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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 198

198. The Last Trial (2)

The Chrysanax family was a cowherd family attached to the outermost edge of the empire.

The most similar sight would be Baron Campbell’s territory, which I’ve been to before.

A place ruled by a baron with a peaceful impression unlike Dowd Campbell who causes ripples here and there.

Elijah’s parents had a similar impression.

A friendly neighbor. A respectable adult. To someone, a precious family that is second to none in the world.

When I think of my hometown, the first thing that comes to my mind is the blue sky and endless green meadows.

Under the soft moonlight, the blue color continues endlessly.

‘…Ah, this.’

It’s a dream.

It is a sight that has no choice but to clearly recognize such a fact.

Vegetation swaying in the breeze on the hill, the cry of a newly born calf yesterday, friends playing together, the voice of a mother calling her to come in from the hill to eat.

Those memories. Memories.


Elijah looked at her own house on the hill with her dead pupil.

What will happen after this?

Because I know terribly well.

“What is that?”

“A spark?”

Something blooms in the next town, which can be reached by walking for half a day.

Red energy soars from the other side of the sky.

Burning fire.

A huge pillar of fire that can be seen from far away.

I remember the heat that made my hair stand up, even in my dreams. As if the sky is on fire, the surroundings are shaded by the blazing flames.

At this time, she remembers what she said very clearly.


I don’t know why she said that.

However, it must have been clearly noticed even with the senses of a child who doesn’t know much about it.

The magic that rises from that pillar of fire, the ominous feeling that her life will be completely twisted.


I unconsciously called the person I depended on the most in the world.

“Uh, uh uh?”

“Is it getting bigger?”

If it’s a pillar of fire originally caused by an explosion of something, it’s fortunate that it rises once and then fades quickly.

However, until the people in the village came out one by one and saw it, felt strange, and eventually felt uneasiness and fear.

The pillar of fire was still there.

Red light from the flames was scattered around the dark surroundings.

As if the sky was dyed red.

As if the whole night was being swallowed up in red flames.


I remember that my parents, who were watching the same way, also moved at the same time.

Even with a confused expression, they are rushing this way to take care of Elijah.

It is clear that she had the thought of protecting the young Elijah, even with her head that could not understand what the current situation was.

I don’t care what’s going on, and I’m going down the hill as hard as I can.

Her mother, who was usually ill, tripped and fell over and over again, but she doesn’t even care about that.


Elijah looked at him with her still dead eyes.


Like this.

Starting from both father and mother calling her name anxiously.

Because it is ‘beginning’.

This moment is always the most painful.

I can’t even close my eyes because it’s a dream.



Something bounces from the pillar of fire.

It is swallowed up.

Vegetation burns. He can’t even scream, and other children around him are engulfed in flames. Daisy who built her sandcastle like yesterday, Hans who confessed to her that he liked her with her stupid face, and her bakery owner who always gave her a bonus with a friendly smile.


It turns to ashes and disappears.


Those who couldn’t even scream and disappeared in one fell swoop should be said to be fortunate.

The smell of burning flesh is thick. An ear-splitting scream echoed around, as if hearing it would make your legs weak.

My parents died. The child is dead I cry out for my mother to be saved. Please, I beg fervently to save her child.

Misfortune pours down.

In just a few seconds, the idyllic and peaceful village was destroyed in an instant.


It’s a dream though.

I feel nauseous.

Elijah unknowingly sat down. I hugged my trembling body and looked up at the sky.

Pillars of fire.

That huge disaster that dyed the whole night red.


And within it.

Although it’s that far away.

A human figure in the center of the pillar of fire caught Elijah’s eyes.

Over my head

Blood-red hair. Long toenails. Yellow eyes with torn pupils reminiscent of reptiles.

As soon as our eyes met, only one word came to mind.

“…The devil.”


The moment the red night began.

My memory of that scene was always darkened by it.

Woke up drenched in a cold sweat.

A lodging provided by the Seonghwangguk side near the place where the final ordeal will take place. The luxurious bed in it was drenched with her sweat.

Elijah gasped for her breath and swept her own face.

She was sweating so much that what appeared to be an almost transparent film washed down her face.

My heart beats fast. Her head hurts and her vision is dizzy.

“…I haven’t slept lately.”

She is a dream she has hardly had since she met her teacher.

Strangely enough, she feels relieved in many ways when she’s with you.

It’s a dream I’ve had every other day in the Margrave of Kendrid, but it’s so strange.


And the reason why she had the dream again must be clear.

Recently, I saw one more look that reminded me of that fire.


Fenol Laipek.

A woman who conveyed the feeling of a red devil.


If that woman really is the devil’s vessel.

This means that the enemy of Cheolcheonji is right nearby.

It is also easy to check.

All you have to do is look there once with the eyes of the truth that Kwon Seong awakened.

It is the ability to see through the existence of demons more accurately than anyone else. With that, you should be able to figure out in an instant what was sleeping inside Faynol’s body.

If that’s not the case.


Elijah looked down at her own trembling hands.

No doubt.

Not yet, myself.

That demon is scary.

The devil who turned her whole life upside down in one day.

“…It’s okay, Elijah.”

You will get over it soon.

The final ordeal is coming soon.

If she can hold the ‘sacred sword’, she will be able to fight against it somehow.

Elijah stood up from her seat with a determined expression on his face.

There are only a few hours left before the ceremony.

You should prepare soon.

< Quest Info >

[ Main Quest ]〖 Chapter 4- Red Night 〗

[ Related events coming soon! ]

Switches to another window.

[ Notification of person related to Gift ]

▼ Phenol Laipek

[ 3 Levels of trust ]

[ D-1 until related events occur ]


He stroked his chin as he skimmed through the messages that were lined up.

I knew it was going to explode eventually. Of course, it’s not particularly surprising that this guy’s rampage was predestined.

If it’s a problem.

‘…Why tomorrow?’

In the original work, it’s normal for an accident to happen today, right on the day of the Holy Sword Awarding Ceremony.

The time has been delayed as I have increased my affinity with Faynol, but the last line is today. There’s no reason for it to explode after 24 hours or more.

[Sometimes things went according to your plan. Since there is a variable this time, shouldn’t it be enough to deal with it ad hoc as always?]

“…It won’t be so easy this time.”

The ark of the three-piece devil’s runaway is different. Minor variables can be tolerated, but it is unacceptable that the timing of occurrence is different.


If there’s a reason I guess, there’s only one.


“Now you know that too.”

It’s always the guy who forcibly raises the ‘difficulty’ whenever difficulties arise.

If there’s a reason why progress jumps out of the knowledge I know, it’s definitely him.

I sigh as I look around the bustling surroundings.

Originally, inside the Great Temple of the Holy Kingdom

‘…He’s plotting something again.’

This is how the emperor was originally. In terms of insincerity, even compared to me, it’s not that bad.

The reason why people aren’t allowed in is probably because there’s a conspiracy.



Guessing that way is something I can do later.

Right now, the concern is the other side.

“…By the way, Caliban.”

I narrowed my eyes and glared at the Soul Linker.

From noble mtl dot com

“Are you up to something?”



[What do you mean by decorating? Do you have any delusions?]

I just stare in that direction without saying a word at the virtuous reply.

There’s nothing unusual about it. It’s always Caliban.


“…Me and you are connected by spirit. Yes?”

[By the way.]

“As much as you can know something about my state of consciousness, I can feel something about your state of consciousness.”


“By the way, it feels a lot… different from usual, doesn’t it? Do you have something to hide?”

[It’s because of my mood.]


[It’s because of my mood. Do you have proof?]

Not really.

I have a heart, but no physical evidence.

“…Write it…”

I quench my appetite and stand up.

Well, the main quest is right around the corner.

Because right now it’s more important to prepare for how the Precursor comes.

“…Don’t do anything too weird. You know?”



I heard there is nothing to decorate.

You crazy bastard.

Seras Ebatrice stared blankly at the human in front of her eyes.

Actually, he’s the first person I’ve ever seen. He’s never met before.

It’s funny to talk about being human.

Because the other person introduced himself as a dead human.

“…So, your name is…”



Valcassus’ eyes narrowed when he saw Seras leaping up with teary eyes.

[…Didn’t you have the grand title of Grand Assassin?]

He was scolded for how ugly this was, but Seras didn’t care and replied still trembling.

“Why, why is Grand Assassin afraid of ghosts!”

[…No, I think I could fill a cemetery just by collecting the people you’ve killed so far…]

“You can’t kill me!”

[…Are all things that can’t kill scary?]



The answer is very clear even though they are shaking.

‘…That’s a pretty simple standard.’

If you die from being stabbed with a knife, nothing is scary, but if you don’t die from being stabbed with a knife, anything is scary.

Somehow, from the first time we met, he said he would listen to me.


Valcasus sighed again and continued.

[The business that came to you is simple. Simple but serious.]


Balcasus unleashes the ‘plan’ that Caliban had created on her.


The more ‘delivered’ content continues, the more it continues.

The fear faded from Seras’ expression.

It’s a very serious look to settle down instead.

“…Surely, this is a bit serious.”

Seras muttered with narrow eyes.

“The red devil runs out of control?”



Then we should stop it.

[This is probably what was delivered to everyone else besides you.]


The devil’s bowl.

But, as Caliban insisted. A more efficient word here…

[The other women around Doud Campbell.]


[A crisis is an opportunity. You’d understand just by hearing the story, but this time too, it must be wrong for that man to get through his work safely. So I hope you guys can help me.]

“…Hmm. Are you hiring me?”

[If you look at the form, it will be like that. There will be something else as a reward.]


[It’s a skirmish. The most helpful guy this time will do something nice with him.]

“…Anything good?”

[Do whatever you want to do. Did you even sleep?]


I hope you don’t talk crazy with a liberated look.

But let’s think about it some more.

A question mark appeared on Seras’ expression after hearing that.

Somehow, it smells strange.

Is Daud the kind of person who would readily agree to such a thing?

“…Did you say that yourself?”

[The condition is that you inform us of your weaknesses.]


[Not the way to subdue it physically, but the way to get that ‘heart’. That’s what everyone is ultimately aiming for.]

I mean, it’s long.

Daud’s own doctor must have been left out.

“…No, it’s kind of like doing something like that without listening to the person’s opinion…”

[Then, does it matter if another woman takes it?]


[Even if you refuse, there are many people who will act right away if you hear of such a weakness. Could the warchief’s daughter, who had a fight with you a while ago, take it away right away?]

“…Are you provoking?”

[That’s right. Just imagine. Would it really be okay if something like that happened?]

The intention is clear. You could call it a cheap provocation.



Seras closed his eyes for a moment and imagined.

In front of her own eyes, the blue woman crouched beside Daoud with a triumphant smile.

Looking at that figure while trembling himself.

The two of them biting, sucking, hugging in front of him, mingling at the end-

“…Who should I kill?”

The effect of the cheap provocation was very good.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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