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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 210

210. Expedition (3)

The deepest part of the Church Headquarters.

A room where the emperor resides.

In a place where no one except for a few of his closest aides could enter, the emperor smiled softly and opened his mouth.

“Everything is going according to plan.”

Across from that sentence, a woman wearing a mask sat with her legs crossed.

“The rampage of the Red Devils, the terraforming of the nearby area, and even the movement of the ‘key’ are all flowing as planned.”

Beop, who had been watching the video through the crystal ball embedded in the center of the table, spoke calmly.

Inside it, the situation near the pillar of fire caused by the Red Devil was being played back in real time.

“Perhaps the half of the empire, Drakhan and ‘Lion Heart’ are aiming for that side too…”

There is a high probability that you are also watching the video that looks like this now.

It’s not just one or two people who are targeting that man.

“Couldn’t we be the ones who will be most ‘useful’?”

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For the ‘Paradise Plan’ I am drawing, the existence of that man who holds the means to control all demons is essential.

It’s not called the ‘key to the world’ for nothing.

“Well, in the end, I agree that whoever touches it first will benefit.”

While the emperor thought so and glared at Dawood inside the crystal sphere, the linguistic master answered with a carefree tone.

“The other side is also destined to be loved a lot by people who are dark inside. Is not it?”


It was a sentence to curse at the emperor himself, saying that he was black inside, but the emperor only snorted and did not say anything else.

“…By the way.”

Because I was more concerned about the other side than that.

“What’s the problem with your chief?”

The emperor’s bewildered voice flew towards the talker.

Again, the Seer didn’t show any reaction, just staring blankly at the ceiling.

There was no doubt that he wasn’t paying much attention to what the emperor was saying.

As if he was upset about something, as if he really liked it.

“Ah, never mind this side. It’s just that I was blown away by the wind.”


“I asked the guy over there on a date, but he said he was in a bad mood because he was rejected.”


The emperor lost his words for a moment and looked in that direction.

I’m picking up excuses that would come from any teenage girl.

In fact, even the Seer, who had been silently listening to it, seems to be dumbfounded.

“…Don’t talk nonsense, Talker.”

“I don’t deny it.”


Looking at the Seer who kept his mouth shut again, Beop looked at the Talker and the Seer alternately with disbelief.



Who is the head of the devil worshipers?

“…Don’t care about that.”

The Precursor continued with a blunt voice.

As the talker said, he didn’t deny it until the end.

“As you said, everything is going as expected up to this point. All that remains is for that man to subdue the Red Devil.”

That continued.

“If the seal of the Fallen Heaven eats away the magic of all the demons except for the brown ones, then it’s real.”

Except for the Tribal Union, which had settled down by completely supporting the other side, the board was going to start rolling in earnest from then on to who would ‘take over’ that man.

Doud Campbell, who swallowed all demons’ demons once.

Because it’s sure to be a unique existence on all continents.

“…Even though it’s only one episode.”

The visionary’s gaze fell upon the glowing seal on Dowd Campbell’s chest.

“I will become the closest human being to omnipotence.”

Its value is undoubtedly irreplaceable.

Both its value and ‘risk’.

The person himself may not be able to directly realize it.

“…But, well.”

The Emperor’s eyes then narrowed.

“Can you really solve the situation right now?”

The bowl of three pieces is running out of control, and the whole world is fluctuating in real time due to the magic.

If left alone, it would really turn the entire material world into a Pandemonium-like appearance.

Just as we saw the candidate for the hero, the level of demonic energy that is difficult to even get close to, even if it is quite powerful, is in the middle of it.

The vessel of the red devil in the center was emitting demonic energy that would make you blind just by looking at it.

“…This much even though it’s not gray.”

The emperor said that in a slightly trembling voice.

A demon that did not even come into contact with the main body. And not even the strongest among them, just one of the seven demons. An existence that has not even recovered its “Body” And is still taking human form.

Any of those things is this powerful.

‘In other words.’


In the first place, not taking any hostile action even though there were other humans nearby was an action that came out because he was sure that no one here would pose a threat to him.

But you’re going to win against that?

“You will win.”


The Seer gave such an answer sternly.

With the sign that there is no room for stock.

“Do something. You will definitely survive this time too.”

Those pupils then shone darkly with a subdued expression.

“The ability to properly kill that man is limited. And the red one can’t fit into that shaft.”


As the emperor was frowning at the words that sounded full of confidence, the image of Daud pulling something out in the video suddenly caught his gaze.


The emperor looked at the equipment Dawood was holding in his hand and muttered that.

If you look back on your memories, it’s an item used by certain humans who were on the Empire’s side in the past.

Did you say Guardian?

“Anyone who has ever ‘killed’ a bowl has a pretty special ability.”

To the words muttered by the Emperor, the Seer added one more word.

“A Guardian who once entered the Red Night Situation will be able to create a special situation.”

“…Special circumstances?”

“Isn’t it something you would recognize?”

The Seer smiled and continued.

“That’s a sacred object with a soul inside. Will there be any special effects?”

“…No, but.”

The emperor said with a slight frown.

“To use the holy relic correctly, you will need a priest with proven abilities.”

And, it is clear that a human with the ability to do so in the Holy Land would not even approach that area under the order of the emperor.

Anyway, the ‘battle’ between the hegemonic powers will intensify around that man. It would be better to save at least one manpower.

Then, that’s just a bright apricot. I can’t possibly use it…


The Seer smiled and accepted the words.

“I don’t think you’re a man who brought something like that without preparing anything like that, right?”

At the same time.

Into the crystal sphere, two other voices echoed in succession.

[Wahhahahahaha! Mr. Dawood, isn’t it a big crisis right now!]

[Honey, honey?! It’s dangerous, so step back!]

After confirming who the owner of that voice was, the emperor’s expression wriggled violently.

“…Archbishop Luminol?”

“…It’s starting again.”

“I agree.”

At Elijah and Elnor’s muttering, Lana tilted her head and said,

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, I haven’t seen that much, have I?”

Elijah replied, shaking her head.

“…I’m sure he’s not used to saying sh*t like that.”


“When something happens, I get impatient because I can’t do something crazy like that. That human.”

“…I can hear everything.”

He is talking about people like crazy people who are full of eccentricities.

I grumbled with such thoughts.

“Did you say no?”

Rather, the answer came back like a growl.


“I like you sir, but I can’t deny this. Are you able to live a normal life, really?”

“…You only get one chance. You have to do it without mistakes.”

“Look at me, me. It’s disadvantageous, so I turn around.”

Ignoring Elijah’s scolding, she speaks with a serious expression to Riru, who is ready to ‘throw’ me.

“Are you confident?”

“…I’m just throwing it in there. I’m confident and I can’t even sleep.”

Li Lu replied with a look that her headache was rising.

What I ordered from this side is to throw me straight into Faenol inside that pillar of fire.

Ah, sorry. With my catapult in Elfante, I don’t even have to-

“Another crazy thinking expression…”

“…Archbishop Luminol. Please make sure that the ‘activation of the holy relic’, as promised in advance, is done at the correct timing.”

As I tried to turn my words away from the bruises that were flying again, Archbishop Luminol replied with a wriggling expression.

“…I see.”

“If you succeed, as promised, I won’t tell my daughter that you are a human-“

“I understand that.”

Archbishop Luminol hurriedly cut off his words, then looked to the side of him with a frown.

“…How do you stop that?”

On that side.

A ‘something’ that was burning so red that it hurt my eyes was nestled within the pillar of fire.

An overwhelming presence that silences everything around it just by pulsating on the spot.

Even in the midst of exuding such a presence, the demonic energy exuding from her body continues to grow.

“…I don’t think I’ll be able to fight.”

Elijah muttered those words as her hand that held her holy sword trembled slightly.

“Were the demons this powerful?”

“Still, I will stop it.”

As I answered with a smile, Archbishop Luminol frowned even more.

“…So, how?”

“I told you.”

Prepare Riru with hand gestures and give a simple answer.



She snaps her fingers.

It was a ‘signal’ that had been pre-arranged in advance, and Li Lu violently threw me at it.

While his body bounced off like an arrow, he slowly watched Fenol’s reaction.

Until now, no matter who roasted or roasted anything around, the red irises that remained fixed only in the sky.

For the first time, look at ‘me’.


Continued, the level of hostility that made the whole body go cold.

The guy who hadn’t shown any reaction before moved his arm and pointed at me for the first time.

I don’t know what I’m trying to do, but he seems to have vaguely noticed that it could harm him.

A huge flame spreads around as if exploding.

So far, it is a movement that strongly feels the intention to simply push me away rather than burn me.

As expected.

This guy is more docile than I thought.



I have no words other than that.

For a human who is said to have caused the Empire’s worst disaster, the Midnight Crisis, the actions he has taken so far are too docile.

And that’s the one I’m trying to stab.

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And if it’s not a move to ‘burn’ me in earnest, but just to push me away like this.

Even if you use only the forbidden magic of Balcasus, you can deal with it.

The golden strokes engraved on its body shine. Anything that comes within the range of effect activates a spell that can temporarily incapacitate even a demon.

Thanks to that, the flames that were rising towards me stopped for a moment. It means that I can get close to his body without losing much of the physical energy that Riru threw at me.


I reached in front of Fenol, whose expression was slightly twisted.

Grab the guy’s arm ‘as if hanging on’.

He squinted his eyes slightly and twisted his hand.

I’ve broken through this guy’s behavior once with my forbidden arts, but honestly, that doesn’t mean anything in the current situation.

From this guy’s point of view, a flying fly flew in, and he swung his hand to drive it away, and it felt like it landed on his arm. There is such a level difference.

Even if I got this far, there is nothing I can do to harm this guy.


A person who feels displeasure when he sees a fly sitting on his arm can immediately try to kill it by detonating it.


Seeing the flames that began to roar with vicious force around her, she muttered that in a voice filled with a sense of danger.

I don’t have much time. You have to do your work quickly.

He fidgets with the lion’s breastplate, which is tightly held in his arms.

The goal is to insert this into Faynol’s ‘heart’.

In order to do so, the necessary actions are…


Open your mouth wide.



Fynol’s arm stretched out towards me.

Bite it with your mouth.

Like biting into meat. Like trying to eat it.


Elijah said in a bewildered voice.

“Did you mean that by eating?”


A silence that seemed to agree with the guy’s muttering spread around.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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