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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 253

253. Confinement (2)

It really didn’t take much effort to kidnap Doud Campbell.

In advance, the incense that makes people fall asleep is lit in Dowd Campbell’s room, and they are dragged out and dragged to a room that has been ‘prepared’ in advance.

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Of course, it took a lot of courage to do such a thing, since the force this man has shown so far is brute force, but Faynol, who was fully charged with the demon inside, had no qualms.

“I will put him to sleep by any means I can.”


“If necessary, risk your life…!”


Aren’t you risking your life too easily?

I’ve already died once, so I don’t have any hesitation in saying that.

The emperor came up with such an idea, but isn’t the title of a buffered vessel just in vain? The combination of mana and demonic energy to succeed in eliminating Daud in an instant was certainly an achievement worthy of such a boast.

Rather than kidnapping the man, it would have been more difficult to renovate the room on one side of Elfante to your liking.

Of course, there was no doubt that it was an environment where His Majesty the Emperor could play an active role.

“So, Cecil. I know what you’re trying to say, but…”

The president of Atalanta brought out those words with an expression that he wanted to commit suicide.

“Each of the buildings in Elfante are ruins with historical value. It’s not difficult to rent, but it’s a huge burden in terms of procedures-“

“Well, say that His Majesty the Emperor ordered it himself.”

“…Didn’t you say that while you were here, you weren’t an emperor, but a regular student?”

“Even though he’s a normal student, that person in the imperial palace and I have a rather close relationship.”


“We ate together, took a bath, and everything was done. If you have any complaints, go there and argue.”


It is not known in detail what emotions the faculty members of Elfante felt when the head of the country had such a thug-like disposition.

The preparations for Cecilia XI and Fynol were carried out in a flash.

The three of us entered the room together after we put everything neatly to bed, even prepared our minds in advance. And even waking this man up.

The problem.

“…What are we going to do now?”

The atmosphere of Doud Campbell flying right in front of my eyes was that it was a reaction of a kind I had never seen before.


“…That’s it.”

Fenol and the Emperor stiffened at the sight of Daud in a state of ‘serious anger’ they had never seen before.

“I definitely said to bet on anything, but I didn’t ask you to commit such a ridiculous outrage.”

He was polite, his voice calm, and his expression terrifyingly clear.

And, paradoxically.

Because of that state, there is one fact that I feel even more certain about.

“Knapped and locked in such a ridiculous room. If I had said it outright, I would have left it blank. What the hell are you doing?”



Doud Campbell is terribly angry right now. It’s hard to even dare to make eye contact.

Fenol and the Emperor swallowed dry saliva at the same time and averted their gaze.

Otherwise, there was no way I could pull it off. That’s because the Daud right in front of me was spitting out terrifying anger.

“Don’t you answer me?”



In fact, even a word of apology would have a political meaning if you were an emperor, but there was no hesitation in the emperor spouting an apology with Faynol.

To be exact, I wouldn’t have been able to pull it off otherwise. That’s because the Daud right in front of me was spitting out terrifying anger.




The Emperor and Faynol felt very strange emotions in front of such an angry opponent.



What is it?

What should I say?

It’s the first time I’ve seen anything like this. Looking back, it wouldn’t be that pleasant.


The same thoughts were coming to the two of them here at the same time.

‘Why, why…?’

‘I can’t do this…’

The two of them gulped dry saliva at the same time as if they had hit each other.

‘This man is like this…’

‘Mr. Dowd is this far…’

Then, as if they were putting their hands together, the two put their hands on their chests.

It was caused by a heart that rapidly increased its heart rate.

‘Looks cool…?’

‘Was it manly…?’

Fanol and the emperor chewed on those words over and over again, clutching their thumping hearts at the same time.

It’s strange. It’s bizarre.

In front of a person who gets angry, I don’t know what to do because I’m more ‘in love’ with this one.

It’s like finding something new in a person you’ve always liked and knocking down your heart.

Actually, this man has shown himself a bit unreliable on several occasions.

Easily flummoxed, always easily stabbed, dragged here and there by the swing…

Of course, I already knew that he was a bit crazy, and I knew that he had a serious side when he did it.

It’s the first time I’ve witnessed such a strong and ‘manly’ appearance.

[…Serious, very serious. If everyone just puts the bean pods on properly…]

There was a blatantly ‘obsessed’ expression hanging over the two faces, to the extent that Caliban in the Soul Linker sighed.

Daud sighed even after seeing such a thing and jumped up from the bed he was lying on.

“This, how do I open it?”

When Daud approached the tightly closed door and said that with a hint of annoyance, the emperor flinched at the sound and opened his mouth.

Somehow, every time I hear that man’s cool voice, I feel electricity go through my whole body.

“…Well, it must be quite difficult to open from the inside. It is a door that I made at a special request.”

“…That’s right.”

In line with the emperor, Faynole hesitantly opened her mouth.

“Well, it won’t open until we receive some kind of ‘strong stimulation’…”

“What a stimulus.”

Fynol’s face flushed even more at the sound of the voice that fell again.

The more I listened to Dawood’s voice, the more my eyes began to loosen up, and I couldn’t be more restless with a redder face than before.

“This, rationally, should be called a little, dense contact, but I made a magic formula to only respond to that kind of stimulation and hung it on the door.”


It’s a way of speaking that doesn’t even show manners anymore.

Fanol’s eyes shook even more. It is not unusual for the focus of the eyes to gradually become blurred as the breath becomes quicker.

“Then, will something like this work?”

With that said, Daud stepped back and grabbed Faynol’s chin.


“I’ll give you back what I did before.”

With those words.

Fynol’s eyes widened.

Daoud held her chin and lifted her head, kissing her as it were.

As the barely perceptible situation crossed the center of her reason, his tongue gently lifted hers. It mixes soggyly, licks it, and rubs its body as if teasing.

It was a surprise attack that came at the perfect timing as all three moves continued like water. She’s so deft that she can do nothing but gasp at her bashful face, even as she had previously embarrassed Daoud to the brim with her surprise kiss.

‘This is dangerous…’

Surrender, capture.

The word, which seemed to flash red like that, flashed past Faynol’s flashing vision.

To a man in ‘this condition’.

The self in ‘this state’.

If you get a ‘kiss like this’.

As if begging, I have no choice but to say this.

“Do it, please do it…”

Faynoll said that almost through tears.

“More, please, what, whatever, I will…”

I didn’t know what he was asking me to do or even what he was saying himself, but one thing was certain.

I don’t want to stop here.

I want this man to enjoy himself a little more. I wish he could ‘enjoy’ himself a little more. He wants his very existence to be used as a tool to serve this man.

Please, please.

Do it.

Please do more. Don’t stop, go all the way.

“What is that expression?”

And at the sentence that fell coldly in front of him as if mocking, Fynol flinched again.

“You look like you want something?”

“Yes, yes… serve, let me serve…”


“Ah, ooh, ooh…”

“I won’t do anything more here.”

“…Why, why, why…”

“It’s a bee.”


“The bee that tried to wield this at will.”

Saying that mockingly, Daud released his hand from Faynole’s chin, and Faynall immediately sat down and gasped for breath.

It’s an excited face. It was clear that he had just said such an embarrassing thing and was not even aware of it. It looked like he was genuinely sorry for not being able to serve this man.

‘…This, nothing, what, reckless…’

The emperor looked at him with a reddened expression, twisting his body.

And I realized something intuitively.

The door that was firmly closed is half open.


Bondi, so, um.

Didn’t you hear that a door can only be opened when one person feels extreme pleasure?

He felt that he had only kissed him when he was sold out?

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Are you kidding?

You swore you would risk your life to squeeze this man out. Didn’t you say that one of the two would succeed no matter what?

Does it make sense to be defeated so easily…!

“And, Your Majesty.”


As I continued to think of such resentful thoughts, I suddenly heard a man in front of me calling me.

As he turned his head toward it with a trembling gaze, there was Daoud looking down at him coolly.

It was a high-pressure gaze that made her legs weak without even realizing it.

“Originally, I wasn’t going to go this far either.”

While saying that, Dawood approached her and gently lifted her chin with the tip of his finger.

Just by that contact, it feels like a tangle of ‘restraint’ spreads throughout the body.

The emperor who met that gaze realized intuitively.

“This time, I must punish you as well.”


They didn’t drag this man and lock him in the room.

Aren’t they locked in a room with this man?

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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