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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 199

199. The Last Trial (3)

Prime Minister Sullivan looked down at Fynol with serious eyes.

“Are you really okay?”


Fay Nole said, covering her face with her labored smile.

It was a very natural work, thanks to being forced to ‘live’ by the red devil, and surviving half of my life by faking emotions.

Of course, even with her acting skills, she couldn’t suppress the ‘phenomena’ she was experiencing.

Near her body, red flames that she couldn’t contain intermittently pour out around her.

Like a human with a genius for handling her magical powers, she immediately extinguished the pouring fire, but Faynol knew very well what this was.



The fragments of the demon she held as a vessel for Fynol leaked out of her body.

It’s getting harder and harder to control.

‘…So suddenly?’

Fey Nole recalled the thought, panting for her breath and sweeping the pulsating energy from her heart.

As he built up his affinity with Dowd Campbell, his ‘control’ over the devil’s power was gradually expanding. To the point where he hopes that if he continues like this, one day she will be able to control her demonic energy and enter her eternal sleep.

But at some point.

It feels like the pieces are struggling to get out of her body. As if they were ‘reacting’ to something and going wild.

‘For what…?’

I don’t have a single reason to guess.

The time limit of one month, which was initially bet on him, hadn’t run out, nor had her heart toward him subsided.

“…You just have to hold out until the ordeal to select the warrior is over.”

Fay Nol opened her mouth with a hard laugh.

“Because that man, he said he would do something after that time.”

Just before the final ordeal began, these were the words Faynole delivered.

Even if it gets a little difficult, try to endure as much as you can.

Then he’ll come to her rescue himself.


Hearing those words, the chancellor opened his mouth with a serious expression.

“Eat this first.”

As he said that, Fynol’s eyes widened when he saw the item the chancellor held out.


It is a form of medicine that I remember hearing that it was used in the East.

A product made by rolling medicinal materials into a bead shape.

It is not easy to see, at least on the continent.


Anyway, since her chancellor is what she’s offering, it’s not like she’s trying to harm her.

Thought so, Feynall gulped it down.

“… Huh?”

As soon as he did that, he felt the pain that had been tormenting his whole body instantly disappear.

This is absurd. Do you think there is a drug that can suppress demonic energy?

“…How does a drug like this… Exist?”

“I got this from the linguistic master. He said he would need it sooner or later. It is so precious that even the person himself cannot make it twice, so he added that he should handle it with care.”


As soon as he heard where he got it from, Faynol frowned.

“Prime Minister.”

Fynol cautiously opened his mouth.

“…I am truly grateful for accepting me.”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden, you?”

“You accepted me under the Inquisition even though you knew what I was carrying. I am always grateful.”

She looked Sullivan straight in the eye.

“However, I feel I have to tell you this much.”

Faynol continued with a serious look.

“No matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to have a connection with a Precursor.”

That, a human called a pioneer.

She is a black mass of death.

As far as I feel every time I look at Faynol, nothing else comes to mind.

“It’s hard to be the head of the devil worshipers.”

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Actually, not only that.

More than Sullivan, who often feels like he knows something about the ‘future’, you feel like you know a lot about this ‘world’.

In this field, Fainol feels that he is comparable to Dowd Campbell, who is the highest peak.

“But it is true that this will help you right now.”

Having said that, Sullivan put down several more pills she had taken earlier.

“If Daud… Says he has a plan, I believe him. He is a man who has never failed.”

Sullivan sighed and continued.

“But it is true that you seem to need help right now. If things go on like this, really big things might happen.”


Fenol looked down at the illusion in front of him with uneasy eyes.

She said that she was entangled with that woman, so after all, I don’t mind.


‘…I hope it ends soon. The final ordeal.’

Right now.

It is true that there are no special numbers.

Fynol sighed and brought his hand to the fan.

“…Hey, Caliban.”


This time, the answer came back naturally.

“I know you’re up to something.”



I don’t even show signs of trying to hide it anymore.

At this point, I almost feel a headache.

“…What the hell are you trying to do?”

Thinking that way, I glared at the window in front of me.

< System Message >

[ The ‘Red Devil’ bowl is just around the corner! ]

[ The bowl of the ‘Purple Devil’ is just around the corner! ]

[ The ‘White Devil’ bowl is just around the corner! ]

[ The ‘Blue Devil’ bowl is just around the corner! ]

[ ‘ ̶̘͛͑̊̇̆́̃͋̏̆͘͝͠C̵̡̹̖̙̭͖̈́̓̐̈́͐¾̸̧̥̬͇̹̘͕̠̮̩̙̎ð̸̞͖͕̻̙̋̇̇̔́̀́́́́́́̚͠͠ ͎̥͎͍̲͔ ̷̨̨̣̭̭͓̱̼͚̮̼̭̟̱̾̄͑̈́̋͝’s bowl is just around the corner! ]

I understand the first line.

Because the person in charge, Faynol, is right nearby.


By the way, what about the other things?

Seeing that the Seal of the Fallen does not respond, it seems that the ‘magic’ is not coming out directly. Then at least you won’t have to worry about going out of control right away.

But that doesn’t mean you can be relieved.

“Are you really sane?”

It is already a catastrophic level to have such a number of devil’s bowls gathered in one place.

Not even humans have such a low chance of running amok, but even one runaway could ruin the situation.

[Don’t go overboard.]


[Most of the reason why the bowls run out of control is because of you. Yes?]


[In most cases, people lose their reason because of the torrent of emotions going back and forth because of you.]

I don’t think so… I don’t.

But why is that?

[So this time, even if I collect them all at once, I won’t go berserk. I made it that way.]

“…Why are you so confident?”

[Enough. Believe me once.]


[I can’t make plans like you know everything in advance. I am the one who has rolled the people who ate the most knife in the empire for over 10 years. If you’re sure, there’s a reason for everything.]

I’ve said this, but it’s funny how they tackle me further.

In the first place, if things go wrong when you collect this number, everyone present here will be swept away.

Hey, it is said that even Elijah, who is wearing a tense face right before being bestowed with the holy sword, is included.

“…I will trust you.”

Once Elijah is given the holy sword, most of these situations can be dealt with.

‘…The one I was most wary of was him…’

The Precursor intervenes before Elijah is recognized by her Holy Sword.

The problem.

[ Notification of person related to Gift ]

▼ Phenol Laipek

[ 3 Levels of trust ]

[ D-1 until related events occur ]


Looking at it again, it’s strange.

Why tomorrow?

Originally, it should have exploded today, right?

‘…Well, that’s not a bad thing.’

It is not an exaggeration to say that this chapter will be over if Elijah is given her holy sword no matter what.

Holy Sword + Elijah is a combination that has been said many times, but it is a combination that becomes powerful enough to be able to fight against gray demons later.

From the moment you first meet them, their power is guaranteed to some degree.

[You seem very confident?]


The holy sword belongs to the current generation of warriors. There’s no way other guys can get their hands on it.

At least as far as I know, in Sera’s worldview, there is no guy who can even come close to the title of a warrior except for Elijah.

Even if it includes me possessed by this world.

[So. Is that a holy sword?]


As he answered that, he looked at the ‘rock’ Archbishop Luminol brought with a tense face.

[…A rock?]

“Because just touching the holy sword will kill unqualified people. Or get a serious injury comparable to that.”

At Caliban’s words, he shrugged his shoulders and answered.

“That’s why I move it by carrying it with a rock pole with a holy sword attached to it.”

[…So are all those people waiting?]

Look in the direction Caliban pointed.

I’m not kidding, there was a corps of priests that could be revived if they didn’t die. Including Bishop Luminol, who brought the holy sword.

Looking very nervous at the personnel carrying the rock. From that point of view, you must have seen numerous people who accidentally hit the sutra after making the wrong contact with the holy sword.

[…It’s a ridiculous treasure.]

As soon as he saw the holy sword on top of the rock, Caliban said that.

If you simply look at the shape of the sword, it wouldn’t be easy to understand that.

Maybe it’s because it’s a visual that won’t feel out of place even if it’s mixed in the middle of clutter in a warehouse.

Of course, all such appearances are deceptive.

‘…That’s the strongest attack item in this world.’

While thinking so, I looked at the worn-out sword without a single decoration.

It is an item made of the same material as the star iron that was previously placed on Yuria.

However, even compared to that, its purity makes no sense.


I’ll admit that the ‘presence’ of that sword is extraordinary, even in the eyes of someone I don’t know.

It’s as if you’ve been ‘cut off’ from the world and are flowing in a lofty way.

And the person observing that.

Anyone who has reached the level of being able to grasp ‘supernatural ability’ with their own eyes will start to moan as soon as they see it.

That sword has the effect of dispersing all kinds of ‘supernatural powers’.

Sacred. Legal power. mana. Curse. All abilities that exist in all other dimensions. Without missing anything, everything.

Cutting off all ‘energy’ is the same as being able to give a valid blow to the demons standing on the top row in the phases of all dimensions.

It means that even the ‘magic’ they handle can be scattered, and even the main body made up of it can be damaged.

“Well, let’s see.”

While saying that, he observes Lana, who was given the opportunity to ‘grab’ the holy sword before Elijah.

Except for me and Elijah Fair, he is the guy with the best grades. It’s enough to be called to the seat.

Of course, as soon as I grabbed the holy sword.

Although my whole body ‘burst out’.

As if a bomb inside his body had exploded, his body swelled up and exploded in an instant. It is noticeable that the face of Archbishop Luminol, who was watching the scene, became pale.


Seeing that, Caliban laughed.

It was probably surprising even for this person to see a person being ‘crushed’ like that as soon as he just grabbed the object.

[They say that a guy who is not the owner made him look like that just because he caught him? What is a holy sword?]

“Because it is said to have been stained with the blood of all demons. I don’t think there’s anything strange about having the characteristics of a magic sword.”

[Easy to say…]

While she was saying that, Lana, who had burst out, jumped to her feet. As always, she didn’t seem to care much about dying once.

“Umm… It doesn’t look like me after all.”

Seeing him say that, Caliban let out a deep sigh.

[…Are you really okay? There is no guarantee that Elijah will not be like that-]

“…If something really goes wrong, the medics behind me will take care of it. I will risk my life to protect it.”

[If that’s the case, I’ll watch it for now…]

While we were having such a conversation, Elijah approached slowly and rode up the rock.

I can feel her straining eyes as she scans the holy sword.


Soon after, the guy who said that took his hand to the handle of the holy sword.

Lana didn’t die anyway, so she touched it at once, but Elijah was touching it very carefully.

Carefully, as she introduced herself.


Her finger touched the handle of the holy sword.



Like before, Lana, her body doesn’t show any signs of bursting.

But nothing happens.


Nothing at all.


Even after someone said that, for a long time.



My blood runs cold after seeing that.

I am breaking out in a cold sweat. The eyesight makes breathing quicker.




Don’t be ridiculous.

I can’t do this.

[…What kind of situation is this?]



“The Holy Sword… Judged that he was not his master.”

Responds like a moan.

Just because he didn’t die instantly like Lana did, it means that he had enough ‘qualifications’. It means that you are a human enough to become a hero.

But, even so.



The Holy Sword is now, Elijah has declared that she is not her own master.

The proof is that there is no bright light that would normally have been emitted.



The holy sword.

It was as if Elijah had declared that she was not the ‘main character’ of this world.

From noble mtl dot com

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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