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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 183

183. Second Trial (5)

In fact, contrary to popular perception, Chancellor Sullivan and the Emperor do not growl even when they make eye contact.

To be precise, it would be most appropriate to see them as having no contact with each other at all.

Unlike the servants under his command who snarled at each other in an attempt to devour the other somehow from below, the personal attitudes of these two towards each other were indeed consistent.


If you don’t touch me, I won’t touch you either. If there is an occasional conflict, do it quickly, fairly, and avoid escalation as much as possible.

This attitude of the commander-in-chief must have played a significant role in the fact that civil wars or huge fights did not break out even though it was a system that effectively divided the power structure in a huge country called an empire.


The current situation was a very strange confrontation.


There was a terrible silence in the room.

There were very good bodyguards, as it was a place where two state guests of this level gathered, but even they were so nervous that they suddenly drool.

The source of such an atmosphere must be Chancellor Sullivan, who sits in the center and spreads a bloody atmosphere around him.

Then, after she had closed her eyes for a while, she slowly pushed them back up.

“What were you thinking, Your Majesty?”

It was a voice filled with coldness, as if flesh were being burned.

To the extent that someone who was feeling the pressure nearby swallowed a dry saliva that he could not restrain himself.

“I heard that you instructed the Sword Saint to create a weapon.”

Cecilia XI looked at her in silence through a veil that hung nearby.

Sullivan also looked beyond the veil with a cool gaze.

It looked hostile, as if it were going to be a fight.

The moment the tense silence was about to grow longer.

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“Assault cremation is a fact that is close to universal on the surface, but the law of destruction is also a very clear technique.”

It was a voice as smooth as glass, devoid of any emotion.


Chancellor Sullivan’s impression was immediately frowned upon.

Her gaze returned to the giant who said so.

Emperor’s direct escort.

A huge sword hanging behind his back. A middle-aged man with a gigantic body two or three heads taller than that of an adult man, and exuding a gentlemanly elegance that does not match him.

Rad Alexander Barfon.

modern swordsman.

The Empire’s strongest combatant, said to be able to defeat even Archduke Tristan and Margrave Kendrid.

Beyond simply being the strongest in the Empire, he is one of the strongest among those who have been given the title of Saint, the pinnacle of that field.

At the point where Kwon Seong lost most of his prime power due to his limbs being cut off, he was a monster that could not even be compared to humans unless he brought the owner of the mage tower or the emperor.

“…I didn’t ask you, Sir Rad.”

She said it in a low voice, but this time the answer came back without hesitation.

“You just have to step out of the area of effect. There are no sanctions against that.”


I know that.

It was also a clear answer to the question of why, despite being such a powerful technology, it had never been openly used in practice.


“…If you step out of the range of effect, you will be disqualified from the trial. Didn’t you set it up on purpose?”

“Anyone whose life is precious will do that. Is there any problem there?”


“It is rather strange that the weight of the name of a hero is not that much. It is a fact acknowledged by the leaders of other countries.”

With the swordsman smiling softly, he continued that sentence smoothly.

“…But it’s too harsh for the contestants to take such a threat-“

“Prime Minister Sullivan.”

The Sword Master cut off her words in a soft voice.

“Unlikely, you are very emotional.”


“I don’t know about humanity, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with conformity. If it was a way that anyone could see a problem in the first place, the heads of other countries would have stopped it as well.”



What she is doing now lacks grounds.

It is also clear that the iron-blooded chancellor was an emotional response that did not live up to his reputation.


‘…If it’s that man, obviously.’

It is obvious that he would risk his own life again to give the title of warrior to a man named Elijah Krissanax.

Because it always has been.

On the outside, he always looks like a playboy and trash, but on the inside, he is so devoted that he looks like an idiot to the humans around him.

Just like her old memories clearly linger.


Sullivan clasped his hands under the table.


I hate throwing him into an unexpected ‘variable’.

One way or another, Doud Campbell.

I don’t like situations where my life is threatened in situations I can’t anticipate.

At least, right now, what she can do in this ordeal is very limited.

Since the emperor has already been chosen as the moderator of the ordeal, the method for her to intervene becomes very difficult.

‘…I was careless.’

I didn’t know that the emperor would directly do something like this.

The emperor was completely indifferent to that man. Because they had nothing to do with each other.

It was something that had never happened in the ‘previous rounds’ she went through.

‘For what purpose are you doing this?’

Until now, if there was something to bump into each other, it was normal for them to take care of themselves and avoid it.

It probably happened because the interests of ‘I don’t want to ruin the empire through a power struggle’ coincided. It was because he knew that the emperor did not bother to stand out on his own.

In that respect, to do something like this out of the blue is completely unexpected.

“Prime Minister, is it because of that man?”


“Doud Campbell is a human horse.”

Sullivan’s eyes narrowed at the sudden words of the Sword Saint.

Then, her reason sank coldly.

If this side already knew that, it would be possible to roughly compress how things are going.

“…your majesty.”

Then, she opened her mouth in a low voice.

“You did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

It was a voice filled with faint anger.

“Did you use that man as an excuse to put pressure on me?”

“Wrong, Sullivan.”

This time, it wasn’t the Sword Saint’s voice.

It’s thin, and it’s faint enough that you have to concentrate all your nerves to hear it.

Clearly, it was the content of the emperor himself opening his mouth.

“I never meant to pressure you. I have no reason to break up with you. It’s true that Jim was introduced to the man because he was interested in your attention.”


Sullivan’s eyes twitched slightly.

How long had it been since he had seen the emperor speak using his own ‘voice’?

Considering the restrictions placed on this girl, it would be truly unusual.

Curse of dragon blood.

A rare disease that occurs with an extremely low probability to those who have inherited the “dragon” factor that is said to flow through the imperial family.

The current Emperor of the Empire is a human with a very high probability that even making his own voice is an act that puts a burden on his body.

In other words.

Even in such a state, it can be said that he is serious about this matter to the extent that he dares to speak out.

“It’s just to get a little more information about the subject we’re carefully observing. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure nothing you worry about happens.”

“…what do you mean I’m watching carefully, Your Majesty?”

Sullivan still asked with narrowed eyes.

What was the reason the emperor would be interested in that in the first place?

Doud Campbell is obviously a promising talent at the level of the Continental District just by looking at the steps he has taken so far, but from the emperor’s point of view, who has already proven people around him, he is by no means a target to focus on.

while thinking so.

“Nothing. It’s half interest.”

It was a sentence uttered in a joking tone mixed with laughter.


at that point.

Let’s feel the ‘atmosphere’ mixed there.

As soon as I sensed a very faint ‘presence’ underlying it.

“…Should I say that I felt a fateful connection? It’s such a silly reason.”

Sullivan’s eyes widened in astonishment.


She covered her mouth involuntarily.

It was a maximum effort not to lose self-control.

It’s a very dirty feeling.

It’s a weak intuition enough to forget it the moment it passes by.

It is a feeling that cannot be forgotten.

It was the sense that gave her the nightmare she had chewed over countless times.


Calming his rapid breathing, Sullivan suppressed the astonishment that was barely breaking through his expression.

“Why, Sullivan?”

“…it’s nothing, Your Majesty.”

She also feels sensitive because she can handle the energy of the ‘devil’.


She squeezed her trembling hands tightly and muttered those words.

Of course she hates all demons.

Of all her experiences, there was not one that did not harm Dowd Campbell for arbitrary reasons.

It is possible that Dowd Campbell will experience death once to every demon, though less often and more often.

At least, that was what she had ‘seen’.



Brown, among them, is the existence of the most ‘exception’.

In a way, even more so than the Gray Devil.

‘…the emperor is the vessel of the brown devil.’

It’s a home I don’t want to imagine.

Unlike other vessels who, for their own reasons, refrained from approaching Dowd Campbell, bypassed it, or were within the level that the man could ‘handle’.

This one, along with Sullivan himself, is the most powerful person in the empire.

It is said that there is a foundation that can destroy everything about that man just by putting his own emotions first.

much less

If it’s not the other guy, if it’s that brown devil.

The last owner of the six seats of power that rule Pandaemonium.

brown devil.

bastard of angels. the most lowly demon.

If it’s the demon that killed Dowd Campbell the most in ‘All the World Lines’.


Again, I remember.

The look of Dowd Campbell who asked to kill himself.

The chancellor quickly lowered his face at the terrible scene that burst through his consciousness.

Because I didn’t want to show my pale face to the other person.

“…Sullivan? Are you okay?”


It ‘happened’ because of the demon this woman harbored.


Sullivan managed to suppress the murderous intent that broke through his expression.

even right now

I want to tear my opponent into a thousand pieces. i want to kill I want to break the soul and scatter it everywhere.


Not yet.

Not yet.

At this level of presence, there is still a long way to go before even the first piece is awakened.

A demonic fragment is sensitively affected by the state of mind of its host vessel. There is no need to wake up early.

Considering their near-immortal nature, it’s impossible to even kill them in the first place.

Rather, it is first to ‘suspend’ that time as much as possible right now.

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“…Yes, Your Majesty. it’s okay.”

Sullivan answered calmly with his usual expressionless expression.

In my head, all kinds of plans, countermeasures, and tricks were wriggling.

It’s not something to tease right away.

Clearly, revealing one’s intentions to one who would later become an ‘enemy’ is an idiot’s act.


“…But, Your Majesty. If you knew that I was coveting you and did that, then you should take some responsibility.”

It’s okay to show this level of displeasure.

“Are you responsible?”

“If that man gets even the slightest bit hurt.”

Sullivan’s eyes shone golden.

“You will have to pay the price, Your Majesty.”


The remarks made by the chancellor to the emperor would be a robbery beyond imagination.

No one in the room stepped in and stopped it.

Because they were excellent people.

It meant that he was clearly realizing that this place was the place of the humans who ‘divided’ the empire.

in other words.

If, by chance, someone did something wrong, the situation escalated and reached its worst.

There is a level of chaos that the entire continent will fall into chaos.

The two women who are now in this position are the giants in that position.

Unless one or the other violently erupts, it would be wisest for them to play the role of invisible man.

‘…Who the hell is that Dowd Campbell…!’

Of course, it was clear that the fact that two such women were creating such an atmosphere with only one man was throwing up a curse.

“…Didn’t you say that you don’t have to worry?”

While the people around you are sweating profusely with tension.

The emperor, who was in charge, only waved his hands with a wry smile.

In line with that motion, one of the attendants waiting nearby quickly brought a crystal ball.

“It’s a video screen of the place where the ordeal is going on. From now on, I will observe it right away, and if the man is in any danger, I will dispatch Lard right away.”

Saying that, the emperor gestured again, and the attendant lowered his head and activated the crystal ball.

Before long, real-time video was transmitted from the inside.

And there.

“Kill me lightly, bastards—!!!”

In the middle of the place where the armed cremation was laid.

with no ability whatsoever.

There was a figure of Dowd Campbell charging at the large monsters with his bare body.

Even the top and bottom were completely removed and only one piece of underwear was worn.




Everyone saw it and was silent.

No one could speak out.

no one.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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