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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 192

192. Social Church (4)

“Ah, you seem to have a lot of questions, but listen to this first!”

Still with a frantic expression, such sentences flowed out one after another.

He immediately took something out of his bosom.

‘…The key?’

The key is luxuriously decorated with jade.

Looking at the embedded mark, it is an item used to open and close the facilities inside the imperial palace.

“If you have this, you should be able to enter and exit anywhere in the imperial palace! Since it is an item managed by the Council of Elders, I will give you ownership of this item!”


“And, maybe.”

The Marquis Bogart winked and held out the key to me.

“Because the Imperial Palace is a very complicated place with a lot of people, a lot of things to play with! You can bring an item or two that you like, and it won’t matter!”


“If you get caught, it doesn’t matter if you lie and say that the council of elders ordered it!”

It’s not something you’d casually toss around just by listening to it.

The sentence that follows is even more so.

“…Why did you do that?”

“Only then will you be able to pass the final ordeal of selecting a hero!”


“If it were you, wouldn’t you have a clear idea of what might be ‘sleeping’ inside the imperial palace?”

The Marquis Bogart smiled and continued.

“Surely, there will be items to help you plan!”



Something is strange.

Apart from the intention behind why he is suddenly giving such favor.

This guy, I feel like he has a very clear understanding of my “Principle of action” And “Purpose.”

Before the incident, collect items to solve it easily, plan ahead

I feel like I already know the knowledge of this world.

“…I think there is something I need to bring.”


The gaze of the Marquis Bogart flew into the amulet tied to my arm.

“…With ‘Guardian’. It will definitely come in handy!”


This guy.

I also know about Caliban.

Look at the other person with a stiff expression.

I have no idea where this guy came from, or what his intentions are.

“…Why are you doing this, Marquis Bogart?”

Calls to the other person in a low voice.

“I think you know best that I could become your enemy. I am an aide to your political opponents.”

I wonder if I’ll make you say something like this.

Now, this guy’s existence itself is a mystery to the extent that I’m knocking on him to tell me at least once.

“…I don’t think that’s what you want to ask most, do you?”


It is also true to say such things as if you know everything.

“If you ask me that, I think you can give me some answers as to why you are doing this?”


Gently, I clench my teeth.

I don’t like it because it feels like he’s playing on the palm of my hand.

Still, he is forced to ask the biggest question.

“…Do you know my mother?”

If it’s about my father, Viscount Armin Campbell, there’s nothing strange about knowing quite a few details.

Considering the sinister habits of the aristocrats of the empire, it would be better to say that my personal information from A to Z was stolen from the time I started attracting attention.


When it comes to the ‘other’ parent, the story is a bit different.

“I know.”

To my question, Bogart shrugged.

He still looked so relaxed when he asked the following questions.

“What about you?”

It is a question that stabs deep into the lungs.

“…If you look at it.”

Sentences like that continued.

“You don’t seem to know what ‘everything’ is, either. Isn’t it?”

I shoot him without answering.

“I thought so.”

The Marquis Bogart continued with a grin again.

“Armin is definitely not the kind of guy who will listen to you talking about that side. Because he’s been like that since he was a kid.”


“A guy like a bear. Steady, sincere, and I’m sure Astrid was drawn to that as well.”

The fist is clenched.


Astrid Campbell.

My mother’s name.

The only information that I know ‘for sure’ about it.

“And, I respect Armin’s decision.”

The Marquis Bogart continued with a soft expression.

“If he didn’t tell you, I wouldn’t be talking to you about Astrid.”

“…It seems like you’ve already made up your mind about this and that, Marquis.”

Throws such sentences coldly.

What else is it to say that you don’t know that you are deeply connected to your father and mother in any form? It’s not even kidding.

But even with my attitude like that.

The Marquis Bogart only shrugged his shoulders as if he liked it.

“…So, after showing off like that, let me tell you one more thing out of courtesy.”

Then, a smile fell off his face.

The Marquis Bogart continued his expressionless expression.

It’s the first time I’ve seen this guy since I met him.

“…Astrid asked me to do something. I am.”

Annoyance wells up.

“Since before, you’ve been talking round and round-“

“You came to find out what I was thinking, right? Because the emperor and the prime minister would be happy to keep me in check.”


My eyes narrow.

The word “Your Majesty” Is missing.

As a vassal of the empire, to be honest, this is an act of violence to the point where I would have nothing to say even if I was punished for blasphemy right away.

To paraphrase this.

A verbal accident that is tantamount to openly revealing ‘hostility’.

“…What are you thinking, Marquis Bogut?”

I don’t know why you suddenly say this.

Of course, he must have known that the emperor and the prime minister were looking at him with disapproval.

I don’t know why I’m showing such reprehensible things to me, who is openly lining up there.

“The current trend of the Elders’ Council of the Empire is unusual. In the situation of the empire divided into the emperor, the chancellor, and the elders, if one side sets a big fire, an uncontrollable civil war will break out. Isn’t it?”


This is something I know all about.

Now that’s the setting for Chapter 5.

“That is correct.”


I doubt my ears and look at the human in front of me.

I feel like I ate a room.

From noble mtl dot com

Of course, in the current situation, this guy is the only one who will cause a ‘great upheaval’ in Chapter 5, but admitting this calmly is another matter.


In the end, it is such a question that goes round and round.

What would be the benefit of bringing up such words at this time?

“Dowd Campbell.”

While I was thinking about that, the words came crashing down.

“Did you ask what Astrid asked me to do?”


“I can’t say for sure because it’s an appointment with him, but… I can give you a clue.”

The Marquis Bogart said as he sipped the wine in the glass he brought out.

“Astrid asked me for ‘you’. He is the greatest masterpiece he has ever created.”

“What is that-“

“Simply put, I intend to make you ‘great’.”


There are just a lot of words I can’t understand.

Since possessing the world of Sera, this guy must be the first ‘variable’ that is as unexpected as the Seer.

Look at the other person with a frown on his face.


Without a gap to answer, the next sentence continued.

“You can tell it to the emperor and the priests as it is. Listen carefully.”


This time, too, the sentences that were within the ‘expected range’ were absolutely not.

“I will set the empire on fire. Entire.”


Actually, the way he spoke was so calm that I didn’t understand what he meant for a while.

“It’s not something trivial like a civil war. My goal is not the throne.”

It’s light, like a toro of obvious facts.

“I will kill all Imperial citizens over the age of ten. Men, women, children, adults. All regardless. In fairness. Hundreds. Thousands. Tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands. Millions. All. Without missing anything.”

It was as if he was conveying that he would go for a walk tomorrow morning.

“This whole country, I will bring it back to nothing.”



When I understood what it meant, I was breathing heavily.


I’d rather it be the declaration of a madman, or the resolution of a villain plotting a grand conspiracy.

I would have been able to understand.

But, this guy right now.


A crazy maniac’s plan.


As if it were a task that he had to complete.

“And, I want you to stop that.”



It was a bold statement.


After breaking up with the Marquis of Bogart.

Walking outside the terrace and walking down the corridor.

A deep sigh, which I have never uttered since coming over here, comes out of my mouth.

In his hand was the key he had received from the Marquis of Bogut.

‘…What are you doing, that bastard?’

I really don’t know anything.

It’s almost the first time I’ve felt this kind of helpless feeling since I met a pioneer.

Especially, knowing information about a mother I don’t even know is creepy.

[…Come to think of it, you also said a while ago that it’s better not to know about your mother’s side.]

A voice like that came from within the Soul Linker.

[Still, didn’t you say it because you knew about it to some extent?]

“I don’t know.”


To Caliban, who seemed to be answering absurdly, he continued her words with a squeezed voice.

“I have never seen your face. I only know one thing.”

When I was young.

A story from when I was very young.

The story before I even possessed Dowd Campbell.

The original owner of this body was in so much pain that he couldn’t even move properly.

[Ah, yes. He said he was miraculously healed at the age of seven?]

“No. It is not healed.”

Received the words with a sigh.

“Strictly speaking, I died once then.”

I once looked for it in my father’s library.

Six years old. Dowd Campbell died of a chronic illness.

There was even a record of him calling a funeral director to hold the ceremony.

It is absolutely not an empty word to say that he survived ‘like a miracle’.

“…And it was my mother who caused the miracle.”

[…What do you mean, that?]

“He brought the dead back to life.”

Of course, it’s the feat of coming back from the dead. I’ve performed it many times, but the ark is different in that I have never died ‘completely’.

Astrid Campbell.

I brought my own son who was completely dead back to life.


Caliban asked in a spirited voice.

[Even the High Priests of the Holy Land, who are said to perform all kinds of miracles, can’t do anything like that. Even the Emperor himself would never do that. What novel sounds…!]

“But, I did it, so I am not here now.”



I don’t know that either.



It’s like a fantasy even in a fantasy world.

Reviving a lion is a miracle of a kind that cannot be found even in the power of demons.

The most likely guess is that they mistook me for falling into suspended animation rather than death in the first place. According to common sense, there’s no way my father couldn’t have differentiated that much.

‘…I don’t know. About the mother. Nothing.’

What the heck did he do to bring his dead body back to life?

What happened to my mother after that? Where is she now

How did you meet your father in the first place, where did you get married, and what kind of life did you have?

I don’t know anything.

That’s all the information my father told me about my mother.

As Bogart just said, my father terribly avoided mentioning his mother.


He sighs and says.

“If you don’t know, why don’t you find out?”

That’s the only way.

To find out what he is up to and how he knows about his mother.

You have to hit it yourself.

“I ask for your understanding from His Majesty and the Prime Minister. Will this cult escape soon, Caliban.”

[…Where are you going?]

“I have a place to stop by.”

Turn the key you received from Marquis Bogart in his grasp.

“This is also about you, Caliban.”


It’s a place you can’t go without.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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