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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 180

180. Second Trial (3)

After I became possessed by Sera’s worldview, there were all sorts of crises.

Try fighting a demon, and fighting a boy king who has fully mastered the forgotten arts. Try fighting an ancient god from another dimension.

And even if it’s me who’s seen all the different things like that.

In this situation, I don’t know how to deal with it.



Silence flows.



“Why are you acting like this…?”

I managed to bring it up, but Elijah, who was hanging by my arm, didn’t even think about falling.

A crackling log fire was the only light, which made it easier to cast a shadow on Elijah’s face as he leaned his head next to me.

The boy’s face always wore a cheerful smile.


However, with the lighting, it is much more than usual, what should I say.

It looks sinister.

[It’s actually quite sinister.]


[Don’t you already know that in your heart?]

To know… to know.

You can’t know in the first place.

In the first place, the fact that this guy’s appearance is not unusual is because it is a fact that anyone who is not blind can know.

It feels like a carnivore with its prey in front of its eyes.

[This is the third person.]


[Women clinging to you to take your first night ticket.]


[I didn’t know that my sister would be included in that list.]

What the hell happened while I was gone?


While she was breaking out in a cold sweat and pondering that question, Elijah made that noise again and murmured.

I hugged the arm that was embracing it more deeply.

“…too close.”

I tried to bring it up, but Elijah responded without changing a single look on his face.

“It’s cold.”


“Teacher is warm.”

Rather than doing that, he said something like this and rather brought his body closer.

in the end.


It seems to come back in front of me and dig into my arms.

The back of his head touches my chest. The fragrant smell of orange hair also tickled my nose.



“You already know what I’m going to do, right?”


I didn’t even blink, and I kept my mouth shut at the sentence that came in.

yeah i can’t know

In the first place, I could feel that this guy and I were keeping a close eye on each other from a while ago.

Both of us already knew what this guy was aiming for and what I would say in response.

“…Again, will you say no?”


I look at Elijah who says so with a bitter look without a word.

“…I understand, sir.”

The boy pursed his lips and said.

“Because it is dangerous. Aren’t there people around you who will turn a blind eye to just holding hands with another woman by mistake?”


It is.

With the demons still fiercely obsessed with them, crossing the front line rationally, no matter who they are, is tantamount to taking the suicide express train.


“I am me too, but you are more of a problem.”

He sighs and answers.


“If you cross the line with me, the demons will attack you more fiercely than me.”


Not just me, but this guy too.

Unless it’s not the same devil, and it’s not me who’s not the subject they fell for.

If this guy crosses the line with me now, he will be covered with the wrath of the seven demons alone.

From noble mtl dot com


That doesn’t make sense, that.

It is an ordeal that I will never be able to survive.

“I can’t let you die. I don’t know if it’s coming like this after the situation is over.”

“…Eh, you just put it off like that again.”

Elijah pursed his lips again.

“If you just say that you like me a little bit, even with empty words, where does it add up? In the past, you said you were precious to me, so-“

“I have no intention of saying anything empty.”


Elijah’s movements stiffened.

The expression that pouted his lips remained the same.

I put my eyes down for a while.

be silent for a while Just like thinking about my words.



My face turns red like crazy.

The blush fills up to the tips of the ears. It looks like steam is about to come out from above.

The boy opened his mouth as he barely managed to calm his choked breath.


“It is not an empty word. that you like it.”

To that figure, I answer calmly.


As if he had broken down at all, he suddenly waved his limbs around.


Most of the other people are people who fall in love with me, crushing all probability because of my characteristics.

As far as this guy is concerned, he is doing this on his own will without the intervention of any special force.

In this part, this guy has a distinct difference from the other guys.

It’s your own ‘sincerity’ without any elements mixed in.

So, I must convey my sincerity clearly.

“let’s do it.”


“As long as the situation is resolved, let’s do something like sleep or marriage. I will listen to everything.”


“I want to do something like that with you too. really.”

Elijah looked at me completely frozen.

No way, it seems like he didn’t know that such a cool answer would come out.

“Because you are precious to me.”

It’s not that they’re treated that way simply because they’re important characters in the scenario.

This guy is also the one who bumps into me with all his heart, regardless of the process.

Even if he doesn’t accept it now, he’s the guy who must give back an answer later, and if so, it means he’s a ‘human’ precious person to me.

You say so.

Elijah lowered his head slightly.

I don’t know what kind of expression he’s making due to the limitations of the lighting, but I do know that his face is all red.



“Teacher, you should know what your situation is.”

next moment.

Heaven and Earth turned upside down.


To be precise, Elijah just turned my whole body inside out and stuffed it.

Then, he gets on top of my belly with a motion like running water.

“…you dude, what…!”

When I said that out of fear, he gasped for breath and pushed his face closer to me.

Only then can you see the boy’s expression.

Compared to earlier, the ‘reason’ was clearly faded.


Actually, that was a good thing.

To put it more bluntly.

It’s an angry expression.

seriously enough.

“Sir, do you know how… ‘weak man’ you are?”


Perhaps you are a monster who can use such words to a human who is fighting a demon unit.

Of course, in a state where I am not in desperate need, even if I am treated like that, I have nothing to say about fighting power.

“Such a fragile subject, such, such…! If you keep saying ‘it looks delicious’…! I have no choice but to be eaten…!”


What is he saying now.

“…You, did you hear what I just said…!”

“yes. I heard you.”

Elijah replied with a wide smile.

“But, isn’t that what I need to be able to defeat all demons?”


what a crazy sound

As I was looking at him with an angry expression, he continued his stuttering words.

“The holy sword, if I, I catch it, get recognized for my qualifications, and become a hero, isn’t it impossible?”

“…That’s true, but…!”

Even in the middle of the sane, he manages to make a sound that penetrates the core.

Elijah, who took the holy sword and became a warrior, grew into a monster capable of doing similar things.


“It’s not even confirmed that this will happen now, so why take the risk already…!”

“You can do it first and fix it later!”


“Your teacher has done that before!”


That’s right, though.

The eyes of this guy saying that are out of focus.

It’s not like he’s thinking deeply and spitting out words right now.

As I was thinking about that, a thunderclap erupted from within the Soul Linker.

[Tell me to do it while I’m not looking, b*tches-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]


No, I think it’s the first time I’ve seen this person go mental like this?

As I looked there with that thought in mind, Caliban continued speaking in a voice full of life.

[I die. I’m fainting from now on. Don’t tell me.]

With those words at the end, the reaction from within the Soul Linker was cut off.

I really turned my consciousness off. It’s kind of like knocking yourself out.

‘…No, that’s not the problem!’

I look back at Elijah, who opens his eyes and breathes heavily.

eyes are already out of focus The front of her school uniform is disheveled and her breasts are half exposed, but she seems to be swept away by the waves of desire to the extent that she doesn’t even care about that.

“…just calm down for now.”

“It’s a true state…!”



You never calmed down, you.


The skill didn’t explode, but it was really desperate.

‘Now that it’s like this…!’

All that remains is to push it with force.

Thinking so, he tried to push Elijah away with all his might.

“…something? Are you flirting?”


why is he so strong

I don’t even get a kick out of it. I feel the gap in power enough to subdue it with one real finger.

I look at Elijah, who is breathing heavily and approaching me with the color draining from his face.

“Look up at the sky and count the number of stars.”


“That’s because it’ll be over soon…!”

I close my eyes tightly when I see Elijah pressing down on my chest with my eyes wide open.


Somebody, save me…!

Are you thinking like that?


A voice came from the sky.


“What are you doing, you two?”

The familiar ‘red flame’.

They blew away the phantom trees nearby.




A silence three times more terrible than before hung over the camp.

In the meantime, only Talion was grilling the meat he had casually brought over a bonfire.

“Aren’t you and Elijah having dinner?”

“…it’s okay.”

“…Me too.”

At the same time, a melancholy voice came out.

It was a mixture of shame and awkwardness at the same time.

The same goes for Elijah, who was barely restrained in a state on the verge of going out of control, and me, who was discovered with an embarrassing face that I couldn’t bear to show.

Still, I’ll have to ask.

“…By the way, how did you get here?”

“Mr. Faynol has found you. Did you feel your brother’s spirit return?”


Hearing those words, he turned to Faynol, and a completely expressionless face returned to him.

“…I’m glad you look healthy.”

From noble mtl dot com

The boy replied with a smile.

Undoubtedly, it was a very unnatural smile.

He doesn’t seem to have any intention of hiding that he was angry in the first place.



You say you don’t feel emotions

Why are you creating such an atmosphere that burns your skin…?

“Rather than that, there’s something I want to tell you.”


When I turned my head toward Talion, he shrugged his shoulders and continued.

“This is the information I received from the Prime Minister. I heard that the difficulty level of the test will increase rapidly from tomorrow.”



A secret leak that leaked casually brought a bitter smile to Elijah’s and me’s faces at the same time.

It’s so shameless that I don’t even think about it.

‘…No, in the first place.’

Considering the interest at stake in the title of hero, it would be foolish not to do such a thing.

In fact, it would be correct to see even such things as part of the ordeal.

It feels like we are also seeing the national strength of each country that can push the candidate for the hero from behind the scenes.

“I have to give you a detailed explanation slowly, so let me tell you the conclusion first…”

Talion was silent for a moment and looked around.




Still, the ruinous silence that had been going on since before was heavy.

They don’t even seem willing to talk to each other.

At this, Talion cleared his throat and spoke again.

Anyway, it seems like I have to say something.

“…Maybe you’ll have to go out with us tomorrow…”


“…the four of us overcome difficulties.”


with this member.

Take Fynol, who is full of anger, and Elijah, who is fighting hard with you.



just die?

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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