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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 212

212. Strategy (2)


A voice full of anger rang out.

The red devil’s blazing gaze flew towards me and stuck.


Like a growl.

Like a wounded beast roaring

“What do you know about me…!”

To know is to know.

It’s only written in letters in the setting book.

[…You’re very angry?]

‘It deserves it.’

Looking at it from the other side, a stranger pops out, steals your lips, and even hears strange comments such as making you happy.

‘Isn’t it amazing, Caliban?’


‘The devils are doing things that are so close to human emotions.’

This is something I remember saying to Kwon Sung-nim in the past.

Things called demons.

Really, it looks more like a human than I thought.

So, what I am about to do will definitely work.

“…I’m tired of dealing with you. “

While thinking about that, the image world began to change rapidly.

“A moderate amount of crumbling to death. On the topic of bug-like humans…”

The environment begins to wriggle. As if trying to surround me and devour me.


< System Message >

[ The ‘Seal of Fallen’ reacts to the devil’s presence! ]

[ Opponent’s aura is hostile. Inherent aura automatically resists! ]

Contrary to the intent of the other side, there is no such great change in my condition.

Instead, the seal on the chest glows. The muddy light flowing from that side blocks all the red light flying toward me from the surroundings.

Seeing that, the red devil’s eyes widened slightly.

“…It’s grey.”

Then, he forced himself to grind his teeth.

“To put a seal on a human. What are you thinking?”


Received the words with a sigh.

No, actually I really don’t know.

I know that this seal is an enormous item that changes my ‘race value’, and that it has all kinds of functions.

Something more than I thought… I also feel that an important ‘function’ is hidden.

It’s like laying a paving stone in preparation for a very important situation that will come later.


But the important thing in the current situation.

“What is certain is that I am not the kind of person who will die easily than you think.”

I’m not crazy enough to jump at the devil defenselessly.

It is a seal that has eaten all the demonic energy of the white devil, gray devil, purple devil, and blue devil. Even if you run into the devil directly in the image world, it will buy you enough time to resist, even for a moment.

“…So, let’s talk briefly.”


I calmly continue to speak to the red devil who is silently glaring at me.

As long as the seal’s power lasts, it’s like talking freely. After all, you can kill it anyway.

[…You’re going to defeat the devil with just that?]

‘Who defeated it?’

Answers with a smile.

In the first place, I came here to talk from the beginning.

I’m not here to fight.

“…Say whatever you want.”

The red devil crossed his arms and his eyes glowed.

The red irises shimmered in a magical way.

“When that duration is over, I’ll tear your soul apart and let everything go as planned. It can’t be stopped by the small pikes outside-“

“To burn the whole world down and leave Faynole alone?”


The Red Devil frowned and shut his mouth.

What I said was the part that got to the point of what this guy was trying to do.

Retrieve the main body of the demon in the void and turn the world into ashes, as I said, the first thing this guy built.

The reason.

“…Better to be alone than to be hurt.”

Nobody, ‘as before’.

Don’t hurt Fynol.

Erasing the object itself.

A small village in the countryside where you made your first enemy.

The second mage tower where the enemy was placed.

Either way, it’s clear that it will remain as a traumatic memory for Faynol.

From noble mtl dot com

If you think about your game knowledge, what happened to Paynol there?

It must have been such a terrible thing that this guy insisted that ‘it’s better to burn it all beforehand than to get hurt’.

The reason I couldn’t be harsh with this guy the moment I saw him was because I knew that past.

But, still.

“I will stop you from doing that.”


“Because he needs to know that the world is a wonderful place. When I say ‘make you happy’, that is included.”

The world is like that.

If you can go through terrible things, shouldn’t you also know that wonderful things can happen?

Just like I learned from someone before.

“…That is absurd.”

The Red Devil brushed his hair and took the word.

“What Faynol suffered, how much you crawled in the mud, how much you understand-“

“I am.”

Interrupting the guy’s words in a calm voice.

“Abandoned at birth, found in a trash can with the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck.”


“That’s my first memory. I kind of know what life sucks like.”

I am from now on.

I will convince this guy.

There is no point in just defeating the red devil. It is meaningful only when we know what ‘happiness’ is in the true sense of the word.

In order to do that, this guy’s heart has to be opened first.


“…Just a little bit, just a little while would be nice.”

As much as this guy, it would be okay to ‘show it’.

“Would you like to hear an old story?”

My old story.

If you are high enough to rise to the position of Archbishop in the Holy Land, it is certain that Archbishop Luminol is also a human being who has gone through all sorts of trials and tribulations.

And as a person like that, I can say for sure.

Doud Campbell is the most pitiful man in the world.

“No, so I’m the 91st?”

“I’m sure it’s only in your dreams.”

A blue-haired woman brandishing her fists in her gauntlets exchanges such a conversation with a woman holding daggers in both her hands.

While having such a conversation, the creatures of Pandaemonium that had been swept away by these two were falling like autumn leaves nearby.

“…Guys, don’t you guys actually get along pretty well?”

And Princess Tristan, who puts those words on top, and the black-haired girl next to her are also not easy.

The way they wield their swords is different, but the majesty radiating from the tips of their swords was such power that one could feel that both of them had entered the realm of masters.

“…This is a request, so please refrain from saying that, even as a joke, senior Elnor.”

“Hereafter alumni!”

And with those four people working together to continue the battle, even while having such trivial conversations, mountains of corpses are piling up around them.

It’s not a battle or anything. It’s almost like a joke, it’s just crushing the opponent.

“Me, Father.”

“What’s wrong, Lana?”

“…It’s a crisis that could end the world. I came to help after hearing that it was such a huge situation.”

Lana Rey del Bium scratched her head in embarrassment.

“As long as we need it, is this a black one?”


Archbishop Luminol didn’t even respond, he just stroked his chin in silence.

With the exception of the Hell Guard, quite serious creatures haven’t been released yet, but if you look closely, it’s a disaster itself, as Lana said.

The dimensional gates of Pandaemonium are opening. There must be quite a few people who will go insane just by listening.

By the way.

I can’t believe there are women who can subdue that easily.

‘…Even sympathetic.’

The man who did such a cruel thing to his daughter was said to be his partner, but such words had to come out.

I heard that all the women are fighting over a man named Daud.

Because living a life of walking a tightrope while being surrounded by these people must be so terrible that at least Luminol can’t imagine it.

“…Don’t relax too much, child.”

But that’s it.

As Luminol said, she turned her gaze to the red devil’s vessel inside the pillar of fire.

The problem is over there.

Since Daoud made contact with the other side, the vessel has been in a state of stillness, crouching in the air, unmoving.

If you look closely at those eyes, they’re out of focus, as if you’ve lost your mind.

At first glance, it may look like it’s been overpowered, but for that matter, the portals that open around it show no sign of stopping, and the pillars of fire aren’t fading.

If you leave it as it is.

It was a look that must have damaged the barrier of the chiangel spread around it.

“Candidate warrior, are you ready?”

“…Not yet!”

Elijah, whimpering and holding her holy sword with both hands, answered nervously.

It wasn’t just holding it, but it was as if she was struggling to operate her magic around her to ‘connect’ something with the holy sword.

“Don’t tell me! Because the teacher said that I had to somehow succeed in ‘communion’ with the holy sword…!”

“…Sorry about that. But I don’t think it’s going to be that easy.”

What is inside the holy sword is nothing else, but the power left by the angels of the other world.

There’s no way you can awaken it just by moving magic like that.

“Then could you give me some hints!”

“…Among the people who grabbed the holy sword in the first place, you are the first person who did not die and did not glow. It’s going to be hard to help. If the brilliance has happened even once, I can at least help guess the clue…”

At that, Elijah paused and looked at Archbishop Luminol.

“…A while ago.”

Then, she hesitantly took her words out and listened.

Somehow, it seems that it is very difficult to say.

“Yeah, you know. Thinking about the teacher, I think I’ve shined a little bit.”

The Archbishop Luminol’s eyes widened.

“…Then shouldn’t we just start from there? Thinking of that man, how? How did you think of it, and the brilliance arose?”


Elijah, with a slight blush on her face, took a deep breath.

Then, a voice that seemed to be crawling came out of her as she closed her eyes tightly.

“…Because I realize once again that Sensei is a very precious being to me… The light from the sword…”



Lana exclaimed.

“…Didn’t that just shine?”

At Lana’s words, Elijah opened her eyes and glared at her holy sword.


“When Mr. Elijah just said that, I saw her light up a little.”


Elijah looked up and down the Holy Sword in disbelief.


This is it?

Did you just say that?

“Why don’t you try one more time?”


Elijah responded with a dumbfounded voice to Lana’s words, but instead she tilted her head from Lana’s side and replied in a strange voice.

“No, the sword didn’t respond because you reacted to Mr. Daud like a girl in love. Are you trying to connect it with a strand like that?”

“…Are you kidding, kidding…?!”

She said that as Elijah shuddered at her, but Archbishop Luminol hurriedly responded.

“No, I think that’s right. In the name of the archbishop, that light just now must have been the brilliance of a holy sword!”


“Hold the strand that way and try it. Hurry!”

Elijah’s face was blushing rapidly at the seriousness of her playfulness, not even the size of her fingernails.

“Ugh… Ugh…”

“Elijah, cheer up! But I think you have to do it right now!”

At her continued urging, she managed to keep her mouth shut as Elijah shuddered in her shame.

“I… To me… The teacher… Is very, very cool…”

A light rose slightly inside the holy sword.

But it’s only a very dim level.

“Oh, it shines, but it’s a bit lacking! Try to be more explicit!”

“Oh… well, he’s cool… and sometimes, whenever he smiles at me, my heart pounds helplessly…”

The light flickers again.

However, it was still far short of being bright.

“More! With a little stronger words!”

“Hey, more here…?!”

“Yes! How much does Mr. Elijah love Mr. Daud!”

At Lana’s cry, Elijah’s eyes began to spin.

“Uh, how much… Uh,”

“Then you love that!”

Her eyes sputtered faster.

“That, yes…! Sa, I love you!”

As soon as she said that, her holy sword lighted again.

Confirming that it worked, Lana pulled out her oh, her exclamation again. That’s probably the reason why the sentence that followed became more radical.

“If you fall in love, you must have dreamed of getting married! How many kids do you like!”

“Uh, uh uh…? Oh boy?! Wouldn’t three or three be appropriate?”

“What if you have a first child!”

“Ah.. aaa, the first is a daughter!”

“Where would you like to have a honeymoon? Beach? Spa? Vacation spot?”

“…Oh, hot springs!”

“Why? Honestly!”

“Seo, you are in a much better body than I thought! Ha, I want to see you one more time!”

The questions that flew in succession became more and more radical, and Elijah’s sentences, barely holding on to the reason she was on the verge of missing as her eyes were spinning around, were becoming more and more radical.



Suddenly, the eyes around me were starting to fly in, wondering what they were doing.

Even the Archbishop of Luminol, who had been trying to pull the strands there, was staring at the two with his eyes narrowed.

However, in reality, whenever Elijah brought out her violent words, the brilliance that flowed from her holy sword was getting stronger and stronger, so she couldn’t stop it.

I hope that such questions and answers will continue to some extent.

“Then, what do you want from Mr. Daud?”

“To be honest, I wish you would pounce on me one more time–!!!!”

And it seems that such efforts are not in vain.

A bright light burst from the holy sword along with a sentence that burst out like a cry with a teary expression on Elijah’s face. The halo of light entangles around and creates intricate patterns.

And seeing that, Luminol’s eyes widened.

“The brilliance of the angel…!”

The pinnacle of all angels.

Since the pattern of the angel was drawn on the top of the holy sword.

“Father, is this done!”

“…Every time. However, among all the heroes of the past, there was no human who emitted the brilliance of a chiangel from a holy sword…!”

To the side of Archbishop Luminol, who brings out such words as if he had made the discovery of the century.

“…I… Will die…”

The voice of Elijah quietly sobbing spread solemnly to the surroundings.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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