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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 190

190. Social Church (2)

“…Does he deserve that much use, Sir Bogart?”

The face of the Marquis Bogart, who always wears a lively smile, spun around.

The interior of the banquet hall was noisy with distinguished guests from all over the place, and thanks to this, even if they were openly sharing such secret conversations, they did not feel much discomfort.

“What do you mean, Count Nicholas!”

“…Dowd Campbell.”

At such a cheerful sentence, Count Nicholas managed to barely frown.

‘The head of the Council of Elders is this kind of guy.’

He didn’t like the frivolous young marquis very much.

I know that he is called the great title of lion heart thanks to his tremendous achievements, but he looks more like a clown than an undefeated knight.

To Count Nicholas, who grew up in a well-established and prestigious family and was educated in strict manners and formalities, he was not a very desirable type of person.

The same goes for the person of the viscount family that this man is paying attention to now.

“A promising young talent can be easily found throughout the Empire. It is not that difficult to recruit such talented people for the elders.”

Count Nicholas opened his mouth, somehow controlling his own voice.

Anyway, the support the Marquis Bogart receives from other members of the Council of Elders is very strong. There’s nothing good about looking bad for nothing.

But, even so.

I have to openly raise my voice and argue for this number.

“Do we really need to be interested in such a lowly born human?”

Hearing this, the Marquis Bogart tilted his head.

“Count Nicholas, did you not receive the papers?”

“What documents are you talking about?”

“A document from which the Council of Elders did a background check on Dowd Campbell! If you look at Dowd Campbell’s performance written there, isn’t it true that everyone knows that he is not at the level of being a viscount or anything!”

The Marquis Bogart continued with a grin.

“Anybody but an idiot would know!”


Count Nicholas, who had been beaten for not saying stupid things in his face, twitched his cheeks slightly.

It’s not that I’m not ignorant of this person’s tendency to feel that he has no face at all beyond being cheerful at times, but even so, he wasn’t used to conversations that were so straight-forward.

“…Of course, it was an impressive resume.”

Of course, I already know that what is written there is amazing.

Mine subdued. A large-scale commotion within Elfante. Subdue the ancient gods from another dimension.

It was impossible to obtain detailed activities because Atalante, the president of Elfante, was frantically blocking information, but the fact that he came out alive despite being deeply entangled in all the mayhem suggests a lot of facts.

Just by looking at the level of performance of the ark shown in the warrior selection ordeal, it is noticeable that this man is the jewel of the military world.



“I heard that it is a tool used to put a ‘leash’ on demons.”

A voice of half contempt followed.

Of course, I have no intention of denying its effectiveness. In terms of having the possibility of controlling demons and nothing else, the ‘use value’ is overflowing.

It is clear from the fact that not only the head of the empire, but also the Emperor of the Holy Land has his eyes on it.

However, it is a completely different matter to attract an opponent who has no choice but to be deeply intertwined with the achievements of all mankind as an ‘ally’.

“What would be good for us to bring someone like that to us? The burden is too great.”

“Isn’t he the man that both His Majesty the Emperor and Prime Minister Sullivan have their eyes on! I think there are reasons for that!”

“There is a completely different meaning between simply attracting attention and directly inviting people to a social gathering like this. You don’t even know, do you?”

Nicholas sighed and continued.

“…To give you an excuse to be attacked. It will definitely bite you. The emperor, the priests, and even other smaller sects will take the lead in condemning us. They are those who keep close to those who are connected with the devil.”

However, inviting such a person to a social church “Directly” Has a greater meaning than one might think.

It’s like announcing that ‘this is my person’.

“Is that any problem, Count Nicholas?”


Nicholas looked at Bogart with strange eyes.

Then what could be the problem here?

It’s an agenda that could turn the entire continent into an enemy, not just the empire.

Because they are just scholars for the development of technology, and even the mad wizards of the Mage Tower, who profess not to interfere with any change in power on the continent, are the only ones stepping up to fight the devil.

However, this attitude that it doesn’t matter anyway ‘as long as I can attract that man as an ally’ is like-


A terrifying feeling ran down Nicholas’ spine as he suddenly realized something.

“…Sir Bogart.”

No way.

I hope so.

Count Nicholas opened his mouth with his cheeks twitching.

“How much do you set the value of that man?”

“I don’t know what you mean, Count Nicholas!”


I understand everything and deliberately avoid answering. This f*cking nerd.

Nicholas bit his lip and glared at Bogut.

‘…This human, right now…’

Whatever the devil is, what is the merit of all mankind, whatsoever, whatsoever.

As long as I can attract that man as an ‘ally’, he thinks it doesn’t matter.

I put the value of that man above the risk of becoming an enemy of the entire continent.

From noble mtl dot com

‘…What the hell is that guy…?’

While Count Nicholas was thinking about that question, more questions flew in.

“Will you think about it, Count Nicholas?”


“It hasn’t been long since the Campbell family was promoted to viscountcy. Before that, he was just a baron, something a little wealthy commoner could buy with money.”


That’s what I read in the papers.

But, what is the reason for saying that now?

“Because people seem to be less curious than I thought!”


“How could such an insignificant person with no special background be able to enter Elfante, the best academy in the empire?”


That’s it, it must have worked somehow.

If you look only at the performance shown in the documents, he is a person who would not have made it ridiculous to enter the academy itself.

El Fante provides equal opportunities for education. Anyone who has talent or who has proven their worth, even if they are not children of prestigious families-



Wait a minute.

Count Nicholas frowned at him as he reviewed the contents of the document he had read.

Anyway, he is a man who has risen to the top of the board of directors. He could tell right away that something was wrong.

It wasn’t until after he entered the academy that this man started to stand out.

Before admission.

‘…There was nothing there, that guy.’

I have no talent in martial arts, I have never made any outstanding achievements academically, and I have never stood out in the creation of magic formulas or the use of divine power. Even in the competency evaluation conducted before admission, all figures crawled across the floor.

Bogut himself just said that it’s not a son of a prestigious family.

A human with no ability, no noticeable potential for growth, and even no background in the family.

At this point, a natural question arises.

How the hell did this guy get into Elfante in the first place?

“Man is born of woman, Count Nicholas!”


What are you talking about?

As Count Nicholas thought so, he stared blankly at Sir Bogart, and soon an additional sentence flowed out.

“The man, his father was listed in his biographical information, but there was no information about his mother anywhere! Isn’t it?”


As I recall, it was.

The information about his father, Viscount Armin Campbell, was too detailed. It’s not particularly special since it’s an investigation by the Imperial Central Intelligence Agency that even the most embarrassing memories of a subject’s childhood can be shaken off if they want to.

“…Do you want to say that the fact that the guy entered the academy was related to you?”

“I am half guess, half certain!”


What does that mean?

I was silently looking at Bogut with that thought, and then the words continued.

“Well, I’m not sure. If the human I’m thinking of is really your mother, it’s only natural that Dowd Campbell is acting like this!”


“Moreover, Count Nicholas is also strange! If it was an investigation by the Central Intelligence Agency, it would be clear that they scraped all useless information, but they didn’t question the fact that there was no information at all!”

That’s… It’s true.

It is true that I did not pay much attention in the first place.

Count Nicholas stroked his chin and replied.

“…I thought it was a case of bereavement when I was young. Or you’re such an insignificant person that it’s not even worth writing about.”

“Or not.”

The expression in his voice was as cheerful as always.

But somehow.

“A person so wrapped up in a veil that even a clue cannot be found even with the full force of the Central Intelligence Agency, the empire’s foremost intelligence agency.”

It was also a voice that felt like a dangerous ‘miso’.

Because of the angle of the light shining down from the chandelier, Bogut’s face was exquisitely shaded, and thanks to this, Count Nicholas, who asked the question, couldn’t help but be startled.

Because Bogart’s face, whose smile was hidden, had eyes that seemed to harbor burning embers and radiated a terrifying glow.

“A human that is inaccessible even to those paranoid patients who can steal information from the emperor.”

I can’t feel the lightness that I usually feel.

Such a presence that seems to be overwhelmed.

“Then, would you like to make a bet!”

As Nicholas was swallowing dry saliva, those words fell in his face.

“…A bet, you mean?”


The Marquis Bogart, who jumped back into the light, nodded cheerfully.

“In this social church right now, if that man commits something so great that even Count Nicholas can understand it, it’s my victory, and if he doesn’t, it’s Count Nicholas’ defeat. How are you?”


Count Nicholas let out a deep sigh instead of accepting the bet he could never win.

‘…How great is it to say that the last guy is great?’

While thinking that way.

The band playing outside the banquet hall suddenly stopped playing.

At the time, bewildered expressions appeared on people’s faces.

“Your Majesty is coming!”

“Everybody stand up!”

As soon as such a cry resounded, the banquet hall started to stir in an instant.

“…Your Majesty?”

“His Majesty is coming in person?”

Because of his constitution, he is known for not going out often. It was almost the first time such a person would appear at a banquet hall like this.

“The ruler of the eternal empire with a passionate, intelligent and charming personality! Cecilia 11-“

“No, no, that’s okay.”


The servant, who was about to raise his voice and declare the position of the emperor, fell silent.

At some point, the Emperor’s languid voice flew into the banquet hall.

“Today’s VIP is not me. Would you like to focus on the other side?”


Become the ruler of the empire.

On the continent, a person who is close to the pinnacle of power can have.

What do you mean?

Everyone is staring blankly at that thought.

Following the Emperor.

Someone entered.



Everybody fell silent.

That’s it.

One young man.

With the chancellor on one arm and the emperor on the other.

Being close to each other.

Because the three of us were walking in together.



Into the banquet hall where a terrible silence continues.

“Look at that!”

Bogut’s pleasant voice dropped.

“Isn’t it more than expected!”

Nicholas was speechless.

Because that was the only reaction he could get out.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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