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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 176

176. Deus Ex Machina



At any given moment, bringing these two together seems to create a suffocating silence.

Faynole thought so and looked back and forth between Sullivan and Elnor, who were glaring at each other in silence.

I called them because they needed something and they gathered, but I still can’t adapt to this rigid atmosphere.

Of course, even so, she is one of the most talented wizards on the continent. Even in such a restless atmosphere, he manages to finish what he was asked to do.

“…the preparations are complete.”

Faynole said that and stepped back from the barrier she had created.

In the center, YuRia with her eyes closed was lying in a weary state.

After the first ordeal, he hadn’t opened his eyes once since passing out with Daoud.

Sullivan, who had been silently observing the scene, soon turned to Elnor from behind.

“…as I’ve explained before, what you need to do is simple. If you’re ready, you can go up to the transmission line at the center of this barrier.”

“I understand that it means that it is easy to understand, not that it is easy to achieve, Prime Minister.”

Sullivan smiled wryly at the sight of Elnor retorting with a low-pitched voice.

That’s definitely true.

Or he probably wouldn’t have mentioned that his life was in danger from the first time he called this woman.

“Did you understand the risks I explained earlier, Princess Tristan?”



Sullivan closed his mouth at the confident answer.

“To be honest, I heard half of the stories the Prime Minister told me with one ear and let it out with the other. There are only so many absurd stories.”


“There are only a few things you need to know in the first place, aren’t there?”

Elnor continued with a sigh.

“Daud is in danger, and it is hard enough that his life is in danger, but he still needs my help. Isn’t that enough?”


That’s right, though.

Still, there are definitely things that need to be pointed out.

“…Don’t take it lightly, Princess Tristan.”

Sullivan continued with a sigh.

“This inside is an image world constructed by the white devil. It’s a place where it’s normal for mortals in the material world not to even dare to approach. Inside, the white devil can wield godlike powers.”

Certainly, yes.

Fynol smiled bitterly and nodded inwardly.

If it is a white devil, it is a devil that can wield the most powerful power in the ‘spirit’ category among all the devils.

Because the authority represented can control the minds of others.

And now, what they’re trying to do with Elnor is to ‘force’ this woman into that space and bring Daoud.

If you were sane, it would be a plan you couldn’t even conceive of, but the woman who asked if you would do it and the woman who replied that you would do it were both insane.

“…If it’s you, if you embrace the most powerful being among the kings of Pandemonium, then there’s a very high chance that you’ll make a good save, so I’m asking you. Even at the demon level, other vessels absolutely cannot.”

Upon hearing that, Elnor’s expression softened slightly.

devil. King of Pandemonium.

As for the previously unknown linguist, as well as Chancellor Sullivan.

I kept telling her that there was something like that in her body.

That her mother was involved in it.


As Elnor knows.

Only one person knows the identity of the whole story.

A human who seems to be involved in everything related.

‘… Archduke Tristan.’

Gideon Galestud la Tristan.

her father.

If we meet next time

I’ll have to figure out what the heck this refers to.

As I kept my mouth shut while remembering those thoughts, the sentence flew in front of my eyes again.

“Anyway, it’s just a sound you need to tighten up. Even if they are the same devil, they have different jurisdictions, so even you are guaranteed safety-”

As Sullivan tried to continue, Yuria’s body suddenly twitched.

It was a very violent movement compared to the one that had been motionless until now, and everyone in the seat looked at it with flinch.




As if such a gesture didn’t come out of nowhere, the barrier Faynole had drawn up started shaking like crazy.

The expression of the three people in the room reminded me of embarrassment.

“…Phenol. This?”

In response to the chancellor’s question, Faynol hurriedly checked the barrier.

Then she answered in a serious voice.

“…it seems like something big is happening inside.”

“Is it a big deal?”

“I don’t know what it is, but the person who created the image world was very angry. As it is…”

Faynole slurred.

As if he couldn’t bear to spit out the following sentence as it is.

“…The world of images will be completely distorted. Dowd Campbell’s soul could be destroyed forever.”


Sullivan’s and Elnor’s eyes widened at the same time.

“…then I guess I’ll have to go in right away.”

Faynole added a sentence urgently to Elnor’s words.

“Wait a minute, Princess Tristan. It’s too unstable to go inside right now, though. If you enter in this state, you will surely die! I will calm the barrier as quickly as possible-”

“While calming the barrier, the chances of Daoud being harmed increase, right?”

“…yes, but that’s still better than sure you die right now!”

Faynole said urgently.

Elnor, who actually heard that, only shrugged his shoulders and answered calmly.

“Then let’s just bet on my death side.”


“That’s better than an increased chance of him dying.”

with those words.

Elnore jumped into the turbulent barrier like mad.



that crazy b*tch

Sullivan and Faynole came up with that idea at the same time.

!!!!!! Warning!!!!!!

[ ‘Role’ broken! ]

[Penalties are given! ]

[The probability of escaping from the mental space is significantly reduced! ]

At the same time as such a message floats in front of my eyes, screams pour in from all directions.

“His Holiness! Holy haaa-!”

“Call the senator! Bo, activate the security system too!”

While Beopwang’s head rolled and rolled on the floor, all sorts of screams and riots unfolded around him.

Subsequently, armed personnel throughout the mansion, all kinds of attack spells, blessings, and the hostile homunculus…

Etc. Etc.

There are so many that I don’t even know what is what.

You know that the whole mansion looks like it’s turning into an enemy.

“…a servant… Mr….?”

I hear Yuria’s voice as she looks at me with a bewildered expression.

“Look, lady.”

Then, he turns his head in that direction and smiles.

“You know what’s far more hellish than being alone in the world?”


“It’s about being surrounded by people who make you feel alone.”


YuRia’s eyes widened.


smile and talk

“…Those obstacles, I will remove them from now on.”

Actually, I wasn’t going to do it this far.

Personally, I don’t like everything in it.

The same goes for young YuRia. The same goes for the environment where this guy is confined and ‘bred’. Even so, the attitude of humans who seem to despise this guy is also the same.



Because it reminds me of my ‘old days’.


I took a deep breath and gripped the disconnector.

Thanks to the copied characteristics, the burden on the body is less than expected.

Did I tell you to prevent a tragedy that would happen to Yuria?

So the way I came up with is simple.

I just need to kill them all before this guy kills me.

“You won’t die gracefully, you damn apostate!”

“All surrounded! They must be captured alive!”

To capture them alive doesn’t mean that they will show mercy, but that they will subdue them in order to kill them as painfully as possible.

< System Message >

[ A crisis situation is detected. ]

[ It is judged as a level that poses a direct threat to life. ]

[Skill: Applies Desperation to EX grade. ]

< System Message >

[The ‘Tristan style swordsmanship’ attribute is applied. ]

[Sword proficiency and power increase! ]

< System Message >

[The ‘curse of severance’ is currently in effect! ]

Since I don’t have a soul linker, I can’t replenish my magic power, so I can’t use divinity-related skills.

Even with the skills built into me right now, there are only a handful of people who can beat me in a simple melee, even at the level of a strong person.

Especially with the curse of severance, which can decapitate even the emperor in an instant.


one sword.

With the sword swung in an arc, a whole part of the mansion was ‘sliced away’.

All humans within range are swept away and turned into flesh pieces.

Changing the landscape with a single swing of the sword is something that could have been done with a spec of Elnor or higher, but it is a three-level combination of a severance person + end of the line + Tristan-style swordsmanship. If that’s enough, I’ll see if I can imitate similarly.

From noble mtl dot com

“A monster, a monster…!”

“What the hell is that…!”

I kept hearing that sound along with screams around me.

Instead of reacting to it, he cuts all the humans around him in the mood of cutting meat.

Watching blood fountains spurt out and human bodies flying everywhere makes me sick to my stomach, but to be honest, I’m not particularly impressed.

I don’t know if it’s the real world, but this is the world of imagination.

Fundamentally, it’s just an illusion created by the white devil.


It’s clear that there are people who don’t like it very much.

!!! Warning!!!

[Return to ‘casting’ right now! ]

[Return to ‘casting’ right now! ]

[Return to ‘casting’ right now! ]

[ Right Now- ]

The size of the red window floating in front of my eyes gradually increased.

It almost seems like it’s screaming at me.

But, ignore it and keep cutting.

keep cutting keep killing Continue to splatter blood around.

And then.

< System Messa-

A message window was about to appear before my eyes.

[Companion, what are you doing now?]

Being ‘intercepted’ by something.


‘Everything’ including me pauses.

As if a transcendental being intervened.


I sigh inwardly.

Originally, only gray demons could do this, but at least in the ‘world they created’, there are guys who can do similar things.

[I would have told you to keep the role?]

with those words.

In front of my eyes, a ‘devil’ emitting pure white color tore apart the space and jumped out.

A white demon that takes the form of Yuria.



was waiting

I knew that if I put out this much, it would definitely come.

Its eyes are shining brightly. Maintaining a cold gaze that seemed to make my heart melt just by meeting him, he approached me.

He grabs my chin and lifts me up, making me look into his eyes.

[I will allow you to speak, so tell me. Why did you ignore the warning?]

At the same time, my behavior slightly returns.

I can barely move my mouth, but I still spit out sentences somehow.

“It’s frustrating.”


“In the first place, why did you set the limit of ‘role’?”

At my words, the white devil’s face wriggled.

“It’s strange. If you wanted to prevent something from happening to YuRia, there was no need to put such restrictions on you. The range of action is limited, and it doesn’t fit.”


“Why do you keep forcing me to do that?”

I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to do.

His thoughts on YuRia must have been sincere. By creating such an image world and ‘altering’ Yuria’s past, it must have been an attempt to have a positive effect on her.


Regarding this part.

“Didn’t you have other plans?”


There’s no need to put those restrictions on me.

There is only one feature you can expect from such a thing.

Being able to ‘fix’ me naturally in the world created by the white devil.

That you can wield me as you please.

If you give such an ‘excuse’ to the white devil who is the most obsessed among all the devils and wants to restrain you, you don’t know how sparks will fly later.


The white devil’s face continued to wriggle.

[…I am.]

The guy who was silent for a long time, managed to open his mouth and answer.

The guy gritted his teeth and said.

[I just wanted to change you.]

“Change, what?”

[…the future you face. The past of the vessel I dwell in.]

“…What are you talking about?”


The guy was silent for a while.

much longer than before.

Soon after, the guy closed his eyes tightly and hit the hammer.

Like dropping a memory you don’t want to recall.

[…Noisy. Anyway, you broke my restrictions.]

Having said that, the white devil raised his hand in front of me.

[That means it’s okay if I take ownership of your soul. That… wouldn’t be a violation of the ‘agreement’ either.]



Another unintelligible sound came out.

However, looking at the atmosphere, it seems that there is no opportunity to listen to the explanation.

A white demonic energy began to form on the boy’s hand.

[…The method is different from what I expected, but.]

I could hear him muttering quietly.

[This time, we can still be together-]

But, before that sentence is even finished.




Crumpled, twisted, harpooned.

‘swept away’ all at once.

Just like the abyss I saw when I first entered here, there is only darkness around me.

As if someone’s ‘appearance’ completely destroyed the world of images.


Horror flowed from the mouth of the white devil.

If you are in the world of imagery based on your mind, it is normal for you to hold the right of control.

It has to be.

Where is the existence that comes in by tearing it apart casually?

The cool guy looked back at him.



There was a familiar face.

“[What are you going to do with Daoud now?]”

with such a sentence.

Gray energy began to burst out like an explosion in all directions.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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