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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 187

187. Empress (3)

In the world, there are always people who are like water and oil.

No matter how many times you run into each other, a combination that intuitively gives you the feeling of ‘I can’t possibly be a good match for this person’.

It is very likely that this is what Elijah and Elnor feel as they look at each other.



As expected, it’s uncomfortable.

In the rattling wagon, Elijah and Elnor had that feeling almost simultaneously.

In fact, if you look closely, you can become friends as much as you want. Because we have a lot in common with each other.

The fact that he grew up holding a sword from a young age, the fact that he is very interested in swordsmanship and physical training, and the fact that he is in a position to look up to him, so his friendships do not expand easily.

The problem is, among those things in common.

It’s fatal for these two to have feelings for ‘the same man’.

‘…I don’t know about Riru, but this person is a bit…’

Still, unlike Liru, who came to know that she was a person by hanging out here and there, Elijah’s dislike for the Duke of Tristan has not yet been resolved.

Even if they are close, it must be a sufficient reason for their relationship to deteriorate in an instant, but there is no way that two people who were not good with each other from the beginning can become amicable.


Elijah eventually couldn’t stand her silence, and she opened her mouth.

“Why are you going to the imperial palace all of a sudden?”

There is not much objection to going to the imperial palace itself.

Since Elijah herself is the adopted daughter of Marshal Kendride, one of the greatest aristocrats in the empire, her visits to the imperial palace felt like regular visits, like an annual event.

The same goes for Elnor, Princess Tristan.

The problem is, no matter how much it is, it is also a matter of course that it is not a place to visit in the mood to go on a picnic.

I was shocked to see that even the Marquess Kendride, who was normally half-animal, behaved docile and well-behaved in the imperial palace.

-This is an arena of competition for ghosts, Elijah.

The warning given in a sharp voice is still vivid in my memory.

-Never do anything that will get caught. Never. Don’t go unnoticed


Even one of the greatest nobles in the empire would say that.

I don’t need to say more about the extent of the threat lurking within.

“The reason, you guessed it too.”

As I thought of that, El Nore answered her question with her calm voice.

“Because I heard Daoud went in there.”


Yes. Although she thought it would.

Nine times out of ten when Elnore shows a strangely full of momentum, that’s when the guy gets involved.

“…Somehow, he suddenly disappeared.”

After the second ordeal was over, I remember going to Dawood’s private room one evening with a bottle of alcohol in case we had a party to celebrate, but I was embarrassed because no one was there.

But the inside story is that she was suddenly summoned to the imperial palace-

“No, wait.”

El Nore cut her off with her eyes narrowed.

“…You packed up a bottle of alcohol in the middle of the night and went to that man’s private room by yourself?”


“You really went there for a celebration?”


Elijah scratched her cheek and averted her gaze.

Continuing, she continues her words with a friendly, well-made laugh.

“…Isn’t the chairman thinking strangely? I was really just going to have a party to celebrate.”


Anyway, this excuse doesn’t seem to work.

The way he looks at himself is very cold.

Then the only thing left is to try to change the topic.

“…So, then, does the student president know why you were summoned to the imperial palace?”


Fortunately, it seems they decided to skip it.

Seeing him withdraw his gaze from staring at him and let out a sigh.

“…I don’t know. All I’ve heard is that His Majesty directly nominated that man.”


Elijah’s expression softened.

The emperor named the man himself?


“…I don’t know why. His Majesty must have thoughts. He doesn’t worry too much.”


“The problem is, those f*cking elders.”

Elijah smiled and nodded silently.

It’s the first time I’ve seen Elnor speak so openly, but the people who listen to it are cheap people even after hearing such words.

The two great aristocrats, the Grand Duke and the Margrave, boast tremendous prestige enough to split 30 to 40% of the political share together, but even so, the majority of the empire’s situation is occupied by the old, represented by the ‘Elders’. Are aristocratic families

Five prestigious families located just below the aristocracy.

Humans who cling to both the Emperor and the Prime Minister, full of thoughts of making their own profits.

To borrow Marquess Kendride’s expression, they have the heart of a snake.

“So, there will come a situation where you and I have to move together.”

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Elnor continued in a low voice.

“…From the inside, we have to prevent Daud from being attacked by them. It won’t be difficult if we combine the power of the Marquis family and the Grand Duke family.”


In a way, this is respectable.

Even El Nore herself wouldn’t be too happy with Elijah, but the moment Daud got involved, I threw away those personal feelings right away and she opened her hand to ask for cooperation like this.

“…As it was, I would have just turned it down.”


You will have to show the level of sincerity to match such enthusiasm.

“…Let me help you this time. It’s not someone else, it’s because the teacher is involved.”

“Thank you.”


Elijah continued with a grin.

“Would you like to ‘concede’ something to someone more helpful?”


This remains in my memory.

Before, during vacation.

Was it a bet made when two people overturned a territory?

“…That’s not bad.”

Elnor replied with a grin.

“Are you going to see the conclusion of the bet then?”

“What, you don’t want to lose?”

With those words Elnor and Elijah exchanged ferocious laughter.

The two of them arrived at the imperial palace with such a determined will to each other.

“…You mean you went into His Majesty’s bed? Dowd? This time?”

“I heard that?”


As soon as I heard that from the Tristan family’s informant inside the palace.

At the same time, I had no choice but to paint my expression with amazement.

Speaking of conclusions.

I’m right in front of the emperor’s bedroom.


Until I came here, I remember sweating even the swordsman to calm down the chancellor who was about to spit fire out of his mouth.

“Is this a war, what is it! I must see Your Majesty right now!”

“…Don’t use the word war lightly, Chancellor Sullivan. When you say it, it doesn’t sound like empty words.”

There are parts of the conversation that I can relate to to some extent.

When the Prime Minister says such a thing, I can’t possibly listen to him.

‘…It was scary.’

I wasn’t kidding, it was all the more so because he looked like he was going to fight the emperor for real.

A human who always maintained a cool appearance even in the game, how much he lost his reason, I wonder if words will come out even there.

Anyway, the chancellor finally calmed down after the Sword Saint himself affirmed dozens of times that ‘nothing that would make you angry would ever happen’.

Although I was forced to hand over the magic stone for emergency contact to be sure to press it in case something happened.

-If anything, you must press it, Daud.

Although he seemed reluctant until the end, what should he do with Hwang Myeong? If not followed, it could be the seed of civil war.

That’s why I was dragged in as well.

“Your Majesty is waiting inside.”

The swordsman who brought me here respectfully bowed his head and continued.

“Considering that this is your first visit, His Majesty himself wouldn’t mind setting up etiquette. Stay at ease.”

“…Thank you.”

Thank you even for empty words.

I don’t mean to really keep it, though.

“I am serious.”


The Sword Saint continued with a gentle smile on her face.

“This is what His Majesty said directly. Staking the honor of the imperial family, there will be no punishment for you for the sake of etiquette. I want you to be comfortable with yourself.”



“…I’m sorry…?’

I barely managed to come up with an answer like that.

It’s a special case that I can’t understand.

At most, a person belonging to the viscount’s family should stay ‘comfortable’ in front of the emperor? To the extent of emphasizing the honor of the imperial family?

I’m a human who can slit his throat with a gesture if he wants to?

‘…What the heck.’

I don’t understand everything from one to ten.

Thinking so, I followed the guidance and entered the emperor’s bedroom.

And, as soon as you step inside.

“…Welcome, Dowd Campbell.”

The naked emperor was telling me that.


What the f*ck.

What is this?

“It’s late, but thank you for accepting the invitation.”

With a voice that seemed to be whispering in such a low voice, a window appeared in front of my eyes.

< System Message >

[ I can feel the energy of the devil. ]

[ ‘Seal of Fallen’ reacts! ]


Dizziness turns ping at the moment.

Of course, it was a well-known fact that there was one remaining demon.

Brown devil. Demon of greed.

The emperor, that bowl?


With the devil’s vessel, the two of you in the bedroom?

How much more does the other person have power that I can’t possibly refuse?

This is so…!

“…I don’t look formal, but I ask for your understanding.”

A voice flew towards me as I was thinking that.

The emperor, who was lying on the bed and wiping himself with a towel, sighed.



I don’t think it’s the feeling of being ‘eaten’.


The faint candlelight was the only light illuminating the spacious bedroom, and thanks to that, the body exposed under the pale moonlight was illuminated even more dreamily.

To be honest, this is the first time in my life that I have seen a woman’s body close to naked.

It is so beautiful that it makes you feel dizzy.

Cecilia 11 years old is a human who is often described as being “Inhumanly” Beautiful, especially among the main characters of Sera, who have a very high average appearance level.

Beautiful curves that make up the entire body. Her skin was white enough to remind me of polished glass.

A body reminiscent of a statue made with great care.

But inside such a beautiful body.

Because of the ‘dragon blood’ flowing through the blood vessels throughout the body, it is also noticeable that the blood vessels throughout the body are blackened and necrotic.

As if black blood was flowing through his body.


The curse of dragon blood.

In real life, it looked even more terrifying.

The curse of severance that devours Yuria’s body wasn’t even this great.

“Can you come closer? My eyesight is not very good.”

“…I understand, Your Majesty.”

As I moved closer to her bed, Cecilia, 11, slowly reached her hand over my face.

Like savoring, slowly.

He slowly traces my face with his cloudy eyes.

“…So, this is it.”

Then, the Emperor’s words flowed out with a cackle of laughter.

“This is the face of the best female heart bomber in Elfante. It looks interesting, honey.”


Words that could cause a brain freeze flowed through my ears.

“…Um? What is the response Do you really want to deny it? Even while I was looking at you for a while, I couldn’t even remember how many people clung to you.”


It was the moment when I decided with my own mouth that I was a crazy bastard, but what can I do when the emperor says so.

If you want to, you should.

“You don’t have to be that polite. It’s understandable that you’re nervous because the difference in social status is so great.”

The emperor spat out those words with a mischievous laugh.

“Because I need to know your ‘usual appearance’. Rather, it’s not good for me to be formal like this.”

“…Usually, you mean?”

“Hmm. That way it will be easier to convince others.”




While thinking about that, the emperor continued with a sigh.

“I hear you are quite knowledgeable about international affairs, Doud Campbell.”

In the meantime, the words continued.

“What do you think of the current situation in the Empire?”


Since you asked me to show you your usual appearance, covering your eyes and saying Aung is meaningless.

That is a question that cannot be answered directly.


‘To be honest, it’s a piece of sh*t.’

The current situation is that the Prime Minister and the Emperor are trying their best not to clash, but the nobles below are busy fighting each other.

It’s a strange situation where the people upstairs are clear water with their concepts straight, but the water below is all rotten.

“…Just by looking at his expression, I can tell what he’s thinking.”

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The emperor said with a wry smile.

“Certainly, the Empire is in chaos now. At least Sullivan and I are trying our best to block it and keep our balance. No one knows how long this fake peace will last.”

The emperor smiled bitterly and looked down at his body.

“In that case, imagine it.”

With the curse of dragon blood, his own body is being eaten up moment by moment.

A pale body that cannot be seen so far from death.

“If the throne were vacant in the current situation, how much chaos would occur?”


“…I don’t know how long Jim can survive with this body.”


The Emperor’s words continued to fall at me who was silent.

“So you need it.”

“Me, you mean?”

“Hmm. Looking at you, a little good idea came to my mind. A method that will go a long way in resolving this situation.”

The emperor continued in a dignified voice.

“Originally, I would have to call Elijah Krisanax, a candidate for the hero, but… There are some reasons for disqualification over there.”

“…Did you say it was a reason for disqualification?”

“Isn’t that a woman? She is over there.”


An ominous feeling runs down my spine.

If the other person is a ‘devil’s vessel’, and that person has something to do with me as a ‘man’ after cutting out the ‘woman’.

In my experience, I can never think of a good future.

“Dowd Campbell. “

The emperor continued with a grin.

“Will you be my secretary for a month?”


Wait a minute.


“…Your Majesty.”

As if squeezing his vocal cords, he barely brings out his voice.

“…What the heck are you talking about?”

“Simply put, be my husband for a month.”


“Was it difficult to understand? So, as the Empress’s companion, I only lived with her for a month-“


Please explain why.


It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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