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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 191

191. Social Church (3)

Aristocrats belonging to the Council of Elders are, to put it mildly, children of prestigious and traditional families who value dignity and formality.

To put it badly, they are discriminatory people steeped in true elitism.

If you just listen to the conversation flowing from one table right now, you will do that.

“Do you know what the Marquis Boguert said was the name of the man he invited himself this time, Sir?”

“I don’t remember well… Campbell, did you say that? I heard he comes from such a family.”

“…A family I’ve never heard of. Do you have a title…?”

“I heard you are a viscount author.”

I barely kept my dignity, but an unconcealable sneer came to the faces of the men I was talking to.

The children of other prestigious families who were sitting near the table also showed ridicule in their own way.

Among them, there were even those who displayed feelings bordering on contempt.

“If you’re a viscount author… You’re probably from a family in an industry like agriculture or mining. Socialite… I’m not used to it.”

Someone said that.

Of course, there was a fishy smile on his face that didn’t match the sentence he spat out in a worried tone.

It’s as if he’s going to show you what he’ll do if you step foot in a place like this without even knowing the fountain.

“Sir Bogart is very kind to me for inviting someone who doesn’t even know how to behave like that. You’d be lucky if you didn’t get embarrassed or embarrassed. I am concerned.”

“Isn’t it true that people grow through trials?”

One of the men spoke softly.

The sentence that followed was a sentence that kicked away even the dignity that was barely kept.

“Even though he is from a viscount family, he doesn’t know what to do, and he hangs out with his majesty and the prime minister, so he thinks he can be anything.”

“…Somehow, you sound like you’re resentful, right?”

“Okay. I often think that I can’t be with the majesty or the Prime Minister when it comes to political insight… But I adore both of them as human beings. Aren’t they the two women who support the empire?”

“That… I can’t deny it. The beauty of the two of them has reached the state of borderline.”

“His Majesty has the beauty of a single rose on a cliff, and the Prime Minister always has the dignity of an ice statue that is bold and cool-“

As the topic moved to the chancellor and the emperor, the atmosphere quickly changed as if grown-up males were gathering and talking about their first love.

Anyway, the word ‘admiration’ they just said is really not a lie.

The conversation praising the beauty of the two continued like that.

The self-restraint of that viscount.

Until the two women who enjoy the most powerful power that a human being can have since the beginning of history appear on both arms.




The Emperor and the Prime Minister.

Those two.

Hanging on a man.

As if he would not be taken away by those around him. Like claiming your own ownership.

“…Your Majesty?”

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“…Prime Minister?”

The voice dropped like that. With a hint of disbelief.

It seemed that they were all the more shocked because they were a group that had just been raving about the beauty of the Emperor and the Prime Minister and their lofty purity.

The emperor, who always exuded a lofty atmosphere like an expressionless glass doll, was now clinging to the man’s arm with a flushed face.

The two women whom they praised for their overwhelming beauty until just now.

A dog is scrambling to cling to one man.

As if trying to buy some favor.



While the men’s expressions hardened at the unknown sense of defeat.

“How are you, members of the Presbyterian Church?”

Into the silence where even the sound of someone swallowing dry saliva would resonate like thunder, the voice of the emperor created through the voice synthesizer resonated softly around.

“My ‘best’ guy came to see me because he was making his first social debut. There is no need for formality, so please enjoy a good evening with him.”



Verse, what?

The surroundings were again filled with silence at the remark that made them doubt their ears.

A woman of the right age for marriage The fact that the emperor uses the expression ‘close friend’ to her opposite s*x suggests a lot of facts.

It was an act that was tantamount to announcing that he was a de facto ‘candidate for the government’.

That was probably the reason why the frosty voice intervened.

“…Your Majesty.”

Sullivan, who had an unbearable spasm in his cheek, opened his mouth in a voice as if he was suppressing something.

“Choose some words, please. Please.”

“Is something wrong, Sullivan?”

“The situation itself is a problem.”

For anyone to see, the sign of being ‘vigilant’ was evident.

“I’m the one who ‘marked the dot’ first, but isn’t that kind of word misleading?”

Astonishment spread around again.

Until the Chancellor?

You put a dot?


Hearing those words, the emperor briefly stroked his chin.

“What kind of misunderstanding?”


“You mean exactly what you heard, Sullivan. This man is my best friend.”

At the same time, Sullivan’s expression hardened rapidly.

In the surrounding area, people began to appear one after another with their faces starting to turn blue.

One sentence popped into everyone’s head.

With the Emperor.

The chancellor.

Leave a man.

‘…A skirmish?’


It was a topic that would upset the social and political circles of the Empire.




It is very burdensome to see the eyes flying around without saying a word.

Dilated pupils, mouths that won’t close, some even slap their cheeks because they want to think they’re dreaming.

All nobles belonging to the Council of Elders.

The long-awaited goal of ‘suppressing the baseline’ seems to be working well enough.

The problem.

“…Do you really want to do this?”

I ask that question first to His Majesty the Emperor who occupies my left arm.

Honestly, cold sweat broke out.

The shape of holding the arm is not the level of hugging, but the shape of almost hanging.

Looking at him leaning his head on his shoulder, it’s safe to say that he’s a lover on a date.

“Wasn’t it you who asked me to do it first?”


“Why do you have this much? It’s the first ‘order’ to commemorate.”


I feel it all over again.

This person seems to enjoy embarrassing me while subtly teasing me.

“…Prime Minister. Even the chancellor…”



I shut my mouth again at the answer that came back in less than a second.

Seeing him glaring at the emperor with twin wicks in his eyes even while he was answering like that made me think that what he said would be meaningless all the more.

Actually, neither of them were at this level until they came in.

‘My goal was just to appear in a dignified way…’

Originally, if the emperor and prime minister enter first, I wanted to take the position of ‘a person who knows both’ by following them or sitting next to them.

At first, everyone just stood next to me and walked.

It started with the emperor gently holding my hand.

-…Your Majesty.

-Something, Sullivan?

-What are you doing?

-My hands are cold. When your body condition is like this, you miss the warmth of people.


Following that, the Prime Minister held his hand as if he couldn’t lose.

The emperor took one more drink and crossed his arms. The chancellor is also following.

It gradually develops like that, but in the end, it clings to itself and doesn’t even think about falling off.

This is already far from my intention.

Dignified and sleeping.

This is just that.

[Women’s kimono are ghosts. Bewitched even heads of state.]

‘… Mister.’

[Did you refute it?]


I have nothing to say.

While I was keeping my mouth shut because I was being refuted by Caliban, gossip came up one by one from the surroundings.


“…Hanging feeling…”

“…Insane scum… Cancer of the country…”


What can I do?

I feel like the enemies are increasing one by one even though I’m just breathing.

“Actually, looking at it from the outside, it doesn’t sound that wrong.”

The emperor seemed to be aware of the atmosphere as well, he said while blowing smoke from the pipe he was holding in his mouth.

“Someone who really wants to destroy you might come out sooner or later.”


Since he kept his mouth shut, the emperor grinned and continued.

“Don’t worry. Jim will protect you then. That way I can completely capture your heart-“

The emperor, who was about to continue, shut his mouth.

Perhaps it’s because he himself felt what I was feeling too.

This energy that flows from the other side of the emperor.

“…Sullivan. I’m kidding. There is no need to exude life like that, right?”

“You’re kidding, right? Your majesty?”


Sullivan’s expression crumpled even more at the sight of the emperor, who did not answer but smiled and smoked again from the pipe.



Breaking out in a cold sweat, I walked into the banquet hall.

Exactly one table

And on the inside.

“As expected, it is you! I deserve to be the No. 1 Fan!”

Despite all this mayhem.

There was the Marquis Bogut who was clapping his hands without changing his expression.


He doesn’t even look embarrassed.

As if he had predicted that he would do this much of course.

“However, I’m sorry in a situation where even the VIPs entered…”

The eyes of the Marquis Bogart stayed on the emperor and the chancellor respectively. Then towards me.

As if I’m more important than these two.

“Right now, there is something I want to tell just the two of us. Could you please give me some time!”



At the words of the Marquis Bogart with a wink, the expressions of Sullivan and the emperor became serious at the same time.

Perhaps he’s trying to figure out what kind of scheme he’s lying about.

“…Your Majesty. Prime Minister.”

I will stop you first.

“It’s okay.”

I don’t know why.

Now, I must have a private meeting with this guy.

I felt that way.

From the way this guy looked at me, I was conveying a sense close to that certainty.

“Hey, this surprised me!”

When I came out of the terrace, those words came out first.

“When are you two free again, Dowd Campbell! Truly terrifying”

“…What are you talking about, Marquis Bogart?”

Cut off the sentence of the guy who is trying to speak cheerfully and spit out those words.

I feel it slowly.

I’ve heard that this guy, the emperor, has always been interested in me.

More than that, it takes something.

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I keep getting a strange feeling of uneasiness. As if he knows something I don’t know.

“Ahahahaha. Let’s start with trivial personal matters and let go-“

“…If you’re going to talk about something weird, I’ll just go.”


If you don’t keep pouring out your inner thoughts, it’s not worth fighting.

Turn around and step back into the banquet hall. This is my strongest expression of intention.


“…Armin, how are you?”

For those words.

My footsteps stop.


This guy.

What did you just say?

I look at the Marquis Bogut who sweated like that with a hardened expression.

This is only the second meeting, but the grinning smile that had been on the whole time looking at his face had fallen off his face.

Instead, what hangs on that face is a benevolent, even benevolent smile.

As if recalling ‘pleasant memories’.



As soon as I met that face, a terrifying energy ran down my spine.

Involuntarily, a growl comes out.

“Do you know your father?”

“I know.”

The Marquis Bogart grinned.

“How can I forget my dearest friend in the world?”

Such a sentence.

“It’s a rivalry that competed over a woman.”

Then it fell.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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