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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 186

186. Empress (2)

Coming back to my private room, I look at the letter Sullivan delivered with narrow eyes.

If you try to recall some memories.

Even though Elijah is at the head of the empire, the nation with the greatest ties, there are not many opportunities to step on the imperial palace in the main story of Sera.

The emperor himself is a human being who is much more deeply connected with Elnor than Elijah, and the way he appears in the main story is not that pleasant.

It’s a fact that I’ve said many times, but the biggest role in the scenario is to explode Elnor’s mentality.

If you look at it from that point of view.

A human who is closer to the enemy. Cecilia 11 years old.

The villain assigned to Elijah in the game was the Prime Minister, but it was this person who put Elnor on the express train to hell.

“…But why did you call me at this timing?”

Muttering that, I lay down on the bed.

It was written that they invited me to the imperial palace and congratulated me for my remarkable achievements during the hero selection ordeal.

‘The content itself is strange.’

If you called, it would be normal if you called Elijah, not me.

The event itself is a ‘selection of warriors’. The focus should go to the candidate for the hero, not the attendant, who is an assistant.

Nevertheless, the fact that the emperor insisted on embedding my name in the letter means that since you are our business, we should calmly put aside the thought of running away.


It smells bad.

It’s like how you’ve been interested in me from the beginning, and how you call me right before the final ordeal.

It’s understandable why the Prime Minister insists that he doesn’t know what will happen.

But, even so.

[Are you going?]

“…I have to go.”

If you don’t go, that’s a bigger problem.

Sullivan gritted his teeth and begged me not to go, but it was better to stick his head in enemy lines than to start a civil war or all because of me in the first place.



“…What are the expected threats?”

Caliban, who had been silent for a while at my words, replied with a laugh.

[Are you asking the Imperial Guard, who have sworn allegiance to His Majesty, about the threats to the Imperial Palace?]

It is a sentence that makes me laugh out loud as well.

Strictly speaking, this person is right.

Guardians are technically members of the Imperial Guard anyway.


“It’s a pandemonium. Inside it.”

That’s why it’s the most appropriate person to ask this question.

Because you saw it up close, you know its ugliness best.

I’ve said it a few times, but the empire is the most powerful of the three hegemons. There is a reason Jinyoung is the main character of Sera.

The reason why the three countries are in a tight balance is simple.

‘…Because the leadership is a mess.’

Even if the question of the morality of the emperor was an exception, the Seonghwangguk managed to clean up the traffic by ruling with an iron fist.

This side is the most messed up and most rotten on the subject where the top holds the majority of the power.

The balance patch is amazing, very good.

[…The elder-level nobles are the problem. The Duke of Tristan and the Margrave of Kendride were the least decent people. Do not associate with or meet other human beings. Because they are like poisonous snakes.]

Isn’t Caliban just saying what I’m thinking?

As I sighed and listened, the sentence continued.

[Your Majesty itself…Is a good person. You are a gentle person There are those who evaluate them as weak, but that’s because they’re hungry ghosts who want to increase their stomach by bringing down others.]

While thinking about that, Caliban continued with a calm voice.

[However, there is only one field that such a person can jump into without hesitation.]

“…I think I know what it is.”

It’s probably something that every citizen of the Empire should have heard at least once.

There are few people who speak directly, but there is no one who does not know about the terrible curse that haunts the imperial family that claims to be the ‘descendant of the dragon’.

[I would do anything to survive. Perhaps the reason I’m interested in you is related to that.]


I know what you’re talking about.


The curse derived from it.

Whether it’s eating Yuria’s body or not, it’s similar to the curse of severance, but it’s a different kind.

If Yuria’s lifespan is shortened by touching a cursed object, the emperor’s body is unable to accept the dragon’s blood.

Dragons, who are said to be the most pure magical creatures, are one of the most powerful races in the world of Sera.

A dragon that stands at the pinnacle of its species can even be compared with a three-piece bowl-

[…Looking at it that way, demons don’t count too much, right?]


[No, that’s right. It seems there are more beings that can match than I thought. There were so many people who could match the last time, such as the linguistic magician, and the dragon emperor.]

At the words of Caliban who asked such a question, he smiled bitterly.

“…You might think so.”

Look out the window.

My private room was on a fairly high floor, and thanks to that, I could see the void beyond the barrier that the chiangel had spread, albeit faintly.

“Ultimately, bowls and sculptures serve to gather the power of demons into one place. It’s not the real devil ‘I’.”


“The completion of the demon ends when the vessel with the three pieces comes into contact with the demon’s ‘body’ in the void. It doesn’t end when all three pieces are put together.”

And the moment it is completed.

I’m not kidding, the world is going to end.

It’s also why I’m keeping an eye on Faynol, especially at this point in time.

Because at this point, the person closest to the world explosion ending scenario is over there.

That’s why there are quite a lot of guys who can match the devil, saying that the devil is the strongest. After all, its completion is far away.

[…How do you know all these concepts? He’s a strange guy every time I see him.]

“…That’s all.”

He muttered indistinctly, thinking about it again.

‘The curse of dragon blood…’

Certainly, as Caliban said, the Emperor is a gentle man. If you’re interested in something that you don’t understand, that’s probably the reason you’re closest to it.


Even so, there are things I don’t understand.

No matter how often I’ve done remarkable things, I’m still just a student after all. Along with the chancellor, the most powerful person on the continent is not a reason to obsess over me to this extent.

“…I don’t know.”

Once you go, you’ll know.

There was a time when things didn’t work out the way I hoped.

It is enough to respond according to the situation.



The chancellor’s gaze stings.

In the carriage entering the imperial palace, I broke into a cold sweat seeing Sullivan sitting across from me glaring at me with narrow eyes.

As expected of a luxurious carriage for a Prime Minister, the space inside is spacious, but the air inside feels suffocating.



There was silence like that for a while.

It was the Prime Minister who broke it first.

“…You don’t have to pay attention too much.”

The chancellor let out a deep sigh and opened his mouth.

“Because I thought it would be like this anyway.”


“Because you were a human being who consistently sacrificed himself for others. Few people realize self-sacrifice as well as you.”

“…Thank you.”

I don’t know what to do with the overwhelmingly high evaluation.

Was I such a great person…?


While I smiled shyly, the Prime Minister continued with a determined face.

“…In the imperial palace, you will definitely need my help. If anything happens, don’t hesitate to rely on me.”


Actually, if it was going to be really dangerous, I thought I would.

I feel it all over again.

Isn’t this person too high of intimacy with me?

It hasn’t been long since we met, but every time I look at you, honey drips from my eyes. It’s an atmosphere reminiscent of a newlywed couple.

-Please don’t leave my side.

I recall the sentence the Prime Minister took out while holding me back before entering the imperial palace.

‘…The words are strange.’

I beg you not to leave my side.

As if, before, they said that they were ‘close’ to each other, isn’t it?

Before, there was a feeling that something was out of place.

The experience I have with this person and the experience this person has with me are completely different.

As if that person knows the side of ‘myself’ that I don’t know.

“Anyway, that’s surprising.”

While I was pondering that thought, the chancellor poked his head at me.

Uncharacteristically, a smile that said it was fun was on his face.

“I thought that Princess Tristan would definitely accompany me to the imperial palace, but to see you leave her alone and accompany me.”


That’s because you don’t know what will happen if you stick with the emperor and Elnor.

I’ve said it many times, but that side is the catalyst that explodes Elnor’s mentality. Unlike Gideon, there is no reason to improve the relationship.

“…I just thought it would be much better to visit the imperial palace with the Prime Minister. For several reasons.”


After hearing my words, the Prime Minister was silent.

Keep your mouth shut and look at me for a moment.

All the way.

Keep your eyes wide open.


What is it?

Did I say something wrong?

That’s what you think.


The Prime Minister stuck his head a little closer to me.

From noble mtl dot com

The smile on his face was getting a little thicker. There is also a slight blush near the cheeks.

“Do you mean that I will be more dependable than Princess Tristan?”


“As expected, I am more reassuring than that fledgling virgin. Do you think so too, Dowd?”

No, I never said that.

I hope you refrain from saying sentences that will split in half if Elnor catches you.

As I struggled to smile while breaking out in a cold sweat, the speed of the carriage slowly slowed down.

It must mean that they have arrived at the imperial palace.

“…Ha ha.”

As soon as I got out of the carriage with a sigh.

There was a magnificent building in front of her, the top of which could not be seen even if she bent her neck far back.


I am overwhelmed.

Even as I, who still remember the image of a society made of concrete and steel, I have never seen a building this huge, luxurious, or even majestic.

‘…This is all a building built for one person.’

Of course, there may be a symbolism of the public office where the prestige of the nation is at stake, but it is an open fact that the main purpose of the building is the ‘House of the Emperor’.

And next to me, there is a human who can play a power game equal to the person whose home is this.

Once again, you can feel how ignorant the powers are, such as the chancellor and the emperor.

Even if you include the previous life and the current life, they are people who live in a completely different world from me.

No matter what I do, in the end I am also a baron’s son-


Ah, now I’m a homebrew.

‘…I wonder if my father is doing well.’

I threw the self-made wine I ate at my father and was not interested in it.

“Dowd of the Viscount Campbell. Is that correct?”

As I got off the carriage and looked around, a voice like that came out of nowhere.

When I turned my head, a man who gave the impression of a giant bear was looking down at me. Behind her was a huge sword befitting her height.

It is a look that remains in my memory.

Rad Alexander Barfon.

A modern swordsman.


This is absurd.

If you look at the level of armed force, you can count on a human being, even if you search the entire continent.

A human like this just jumps out to meet a self-made student like me?

“…What’s going on here, Sir Rad?”

As soon as Sullivan saw it, he asked in a hard voice.

“Escort, Chancellor Sullivan. This is what His Majesty ordered directly.”


Sullivan’s eyes narrow. Seeing that his brows were furrowed as well, he was in quite a bad mood.

“…This man is on his first visit to the Imperial Palace. You must have accumulated a lot of travel, so let’s make a schedule for tomorrow.”


Not really.

Thanks to the long-distance movement with the space-shifting transfer seat, the actual travel time is only one or two hours at most.

It must have looked like Sullivan was growling, telling him not to touch him, but the swordsman didn’t blink an eye and gently accepted the words.

“However, Your Majesty wants to see this man today. It’s okay to treat it as imperial honor.”


Sullivan’s impression was even more distorted.

It’s like he’s in a very bad mood when he sees the other person coming out so hard.

“…Now it’s dinner time. Even if it’s the royal family, if you’ve invited guests, it wouldn’t be polite to call them at this time. It’s common sense to arrange a place to sleep and let them rest-“

This time, his voice is really low, like a growl.

It must have contained a sign saying, “Don’t mess around and go away.”

The answer came out calmly this time as well.

“If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry.”

It’s a voice that says nothing is wrong.

It didn’t look right at all when I thought about the words that followed.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the night in His Majesty’s bedroom?”



Uh, what.


“…Uh, where did you say it was?”

“Chimsyo. A place to sleep with a bed.”


“Your Majesty wants to spend the night with you. Dowd Campbell.”

Sullivan’s mouth fell open.

It was the same for me.



As soon as you arrive, what is it, really?

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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