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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 197

197. The Final Trial

Archbishop Luminol’s day has rarely started on a good note these days.

As for the cause, everything goes back to one guy.

‘…That bastard…’

He frowned even more as he recalled the human he had recently seen during the hero selection ordeal.

Dowd Campbell.

It is a name that has a great influence on the vertical decline of his quality of life these days.

There are piles of paperwork in front of my eyes that I still have to deal with, but it’s so hard to concentrate.

‘Where did such an absurd guy come out…’

He already knew that he was a human who kept an eye on even the emperor, but he didn’t know that he was such an eccentric human being.

Because every time I saw it, I was dumbfounded by its jingling survivability, which seemed to come out alive no matter when it was stabbed in any situation.

‘The final ordeal is coming soon…’

Actually, there is no such thing as an ordeal.

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It’s the end of giving the holy sword once to those who proved their ‘qualification’ in the previous trials.

Ironically, this must be the most dangerous of all the ordeals.

The holy sword.

A weapon called the most powerful holy relic since human history.

This item was used by the first warriors to seal the ‘body’ of the demons in the void, and it was an extremely dangerous item that would kill those who did not qualify as owners to lose their lives just by touching it.


That is the same as saying that Lana should also give the item to her at least once.

No matter how much his daughter has a unique constitution that never dies, as a father, I don’t want to see that kind of thing.

“Father, are you there!”

While I was thinking about that, a cheerful voice resonated outside the office.

Archbishop Luminol also had a voice that made me smile softly.

Your own daughter. The meaning of life for him. A purpose to make the world a little better.

“Welcome, Lana-“

The words of Archbishop Luminol, who was about to say hello, were firm.

“Well, is that enough, Mr. Dowd? He asked me to be alone with my father, so I brought him…”

“Sure. Thanks, Lana.”

“As promised, he buys me a very popular super-sized cake later. Promise me!”

“As much as you like.”

Although she is her own daughter, her nerves are also strong.

How could he introduce himself so calmly to the person who put him in such a situation?

As Archbishop Luminol stood quivering in her thoughts, Lana stepped out of her office and a man strode in front of her.

The attitude of coming to my house is to pull out a chair across his desk without permission and sit down on it.

There is no such thing as respect and courtesy.

“Nice to meet you, Archbishop Luminol.”

“…I’ll tell you here and now why you shouldn’t use offensive miracles, but.”

“This is a confession from the assassins you sent to me. I recorded everything.”


“That the client is you. That he infiltrated for the purpose of assassinating during the hero selection ordeal. There will be an uproar when it is revealed, right?”


You picked up the crystal with a look of disbelief.


It was recorded that the assassins, with their eyes wide open, confessed everything, including the plan and the ‘evidence’ that there had been such a request.


The Archbishop’s face went white.


They are all trained pros. They would rather bite their tongues than kill themselves.

The eyes of Archbishop Luminol, who thought so, suddenly caught something.

In those eyes, a white aura.

There was no focus, but I can feel the ‘aspiration’ towards the other person straight.

As if I was enchanted.


The Archbishop of Seonghwangguk is a person that can be trusted and entrusted with the work.

They can defuse most spirit magic. All equipment provided was of the highest quality.


But if it’s a mental ability that’s strong enough to make it look like this.

“Did you use the power of the devil?”



The emperor. I’m sure he warned me that this guy might do something like that.

But he always said ‘I can do it’, and being able to use it freely like this wasn’t even within the expected range!


A guy who can ‘control’ and use the powers of other demons, there hasn’t been a single guy like that since the beginning of history.

Because if there was, there would have been a cataclysm that would change the history books!

“I just came to ‘talk’.”

“I have nothing to say to you-“

“You must be there.”

Daud cut off Archbishop Luminol.

“If you don’t want her private parts exposed in front of her daughter you care about.”


“Sending me an assassin wasn’t all. You must have done dirty things many times while rising to that position. Isn’t the country called Seonghwangguk originally like that?”

As the Archbishop of Luminol, these were words that could only make his body tense.

“…You. How far do you know?”


Daud asked nonchalantly.

Still, it was a calm attitude.

“Wouldn’t it depend on your attitude from now on?”


And then, there were two spirits watching over them.

Souls inside Soul Linkers rarely run into each other, but if there is an opportunity, they can ‘face’ each other in this way.

Looking at Dowd Campbell’s face, which turned Archbishop Luminol’s face white, it’s possible to look at each other’s slightly worried faces.

Use blackmail to turn the situation to your advantage. This is a look that the man has shown several times.

But for now.

Although the ‘gyeol’ is a little different from then.

“…What is it? “

Valcasus brushed his hair and asked in a mixed voice.

It was the first time the two of them met like this in the world of images, but even so, they seemed to guess what the topic would be like as soon as they saw each other’s faces.

“Boy King, let’s talk frankly and openly.”

Actually, the topic that Caliban brought up with a sigh was not much different from what he expected.

“Was he that rotten guy?”


Valcassus didn’t answer and frowned.

That gaze was fixed on Archbishop Luminol, who was sweating profusely.

And then to Dowd Campbell, who was looking at him with an expressionless expression.


I don’t know everything because most of the time I spend sleeping inside the Soul Linker, but I still have a good idea of what’s happening to that man lately.

I asked the gray demon for the seal of the Fallen Heaven, and I heard that the value of the race is gradually moving away from humans.

‘…The one who saved the kingdom. He said he would grant my wish.’

I still remember.

The day he was first ‘reaped’.

The day he promised him that he would save his people and complete the revenge he had failed to fulfill.

At that time, he said something to him.


You said that you and I look alike.

He said he wanted to show goodwill to someone who resembled him.

A person with such a heart.

That level of human teeth.

The thing that has changed to that kind of look now.

It was a look that never aroused pleasant feelings in him.

“To make me listen to you by threatening you with your daughter. No matter how bad the opponent is, isn’t the method too harsh?”


“Apart from that, just think of what he did to that woman named Tatiana.”

“…Chief Tatiana has committed undeniable evil. That’s for sure.”

“Then, even more so. Shouldn’t that guy and that guy be the same?”


“As far as I can see, there’s not much difference between that guy and that one.”

As Valcassus fell silent, Caliban spoke again in a somber voice.

“That guy changes faster than I thought.”

Those words fell out of nowhere.

“That guy always tends to look at events in big chunks. Whatever it is, think about the outcome ahead of time and make a plan, and if it’s to achieve that goal, don’t hesitate to run into it.”

“…It used to be like that.”

“Still, I kept the minimum line.”

At the words of Balcasus, Caliban retorted with a sharp voice.

“It is said that the way of thinking is changing, such that it doesn’t matter if you use anything as long as you can achieve it now.”

“…If so, what are you talking about?”

I am already aware of this.

Nevertheless, I am the one who enforces it.

“A well-intentioned trap.”

Valcasus let out a deep sigh.

“You must be thinking that such a self-destructive sacrifice is good for yourself.”

You look like a stupid man.

What is the point of not caring about being buried in static while trying to save everyone else?

I can feel it more clearly because it is someone who has been described as ‘resembling’ by myself.

As a human being who had buried all the people who served him right in front of his eyes, he immediately understood why he was doing such a thing.

This is almost like being scared.

I don’t know when.

That man clearly remembers losing a person before his eyes.

I’m sure it will remain as a trauma deep enough to set the mechanism of action, tucked away deep in the heart, deep in the brain.

If it’s an action that comes out for that reason, it’s close to impossible to break one’s stubbornness no matter what.

“No, there is a way.”

In front of Balcasus who thought so, Caliban’s words fell again.

“You have to keep what you say.”

“,,, Hmm? What do you mean by that?”

As soon as he heard that, a grin spread over Caliban’s face.

“Because Gee told Elijah once. If he thinks he’s crossing the line, he’ll come to his senses and make it right.”


“Our job is to create that opportunity.”


I don’t know if it’s because of my mood.

Somehow, it looks fun.

He seemed to enjoy the fact that he could bully Dowd Campbell more than anyone else.

“…So, how can I use it?”

“In the meantime, he was a bit frustrated, actually.”

Being swung around by women he can’t handle.

On that subject, he said that the other side was incomplete and dangerous, but he was trying to protect himself.

In the process, she doesn’t even care how much she gets hurt and broken.


There is only one thing I need to show you at this point.

“From my point of view, just going backwards is enough.”

“…What do you mean, that.”

“As much as she wants to protect others, she just needs to make sure others know that she hates getting hurt.”

Those words came out one after another.

“If you show how ‘loved’ you are to women, it will be fine.”


“It’s not always possible to do everything alone.”

The sentence sounds plausible.

For some reason, I have only an ominous feeling.

“You only need to do one thing.”

“What is it?”

“Please contact the demon vessels I am talking about. One guy, he…”

Caliban smiled as he remembered someone for a moment.

“…I’m probably beating myself up right now because of the guilt. If it’s your forbidden technique, you’ll be able to reach it somehow even against a spiritual body.”

Yes, it is certainly possible somehow.

During the time he was sleeping without communicating with Dawood in Soul Linker, his marital skills were getting stronger than before.

Now, it was possible to transmit thoughts independently even in the spirit body without going through ‘the person’.

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The problem.

Why are you doing this?

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.”

With a smile on his face, this reply came back.

“…You. I don’t know what you would think if I said this.”

Valcassus opened his mouth with narrow eyes.

“Somehow, aren’t you starting to resemble that person?”


“The bizarre way of thinking, the slyness that comes out of your smile, it’s completely the same as that one right now…”

Caliban’s expression hardened rapidly.

It seemed that he had heard a very severe curse.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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