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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 251

251. Contact (2)

There are many wonderful things to see in the huge city formed near Elfante.

Since it is a place near the golden triangle, it must be a phenomenon that happens because all kinds of people come and go.

There are many things to see and enjoy because of the nature of the street where people of all different races, cultures, and merchants come and go.

It’s not easy to draw people’s attention with a very strange scene.

“Welcome- hee!”

But even in such a place.

It must have been strange enough for ‘something’, which is an integrated technology of the magic tower, to stride into the middle of the cafe.

As soon as he saw the giant cyborg entering while the floor thumped, the clerk who was about to greet him with a customer smile let out a frightened scream.

The drinks on the tray they were about to serve rattled, but the sturdy arm, powered by hundreds of thousands of tiny pistons, held them in place.

“Be careful.”


The world is a gentle cyborg.

Of course, the feeling of intimidation from that appearance was not normal, so the clerk’s face ended up looking a bit more bluish.

“Ah, yes, go, thank you…”

Still, a pro is a pro.

Even though this fearsome steel man is in front of his eyes, he somehow squeezes out a smile and guides him to his seat.

“…For now.”

As soon as they sit facing each other, they awkwardly scratch their heads and open their mouths.

“Would you like something to eat?”

[…Are you serious? Just looking at it, it doesn’t look like you’re going to eat a salad, right?]

Caliban tackled me in a puzzled voice, but I honestly didn’t know what to say.

I honestly don’t know how to deal with him because he’s a nobleman who suddenly came to me without any warning.

She doesn’t know if there was someone else, but when she was caught walking outside with her leash on by this person, the saintess ran away with Yuria with an expression almost about to cry.

[…Apologize later.]


Since the number of cases is the number of cases, she sighs and agrees.

No, but that’s it.

‘…I don’t know much about the Mage Tower either.’

Even in the main story of Savior Rising, the magic tower is almost treated as a MacGuffin.

In the first place, it was an obvious group to match the probability when adding items at a level where the game genre changed for playfulness.

Almost no related information has been released, and it’s just a ridiculously bizarre item that says, ‘This is an item from the Mage Tower. End of explanation!”

It’s clear that the eccentric creators wanted to cram things like lightsabers and railguns and cyborgs into fantasy worlds out of the blue…

As I was thinking about that, an answer came from the other side.

“No. I packed a lunch box and carried it around.”


I guess you were really eating something.

While thinking so, Cyborg-sama took out several rebars from within his arms.

The number is enough to tilt the table to one side.



Because he is a steel cyborg, he eats rebar.

I don’t know what the principle is, but it seems that you can get nutrients from it anyway.

While I was thinking about that absurd impression, Cyborg-sama took out the iron rod and took out a metal lump the size of a ping-pong ball from the cartridge inside his arm.

As soon as I put it on top of the rebar on the table, the scattered lumps like swarms of insects began to eat away at the metal.

“Machine type Monsoon. It’s a nano kit for self-repair.”

“…A nano kit?”

“I am thankful that he can dismantle any well-smelted metal and restore his body.”

Listening to such an explanation, my mouth fell shut.

‘…Cyborg and nanomachines?’

Are you kidding me?

Are you able to get these things out of a world view that even wagons can still see?


To be honest, the level of technology is different.

I’ve seen quite a few things close to over-tech in Tribal Alliance, but these are definitely things you’d only see in science fiction.

‘So even the hegemon pays attention to the Mage Tower…’

Of course, since the resources of each country are overwhelming, it would be possible for one place to make up its mind and push the magic tower away, but with this level of technology, it would be possible to inflict a devastating blow to either side.

While I understood with my whole body that it was not for nothing that a single group was said to be the strongest, the cyborg opened his mouth again from the other side.

“I’m sorry for coming to you so suddenly.”

Those words fell calmly.

“It’s just that one o’clock is an urgent matter. Please forgive me.”

“…How did you find me?”

“I came all the way here by asking the hero and the acquaintances around you. Everyone was embarrassed because they had never seen a ‘battle doll’ like me.”


I guess so.

When I imagined the face of Elijah, who lost his senses after suddenly encountering such a guy, I burst into laughter.

I lost my laugh as soon as I heard the following words.

“I heard you killed Count Nicholas.”


In an instant, the mind becomes tense with tension.

Instinctively, I start analyzing what this guy is saying.

Apart from how the Mage Tower knew about it.

What is the reason for taking this out in front of me?

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m here at someone’s request. I am here to help you.”

“…You’re here to help?”

When I asked that question with a little doubt, the optically processed lens looked at my face with a glint.

I think you laughed. Maybe.

“You grew up tall, Doud Campbell.”


“It looks just like the one Jadang boasted about.”

My movement just stopped.

Sucrose. It’s a word that honors someone else’s mother.

In other words, this guy.

I’m talking about my mother, whom I’ve never seen and my father never bothers to mention.

‘…My mother is inside the magic tower?’

This is the first time.

Even if it’s the father who doesn’t even open his mouth when it’s related to the mother in the first place.

If it’s such a celebrity, whether it’s the emperor or the president, people with close ties to me must have mentioned it at least once.

“I owe a lot to Dr. Astrid. Because he was the one who remodeled a body that almost died once.”

While thinking about that question, those words continued again.

“It’s funny that the Magistrate’s Executioner is acting as a messenger, but since that’s a request, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

I shut my mouth and glared at him.

The information came so suddenly, there are too few clues to determine its intention.

Perhaps they are trying to trick me with these stories-

[…No, I think it’s sincere when I see it.]


[There is something I heard when I was a Guardian. It’s only natural that you don’t know about the Mage Tower because not much information has been spread.]

From within the Soul Linker, Caliban groaned and listened.

[This guy just called himself an enforcer. If that’s true, he’s too advanced a manpower to be doing a ‘nonsensical thing’ to deceive you with lies. If you knew who this guy is now, the whole empire would have already been turned upside down. ]

‘…What is an executor called?’

[In charge of the Mage Tower’s force.]

Caliban continued with a sigh.

[Just know that for now. Because I don’t want to scare you now.]


This person, to this extent.

It’s the first time I’ve seen someone show a sign of being ‘overwhelmed’.

A human who risked his life without hesitation even during the Red Devil’s Red Night Crisis.

As I was frowning involuntarily at such feelings, a sentence flew again from the cyborg across the table.

“I have been told to deliver two things to Dr. Astrid.”

Undoubtedly, he has been asked to serve as a messenger, so he seems to be faithful to it.

“They told me not to leave out either one and keep it in mind.”

No matter how this side looks, it’s the same just by looking at the way they line up what they have to say.

“First. To do what she’s planning, Margie will need just three things.”


“You used the blue color to grind Count Nicholas this time, so red and brown, and the white color you got using the homunculus sister this time should be enough to write what you planned. I’m just saying don’t waste your time trying to collect everything.”

It took me a while to understand what this guy was saying because of the gentle attitude he had maintained so far, and the sentences coming out so calmly.

But by the time the meaning of the word melts and flows down the brain.


Goosebumps run down my spine.

This guy knows exactly about my condition.

To be precise, the magic tower.

My mother is in it.

I see through the facts that Seonghwangguk and maybe even I couldn’t figure out.

The seal system, my relationship with demons, and even what I plan to do in the future.


I don’t know what it is.

Why are you suddenly conveying these words, and why are these words coming from a mother, whom you have never been in contact with?

Intention, purpose, nothing.

As he was making a confused expression, the executioner’s words continued.

“Secondly… Oh, please pay attention. Because Astrid-nim said this side is much more important.”


From noble mtl dot com

This is a sentence that says you already knew it would be like this.

As I stared at the bailiff with a hard expression on my face involuntarily, the next sentence continued.

“Cheer up. School festival, I’m really looking forward to it. A mother is always on her son’s side.”


“I’m only adding this because, given my personality, I’m sure he’ll try to figure out what’s behind his ulterior motives, but he told me not to do such useless things.”


“Oh, and the daughter-in-law even said that she would do the screening herself.”


“They say that they are afraid to die because they are flirting with their golden sons. He will come in person soon.”


“It is ideal.”

My expression went blank for an instant.




A person called my mother.

He seems to be quite an eccentric.

In my jumbled mind, only those feelings could barely come to mind.

Cecilia’s 11-year-old, Cecil’s private room, to be exact, a freshman from Elfante School District 1, is quite a strange place.

Befitting someone who gives the students the impression that they are strangely weak, strangely beautiful, and have a strangely mysterious atmosphere to the students who live in the same building, no one has ever looked inside.

And Faynol, who visited there late at night, was really grateful for that fact.

If someone other than yourself opened the door and went in, your head would have been blown off.


Fenol, who was about to enter the room, looked at the ‘slash’ that flew right in front of his eyes with a slightly tired expression.

If only I could take one more step.

If you had created a magic defense field even a little too late.

The neck may have been blown off on this side.

“…Please excuse me.”

The emperor looked at Fynol as he entered the private room with slightly wide-open eyes, then laid down on the bed with a bitter smile and closed the book he was reading.

“My escort is quite worried. If someone unknown approaches without warning, you may be cut, so be careful.”


Just now, obviously.

A slash came suddenly from an empty space.

As if the attack was ‘saved’ and automatically fired if someone approached the emperor without permission.


People who have risen to the pinnacle of each field.

Among them, if he was the strongest swordsman, would he be able to do such nonsense?

Faynol barely passed the dry saliva.

“…I’m sorry I entered without permission, Your Majesty. I knocked, but there was no answer.”

“Call me Cecil. Isn’t it Peha here?”

The emperor yawned and spat out those words.

“So, why did you come to my private room all of a sudden this late at night to say something? I don’t think we were close enough to spend the night together.”

“…I came to discuss something.”

To be precise, it is close to a mock per plot.

The emperor tilted his head with a strange expression.

“…A discussion?”

“I came to ask if you would be interested in collaborating with me, Cecil.”

Faynole took a deep breath and said.

“I thought that would increase the success rate. Because the opponent’s ERA is so good.”

“Success rate? ERA? What do you mean?”

“It’s about squeezing out Doud Campbell.”


“Oh, s*xually.”


“I want to come up with a plan that will ensure that even if one of them fails, the other will succeed. I feel like no one will succeed if I keep going like this, so I’d rather-“

“…Until there.”

The emperor touched his forehead as if his head was pounding.

Live and live It’s the first time I’ve heard such an absurd sound.

“Did you really come to me at this late hour to talk about that?”


“…Do I look like someone who would readily cooperate with a story like that?”

Faynol tilted her head.

It looks like he’s saying something obvious.



“Uh, the purpose may seem a little different, but anyway, His Majesty seems quite interested in having a relationship with you-”


Cecil cut off her words with a sigh.

“That’s absurd.”

A terrifying gaze flew to Faenol. It was truly serious and solemn…

“How did you see it so accurately?”


“Tell me more.”

Faynol smiled broadly.

It was a smile that only those who succeeded in acquiring a partner who would commit vicious acts could make it.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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