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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 188

188. Empress (4)

Fortunately, His Majesty the Emperor didn’t seem to have a full head of compassion.

That’s the part where he giggled at my flustered appearance, but continued to explain in the end.

“I understand that if you suddenly say it is a government letter, it will be confusing.”

His Majesty said that while gently stroking the back of my hand.

Looking at me flinching in bewilderment as if it were cute.

‘…It’s a bit different from what I’ve seen in games.’

Was this person such a mischievous personality?

In the original work, Cecilia’s 11th-year-old appearance is rarely highlighted. She just pops up every once in a while and all she does is interact with Elnor.

That’s why I don’t remember anything other than doing public work with a hard look.

Rather than that, the image of having a big accident in the middle of the main quest is stronger.


Unlike Faynol, the boss of Chapter 4, this one is a human whose death is confirmed later.

There are also various routes. Either you die because you can’t find a cure for the dragon blood curse, or you lose in a power game and get imprisoned somewhere right away. Or completely disappear into the dew of the executioner.

If it’s the worst of them all, that’s it.

‘…Civil war. The coup that follows.’

A national conflict centered on the ‘Council of Presbyterians’, which consists of prestigious families excluding the Duke of Tristan and the Margrave of Kendride. War.

In the end, an event in which Gideon and this person die at the same time.

Chapter 5, the worst quarter among the scenarios of the ‘Great War of the Empire’.

It is also an instant-kill event that comes out when you enter a few wrong choices at the ‘climax’ at the end of Chapter 4.

“Let me ask you one thing, sir.”

While I was thinking about that, the Emperor suddenly came up with a sentence like that.

“What did you think of your behavior in the second trial of the selection of warriors?”


“The one that casually pushed himself to the brink of death. Without hesitation, without hesitation, he did just that.”

The emperor said that with slightly sunken eyes.

“Think of it as a test and answer seriously. Why did you do that?”


At the sudden serious tone of voice, I also shut my mouth.

I don’t know if it’s an unexpected test.

I don’t know what to answer.

On this point, there is only one honest answer I can come up with.

“Because it was for the best.”

“The best?”

“I am the only one who gets hurt, and I have tried countless times to come out of that situation.”


“I did it because I could. Because I was sure.”

“…In short.”

Cecilia 11 years old smiled brightly.

“You mean you calmly thought of yourself as the most appropriate ‘tool’ to resolve the situation. He has the guts to be sure he can pull it off even when his life is at stake.”

As if that was the correct answer.

“…I did think he would be that kind of person. I watched it all the time, and they had the guts to come up with some really bizarre methods.”

The emperor sighed and continued.

“I need someone like you right now.”

“…They said it was necessary.”

“I will be hunting, Doud Campbell.”

The sentence continued in a calm voice.

“…As you think, the empire now harbors a huge ember. Sullivan and I are at least amicable, but very often we hear that the elders are moving.”

I will… I will.

Considering the progression of Chapter 5, he must be plotting something there.

“…If a riot breaks out within the Empire under the current circumstances… It would be a disaster. In a situation where it’s clear that the Emperor of the Holy Land is plotting some grand plan as well.”


That’s the exact worry.

As this person says, the Great War of the Empire in Chapter 5 leads directly to the main quest in the background of the Holy Land in Chapter 6.

That is.

What this person wants to say right now.

“I want to prevent that from happening by ‘using’ you.”

Cecilia XI said that.

“I can’t tell you the details of the plan… But I think you can do it. I feel like I can help you seize the opportunity to strike out against the Council of Elders.”

“…How, do you mean?”

“With what you do best.”

The emperor smiled lightly and said.

“Let me survive.”


“It’s a bait role. You are That’s why the government book is also seated.”


The Empress’s companion.

The current emperor is not married and has no children. If I enter such a position, I will be placed in the position closest to the lineage of the heir to the throne.

Without any basis, without any signs, the son of a viscount suddenly became the empress’ official letter.

For those who are blinded by power and want to start a civil war, there is no more ‘conspicuous’ target than me.

I don’t know what it is, but the emperor seems to have established a plan to wipe out the Council of Elders through such a situation.

“It only takes a month. If things go the way I think, I’ll never bother you any more than that. I bet you.”


The emperor said that.

“…Of course, there’s nothing more rude than giving these orders with your bare mouth. A choice that forces you to risk your life.”

To me who was silent, the emperor brought out such words.

“I will give you a reward that you will be satisfied with.”

“…Reward, did you say?”


Continued casually.

“I will give you my all.”

That sentence fell out of nowhere.


A word that would stop my thinking in an instant, and I managed to come up with an answer like that.

However, the emperor continued talking again with an expression that nothing was wrong.

“Cecilia Ark Bailey Dieudone. Emperor of the empire. Or Cecilia XI. I will dedicate my all to you. Use whatever you like for a month. Body, mind, everything.”


I am speechless.

I don’t know what the hell this person is talking about.

What, the body?

A heart?


To a self-made idiot who can blow off his head with one gesture of his hand.

Become the ruler of the empire.

Now, what?

“It’s okay to hit me to kill time. It’s up to you to use it as a doll to satisfy your desires. It might be difficult to be too radical because of this body shape, but do whatever you like.”

“…No, Your Majesty, what is that-“

“This is the only ‘reward’ I can offer you.”

The emperor laughed bitterly and cut off my words.

It seemed to block even the room for objection.

From noble mtl dot com

“…I’ll leave the choice up to you.”

It was the voice that said that he had already made up his mind.

After that, it’s like it’s completely up to me.

‘…I’m dizzy.’

That was the first thought that came to my mind as soon as I came out of the conversation with the emperor.

[…Shall I be honest?]



“Just comfort me.”

Facts are not needed now.

Because I know best that I am surrounded by dog-like situations.

[You think you’re f*cked right now?]


Nevertheless, he looks at the soul linker without saying a word as he steadfastly brings out his convictions.

[…You’re honestly thinking you don’t understand, right?]


Okay then.

Of course not.

I understand that the emperor is trying to use me as bait for some kind of ‘plot’.

However, the payoff.

-I give you my all.

In effect, it is a declaration of slavery.

The emperor has declared that he will give up his own ‘human rights’ and become my ‘possession’.

Since it’s such a bizarre situation, naturally, incomprehensible feelings close to fear come first.


What is the reason?

I have many memories of being favored by the devil’s bowls.

But, still.

Neither Elnor, nor Yuria, nor Seras, nor Rirudo, nor even Fainol, did not suddenly show their feelings for me like this ‘for no reason’.

At least that kind of emotional point of contact was created after seeing the face, going through something, and having some kind of interaction between each other, or when the skill exploded.

I don’t have a one-sided relationship, but he’s the first person to say such dizzying words.

Moreover, if you think about your position, you can ‘force’ such a role on me with any reason.

There is absolutely no need to pay such dizzying ‘compensation’ yourself.

‘…There is no trace of a gift being activated.’

No matter how much I search the system log, there is not even a trace of my skill exploding against the emperor.

There’s no reason I can understand.

[…Clearly something is hidden. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.]

‘…I agree.’

As I answered that, I pulled on the doorknob of my dorm that the attendant had guided me to.

And as soon as I entered the room.



I opened my ax eye and met the gazes of Elnor and Elijah, who were glaring at me at the same time.



Who are you?

Somebody broke into my room.

“Come sit here, Daud.”

In an atmosphere as if scolded by a mother who had previously obtained information that her child was wrong, such a sentence flew by.

It was Elnor with a cool light in her eyes.

“…I heard you had a private meeting with His Majesty the Emperor. Am I right.”


Information is very fast.

I just came out too.

“…What happened inside? I will tell you.”

“Honestly, sir. I will not be angry.”

You’re funny.

You’re going to get mad.

You’re going to chew on it until there’s no bone meal left…!

As I stared at the two of them in a cold sweat, a different voice suddenly flew in from behind.

“If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be faster to ask me instead of you?”

Everyone in the room looked at them in dismay.

“Don’t bully the little guy too much, Elnor. You just listened to what I said.”

It was the voice of His Majesty the Emperor.

It looked like he was waiting in front of the room holding something similar to a cane.



Why is this person here again?

Considering the timing, they caught up almost immediately after I left the room.


While Elijah was stiff with his mouth wide open, Elnor managed to finish his sentence with a look on the verge of fainting.

“Your Majesty…?!”

“Oh, Elnor. Long time no see. How are you?”

The emperor said so.

To be precise, it is a ‘voice synthesizer’ made with magical engineering. A device that responds to the user’s intention and emits the target’s voice instead.


You realize it the moment you see it.

This person.

Until now, in front of me, he always talked with his ‘real voice’.

As if they were giving me special treatment.

“You too, Dawood. I just saw you, but nice to see you again.”

As expected.

Toward me, I speak with my own voice, not with a voice synthesizer.

Skinny, unstable, but as if he wanted to do that.



Indeed, Elijah and Elnor looked back and forth at the emperor, both in amazement.

The expression was full of questions about what the two of them were doing.


In the meantime, the emperor casually walked into the room and sat down on the sofa.

At that sight, Elijah and Elnor were startled and stood up at the same time.


It was an awkward move because he was a person with poor mobility, but the atmosphere was unmistakably upbeat. As if it makes you feel good.

That was the atmosphere until I brought out the following words.

“What are you going to order me to do today, Dowd?”

As soon as the sentence came out, the atmosphere in the room was shattered.


There was a heavy silence. Everyone just stared blankly at the emperor who had said that.

Of course, that includes me.

‘…What are you talking about?’

The choice is mine.

You mean to let me know when you decide.

Why do you say that it is already certain that I will become a government official and that you will become my ‘property’?

“Oh, don’t get me wrong. It is still valid to hand over the choice to you.”

As if he had read my thoughts, His Majesty the Emperor brought out such words.

“However, you might have doubts that I will not keep the word after saying it succinctly. So, I’m trying to give you some confidence. Do whatever you want to do.”



The face of Elijah, who doesn’t seem to be more surprised, turns pale. She goes beyond being pale and becomes blue.

Of course, beyond that, Elnor’s figure is even worse. El Nore struggled to open her mouth, her complexion almost swarthy.

“…Forcing me to, Your Majesty, is that, what-“

“Well, I decided to make a contract like that with that man.”

“Did you say contract…?”


The emperor continued with a grin.

“Well, think of it as a gift. The decision is up to that man.”


“You can do anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s dirty. Have you heard that your body and face are fine?”


Elijah was on the verge of having trouble breathing.

Elnor’s situation was not too different.

I was also staggering from the onslaught of dizziness.

You are an assassin.

The Precursor sent me to kill him.

If it wasn’t for that, there’s no way I could have said this casually.


Elnor and Elijah’s eyes returned to me.

It looked like it was turning its head with a creaking gesture like an ungreased machine, but the unnatural gesture made it even more frightening.




Two voices full of life fell one after another.




It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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Status: Ongoing Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Fated to Be Loved by Villains raw mtl I was proposed to by the final boss.


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