussy.”


“Well, there are so many poisonous things under me. If I put my mind to it, I will really try to bring it back.”

“What do you mean by giving your head? Trust me now-“

Before he could continue his words, Marquis Bogart pulled up his collar.

And as soon as he finds the ‘Seal’ engraved on his arm, he is speechless.

“Oh, do you recognize it? Then there is no need to explain.”


Crimson Pact. Crimson Contract.

It is the most vicious item among the black magic skills that exist within Sera.

That’s right, the ‘contract’ you made while engraving this is an oath with your soul as collateral.

“In exchange for fulfilling the contract with me, I hung my head. Can you believe that this is not a lie?”


Looking at Marquis Bogut in a speechless state.



From the moment this was engraved, this guy was already on the verge of death. Death is already certain.

“Well, I want to go hotly because I will go anyway. Recruiting another Grand Assassin to strike a ‘balance’ was just as important.”

“…A counterweight?”

“Victoria Ebatrice will be available to you soon. Please use it well.”

Continuing from earlier, I am speechless again.

What is this human talking about?

“If you have two of the best assassins on the continent at the same time… And you’re the one in charge. I’m sure you’ll be able to use it quite effectively. We have to do that much because it will be a little bit better for each other.”

“…Mrs. Bogut.”

“Our Council of Elders has the greatest support from Imperial military-related groups.”

Those words fell while cutting my sentence.

“We are the ones who have the most control over the continent’s strongest military power. Are we more terrifying than you think?”


“Cheer up, Dowd Campbell.”

Still, with a smile.

The Marquis of Bogart came up with a sentence close to a declaration of war.

“You have to endure for a few days, so I can do what I need to do.”


Marquis Bogart, who had been watching me standing still with a hardened expression, smiled and bowed his head.

This is an extremely polite gesture. As if sincerely showing respect to the ‘enemies’.

“Oh, and finally.”

Before stepping out of the room, the Marquis Bogart suddenly stopped and listened to those words.

“I heard that you contacted the Magic Tower.”


“Take all your time with your mother as a precious memory, Dowd Campbell.”


“That might be the most valuable advice I can give you.”

I meet eyes with the Marquis Bogut who says that.

Still, her eyes are curved like crescent moons.


As much as those pupils.

“There is nothing as painful as regretting later. Is it an experience?”

Somehow, it seemed like he was holding a grudge.

I look at the Marquis Bogart in silence as he leaves my room for the last time.

[…He’s a really unpredictable human being.]

“…I agree.”

I don’t know everything else, but one thing is certain.

That I have to finish what I want to do at the school festival more clearly and neatly.


He sighs and raises himself.

“…To make it perfect, let’s refine the plan a bit.”

I don’t want to meet anyone today.

I think I will have to think for a while by myself.

I made that promise only a few hours ago.

According to my opinion, at least today, in a heavy atmosphere, I should have thought about breaking my head over the bloody agenda I just encountered.

What am I doing here?


The two people in front of me simultaneously averted their gaze at the bloody cold voice that would surprise me even if I heard it.

What you see nearby, that’s why.

A soft bed, pink objects are visible in all directions.

A room decked out with curtains and all sorts of frilly, feminine items.

And in front of me, there are two people who are avoiding their eyes with blushing faces.

These are the people who have ‘kidnapped’ me here.

“…That, that’s…”

“…Uh, um…”


My blood pressure rises without even realizing it.

No, please explain.

There is nothing more desperate for me than that right now.

Thinking that way, I look at the letters written in large letters on one side of the wall.

[Room you can’t leave if you don’t do it]


…If you don’t know what to do or you can’t get out, please explain in detail.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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