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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 250

250. Contact





“If you don’t answer, they will break it in?! I have something really urgent right now!”


Usually, Elijah tends to say these lines to Daud, but hearing them from someone else is a bit different.

As Elijah lay on her bed and stared at her ceiling with her cloudy eyes, she thought of it in a daze.

“Hey, you really…! All right, really go in!”

With those words, the door really slammed open.

“What have you been doing for several days now! I skipped all classes today…!”

Continuing those sentences, Tricia, whose expression was lost for words, was barely captured through Elijah’s blurry vision.

She couldn’t tell which one she was looking at and why she made that expression.

Is she herself, sprawled out in her underwear as a drunkard, or is it a pyramid of empty bottles stacked neatly next to her bed.


After being silent for a long time, Trisha covered her forehead with her hands, where she clearly had a headache, and spoke as if she was moaning.

“…I should have stayed by your side.”


“I was worried from the moment I went to say that I was living in a private room as a warrior, but sure enough, what is this? I knew you were very weak-minded…”


Actually, you could say it’s a bit unfair. Elijah hadn’t been this way in everything she did.

She didn’t even have to look at the emotion.

There is only one reason why Elijah, who behaves smartly and smartly in everything, is so abnormal.

“…Is it because of Mr. Dowd again?”

That’s right.

Trisha knows very well that love makes people blind. Who could know that more clearly than she, who can see her emotions visually.

But, no matter how hard she is, what is the point of suddenly becoming a disabled person?

“Why are you doing this? What’s the problem?”


Elijah tried to put her bottle back on without saying a word.

Trisha didn’t achieve what she wanted because she took it away.

“What are you doing-“

Elijah’s voice, which was about to mumble, died down in an instant.

Anyone who meets Trisha’s eyes as she glares at her with her timidity reminiscent of her tiger would.

“Tell me right away. Or are you really going to get mad?”


The more she is a good friend who always smiles and accepts words well, the more you ignore her destructive power when making threats like this.

In the end, Elijah, who had been thinking about it for a long time, had no choice but to bring her words out in her stutter.

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“…I confessed to the teacher.”

Tricia’s mouth fell open.

“That, so? What did you say?”

“…I don’t know.”


“I haven’t heard the answer yet.”

Trisha’s eyes narrowed.

Then, what is the reason she is acting like this? It’s not even openly kicked yet.

As she said that, Trisha’s mouth, which was about to add another word, suddenly snapped shut.

Because she saw Elijah’s emotions moving subtly through the edge of her vision.

I can guess from that movement…


No, no way.

I wish I could.



“Are you just doing this ‘because you’re afraid of getting dumped’?”


Elijah’s mouth fell shut.

Her emotional ups and downs jump out as if they were actually stinging.

Tricia glared at Elijah with a look of dismay at her, then grabbed her head.

“Burns. This burn. No matter how much the bean pods are covered, where in the world is there a human being who becomes a crippled person because he is frightened even though he has not heard any answer? A passing dog laughs when he hears that the hero, the hope of mankind, is doing this to at least one man!”

“I haven’t said that yet.”

“Then isn’t it? Any other reasons?”

“…Don’t tell the teacher that there is only one male.”

When instead of her rebuttals, there were timid murmurs, Trisha glared at Elijah with her astonished gaze.

After a while, Trisha let out a deep sigh as she washed her face dry.

“…That’s okay, it’s okay to argue about it later. Get dressed quickly If the hero is like this, he won’t even be a laughing stock for those who are visiting!”

“Oh, yes. Are you even the Emperor? Until then, I can somehow rectify it.”


“If you’re coming to say something strange, I can kick you out. If I’m going to say something strange about the teacher, I think I can raise my voice a little.”


“…Recently, the way they look at you is a bit unusual-“

“Stop talking nonsense and get dressed quickly!”

Before more blasphemous sounds could escape from Elijah’s mouth, pants and uniform top flew into Elijah’s face along with Trisha’s flagship.

In the end, while Elijah got up with a languid expression and packed her clothes, Trisha was cleaning her messy room at breakneck speed.

There was no doubt that the maids who were in charge of the upper class dormitory were so fast that if they saw her, they would make her juniors.

“By the way, who the hell is coming to make such a fuss?”

“I know when I meet you!”

“…Even if you’re in a laggy state anyway, no one will complain about that to the hero.”

“A normal person would do that, a normal person!”

To Elijah’s trembling voice, Trisha answered in a screaming voice.

Elijah also had such a strange expression that she suddenly narrowed her eyes.

Among the things that say that you are not an ordinary person, it is a way of speaking that puts more weight on ‘human’ than ‘ordinary’.

It’s not that it’s not normal, it’s not that it’s the same person.

“Those who are visiting now-!”

Fortunately, she didn’t seem to have to keep asking that question for long.

Before Trisha could finish her sentence, Elijah’s jaw dropped as soon as she saw the man entering her private room.

As soon as ‘it’ entered the room.

A terrible sense of alienation fell into the room.

An existence that seems to be alone and far away from a certain… ‘Law’ that makes up the world.

With a magnificent sound that thumps and thumps with every step, it boasts a size several times that of ordinary people.

It is covered in a robe reminiscent of a monk, but everything in its “Body” Is made of smooth metal.

‘…No, no, it’s not just steel…’

Elaborately, the steel hides numerous ‘functions’ beneath it.

A form close to that of a steel giant that walks on two legs.

Perhaps Daud would have thought of the word ‘cyborg’ first.

“…Nice to meet you, champion.”

As soon as he heard that voice, Elijah’s arm stopped stroking her hair. Goosebumps were sprouting from underneath her clothes.

It’s not that I can feel any great aura in my voice.

No, rather.

I can’t feel anything.

The atmosphere, the emotions.

There is nothing that can be called a piece of ‘humanity’.

If Daud saw it this time, it would be a sound that would instantly remind him of the word ‘mechanical sound’.

“Nice to meet you, champion. My name is Alpha-11, Executor of the Magic Tower.”

She said, ‘It’, which revealed itself as the Executor of the Mage Tower, held out its mechanical prosthetic arm made of steel to her.

A prosthetic arm made of smooth, solid steel with no seams.

“I came because I had someone to meet.”


At such a sentence, Elijah suddenly felt a certain destiny.

Usually in this way, when someone came out of nowhere, there was always a relationship with one of them.

“If you ask who you are looking for-“

“This is Doud Campbell.”


That’s right.

In fact, appearing in front of people is nothing more than a calling for Lucien.

Whether it’s a large-scale religious event, an occasional social gathering, or at least a small daily Mass or prayer meeting, it’s always been her role to lead such things as long as she’s in the position of a saint.

“…Wait a minute. Isn’t that a saintess?”

“This person is talking about something big. What is the reason for such a magnificent person to come to a place like this-“

Saying that, two of her passers-by who passed by her suddenly stared at her face.

“Looks like real…?”

“Isn’t it…?”


You are right. People passing by must have recognized her by looking at her appearance ten times out of ten.

But, if that’s why people still doubt that she’s a real saint.

“By the way, then who is the human being with the saintess…? What about the little woman next to him…?”

This is Dawood and Yuria.

Lucien is now walking around the city with the item that she is going on a double date with these humans.


From now on, with her sister in her arms and walking along the main road, her brain turns white, but beyond that, the reason Lucien can’t help but bow her head.

“Weren’t saint women forbidden to date…?”

“That, right…? Then that couldn’t be the real saintess.”

So, it was only natural for her to shrink her body.

Of course, it’s been a long time since she gave up her position as a saint, but even now, as soon as she steps out on the road, if she properly reveals what she’s doing to passers-by pouring in nearby, her reputation will be ruined…!

‘I’m ashamed…!’

My eyes are spinning around. There is a feeling of heat all over the body.

If someone is certain that she is a ‘real’ saintess, and rumors spread that she is acting like this…!

“Don’t worry. People aren’t as interested in other people as you might think. It’s no wonder that people don’t recognize me well even if celebrities go out wrapped up a little.”

“…Mr. Dowd.”


“Even if I wasn’t wearing ‘this’ right now, I wouldn’t be this scared…!”

She spat those words out, trembling with her teary eyes.

Her fingers are pointing at herself and near her Yuria’s neck.

What is filled here, that’s why.

It is a ‘transparent leash’. It won’t be visible to others.

I think he put ectoplasm in it and outsourced it to Professor Vulkan.


Why is it so important for her and YuRia to walk with her leash on? She poured out such high-quality materials to make her transparent leash.

“Then, did you really think I would act like I was walking a dog with a leash on Yuria in front of other people?”

“…To some extent.”

“My God, how could you even think of that…!”

“Think of what you have done and say it!”

Then it would be more strange not to do it.

Considering the social reputation this man has built up to now, isn’t it more natural to actually do it?

Why are you pretending to be common sense now?

While those sentences were floating in Lucien’s head, Yuria, who had been walking darkly beside her, quietly opened her mouth, twitching her fingers.

“…I’m fine.”


“You don’t like my sister…?”

“Ah, no, that, I don’t hate it that much…”

As Lucien patted her cheek, she replied.

Yo, because she couldn’t bear to speak harshly against her younger brother, who had been in a particularly bad condition lately.

Instead, she fired back at Daud with her pout.

“Ha, but! You need to know that you are in moderation too! No matter how much we say we are doing everything you ask us to do, making unreasonable demands like this…!”

“…Not what I asked for.”


Lucien stupidly shut her mouth.

It wasn’t long before she could barely speak.


“I didn’t do it.”

“Then who…?”

At that, the answer came from YuRia’s side instead of Daud.

“…This is what I asked Mr. Dowd to do.”


“I’m the one who asked my sister to do it too…”

Lucien’s head was filled with a sense of shock as if she were being struck by lightning.

She hated seeing Dawood shrugging her shoulders as if to look at it in front of her eyes.

“…Why, why did you do this…!”

“You have a sense of immorality.”


“Master, ah, no, being treated like this by Mr. Dowd is, well, very, very good…”


“I want to tell my sister, too…”

With a blushing face.

But with a pretty clear face, with that voice that melts with a passion that can’t be hidden, she mumbles those words.


While Lucien was on the verge of fainting, Dawood stood right in front of her with satisfied eyes.

No matter what the current situation is, the intended goal has been achieved.

‘…There is no special fast charger.’

The demonic energy of the white demon is terrifyingly filled.

It is said that the more ‘close contact’ is made with the subject, the faster the seal’s demonic energy is charged.

So she went to Yuria and asked what she wanted to pretend, and this was it.

Walking with her sister on a leash.


I feel like I need some kind of mental training later, but for now, this must be it.

A shadow suddenly fell in front of his eyes as he thought of such a satisfying thought.

It wasn’t that the sky suddenly turned dark, it was probably because a ‘huge body’ suddenly appeared in front of them.


Involuntarily, Dawood looked up and immediately flinched.

Because there was a being there that I never imagined to see in a place like this.

“…A cyborg?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t identify such an entity. You seem to have confused it with something else.”

Even the voice is a mechanical sound.

As Daoud blinked her eyes at the thought, her cyborg suddenly stared at her.

For Lucien, it was the movement of his gaze that suddenly brought him to his senses.

Aren’t you looking at her neck and then at Daud’s hand?

It’s as if you can see what ‘connects’ them.

“Ectoplasm leash. It’s a strange piece of equipment. To make such junk using so many high-quality materials. It must have a specific purpose.”


“May I ask the saintess why do you wear such a thing?”

Lucien’s face turned red as if it was about to explode.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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