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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 196

196. TA (2)

Tatiana Grazel is a priest who served the ancient gods of another dimension.

It would be natural if she served powerful beings with such an old curse, but her spirit does not easily yield in the face of tolerable difficulties.

It was clear that her strong mental strength, of course, also increased her ability to adapt to situations that suddenly came upon her.

‘…This is…’

She looked around her with difficulty.

A pitch-black space filled with black.

My head is blank.

Looking through the last remaining memories…


She immediately shut her own mouth.

Her head was separated from her body, and the sensation of rolling on the floor came up through her nerves.

It’s definitely a memorable scene.

A black monstrosity in front of her own eyes. That’s how she split off her own head in one blow.

He himself is dead.

Dear Dowd Campbell.

“Eup… Ugh…”

She immediately covered her mouth at the rising nausea.

Fortunately, even in such a situation, her strong mental strength continued to analyze the situation.

‘Imaginary world… Is it…?’

That was the conclusion I came to after looking around.

A floating sensation that cannot be found at all in the material world. All physical stimuli coming from the whole body are faint.

I’ve heard that this is the feeling of a ‘spiritual body’ that has entered the mental world that is only known theoretically.


The problem is, why are you here?

That’s also the one who died some time ago.

“Oh, looks like it went well.”

As she recalled her thoughts, her voice suddenly sounded hateful.

It is a voice I will never forget.

“As expected, it’s Dean Walter. It’s the second one, but it’s very tidy, isn’t it?”

Especially since she’s the one who took her life!

“Dowd Campbell…!”

She growled and called her opponent by name.

Then, a vicious fraudulent spirit of death began to flow through her body.

It seems that the power she has accumulated throughout her life has been preserved intact even in her spiritual body.

Although there is no magic tool that can refine this power, the forbidden knowledge related to the curse she accumulated is still valid even in the spiritual form-

“Yes. It should be fine like that.”

Dawud yawned.

“Otherwise, there is no use value.”

With those words, Daoud snapped his fingers.

At the same time.

Violent pain throbbed through her whole body, as if burning her spirit white.

I think my leg is cut off. The skin seems to be torn. Things on the inside seem to be tearing through her body and bursting out.


She let out her desperate scream and wrapped her arms around her head and her whole body.

It is a sharp pain that makes me lose control of my body and roll around on the floor like an insect. A terrible pain that cannot be prevented even with strong mental strength that resists physical or mental pain.

As if.

It’s like experiencing someone’s ‘death’ as if you were alive.

Indeed, from the following words it was clear that the guess was very accurate.

“That’s what you did to Li Lu’s family.”

Clan Garda.

Those whose bodies were sacrificed to her ‘ritual’.

“I asked Balkasus to implement it as similarly as possible.”

They said that they ‘experienced’ her senses as they felt when they died.

Daud Campbell calmly continued his explanation.

“You bastard…!”

She gnashed her teeth again.

Blood from bloodshot eyes rises. I want to rip that man to death right now.

But before he could utter a curse, Daud snapped his fingers again.

It was a different sensation from the pain from before. I feel my body burning. Sensation of rupture of limbs. The feeling of breaking your head when you fall from a high place and hit the floor.


I feel nauseous. Saliva drips from the corners of your mouth. All she could do was let out a moan of pain from her pale face.

“From now on, I will recreate each and every sense of the people you killed.”

Ahead of her appearance, Daud continued with a calm expression.

There is no inspiration in her appearance. As if it was ‘normal’ for her to suffer like this.

“If you want to stop being bullied, just promise me one thing. How is it?”


Even while Tatiana’s expression became bloody and bloody, Dawood answered without a change in expression.

“Obey me. Instead of the Precursors.”


“Serve me in your place.”

Even while his whole body was suffering from terrible pain.

Sparks flew from Tatiana’s eyes.

Because the words she heard now were words that could never be tolerated.

She glared at Daoud with a venomous expression.

“Why don’t you try it…!”

I don’t know anything else.

Even if you kill her a hundred, thousand, or hundreds of thousands of times.

Her loyalty to the Precursor never wavers.

The best benefactor in life. To her, she is, in fact, the one who can be called her mother.

But, to serve the man who betrayed him and killed himself?

It would be better for the whole soul to be tormented in this pain for eternity!

“Well then, whatever. As you wish.”


Even though her desperate atmosphere was overshadowed,

Still, Daud continued with a level tone.

“I wonder how far that oath will go.”

I never waver.

She closed her eyes tightly.

No matter how vicious this man was to her.

No matter what terrible things happen to you.

Her spirit never yields!


Then, with the snapping sound of her fingers.

Again, a terrible sensation swept through her body.

A feeling of tentacles wriggling inside the blood vessels throughout the body.


A scream that couldn’t bear to come out flowed like a moan from the inside of Tatiana’s vocal cords.

“Ah, that, uhh–!!”

“This time it’s the death of Allan Bar-Thor. It will hurt more than before.”

The voice of Doud Campbell continued.

“I learned it not too long ago, but the laws of the mental world are different from those of the physical world. I can do this to you over and over without being constrained by time or physical limitations.”

For a man who was speaking really bloody words, he still didn’t blink an eye.

“I’m not kidding when I said I was curious about how long it would last.”

With those words.

Again, the finger snapped.

Again, again.



Tatiana’s scream echoed endlessly into the world of images, as if responding to it.

How long has it been since you suffered from terrible pain?

Tatiana’s spirit was sinking into the depths.


Consciousness settles.

To a distant place. A scene that makes her ‘will’ that supports her in this torture, buried in her most precious place beyond her memory.

-Oh, are you a survivor? Are you still breathing?

-… Captain. Are you interested in this guy? I think I’ll die soon anyway.

-Ah, all the clans under the sea are powerful witch doctors. Don’t die like this

Memories of the first day I saw the Precursors.

Tatiana, a girl who was washed up naked on the beach, remembers her warm hand as she took her back.

Despite her grotesque appearance, she remembers her face wearing the mask, which felt strangely cozy.


She also remembers the answer that came back to herself when she groaned those words to her partner who was carrying her on her back.

-Um… I can’t tell you the name. Everyone who knows that is going to die.

-… Huh…?

– Call me a pioneer. Because that’s it.

The sole survivor of the day when the tribe in the sea that served the ancient gods was purged by the hunters of the tribal union just because it was ‘sinister’.

Full of scars, with nowhere to go. A girl who was only waiting for her destiny to die.

The Forerunner accepted it without any conditions. She nurtured her strength. She created the conditions for revenge.

Her consciousness sank further.

The perspective shifts to the memory of the day she truly served the Precursor as her ‘new master’-

“Ah, finally.”

And during that process.

There is an intruding voice.

“I found it.”


The inaudible voice made Tatiana’s spine chill.

In the memory of herself and her predecessor.

To her ‘conscious memory’ that no one will be able to enter.

I hear the voices of others.


Tatiana raised her head in amazement at the sound of her voice in her head.

In front of her eyes was her Dowd Campbell, looking down at her as she lay on the floor.

There was a soft smile on her face.

Her look was a smile with a hint of insidiousness that made her goosebumps all the time.

“No, there’s one person around me who’s very familiar with the ghost state. There’s also one master of magic who did more than you, but no less.”

With those words, Daoud reached out and touched her head.

At the same time.

The memory of the first meeting with the pioneer was ‘erased’.


Tatiana hugged her own head in astonishment.

It was a clumsy move, but her mind was in such a state of shock that she couldn’t even think of it.


I don’t remember.

That warm touch. The first face I saw. Even our first conversation.


As if it was smudged.

“Precious memories become will. They enable humans to exercise their limitless mental powers.”

Daud removed his hand from her head as she said that while her eyes twitched wildly.

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“I thought that if you tortured it endlessly, you would definitely come up with something like this. Just like everyone else. As long as you remind me of such a thing, you can interfere even there in the world of images.”

Calmly, explain.

“Torture is a means to that end.”


Aware of this man’s intentions, Tatyana’s eyes were stained with astonishment.

“You… You… You… The devil…”

She said those words in a trembling voice.

The expression that never wavered despite the severe torture is broken.

Tears form in my eyes.

“Me… Me… My, ‘existence’…! Whole, to twist it…!”

Mind manipulation. Brainwashing.

Her purpose is not simply to give her her pain.

The purpose is to take away all of her ‘memories’!

“No, not really.”

To her scream-like cry, a mocking reply flew in.

“I’m just doing it ‘because I can use it’. You did the same when you killed the Li Lu family, right? To the point where you brought the people you killed.”

With those words.

Daud’s hand gripped her head again.

“Ah… Ah…”


One more memory is erased.

On the first birthday congratulations from a pioneer, black food is sprinkled.

Then, again, a hand rests on her head.


Another memory.

The memory of her day when her predecessor praised her disappears.

As expected, the memory of the day she hugged her tightly, saying that she was my family.

“No…! Please…! Stop…!”

Another memory.

Another memory.

Everything is erased.




How long has the moment when you can’t even scream have passed?

Tatiana suddenly realized a terrible truth.

I can’t remember.

Like a dinner a long time ago.

There was a precious person, a precious person, a person I wanted to serve even with my soul.

By the way, that’s it.


Tatiana fell to the floor with her white face.

The physical pain I was experiencing just now was no longer a problem.

For now.

Her ‘soul’ was completely sucked out.

A feeling of emptiness like that filled her whole body.

“…No way.”

Tatiana crawled across her floor as if she were wriggling.

Even in the midst of endless pain, she bows her head, which she has never lowered.

I bow my head to this man. Gets down on his knees. If asked to do so, he would even lick that foot.


She begged in a thin voice.

“I’ll do anything, anything… If you want me to be a slave, I’ll be a slave. If you ask me to be a plaything, I’ll gladly serve…”

With sincerity. With the hope that you can give anything you can give.

“Please… Don’t take… This…”

As much as the memory of her that she cherishes with all her heart, please.

As for the wealth that forms her ‘foundation’, please.

I begged and prayed again.

Even when her vision is blurry from tears, so that her voice can move this man’s heart even just a little bit.


Those words fell indifferently.

“I won’t erase it. I didn’t intend to do that from the beginning.”


Tatiana looked up at Daud with a brightened expression.

“Instead of.”

At the end.

“I’m going to overwrite it.”

His expression immediately turned to despair.


“It’s covered.”

To Tatiana whose eyes had been erased, Dawood reached out her hand again and touched her forehead.

“I won’t erase your memory. Just.”

To Tatiana, who has an expressionless face like a doll and continues to shed tears.

A declaration like frost fell.

“I only change the object of your allegiance from ‘the pioneer’ to ‘me’. Did you erase your memory for that too?”

To the memories of the pioneers painted with ink.

The existence of ‘Dawud’ is painted over.

This man takes the place of the pioneer. That’s what it means to be brainwashed.

Tatiana, seeing Dawood saying that, finally had a hunch.

This man, from the beginning.

That he had no intention of showing mercy to himself, even to the extent of her nails.

“…The devil.”

At the same time as those words came out of her mouth like a moan.

Tatiana’s consciousness went out.

After a while.

In the image world, Tatiana Grachel was trying to lick her feet.




Valcassus and Caliban looked at me alternately with this guy, looking stunned.

What this guy felt was probably an eternity, but in reality it was only 15 minutes.

This is how to use the world of images. A time axis that rolls completely differently from the material world.

You did well to ask Walter.


“Ah, ah… Master…”

“Wait. No.”

“Ah, uh, ah…”

He looks up at me with a desperate gaze.

Because I’m begging you, there’s a sign in his eyes that he wants me to lick him just once.

As expected, it seems that this guy’s plan to ‘overwrite’ me with the loyalty he dedicates to the pioneers worked successfully.


It doesn’t feel like it worked too well, though.

‘…Wait a minute.’

So, doesn’t that mean that the pioneers have been subjected to this kind of thing every time they try?

Isn’t he really a crazy pervert?

“…You say that?”

“…I agree.”


The gazes of Balcasus and Caliban flying from the side are stinging.


“No, at this point, I honestly thought it was a state of art. You are an admirable man, my dear.”

“I agree, boy king.”


To be honest, this time I was aware that I had nothing to say even after hearing those words.

Nevertheless, I had no choice.

< Iten Info >

[ ▲ Tatiana Grazel ] [ Processed ]

[ Specialty: Curse ]

[ Form: Spirit ]

[ Machining Options ]

▶ Subordinate to Familiar

▶ Applies to items as enhancement materials

▶ Resummoned in full form (disappears after 1 use)

It is not a good option to give an item an enhancement material. Tatiana is basically a guy who can be used over and over again.

In that respect, re-summoning that disappears after one use is also dismissed. It’s better to subjugate it to a familiar that can be reused many times if possible.

The problem is that if you want to subjugate a familiar, if you don’t have ‘your consent’, most of your stats will be reduced as a penalty.

It’s meaningless unless you use it voluntarily.

“…So you brainwashed your whole mind into obeying you voluntarily?”



“You’re a bad guy. You don’t feel guilty about doing this, and how nice it is.”

At least, if you think about what you did to Li Lu, it’s cheap even if you do something like this.

I felt at least guilty when using Lana, but she really doesn’t feel anything against a guy like this.

“…Well, there was a bit of a tendency for you to be downright bloody against enemies. It’s been like that before, and now it feels like that’s getting stronger?”


Well, that’s it.

It must have been influenced a bit by what I did in the past.

The things I used to do before I became possessed by the game.

Caliban sighed heavily and said.

“Anyway, what are you planning to use after making it this far?”

Haven’t you already answered that question?

“Did I tell you before this?”

Carrying the lion’s breastplate containing Tatiana’s soul into her arms, he continued her words.

“After this, there are people who go to Seonghwangguk to see.”

Bishop Luminol.

Before the ordeal begins, he is the one who needs to make the final decision.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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