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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 185

185. hwangmyeong

“…there’s nothing to say that much.”

Elijah, seeing Daoud sobbing, let out a long sigh at last.

For a long time, I feel like I feel a little better after shaking the other person like a storm.

“Don’t do that again. Do you understand?”


Elijah, who received such a definite answer, sighed in relief and stepped back.

Even thinking about it myself, this is the first time I’ve poured out such harsh words in a row, but the other person is still cheap.

‘…No matter how it is.’

Originally, I was not a person who valued myself, but there are many times when I feel strongly that the degree is a bit severe.

Maybe, to the extent that I feel that the extent of this person’s ‘change’ is coming much faster than I thought.

While pondering that thought, Faynall, with her hands behind her back, hurriedly approached Daud.

“Are you scolded, Mr. Dowd?”


As befits the teasing words, a playful smile hung on his face.

The atmosphere of being relieved is conveyed desperately.


Come to think of it, when Daud was about to die just before, it was the one who showed a more panic reaction than himself.

-We need to support that side right now!

-Wait, the teacher said to wait…!

-If this continues, that man will die-!!

I distinctly remember making that sound, like a half-cry.

It was done by a human who rarely brings out anything that could be called emotion, so it was much more deeply embedded in the brain.

She was a woman who always gave off the impression of wearing a mask no matter what she said or made her face, but she must have been sincere when she said such a thing.


In that sense.

The red flame that this woman used when sweeping away the witches just now is noteworthy.

Because I was in such a hurry, I felt desperately ‘forcibly taking out and using’ something I wouldn’t normally use in front of others.

the problem is.

that flame.

It’s a color I’ve seen somewhere.


Memories of days I can’t forget even if I want to forget.

A pillar of flame that burns the black night sky bright red, as if it burns the whole heaven and earth, comes to mind.

father. mother. friends.

The memories of that day when everything went back to ashes.

night situation.

The day the Red Devil took away her entire family.

“…Elijah? what’s the matter?”

As she brooded over those memories, Talion, who was nearby, threw out those words with a look of wonder.

It must have been because Elijah, whose complexion had become pale even at first sight, looked strange.

“…No, nothing.”

In response, Elijah spat out those words with great effort, raising his usual smile.

Of course, deep inside I was chewing on the cursed name.

‘…a red devil.’

I’m not the type of person who cares that much about demons.

The Red Devil is an exception.

As much as the cursed being who burned his entire past.


And, although I’m not sure.

The human she is facing now, Fenol Laipek, smells like such a being.

Even if you look at her with her ‘eyes of truth’, you can’t clearly detect it, but nonetheless.


Elijah continued to look at Faynol in silence.

It was an expression of unresolved emotion in his eyes.

Last night was truly a disaster.

It was to the extent that my head was dizzy from the screams and blood that resonated in the forest all day long.

I heard that there were many who suffered fatal injuries while trying to hold out until the end. Death may be avoided, but suffering from psychological sequelae that will follow you for the rest of your life cannot be prevented.

Of course, all of these words meant nothing to Lana Ray Delvium.

Neither the aftereffects nor anything meant much to her. My clothes were a bit tattered from being bitten like crazy by the wolves the night before, but other than that, there wasn’t anything else that bothered me.

Perhaps no human has ever scored higher than her in the task of ‘surviving for a long time’.

Except for this human.


Lana Rey Delvium stroked her chin and looked nearby.

The corpses of the demon beasts that Daud and his comrades worked hard to transport were piled up.

“…Did you kill all of this?”



At the reply that came back casually, Lana lost her words and looked at Daud.

Inside the saber, he killed all the demon beasts specializing in hunting and tracking.

I wondered if it would be worth aiming for the highest point, but the opponent was like this.

Probably this person and Elijah will run the overwhelming lead in the scoring stage.

“…I don’t know where the real Mr. Dowd came from. Shouldn’t you hold the holy sword, not Elijah?”

“…I can’t handle that.”

But in that respect, the part that cuts like a knife is strange.

As if you should give it to them for granted.

The one who shows more than enough ability is obviously not the hero candidate Elijah, but this one.

“…By the way, who are they?”

She then raised the question.

It was a question I brought up after seeing several stout adult men standing idly by Daud.

It’s a bit scary to keep looking at the empty space with unfocused eyes, as if you’ve ingested a bowl of medicine.

In the first place, was there any reason for these people to enter the warrior selection ordeal?

“No, what.”

Daud smiled bitterly at her question.

“…It’s like a gift to Archbishop Luminol.”

“Are you talking to your father?”

Lana tilted her head and looked around at the unfocused humans.

It is a group of people who have obviously done tough things many times.

How can this be used as a ‘gift’?

“…I’m sorry, but are you planning to do anything bad to your father with these people?”

“…then would I show you this in plain sight in front of you, Lana.”

That’s right.

But, if it’s not like that, then what the hell do you mean?

Lana tilted her head at that thought.

“I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Daoud smiled and accepted the words.

“By the time the final trial begins, he will definitely do so.”


It was a voice that did not contain any emotion.

Even Lana, who had often been told that her eyesight was dull, felt terrified.

Scoring is, of course, first place.

The rotten Archbishop Luminol’s expression was worth seeing.

[…But wasn’t it you who did the right thing first?]

“…That’s right.”

I agree without a word with Caliban’s words.

In fact, from my father’s point of view, there is no reason to look favorably on me.

I also have some self-defense elements in that I tried to kill him without hesitation.

That’s why I plan on committing to that person later without much guilt.


As I pondered on that thought, I let out a shallow scream as my whole body throbbed.

It’s good that the sense of pain is blocked thanks to the iron man’s characteristics, but the aftereffects of the injury remain.

It’s not a fatal pain that disappears due to its characteristics, so it’s probably felt as it is, but it still hurts to death.

“…I have to make plans for the next one…”

As I trudge to my assigned accommodation, I meditate on such words.

At the end of both the first trial and the second trial.

The last thing left is the final ordeal inside the Holy Kingdom, and the handover ceremony of the holy sword stuck near the sanctuary there.

It would be good to see it as the highlight of the entire 4th chapter.


And maybe.

There is a high probability that it will be a variable lump right there.


I remember the name of the guy who had been strangely quiet until now.

In both the first trial and the second, the manipulative skills he played were close to zero.

He even tried to help me by dispatching a necromancer during the first trial.

I can’t guess his intentions, but I can feel that this time is the right time to commit something there.

So, until the end, you will have to check all the elements to ensure that Elijah can hold the holy sword and become a warrior.

Walking down the aisle with such thoughts in mind.

I met an unexpected person.

“…what. dismissal?”

As if he had been waiting for me, the golden chancellor standing against the wall slowly raised his eyes.

Looking around, there are no attendants or even bodyguards. I’m all alone

“Remarkable performance in trials, congratulations. That’s great, Daud.”

“…thank you.”

okay. Thank you for congratulating me.

There would be no way that the most powerful person in the empire would have traveled alone without a bodyguard to do that.

“The final trial will be held in a week. In the meantime, I came because something was delivered to you.”

Saying that, Sullivan approached me, took out a letter from his bosom, and held it out to me.

“-This is an invitation from the imperial palace.”


“Cecilia XI requested a private meeting with you.”

I listen to the Prime Minister’s sentences that seem to be chewed up and spit out, and I look at the letters that are delivered in front of my eyes.

Embedded on the envelope of the letter is a dark brown seal engraved with the seal of the imperial family.



Cecilia 11 years old?

why is that person to me?


I knew that he was interested in me from before, but calling me directly into the imperial palace through ‘Hwangmyeong’ was a different level of matter.

It’s nothing else, it’s the emperor’s order. If you don’t keep it, you have a level of coercion that you have nothing to say even if you hang your neck on the gallows.

‘…No, really, why?’

Accelerate your thoughts with a confused head.

What was the point of wanting to see me so urgently?

To be honest, meeting the emperor right now is not that sweet.

Cecilia 11 years old.

Along with Gideon, the human who has the largest stake in the fall of Elnor.

Considering that Elnor’s fall takes place at the point of his own mental breakdown, you can easily guess that this human will never have a good mental effect on him.


Sullivan recited in a quiet voice to me, who was diligently shaking his head.

“…you can refuse if you don’t like it.”

as soon as i heard that

I doubt my ears and look at the other person.


“I will protect you with all my might. By any means.”

understand intuitively.

Even if it was a letter from the imperial family, why did Sullivan come to deliver it himself?

this person.

He came to say this while he was alone with me.


Looking at the other person with a dumbfounded expression.

I don’t know if what I heard right now is correct.

This person is saying that it is okay to reject the ‘Hwangmyeong’ right now.

Given the level of coercion it has politically.

For a human with the power to divide the entire empire into two halves, saying such a thing had a chilling meaning to it.

For the chancellor to take the lead and ‘reject’ the Hwangmyeong, it is tantamount to saying that he will not recognize that side’s dominion.

in other words.

this person.

For me, the whole empire.

Going further, it is tantamount to saying that he will drive the entire continent into a pit of chaos.

Just for me.

Even if tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people die, it’s okay.

He said he would pay the full price for that sin.


Understanding all of that, and looking at the Prime Minister with a stiff appearance.

Sullivan continued speaking with unwavering eyes.


“…something might happen to you, Daud.”

Compared to what was to come, it was an attitude that I could endure as much as I could.



“This time, please don’t leave my side.”

It was a voice that even felt desperate.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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