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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 193

193. Lion’s Citadel

“…Excuse me. Student President.”


“Please relax your expression.”

“Consider it.”


I know very well that you don’t consider it at all.

Elijah cupped her head with both of her hands as the pain in her temples gripped her.

“…I don’t know if it’s anyone else, but if you look at His Majesty like that, you won’t be able to get caught.”




I hope you stop staring at the Emperor and the Prime Minister as if you’ll kill yourself if you keep that in mind.

If you look closely, you’re standing there with bloodshot eyes.


It’s scary. Really.

“…They say it’s a play. Theater. Please don’t overindulge.”

She said that, as if Elijah was scolding her.

I have already heard that Daoud will deliberately enter with the chancellor and the emperor on either side in order to attract attention.

I didn’t intend to come to the banquet hall because I didn’t even want to see him, but I couldn’t help but follow him because I thought he would get into trouble again.

‘…It’s a different feeling.’

After being trained by Kwon Seong, it is truly encouraging to be able to exert some ‘deterrence’ on this person.

When we first met, it seems that he froze without being able to properly draw his sword.

‘…Of course. Still.’

While I was thinking about that, Elnor’s sentence fell out.

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“…Does that look like a play to you?”


To be honest, it seems oddly sincere.

Even now, when Dawood disappeared with the Marquis Bogart, it is still the same when you see the emperor and the chancellor arguing over what to do.

“…That part, you can take care of later.”

Elijah tried to change the subject like that.

“Right now, it seems more important to be inconspicuous so as not to be caught later.”

Elijah said, awkwardly fiddling with the dress she was wearing.

Actually, I know that this kind of behavior itself is not very good.

Of course, a candidate for a hero or a princess of Tristan knows all the formalities that must be followed even at a social gathering held in an imperial palace like this.

I didn’t know what I would hear later if I showed a bad look here, but even so, this kind of outfit was so awkward that I did it without realizing it.

“…Were you not from a commoner?”

“I know a lot of people like that, but I’m not a real commoner again.”

“…? Are you a noble?”

“It’s not like that.”

El Nore stared at her, narrowing her eyes.

It’s a face that doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

“If your family and friends are knights of the Imperial Guard, they will usually rise to the status of semi-nobles! Although they cannot own the territory, they can enjoy the privileges of all nobles under the imperial law!”


Elijah’s head turned around.

There was a man over there who was smiling single-singly enough to make it look like he had narrowed his eyes.

“Nice to meet you, Elijah Krissanax! It’s the first time I’ve actually seen it!”

“…Who are you?”

Unlike her who always boasts a round and round affinity, her voice was very sharp.

Enough that even her elnor looked at her with her eyes wide open.

“I would appreciate it if you could call me Marquis Bogut!”


Elijah glared at her without saying a word.

It was clear that he was trying to find out information about the other person.

In the meantime, the Marquis Bogut’s coat of arms fell one after another.

“You look like you want to ask why you know information about her brother!”


Of course, as soon as she heard that sentence, her face went blank.

“Of course I won’t tell you!”


Those words fell one after another, without a gap to answer.

Elijah hardened her expression and looked at her counterpart.

I had a strange feeling of incongruity.

Except for the fact that she jumps out of nowhere and talks wildly.

More than that.

‘…A familiar atmosphere.’

As if.

‘Is it similar to the teacher?’

That’s how he behaves as if he’s penetrating her heart.

The feeling of wielding others to suit her own ‘plan’.

She ‘knows in advance’ anything and takes control of the situation according to her own taste, that kind of thing.

Since Dowd, this is the first time anyone feels this way.

“Well, maybe I can tell you something that might help you figure out what your brother is going to be like.”

Marquis Bogart said that with a smile on his face.

“Are you interested?”


Elijah silently glared at her partner.

From one to ten, he is a sudden human being.

It’s like her appearance, and suddenly touching her innermost wrath.

I feel very uneasy about having a conversation with this person.


“…Nice to meet you, Marquis Bogart. I haven’t even said goodbye yet.”


“What do you mean?”

As for that.

It seemed like there was no other choice.

The Imperial Palace is an old building that is as old as El Fante.


Climbing the outer wall of the building with difficulty.

Originally, it’s a place where there’s a barrier to block access so that you can’t even come close to it, but you’ve just solved it with the key you got from Bogut.

It was worth seeing the guard’s face turn blue as soon as he showed it.

[So. Where is this?]

“As I said, it’s a place you can’t enter.”

What surrounds the outer wall would be the yellow police line in modern terms.

It clearly expresses the intention of ‘no access!’.

This inside meant ‘a place that is not currently in use’.

I went over there and landed in the courtyard of the building.

[So, why do you go to such a place? You said you were going to find something useful?]

“I know when I see it.”

While saying that, I glanced around.

Abandoned building that seems to be surrounded by a gloomy atmosphere catches my eye.


“This is a familiar place, right?”

Before, this is the place I stopped by once when looking into Caliban’s memories.

Headquarters of the Guardians. Commonly known as ‘Lion’s Citadel’.


Silence is transmitted from within Soul Linker.

Beyond the silence, Caliban’s expression of suppressing something was conveyed.

This is the unique atmosphere of a person who is weighed down by memories.


I also don’t say anything out of the ordinary.

Just by looking around right away, I could quickly figure out that this person must have had a lot of… ‘Sorrow’.

A building that is all collapsing. Weeds growing everywhere. Spider webs bloomed everywhere.

For their beliefs, all of them were sacrificed to protect the people of the empire.

No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t suit honorable warriors.

Forgotten, neglected, and turned off by everyone.


[…Why did you come here?]

“…I told you. There is something only you can do.”

While saying that, he raised a window in front of his eyes.

[ Soul Linker ] [ Exclusive Equipment ]

[ Enchantment: Epic ]

[ This is a piece of equipment possessed by a great spirit. You can awaken the consciousness of the spirit by increasing the synchronization rate. ]

[ Due to the influence of the Great Spirit, it is always endowed with magic. ]

[ Currently charged mana rate: 100% ]

[ Current synchronization rate: 40% ]

I read through that window, checking the last skill.

■ [ Guardian’s Spirit ] [ Skill Rating: S ]

[ Guardian has been recognized by everyone as a guardian of justice and morality since ancient times. Each time you defeat a character with malignity, you gain a special stack. When the stack is full, the soul can descend into the present world for a certain period of time. ]

[ Available time: 5 minutes ]

This is a skill that was previously released by raising this person’s motivation.

Originally, it was impossible to use for ah, but in the second trial, it seems that the use time has been charged to some extent while defeating the assassins.

< System Message >

[ Do you want to use the ‘Soul of the Guardian’ skill? ] [ Y/N ]

Touch Y without hesitation.

At the same time, someone’s body came out of the Soul Linker.

To be clear, it’s more like a genie protruding from a magic lamp than a physical body.

Its appearance exudes the feeling of a spirit.

“Uh, huh? What is this?”

I can see the bewildered Caliban looking down at his body.

The same orange hair as Elijah. A large scar runs across her face.

And above all.


Why are you so handsome? Unlucky.

Elijah, of course, is said to be a beauty who rarely looks ugly anywhere, but this person is a handsome man who seems to have turned that into a man.

To the point of annoying.

“…Hello, Caliban.”

There are probably quite a few reasons why my voice is hoarse when I say hello.

“What? How did you do this?”

“You can see it as a similar effect to using necromancy temporarily. You will be able to interfere with the material world to some extent.”

It can be seen as a state similar to that of a spirit-type demon beast.

It is possible to touch or move something yourself.

The degree of ‘possessing’ is possible in a limited way.

“It would be possible to some degree to ‘enter’ my body and move.”

And, as far as I know.

There are definitely difficulties in this Lion’s Stronghold that need help from such abilities.

“…There is something you need to do with that ability-“

Saying that, she tried to move her steps.

There was a sound that sounded like someone was taking their breath away.


I looked around in awe, but I couldn’t see anything.

Did I hear that wrong?

“…What? What’s the matter?”

I tilt my head at the materialized Caliban’s words.

“…No. Nothing.”

Yes. According to common sense, there are people who will follow this far.

With that in mind, I moved on.

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Elijah closed her mouth and forced her to breathe.


Just now, I was so surprised that I hid without realizing it.

I heard the Marquis Bogart tell me to ‘find this way’ and immediately moved, but I never thought I’d see something like this.

Caliban Krisanax.

Her only blood relative, was just over there.


A spell that summons the spirits of the dead.

Dawud said he had just summoned Caliban through ‘something similar’ to it.

That’s what I mean.

Her brother.

‘…No. No.’

Elijah closed her eyes tightly and slapped her.

Now, I don’t know anything.

Couldn’t it be to call someone far away in that form?

You’d better stop having such ominous thoughts.

‘…No, but.’

What kind of relationship does Dawood have with his brother?

Why do you seem so close to the human you’ve been looking for so long?

And, above all.


Why, he didn’t tell me that.

Elijah bit her lip hard.

And while she was thinking about it.

Suddenly, I heard Caliban’s voice.

“By the way, isn’t this state visible to other people besides you?”

“Right… Right? Why suddenly?”

“No. Then, if I meet Elijah, can I beat him?”


Daud remained silent.

The same goes for Elijah, who held his breath and watched him.

“…What are you talking about all of a sudden, that’s it. What do you want to say to your family?”

“No, I want to beat you, but what should I do?”

At Daoud’s bewildered voice, Caliban scratched his head and continued.

“Wouldn’t you be upset to see your sister swearing about her fiancé and all that she’s trying to seduce other guys?”

As soon as those words fell, Elijah’s face quickly grew red.


She involuntarily let out a puzzled voice.

In her head, she thought that she was Daud, so to speak.

The things I had done to ‘attack’ were coming up in my head.

Among them, the highlight must be what Caliban said.

-The teacher and I are actually engaged.

When Daoud loses his memory, he remembers telling lies like that.

After he got his memory back, he was relieved that he hadn’t said a word about the time he lost his memory.

By the way.


Your brother saw it.

If so, it was said that there was a high probability that Daud knew about it too.


Elijah swallowed her dry saliva.


That’s right.

So far, her brother must have been intuiting everything she had done to Daud.

Including fiancés and all.


Elijah stroked her own chin with her serious expression.


That’s right.

“…Will I die?”

It was more sincere than I thought.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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