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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 179

179. Second Trial (2)


A murmur came from someone.

He was probably quicker to find out than anyone else. Because the ones that are most sensitive to this aura on the continental level are the Heretic Inquisitorial Center and the Seonghwangguk.

“…everyone get ready.”

With those words, everyone present took out their magic tools one by one from their arms.

A protective gear made from a mixture of holy water, holy relics, and saints’ relics.

‘…the seal of the angel.’

Seeing the seal engraved on the outside, Elijah gritted his teeth.

If that’s the case, it’s understandable to run into a human who can handle demonic energy.

They are considered one of the most precious armors in the Holy Empire, and are considered to be effective for a one-time use against the main body of a demon, albeit only for a very short time.

It must be a special potion against opponents who deal with demons that are obviously far more crude than the main body.

“…I don’t think they are from Seras.”

A murmur escaped from Daud’s mouth as he scanned the scene.

“Looks like outside personnel who only received equipment from the Holy Land. Is that correct?”


It is natural that there is no idiot who dares to open his mouth and accept it.

However, Daud, who had said that, also nodded quietly instead of saying anything more.

“It’s not the oath of the crescent moon, but with this level of skill… I guess it’s the apostle of the sun.”

“According to information, he cannot directly exercise the devil’s power, but he is an opponent that can imitate him. Be very careful.”

“Is it from Archbishop Luminol?

“everyone. ready to attack. Give a signal and they go at once.”

From noble mtl dot com

“…Please listen.”

Daoud took those words out with a look of need, but the people around him didn’t blink an eye.

Although the leader who led them opened his mouth for an answer with a sigh.

“…You don’t know that it’s a tactic to pass the time by talking. It is a pitiful maneuver.”


I mean, it’s aggressive.

Apparently Daoud was so embarrassed that he said it to calm him down.

For that person, an assassin, his empathy level is unnecessarily high.

Maybe, a pretty good person…?

“No, if you know, I’ll match the rhythm. Isn’t that too much?”


On the other hand, isn’t there a person who doesn’t blink an eye even after receiving such consideration from the other person and says such unconscionable things.

While Elijah thought so, he looked at Daoud with narrow eyes.

“If I don’t give it time, I don’t have the confidence to control myself.”


“Because it’s my first time using it.”

Daoud sighed and placed a hand on his chest.

“Even if you die, I don’t know?”

with such a shameless sound.

Magi covered in gray and white instantly covered the surroundings.


Those who saw it raised their dharma tools at the same time.

But, next moment.


The magic ball clinging to the gray energy was ‘crushed’ in an instant.

very easily.

It is as if a rock that has been ‘eroded’ by moisture is shattered at the slightest impact.


Before the astonishment spilled by someone even ended properly.

The white devil’s demonic energy penetrated through the cracks in the tool that looked like that.



A white flash of light covered the area.



“What was that just about?”

Elijah let out a voice mixed with such a groan as he looked at the people scattered around him.



Hearing that answer, Elijah was silent.

If Seonghwangguk knew this fact, it would be obvious that the entire country would turn upside down.

No, not just your country, but the entire continent will turn upside down.

Although it is less powerful than the original.

What these humans have now brought out are objects made after the seal of the chivalry, which suppresses even the ‘body’ of the demons in the void.

to break through it in an instant

It is an established theory that just by mimicking the powers related to the ‘Chief Angel’, you already have absolute protection against demons.


No matter how much power it has deteriorated compared to the original, the fact that it can pierce even such protective measures suggests a lot of facts.

It’s because it’s an existence that can handle the demon’s energy… more ‘irregularly’ than normal power.


As if it were a being in the ‘higher’ phase of such beings.


this person.

Maybe, she’s becoming more… a ‘monster’ than she thinks.

Elijah looked at Dawood with that thought in mind.

Although he kept whispering something to the expressionless assassins.

As if trying to ‘inject’ a certain fact persistently, he keeps saying something over and over again.

“…But what have you been doing since a while ago?”



“I’m going to sprinkle ground rice to use later. They are still useful people, here.”

A calm explanation followed, saying that it was using the white devil’s power, ‘temptation’.

It is a calm and sober look.

As if being attacked by these people had already been calculated.


If you think about it again, this person always had a strong feeling that he was stuck in a section he couldn’t even catch up with.

While receiving training from Kwon Seong this time, I wondered if he had caught up a little by enlightening his eyes to the truth, but this person got this ability from somewhere again and it feels like he has come a long way.

“…Anyway, he’s an unlucky nobleman. teacher. i know? Here, no matter how hard you try, you always get through the hard things so casually.”

That’s why you put your hand on your waist and scold me in a mischievous voice.

“I was lucky. If I made a mistake, it would have been quite difficult.”


Elijah’s eyes narrowed when he heard the calm reply.


I don’t know what.

Hasn’t it changed a bit?

‘…Originally, there were times when I felt a bit unlucky.’

Elijah thought so and tilted his head.

I already knew that I was a person who always maintained the attitude of knowing everything and taking care of it in advance.

Even now, even though I’m spitting out the same words, that kind of awkwardness is a little less.

I don’t think it’s a feeling of humility.

What should I say?

dry. very.

As if there was no inspiration whatsoever.

Feeling that ’emotions’ have faded more than before.

“…why are you looking at me like that?”

“No, it’s normal for a teacher to show an attitude like ‘I have to do this of course…’ after doing difficult things for others-”

“…what the hell do you think of me?”

The dumbfounded reply came back, but Elijah still squinted his eyes at Daoud.

It was more serious than before. On the contrary, to the extent that Daud was even more embarrassed.



“…Can’t you change too much?”

I don’t even know why he said that.

But somehow.

This person, these days, one by one, something… I feel like I’m getting away from ‘human’.

-If I think I’m going to do something weird again, you balance it out.

Seeing as he said that not too long ago, he seems to know it himself.

It goes on and on and on and on.

At some point, this person could completely turn into ‘something else’. It is true that such vague insecurities prevail.


Hearing those words, Daoud looked at her in silence and laughed.

“…Thank you for your concern. It’s okay though.”


“Because I will live with as much awareness as possible so that it doesn’t happen like that.”

Elijah twitched his lips dissatisfied with the answer that came back like that.

It’s something I’ve heard before.

However, it is still difficult to understand with that. It’s hard to be reassured.

“…I can’t. As expected, if I don’t put some reins in to listen to me in advance…”


A look of wonder returned to Daud as soon as he saw Elijah muttering something, but instead of explaining further, she got up from her seat.

“…let’s move first.”

It was something that was determined.

“It’s a good place to camp, because I’ve reserved it in advance.”

< System Message >

[You tried to synthesize the ‘Grey Devil’ and ‘White Devil’. ]

[‘Failure’ in synthesis! ]

[The effect ends when the energy of the ‘Gray Devil’ and the ‘White Devil’ become stronger! ]

[The magic of ‘Gray Devil’ and ‘White Devil’ cannot be used until recharged.]


I scan the message window with narrow eyes.

The words ‘I was lucky’ to Elijah earlier are not empty words.

From the outside, it looks like he was easily subdued, but this side has suffered quite a bit of blood.

It is clear that even if the tool had been a little more powerful, it would not have been able to pierce it.

‘…was it a technology that existed in the first place, whether it was failure or success?’

I think of such thoughts with an absurd expression.

If I knew there was such a probability, I wouldn’t have used it so easily in the first place.

Especially if there was a penalty that made it impossible to use at all until then, unless the energy of the white and gray demons were somehow refilled.

I don’t even know how to do that refill in the first place.


He sighs and closes the window.

However, what’s the point of looking bad?

In any case, it is true that even with a failed technique, the power was great enough to neutralize the trump method prepared by the other party.

I mean yes.

‘…Then, what will happen if it becomes a big success?’

Probably, it is clear that the return value beyond imagination will come back.

It’s hard to use in normal situations, but it’s good to think of it as an appropriate skill to save until the end and use it as a gambler.

You’d better think for now that I went through trial and error figuring that out.

As I sorted things out like that, I threw another armful of dry firewood into the crackling bonfire.

It would be suicidal to do such a thing in the ‘Forest of Dreams’ where the second ordeal takes place, but there are still a few safe spots.

Right now, this place where ‘Hwan Carpenter’ grows thickly nearby has the effect of automatically impairing the perception of the surroundings. It probably won’t be easy for not only the Witchbeast but also other candidates for the hero to approach this.

That’s why he leisurely lights a fire in an environment full of dangerous things.

Dude, I managed to find a place like this. When I took the lead and dragged you to spend the night here, I wanted to do something.


But, that’s it.

From noble mtl dot com

‘…Why didn’t you say hello after a long time?’

Saying that, he looked down at the Soul Linker.

Normally, the man who would have been the most noisy as soon as I came to my senses is now the quietest.


[shut up.]


I shut my mouth at the answer that came back in a gloomy voice.

It’s a voice that somehow feels intense anger toward me.

Something worth guessing.

‘…What happened while I was gone?’

As soon as I asked that question, a sigh came out first.

Then the words follow in a gloomy voice.

[shut up.]



I am anxious because the reaction has come back like this.

“…No, at least tell me the reason…”

[…I have a lot to talk about.]

Caliban continued in a low voice.

[It’s just that the situation itself is hell tonight.]


[I’ve seen all the embarrassing things my sister has done in the past few days. I have a feeling that maybe today will be the pinnacle.]



At most, all I have to do is sleep here for one night.


After speaking up, I realized that something was strange.


Come to think of it, yes.

Are you sleeping with me?

Just the two of you?

with Elijah?


I’ve been hooked up with all kinds of women up until now.

Have you ever been exposed to a situation where you are ‘alone’ for a long time like this…?

Are you thinking like that?

“…hey, sir.”

Suddenly, I heard a voice that sent chills down my spine.

It is Elijah who leaves for a while to get more firewood.



If you brought firewood, you must have been exercising.

Why does it smell good instead of sweat?

It looks like you took a shower somewhere. The hair is also refreshingly shiny.


As if he had been diligently grooming himself in preparation for ‘something’.


“We are alone.”

The face of the guy who said that was strangely red.


“Thanks to Carpenter Hwan, there won’t be anyone coming here, and we’ll have to sleep alone until tomorrow.”

“…Well, what about it?”

Elijah smiled broadly.

In response, the cold sweat pouring from my face also increases a little more.



Suddenly, I realize one thing.

Why was Caliban silent all this time?

“I hope nothing happens. Yes?”




Are you saying that something is sure to happen…?


said Caliban in an almost whimpering voice.

[Because I’m asking you, do it where I can’t see you.]


long time to say

shut up.


It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

악당에게 사랑받는 운명입니다,Fated to Be Loved by Villains
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