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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 213

213. Strategy (3)

Whether Elijah’s self-esteem was shattered or not, the situation was unfolding in real time.

Particles converge within the brilliance and begin to form a human form.

Six pairs of wings. Halo floating overhead. Hair that falls down to the ankles. White clothes that cling to the body.

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It was a typical appearance that anyone could say was the stereotype of an angel.


As soon as Elijah, who was sobbing, saw him, he said that without even realizing it.

No, this.

Somehow, I ate a crab.

‘…You look a bit like me?’

It’s not that she’s overly self-conscious, and even looking at herself, it feels like she’ll look just like this if she grows her own hair for a few years and grows her hair long.

Looking at it with a strange expression, the chi angel, who had been keeping her eyes closed since she appeared in the radiance, slowly pushed her eyes up.

That gaze soon met Elijah.


Elijah involuntarily broke out in a cold sweat.

No. Looking at that gaze, I know for sure.

This is, she is a completely different being from her.

It’s ‘something’ so overwhelmingly huge that she feels like her ant. I feel that pressure.

[Is that you? What woke me up.]

“…Uh, yes, that…”

At the sound of jade marbles rolling on a tray, Elijah barely opened his mouth with a strangled voice.

What should I say? An angel spoke to me…!

[A cute kid shuddering in shame, I ate well~]


[I was annoyed because all the other warriors were boring, but this time…]

The angel looked Elijah up and down her. As if she were even doing a ‘praise’.

The gaze seemed to linger a little longer on her breasts, on her waist, or on her buttocks.

[…I’m glad in many ways~]

At the sound of a satisfied voice from the crescent-eyed angel, Elijah involuntarily backtracked.

Obviously the wings, the halo, and all the angelic features. It’s a subject that looks similar to you to the extent that it’s strange.

When I just said that, the creepy s*xual harasser vibe emanated from my whole body.

A chiangel?

This is it?

‘Are you kidding me?’

As Elijah involuntarily remembered that thought and looked at the grinning angel, he raised her hands above her waist and looked around her.

[Well, I think we should slowly introduce ourselves from now on…]


[…Right now, it looks like there’s something to be ‘cleaned up’?]

Her eyes shone sharply.

Anyway, whatever the atmosphere is.

This is Chiangsa.

The existence that stands at the pinnacle of all the angels in the other world.

If the demons are the kings of Pandemonium, the chiangels are the rulers of the underworld.

[Shall I try my best?]

And the sight that unfolded along with those words clearly showed that such a title was not given in vain.

Contrary to what he said, it was clear to anyone that he did not wield his power with determination.

I just lightly squeezed my hand in place.



The Archbishop of Luminol muttered something like a moan.




With only the brilliance that erupted from clenching his fists, all the dimensional gates that existed around him shattered all at once.

All Pandemonium creatures nearby were crushed to pieces in an instant.

The earth, which was stained with soot full of sulfur, is also ‘purified’ in an instant.

I’ve heard that if a demon’s existence with its powers unleashed changes the surroundings to something similar to Pandemonium, angels have the power to purify them just by existing.


In the other world, all beings have limited influence on the material world.

But, even with such enormous restrictions attached, it’s still this powerful!

‘…The only being in all dimensions who has reached the phase where he can match the number of demons.’

The archbishop of Luminol trembled as he pondered that he had not been given such a title for nothing.

And, to put it another way.

In the current situation where there are several ‘devil’s bowls’, there will be few people who are not affected by such beings.

“…Ugh, ah.”

YuRia, who had hardly said a word until now, saw her and hugged herself.

Tension, fear, discomfort, hostility, hatred.

This kind of experience, in which all of those things flowed together, was a torrent of negative emotions she had never felt in her life.

Seras and Rirudo all staggered in confusion as if they were experiencing similar emotions.

It was a gesture that clearly showed that they couldn’t figure out why this feeling came so suddenly.

And, above all.

There was a human who felt the most intense emotions.


She replied as El Nore narrowed her eyes.

As soon as I see her, it feels like poisonous air is emanating from the vicinity of my heart that makes my head pound.

To the extent that it is difficult to control the energy pouring out from inside the body.

The whole body is screaming. Go over there right now and tear that damn thing apart. To erase its very existence from the world.


The feeling of being unable to live with the same sky, as soon as I saw the existence of the chiangel, intensely dyed my brain.

[…Seems there are a lot of angry kids?]

The chi angel looked around and laughed.

[Anyway, the Pandaemonium kids are always anxious to eat us when they see us? I’m scared to death, very.]



It seems that the person who said that is also glaring at the bowls around him as if he were going to eat them.

But before Elijah could point it out,

Because Faynol’s body bent suddenly and violently inside the pillar of fire.

It looks like it’s wrapped around its head and buried between its legs.

As if he was sad about something.

As if she buried her head in her lap and sobbed.


When Elijah opened her eyes wide and said those words, the angel who had been staring at her smiled again and accepted her words.

[Ah- that’s it. Unity.]


[It’s a combination of minds. Perhaps, deep inside the world of images, he is sharing even a very strong sympathy with the ‘key’ and bowl over there.]


Elijah looked up at her angel with her pale face.

I wanted to know what it meant to call Dawood the key, but it was more important what it meant to have a deep rapport than that right away.

[No, it’s not what you think~? Perverted~]

“…I don’t know what you mean, Archangel.”

[Don’t say no~ It’s written all over your face~]


The way she flies in the air and pats Elijah’s side while talking with a smirk is quite sarcastic.

Isn’t she trying to put her to shame in the first place? I just hate her personality.

[Well, but.]

As Elijah chewed on that sentiment, her angel’s gaze shone sharply again.

[…This is the first time I’ve seen it again.]


[That’s the sound of the devil being ‘shaken’ during communion. It showed the emotional gap.]

In other words.

You could say “I was persuaded.”

It means that the devil, who was going to burn the world for his own ends, gave up his will halfway while talking to that man in the depths.


What sight did you show me?

Are you saying that humans persuaded the devil only through conversation, without any violent means?

“…Oh, come to think of it!”

Elijah looked at her magical wrist watch and said it urgently.


Daud said that around this time, he would make a ‘gap’ for Faynol.

I don’t know exactly, but it would be reasonable to think that Faynall’s sudden display of such intensity is a ‘signal’.

“Chief Angel, lend me your strength!”


“The teacher said that we should subdue Magi at this time! As the owner of the Holy Sword, you must seal that demon!”

[Well, that’s not difficult…]

The angel’s eyes fell upon Daud, who was also kneeling and motionless in the pillar of fire.

[…Later, I need to find out a little bit about that man?]


Even in the other world, there must be many people who would be interested in such an existence.


Scratching his head with a look of embarrassment.

“Caliban, are you crying?”

[…Shut up.]

A sobbing voice came from within the Soul Linker.

Seeing that he doesn’t deny it, he seems to have cried a little.

Actually, Caliban’s condition is a bit serious, but the appearance of the red devil doesn’t look so normal either.


The red devil said that in a trembling voice.

“Even after going through all of this. How could you…”

“…Are you all right?”


The unspoken positivity has returned.

Receives words with a bitter smile.

“I’m not all right, honestly.”

I’m still scared.

I’m afraid I’ll see someone around me get hurt. I’m afraid I’ll see a rough look.

I’m afraid I’ll die.

But, still.

“Still, like me, I can live to the point where I look fine. I can change Faynol.”

Not all of them have been shown.

However, I showed all of the fragmentary images.

A brothel. Orphanage. Bum. Survival. Murder. A life of living today by selling tomorrow of rubbish rolling around in the mud.

And, salvation.

At the end at the end.

A life-changing impact from a very small favor.

If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have been able to live a decent life.


It shows that Fynol can also ‘change’ just like me. With that intention in mind, I just showed this guy some of my ‘past’.

“…Now, can you trust me?”

And I’m just giving Fynol a little of what I’ve received from others.

Of course, if you look into this guy’s past, he’ll be full of bullsh*t. The fact that the red guy claiming to be this guy’s ‘protector’ had erased all of his senses, so there’s a strong possibility that he thought it would be better.


He looked at me without saying a word.

Probably, you won’t be able to photograph trust all at once. No wonder.


My ‘old self’ I just showed this guy.

At the very least, the promise I said, ‘I will make Fenol happy’ will be given plenty of persuasion.

Because I went through exactly the same process.

“…This child.”

The red devil said in a somber voice.

“If I ever have to cry again. If you get hurt If you are not strong enough.”

However, the wick stuck in the voice must be very hard.

“I will come back anytime. “

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Devils are extremely devoted to dishes.

Though it’s a trait that’s very helpful in examining its identity.


“…Don’t worry.”

Answers with a wink.

“With you, kid. Both of them will make sure they never get away from me.”


“I said it before, but you can slowly get to know it from now on. Each other.”

But by showing my past, I am convinced that we have opened our hearts to each other.

All that’s left is to spend time with this guy and get closer.

Including Phenol.

Wow, two flavors in one body.


The red devil glared at me silently.

As I said before, strangely.

It is very strange that even though the whole body is bright red, the feeling of flushing on the face can be clearly identified.

“…I’m dying. It’s like playboy trash.”

Looking at that figure, I laughed inwardly.



‘Isn’t it a little cute to see him?’

Everything he does feels a bit like an orthodox tsundere.

Looking is my favorite thing, and the motivation to gradually build up a crush in the future is definitely-

[Has your brain melted?]


[To the devil who killed me, what, cute?]


That’s right.

It was the wrong thing to ask.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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