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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 182

182. Second Trial (4)


You have to sort out the situation.

Even when everyone else is soundly asleep, I wake up alone, rummaging through the dying bonfire and covering my headache-stricken head.

There’s a lot to think about.

‘…from checking the situation.’

When the second ordeal begins, it is not difficult to organize information about the situation itself.

Right now, my location is the Witchbeast Forest near the Furnace of Struggle. The immediate goal is to survive in this place for three days.

I’m in a position where even the rulers of the Devil’s Realm have been replaced in this area, so honestly, I wonder what’s so big of a threat here.

That’s ‘normally’ when the ordeal is in progress.


He wiggles his poker with a frown and connects his thoughts.

There was no way the selection of warriors would be carried out so lightly. Considering that it is an event that focuses on ranking in the first place, it is all the more certain that there is no way it will be held in such a soft environment.

‘In the first place…’

The goal itself of ‘survive for 3 days’ is just an empty sound.

To put it more accurately, it would be correct to understand that it would be ‘Hold on as long as possible’.

The fact that the difficulty of the exam will rise rapidly from tomorrow means that the goal is to eliminate all the humans present here from the beginning. It’s an ordeal that focuses on how long you can hold out there.

‘The main is not me.’

That is not to be misunderstood.

After all, in this ordeal, my position should be limited to Elijah’s helper. I can’t stand out the most like before.

It didn’t matter in the first trial because it was simply a matter of getting a high score, but the second trial, which is the bridgehead before the last trial, is the point at which a full-fledged evaluation begins whether or not you will be able to hold the holy sword intact.

It’s not just about doing well, it’s the point where ‘how’ to do well becomes more important.

Therefore, in this trial, it is right that Elijah’s capacity, not mine, is verified.

That said, my code of conduct should reinforce what was previously followed.

Deliberately exposing my life to threats to improve his abilities.

if you do that It’s not that difficult.

The problem is, in the current situation, in order to do that, there is a high probability that Elijah and I must fall.

If that happens, Elijah and Faynolna will be stuck together without an intermediary.


Seemingly there is nothing wrong with it.

Faynol is also one of the most rational of the devil’s vessels, and Elijah is not the one who will quarrel with others for no reason.


It is a problem because there is one very big reason for Elijah to fight that side.

“…What do you think, Caliban?”

To Caliban, who must have come to his senses, he said such a thing in a gloomy voice.


“What is the probability that Elijah will remain sane when he encounters the Red Devil?”


Caliban, who had been silent for a long time, soon received the words with a wry smile.

[…nothing. Is it possible?]

“Isn’t that right?”

The same goes for my face. Nothing else, but the enemy of the family.

Even this person was stubbornly refusing to hold hands with a question and answer dance when he first met them.

“…I think your attitude has changed a bit lately.”

I don’t know why, but I feel that this side’s attitude towards Faynol has been a bit backward.

Of course, he listened to me before and put up with being in a cooperative relationship with Faynol, but these days, even the occasional grumbling about being entangled with him seems to be less frequent.


After hearing my words, Caliban spoke calmly.

[Because there seems to be a story behind it.]


[Looking at it from the side, I felt that way.]

“How do you feel?”

[You don’t look like someone who is intoxicated with power and will harm others recklessly. I don’t even look like a bad person.]


[Singing to wake up all emotions and wanting to die quickly, as well as urging you to do something quickly because the power of the red devil will be released if you don’t do it properly. In many ways, it’s rather a feeling of being reluctant to that side.]

While thinking so, Caliban smiled and continued.

[Isn’t he rather a person with a strong self-loathing?]


an accurate analysis.

Fynol’s psychological mechanism is basically based on believing that an existence like himself should disappear from the world quickly.

Even though I declared that I would make you happy, it is highly likely that such a fundamental way of thinking did not change much.

“…there were some circumstances in the past.”

Saying that, I looked at Faynol, who was soundly asleep.

It is said that there are no such people among the devil’s vessels, but Faynol’s past is uniquely bleak.


Come up with a few keywords. A few of the background settings seen in the game pass by.

A girl from a rural village. Wizard of the Mage Tower. An interrogator at the Heretic Inquisition.

Among all the devil’s vessels, Faynol has the most diverse background.

And, there is an indescribable circumstance that made it so, that the surrounding area was completely devastated.

He probably thinks that everyone around him is suffering because of him.

So you’d think that something like yourself should disappear from the world quickly.

[Looks like it. Come to think of it, I had no choice but to do that.]


[In the past, when we ran into each other during the Red Night incident, we never exchanged a single word of conversation or anything. Even when I slit my neck, I was just losing my mind?]


From noble mtl dot com

It is also the first time that this person talks about the past directly with his mouth.

Even more so when he directly mentions Fenol.

It is probably a counter-evidence that he has greatly reduced his psychological resistance to Faynol.

[Coming to think of it, I haven’t heard a word about ‘how’ the red devil inside that guy went berserk.]


[If you look at the bowls around you, they don’t come out that easily. If there was no variable called you, there must be quite a few people who would have lived without knowing that they had such a thing?]

Caliban continued with a calm voice.

[So, naturally, you can guess that the other side didn’t cause the situation at night because the devil went out of control alone for no reason.]


[Of course, even now I hate the red devil. At that time, the punishment for those who were swept away unjustly and died must be paid. Still, we need to distinguish what to distinguish.]

Still, it’s a flat voice.

It’s almost astonishing when you consider the nobility implied in the sentence.

[The devil is a bad guy. It’s not that the Feinol girl is bad.]

Still, he looked at the Soul Linker with surprised eyes.

Words that make me doubt my ears.

No way, if you’re a normal person.

It is not an evaluation that can be given to a person who killed himself and created a disaster that would sweep his family.

No matter how much you understand the situation of the other person, how many people can spit out these words without being swept away by emotions.

“…You are a real Guardian too, Caliban.”

Humans who were called symbols of nobility and justice.

A sample of the most ideal ‘knight’.

[…Then how did you usually look at me?]

“well. Neighborhood idiot?”


“Or a clown?”

[shut up.]

As I was giggling at Caliban’s reaction, a spear suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.

< System Message >

[I caused a mental change of the soul in ‘Soul Linker’. ]

[The ‘synchronization rate’ with the target soul goes up! ]

[‘Second Memory’ is unlocked! You can enjoy it in sync with the soul when you want!]

[If you open up to the last memory, ‘Third Memory’, a special event will occur! ]

Seeing this, he frowned slightly.

This… obviously that’s it.

A memory of Caliban that I peeked into earlier when I was powering up the Soul Linker.


it’s a special event

I’m not sure, but I have a strong feeling that this will probably be the key to this main quest. Sera, it would be nice to have an intuition from a deceased person.

Previously, this main quest feels like a lot of things related to this person are opened.

Thinking so, I looked at the face of Fynol, who was silently sleeping.

Right next to him, Elijah is fast asleep, clinging to him. From the outside, you might mistakenly think that they are good friends.

“…I hope Elijah thinks so too.”

Probably, there will be a situation where only the two of us remain this time with a high probability.

If I go around dragging aggro by myself, there is a higher chance that Elijah will stand out.

At that time, my only hope is that something emergency won’t happen.

[You always have a good mouth. know?]


[Have you ever wished so much that something didn’t explode?]


Don’t be cowardly hit with facts.

He sighs and scratches his head.


At the very least, if Faynol was attached, it would be possible to prevent ‘misfortunes’ such as being attacked by Yuria like in the first trial.

Maybe you can focus fully on the main quest.

“…Well, I’m glad I can break through the ordeal itself somehow comfortably.”

As soon as I said that while thinking about it.




For now, one thing is certain.

That my mouth is really straight.

‘It’s viciously coming in.’

Yes, I did say that the difficulty would become more difficult ‘from today’.

At least they release it in broad daylight when people can work properly.

No matter how much it is a selection of warriors, are we forgetting that most of the participants are students?

“Pack Pack… You use a troublesome guy. Do all the people in charge of trials have sadism?”

Among large monsters, they are especially specialized in hunting and tracking.

With that in mind, let’s stand up.


Suddenly, something strange came into my eyes.

A blue ‘veil’ descending from the sky.


I thought I was looking at it wrong at first.

Looking back, I’m sure

Clearly, that’s it.

“… Damn it.”

as soon as you see it

The leeway is erased from the face.

Then, immediately, a roaring scream rang out.

“wake up-!”

“Uh, uh, uh, what, what is it, sir?!”

“…older brother?”

“Mr. Dowd…?”

The guys who had been sleeping soundly woke up at the same time, frightened by my shouting.

“Get up right now and get your gear! If you’re even a little late, you die!”

Perhaps they sensed the urgency in my voice, and even while they were flustered, they each picked up their weapons and equipment.

Considering the situation, it could be said that it was a very quick response, but even so, my insides were burning up as I looked at it.

[What’s wrong, what’s wrong all of a sudden? What is that?]

‘…It is armed cremation.’

It is a super-high-level technique that users used to call magnetic field.

It’s a crazy technique that completely neutralizes all the ‘supernatural powers’ inside.


Caliban brought out a voice that was absurd.

[How is that possible?!]

In Sera’s worldview, the source of all power is through supernatural abilities.

In the material world, even the powers of non-standard beings such as demons and angels are bound by superpowers, and that armed makeup ‘erases’ all of that.

Originally, it is a gimmick that is often seen only in hell difficulty challenge content, but it is absolutely not a guy who can jump out of the 4th chapter at most.


The teeth are brittle.

Unleashing large monsters in a situation where you can’t use any abilities is nothing more or less than the meaning of literally dying.

[Then why are you suddenly releasing stuff like that?! This is a hero selection ordeal, not an execution site!]

‘I don’t know, neither do I.’

If there’s a human who can artificially realize that, there’s only one I’ve decided to know.

emperor of the empire. The current swordsman beside him.

in other words.

It means that the ruler of the empire is taking the initiative in committing such a crazy thing.

‘…Think about it later.’

It would be a matter of finding out why the emperor was doing such a thing later.

Even right now, the large monsters that have been released must be moving in search of nearby humans.

First of all, you have to move.

Only then can the lives of everyone here be saved.

“Seo, teacher, what are you doing!”

“For now, don’t panic and listen carefully.”

Elijah, who is flustered no matter who sees it, is holding the shoulder tightly and says.

“Not everyone here survives.”


“Then I will die only once.”


“don’t worry. I have done it many times.”

Unfortunately, the embarrassment did not seem to subside.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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