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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 181

IF Gaiden – What if you didn’t get caught?

※ This episode is an If abduction!

It deals with ‘what if this happens?’, which has nothing to do with the main story.

Elijah, who pressed his chest, brought his body under Daud’s lower body.


To be honest, I don’t even know what I’m doing right now.

All that remains is instinct. as it goes


The first action that came out.

It was from smell.

He buried his head near Daoud’s crotch and sniffed.

“You, dude?!”

A groaning sound came from above.

Certainly, all I can smell is the smell of sweat. I’ve been wandering around in the Witchbeast Forest with this person all day today, so it’s only natural if it’s natural.


“…Ah, ooh…”

It’s an addictive smell.

I hug Daoud tightly and breathe deeply at the smell coming from the inside of his clothes.

At best, the thought that my entire grooming would be ruined briefly crossed my mind, but on the next inhalation, I buried my head in my groin again frantically at the smell of him entering my nose.

She inhaled so deeply that the fabric of Daoud’s clothes came loose from her breath. It’s a perverted act no matter who sees it. If you see someone else doing something like this, you’ll probably react badly.

“Hey, what now…!”

Unsurprisingly, Daoud’s reaction was not much different.

I put out such a sentence with a face that turned red.

Unfortunately, it seems that the voice was too loud.

To the extent that beings outside the phantom tree could recognize them.

“what? older brother?”

In the midst of that, the voice I heard.

Daoud involuntarily sighed.

It could be heard a little from far away, but it was definitely Talion’s voice.

The fact that he’s over there means that there’s a high probability that Faynol is nearby too.

If you show this kind of appearance to the ‘devil’, it will be a final decision.

Thinking so, I tried to separate Elijah.


Warmth spread down below.

Looking down, he saw Elijah resting his chin on his chest, looking up at Dawood. With a crooked smile on his face, one eye was wide open.


As soon as he encountered it, Daoud intuitively realized.

this guy now.

That you’re preparing something crazy.

With her eyes completely open, she continued to exhale breath melted in the heat.

Without making a sound, only moving his lips, Elijah whispered.

-…Could you please give me a minute?

In her hand, she was gently caressing the area where his penis was.

-I came up with an interesting idea.

Daoud was still frozen, looking down at Elijah.

feel it again

this guy now.

Definitely not insane

“older brother? Can’t you hear me!”


“It’s strange. I’m sure I heard a voice… You must be nearby.”


Daud gritted his teeth at the voice calling him with a clearer pronunciation than before.

It’s too late to pretend not to know.

They seem to be pretty sure they’re around here already, and it’s probably only a matter of time before they find them if they search the area.

Elijah can’t be separated with his power now, and all he can do is to delay the time as he said.

“Uh, that, I’m just a bit busy right now!”

As he spoke, Elijah’s hand ran down Daoud’s body like a crawling snake. Along the chest and stomach, as a bottom. Unbutton the button and lower it as it is.

Then, like water seeping into soil, it naturally digs into the inside of underwear.


under the moonlight. Beneath a span of light emanating from a bonfire.

Facing Daud’s phallus, Elijah let out a deep sigh.

Then, I look down at it with a possessed gaze.

“yes? Are you busy? What do you mean!”

“For now, don’t come around here! never! never!”

“…yes? If my brother is at that level of danger, I have to go to support right away…”

Normally, I’d be very grateful, but right now, it’s the answer I most want to avoid.

Daoud answered, breaking out in a cold sweat.

“no! It’s not dangerous, so that’s okay! I’ll take care of it myself, so wait a bit!”

“…No, well, if you go that far… By the way, are you feeling well? I heard that you were in the medical unit until recently.”

– Your body looks healthy.

Elijah chuckled and whispered to him.

He gently caresses Daoud’s scrotum with his hand. Long white fingers moved between the base and the testicles, brushing the surface as if tickling. It is an action that feels relaxed. The confidence that you know everything that the other person will like if you stimulate it and how you stimulate it comes through.

like savoring. The prey that was already in her hands, slowly.

And Elijah’s tongue slowly licked the outside of Daud’s earlobe. A hot breath beats on the eardrum. It smelled so sweet that it felt like poison was seeping into it.

“I’m healthy, because I’m healthy, just a little-“

Next, Daud, who flinched at the sensation of Elijah’s tongue digging into his ear, gnashed his teeth and held back the noise.

“-Please wait.”

“…are you really okay with that? Your voice is really bad.”

Eyes are also unnecessarily good.

While Daoud broke into a cold sweat, Elijah’s tongue began to run down his body, starting from his ears. Saliva slides along the path.

cheek. chin. neck. shoulder dead. collar bone. chest. ship. lower abdomen. thigh.

and genitals.

Elijah, holding his swollen penis with both hands, carefully kissed the glans. The sound of his lips brushing against the surface of his skin echoed softly. It was an action that even felt polite.

“By the way, what about Faynol? It’s nearby…!”

Daoud’s sentences, which he tried to connect somehow to change the subject, were mercilessly cut off.

It was because Elijah, who pulled out his tongue slightly, was holding Daud’s penis in his mouth as if it were wrapped around it.


I barely suppressed the sensation that my whole body was about to jump.

Daoud covered his mouth with his hand as he barely let out a moan.

In the meantime, Elijah was moving on to the next move.

Sweep the surface as if stroking it, and apply moderate pressure to the lips to absorb it. There is no sign of looking at the reaction.

Even though it was obviously the first time, there was no hesitation in the act as if it was a process that he already knew everything about.

He licks, sucks, and between movements he lets out an excited sigh over Dawood’s cunt. Being in the warm mouth, being exposed to the cold outside air, and breathing on it again is repeated.

“…older brother? Are you really okay? I will go there now!”

“…are you okay…!”

Every time he speaks, a pleasure runs down his spine that makes his whole body flinch. Dowd focused all his strength on his temporomandibular joint to straighten his pronunciation.

Dowd adjusted his sentences, barely twisting, as he felt Elijah gripping him tightly around his waist and pushing his genitals into his uvula.

“Right now, it’s just, because there’s something I’m holding back…!”


ka, school. And, along with a strange sound, I feel a crack in my own breathing. I feel Elijah’s neck wriggling around his genitals like a living creature.

When he lowered his gaze, he suffocated due to the effect of having it inserted into his esophagus, but he continued without hesitation.

You can feel that you are trying with all your heart to somehow make him feel better, to serve him.

“…cough? Brother, what now…”

From noble mtl dot com

“There’s something like that, dude…!”


It was an excuse now, but it felt like everything was messed up.

To be honest, patience is already at its limit. Convulsions almost paroxysmal were coming to his whole body.

Not just the genital area, but a tingling sensation that seemed to run through the entire lower body.

The penis, already swollen, heats up as if it’s about to explode. The feeling of ejaculation, which had been controlled so far, rose at once.

“Brother, if there’s something I can help with…!”

It takes a long, very long time for Talion’s worried voice to pass through the eardrum and reach consciousness.

I feel like my brain is on fire because of the pleasure that has already exceeded the threshold a long time ago. I lowered my head at the feeling of a dream, and my eyes met Elijah’s melted gaze. In this woman’s eyes, which always had only a cheerful and lively light, a sticky, melted s*xual desire clung to them.

It must have been suffocating. It must be painful.

On the subject of holding a man’s penis in her mouth, it is undoubtedly the happiest face in the world.

Just as if being able to ‘serve’ Daud is the greatest happiness.

“I- I’m fine, really-”

I get the illusion that even my own words are elongated. All of the senses are far, high, out of their capacity.


It was only later that I remembered it, but covering my mouth with my hand at that time was purely an act of instinct.

And, at the same time, things happened.

A feeling of overheating of the entire organ below the spine. It was to the point of even imagining the absurdity that the soul was being sucked out through one hole.

It’s not pouring out, but like a dam breaking and collapsing.

Even after the turbid liquid poured into Elijah’s mouth, the amount she couldn’t swallow spilled out of her lips, dirty her face, trickled down her body, and spilled all over the dirt floor.

go on, go on, go on.

without stopping.

“…Eup, uh, uh…!”

An uncontrollable moan escaped from his closed mouth. It felt a bit embarrassing, but the pleasure of having my brain drained with a pharynx quickly crushed my reasoning.


Elijah removed his mouth from the genital organ where semen was still intermittently pouring out, and said that with a dissatisfied expression.

And then


He grumbled and collected the spilled semen with his hand.

and by mouth.

Drink it all as if savoring it, as if it were a sweet liquid.

From splashes on his face, to clothes, to even things that fall on the dirt floor, he lowers his head and licks them up.

Then, with a lot of sincerity, he sucked out the semen that was still flowing out as if cleaning it.

Elijah grinned again, looking up at Daoud, who continued to spit out empty air.

Finally, I kissed his phallus again.

As if it meant that you did a good job.

And as soon as he had done that, Elijah cried out in a loud voice.

“Talion-! I’m sorry, but can we meet in five minutes!”

“…Elijah? Were you with your brother?”

“huh. I just came, but the teacher must have a stomach ache! I’ll pick it up right away and take it!”


It sounds like a very strange excuse to say you have a stomach ache.

Perhaps Talion feels it too. That if I tackled something here, Elijah could do something wrong.

“…then definitely pick it up and bring it out! I’ll be waiting for you with Mr. Faynol!”

“huh! thank you!”

After confirming Talion’s voice as he said that, Elijah swept his hair and looked at Daud.

Still, gasping for breath. His face was almost in tears because of what he had just experienced. I must have lost my mind for a while.

as soon as I saw it

Once again, a crooked smile crept across Elijah’s face.

Oh, really.

If you show me like this

You can’t stand it.


“…you, you, what…”

“Don’t you think we can do it one more time in five minutes?”


“You still look distressed.”

Saying that, Elijah tapped Daud’s phallus, which was still stiff.

Perhaps the influence of the ejaculation that had just ejaculated had made her very sensitive, and she flinched at just that much touch.


“How can you go out in front of other people in this state?”


“Because I will take responsibility?”


“In the future, whenever the teacher becomes like this. I’ll be ‘responsible’ every time, right?”


“From now on, if this happens, do you have to come to me first? Did you know?”

Saying that, Elijah licked his tongue again.

Daoud looked at him with a contemplative expression.

It was as if he had intuited his future.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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Fated to Be Loved by Villains raw mtl I was proposed to by the final boss.


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