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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 211

211. Strategy

[…What are you doing?]

In Soul Linker, Caliban threw such a sound.

Despite absurdity emanating from his voice.

Perhaps everyone would have a similar reaction if they saw a human literally biting off the devil’s bowl.


I don’t even have the energy to answer that right now.

Because Faynol’s cold gaze was fixed on me.

It looks similar to Elnor, who was consumed by the gray demon before. The rationality of the vessel is completely locked, and only the ‘evil appearance’ of the sculpture is exposed to the outermost surface.


And as soon as I met his gaze, I immediately fell away from him because of the eerie feeling that ran up my spine.

As soon as I landed on the floor, several swords made of flame pierced the place where I was.

[…If you hit even one of those, you’ll die?]

And Caliban, who saw the energy inside it, muttered that.

“Without room for objection.”

The vessel itself is an excellent mage who shows great strength in using magic, and it is also superimposed on the power of the red devil, fire.

It’s only natural that even if I’m in desperate need, I’ll be fatally wounded just by brushing against it.

If it hadn’t fallen just now, it would have died right away.

[If you’re going to do this, why the hell did you come all the way over there…?]

“I was so dumbfounded that the other side was interested too.”


“I meant to.”

I’m not joking, for real.

Ignoring the silence conveyed from within the Soul Linker, I looked at Faynol, who continued to stare down at me with an emotionless gaze.


It’s not me, it’s looking at the lion-shaped breastplate I’m holding.


At the same time as the red devil muttered, the flames swirling around began to focus here.

Yes, I aimed for this.

As long as you focus your attention on me by biting or whatever, it’s only natural that you’ll react like that as soon as you see it.

[Why did you do that…?]

“…You have to attack this side to create a gap.”

I wish I had been so absentmindedly focused only on increasing the size of the pillar of fire.

Honestly, there is no way.

As long as the holy sword, which is the only means of inflicting injury, is dead, even if I bring all the means available to me, I will not be able to make a valid blow there.

‘The thing to do is…’

As I said to Elijah in the first place, it is to create a ‘gap’ for you to finish.

To do so.

“We have to stick together one more time.”

Like I was hung up on by that guy just now, I need one more means of access.

[So, how to do that?!]


But, fortunately.

Fenol in this state is still able to deal with it to some extent.

They don’t come to kill me using their ‘head’ with reason, they move according to the ‘set pattern’.

At the same time, shimmering flames rain down overhead.

“It’s okay if you don’t get hit even once, right?”


Ignoring the silence that desperately conveys the feeling that this bastard is starting again, he moves on.

From here on.

It is a battle of memorization.

A wave of flames that penetrates a straight line. More than fifteen if you can’t.

I can feel the terrifying heat that makes me think that he is not a devil for nothing.

‘Four seconds.’

While muttering, he steps sideways all the way.

One. Two. Three. Four.

The flying spears narrowly passed me by.

Pattern ends at the 4th second.

The pattern that continues after throwing the spear of flame is a rain of fire pouring down from above.

‘Three seconds.’

One. Two. Three.

Runs forward without stopping during that time.

Pattern ends at 3 seconds.

The next pattern cannot be evaded. So accept



The gins of the forbidden arts, which had cleared the flames the other day, spread nearby.

The coverage is all over my body. In the form of wrapping 120 degrees forward.


The storm of flames that blew in front was immediately blocked by Jin.

Even within the wall of fire that stretched out around it, the fiercely hot energy collided with Jin and split it into two.

[…Aren’t you crazy, is this for real?!]

A scream like that came out of the Soul Linker.

[If you make even one mistake right now, you will die, you know dude?!]

That’s terribly true.


“Well, it wasn’t like that when.”

Replying indifferently, repeating the same thing.

Calculating the opponent’s pattern in seconds, calculating the appropriate movement, and inserting my actions into it.

Slowly, that’s how I approach Fynol.

As Caliban said, the moment you slip even once, it ends just like that, but it goes smoothly without slipping even once. Continue. Without stopping.

‘…Because I memorize everything.’

The patterns that this guy can show are memorized enough to memorize them even with his eyes closed.


I know this guy very well.

It is said that there are some things that you know about the elements in the game, but the red devil was special among them.


Most of the ‘strategy’ I’m thinking of right now comes from that side.

[…Are you plotting something again?]


[Give me a hint. Let me guess.]



“You know, there is a red devil.”


It was conveyed that he had an intuition that something nonsense was about to come out, but he continued his conversation with a smile.

“Looking is what I like the most.”


No, what.

Of the bowls around me, honestly, there isn’t a person who isn’t a beauty.

If I had to ask who sticks in my strike zone the most, it would be the Red Devils.

That’s why I’m memorizing information. I can see some detail.

[…So, what you like the most is what it looks like. What do you do with it?]

“One more hint?”

Prepare the breastplate while laughing.

What sleeps inside is Tatiana’s soul. The one who ‘connects’ me to Faenol the way I hope is a guy with enough capabilities.

“I was serious about what I said earlier.”

However, the meaning is slightly different.

I didn’t mean to bite and eat that guy.

I said it with a very metaphorical meaning.

[What is that…]

Before Caliban finished his sentence.

< System Message >

[ Enter the image world of the target ‘Red Devil’! ]

The clock was completely blacked out.

I always feel this every time I come in, but this is a very crazy place.

However, if you compare it to the image world of Liru or Balcasus that you entered before, this place is much more…

[…That’s terrible.]

I agree.

Looking at the surroundings that are burning bright red with a bitter smile.

What melts into each landscape is a terrible level of pain, remorse, and heartbreaking grief.

Life is pain.

The world of images, as if to say so.


Caliban, who had been watching that scene quietly, suddenly opened his mouth again.

[I tried so hard to get inside, but I don’t see anything special. What are you going to do here?]

“Find me, Caliban.”

If you are a spirit person, you will be able to easily find your way.

From noble mtl dot com

“There must be a path to the deepest-“

“You don’t have to.”

Before you even finish the sentence.

With someone’s voice, my consciousness is dragged away.

Go deeper.

To a deeper place.

Into the innermost part of the world of images.

And what’s there.

“…You’re out of your mind. To walk into the imagery world where demons exist at your own will.”

A woman in red was staring at me from the inside of the pitch-black space.

This is the first time I’ve seen it ‘materialized’ like this.

“…Are you the Red Devil?”

Unlike other demons, this guy was usually silently subdued by Elijah in the game.

It’s the first time I’ve seen ‘talking’ like this, not a set-up painting.

“I never gave a human permission to call me that.”


Unlike the other devils, it is clear that he has no affinity for me.

Everyone rushed at me, saying things like Seobang-nim, Master, and Pet.

This guy is almost treating me like an insect.

“…Was it courageous or stupid.”

While thinking about that.

The red devil continued with a sigh.

“Did you know that since you came inside, you could do anything to me?”

Those words fell out of nowhere.

“Unlike the material world, which can be liberated at once after death. Is it possible to completely destroy the mind by slowly inflicting terrible pain in an eternity of time?”

That’s what I mean.


Answers with a smile.

“I don’t intend to be treated like that. You probably won’t be able to do that either.”


I stretched out my hand right away to the red devil who blankly asked such a question.

Thanks to being right in front of me, it wasn’t too difficult to reach him.

If it was sudden, it would be a sudden action.


The guy wasn’t taken aback at all, just slightly frowned.

It’s not that the response was delayed, it’s that it’s troublesome to respond.

Certainly, as he said.

In this world of images, there are literally no rules. That guy must have almost divine powers within him.

No matter what harm I do to this guy here, it won’t have much effect, so he’ll just ignore it and return whatever terrible thing he did to me.

From there, I was wrong.

I had no intention of hurting this guy from the beginning.

Grab the guy’s arm. Pull his body

The center of the red devil tilts sharply and leans toward me.


If you think about it.

Once upon a time when I was being taken care of by Faynol after I was overworked, I was beaten by him.

So, I guess I’ll have to give it back.

As it is.

Kiss the red devil.

Without the slightest hesitation, I tightly hugged him with one arm around his waist.


At first, the red devil, unable to accept the situation, looked at me with a blank expression.

Licking, sucking, and excited sighs intermingled between movements are repeated several times. Saliva is mixed.

“…! …!!!!”

A frightened guy is trying to push me away. It must have been a movement that came out of instinct level before I was so flustered that I could think of anything.

[…The players are done.]

I heard Caliban’s voice in a daze.

It’s a sad story. I also lost a lot of lips here and there. You can do this skillfully.

But it probably won’t be this guy.

“…! …?! ……?!?!?”

It was only then that he seemed to have remembered that he had control of this space, and the red devil, who flicked his finger once and dropped his position, gasped urgently.

A thread of saliva, evidence of kissing me just now, stretched slightly down the palm of my hand.

“What, what, what…!”

Covering his mouth with both hands, he grinned at the red devil, who flinched with an expression full of confusion.

“…You really can’t kiss. Is this your first time?”


One curious thing.

Because it’s a red devil, it’s all red.

I can see that as soon as I heard what I said, a blush of shame rose up in my face.

“I don’t know if you remember. I promised Faynol before.”

I don’t care, I talk to the guy who can’t keep up with the situation.

“I make you happy.”

So, please don’t die.

I’ll save you.

Obviously, that’s what I said.

And there it is.

“That’s a story that includes you too.”

And a very simple strategy derived from it.

Red devil. The guy who doesn’t even eat my gift. Unlike other demons, he doesn’t show a clear crush on me, and he’s so blunt that he doesn’t even care about me in the first place.


But I mean.

It’s a woman.

Among them, it is a demon high with the highest evil tendency.

In that case.

‘Wouldn’t it be okay to flirt?’

Without the help of gifts, with my own ingenuity.

It should be captured.

[…It’s really like you strategy.]


I agree in many ways.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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