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It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains Chapter 177

177. Deus Ex Machina (2)


Elijah looked around with a pained expression.

I understand the concept of the second ordeal.

Battle royale survival in rough terrain.

As soon as you start right away, just grabbing a bundle of simple survival tools and immediately throwing it into a monster-infested area can’t be more obvious.

In that respect, there was no doubt that this situation was not well understood with her common sense.

“…Where did you get all of them?”

At Elijah’s perplexed question, one of the men surrounding her swung a longsword in her hand without answering.



It’s a survival game where you stick your bare body into it.

Anyone can see that there are people who are fully armed with the weapons they brought with only the thought of killing them.

No matter how you look at it, it was clear that they weren’t the ones who were ‘legitimately’ involved in the selection of heroes.

Was this what Lana boasted about what would happen?


Elijah, who saw the long sword and well-equipped armor scattering reflected light under the sunlight, suddenly looked down at his body.

cloth boots. cloth pants. cloth top.

Compared to the opponent’s equipment, which would not be strange even if put into the battlefield right away, it seems like a comfortable working clothes worn while farming.

I don’t know, but if you can push these people in during the selection of heroes, you’re probably a person with a lot of power, and the people that such a person put in can’t be babbling.

No matter how much she is, it would be risking her life to deal with people with such skills wearing only these things.

“Hey, can you at least tell me why you’re doing this?”

“You are not a target, Elijah Krissanax.”


“If you step back now, I’ll save you.”

The man who uttered those words raised his sword and aimed it at Daoud, whose soul was still out of sight.

“Our target is that man. If you keep silent, I’ll save your life. If you harm a candidate for the hero, the aftermath will be no joke.”


Go after Daoud.

Elijah nodded with a serious expression.

good. Knowing the purpose makes it easier to infer where the other party belongs.

Go after Daoud. Possible candidates…


After thinking for a moment, Elijah opened his mouth with a more serious expression.

“…Where are you came from…?”


“Coming to think of the people who would want to kill you, I don’t think there are just one or two. If you could give me a hint as to where they came from-”

“…It is the last warning. Step back right now and hand over that man.”

Ah, you are from Seonghwangguk.

From noble mtl dot com

With those words, Elijah, who saw the protection for battle that dwells on the equipment, nodded and understood.

If that’s the case, there’s a high probability that they’re humans with the breath of Archbishop Luminol.

Well, it’s strange that he doesn’t want to kill her when he sees what he did to his daughter.


Elijah sighed and took out a short dagger that had been stuck between the tools.

the days are crushed,

No matter how you look at it, it’s not for combat. At best, it’s a waste product that can barely handle leather or meat.

“…what are you doing?”

Although someone who saw her pulling it out asked that.

next moment.


Having said that, the human body soared vertically.

It must have been because Elijah, who approached in an instant, struck a blow that soared from below with his dagger.

Had it not been for the difference in level of equipment, it would not be strange to faint.

Seeing their colleague floating on the floor and pinned to the floor, the group of people frowned and said,

“…What are you doing?”

Instead of answering, Elijah glanced back.

Take a close look at Daoud’s expression.

In a combat situation, he was always a person with a gun around his eyes, but now his embarrassment is stronger.


After all, it is clear that there is no sign of ‘coming back’ yet.

He would die without her help.

“…Are you out of your mind?”

In the meantime, the words flew from the front again.

“Even if you are a candidate for a hero, it is impossible to deal with all of these people with such poor equipment. Do you want to die like that?”

“I don’t want to die, of course.”

Elijah grinned as he spun his dagger.

“Still, if you are a teacher, is it worth risking your life once?”


The group of people drew their swords with a sigh. Protection dwells in that equipment.

“…It’s your choice.”

A combat priest equivalent to an advanced level. It is clearly an opponent who must have had the ability to go beyond Elijah.

In addition to that, if you think about the subordinates around you, it would be suicide to fight there. The odds converge to 0.

“Die here, Elijah Krisanax.”



Again, instead of running away.

Elijah sighed again and scratched his head.

What kind of high school student is this?

Anyway, this is all because of Daoud’s lack of people.


“It’s wrong to fall for you first.”

It’s her fault too.

Subsequently, Elijah and armed personnel clashed violently.


Seeing a human who suddenly appeared in a black space, such words flowed naturally.


As if I wasn’t the only one who was flustered, the white demon’s eyes fluttered when he saw Elnor, who was spreading gray energy all over his body.

Then, the boy’s teeth were inevitably ground.

[In the nest of me and my partner… that damned guy’s bowl-]

My expression twisted at that sentence.

‘…A nest?’

i’ve never heard of that

The word itself is very ominous.


Oh, that’s right.


‘…I had no intention of sending it out from the beginning.’

As soon as I think of such a thought, a bitter smile forms on my lips.

The reason why they put cumbersome restrictions on their roles is probably because they want to take the ‘leadership’.

If I followed the role all the way, I would have thought of confining myself to this world forever by using some kind of gimmick according to it. To be together with you.

When I break my role, they talk about restrictions and try to rob me of ownership of my soul, just like I just did.

Either way, I am Lee Ji-seon of Hell, who has no choice but to be imprisoned by this guy.


As if I wasn’t the only one who realized that, Elnor, who had been silent until now, opened her mouth.

“…A nest?”

Those red eyes shine brightly.

It was evident that he was quite angry.

“You, from the beginning.”

And, in the sentence that follows.

that voice breaks

[That person, ú´ÂÁö, î°¡ was meant to be alone?]



As soon as I hear a voice full of noise, I immediately feel it.

It wasn’t Elnor who was speaking out now.

It’s a different being that speaks by borrowing Elnor’s ‘body’.


And as soon as Elnor’s expression changed like that, anger soared in the white devil’s eyes.

[That shameless face…! In my space…!]

It hadn’t been that smooth before, though.

Right now, it’s a level where I’ve met even the most crippled enemies.

Following those words, a white aura flickered throughout the space.

The pitch-black space quickly turns white. It is proof that the white devil is doing everything possible.

[I will kill you–!!]

The devil’s magic is always threatening, but the strength of the energy emitted by the white devil in this image world is special. In terms of momentum, I felt a sense of intimidation on a level higher than that of the demons that the gray demons dealt with in the material world.


Undoubtedly, there seems to be a story between these two.

This level of hatred is not understandable unless there is no such thing.

While I was thinking about that, the white Magi rushed toward Elnor all at once.





at once.

The magic stops.

The white magic that touched the gray demon completely stopped. As if ‘time’ had completely frozen.


Seeing that figure, the white devil’s expression slightly twisted.


And at the same time.

time freezes

The color of the surrounding space is gradually ‘eroded’ from pitch-black darkness to gray.

It is said that the white devil is losing the initiative.

‘…is this right?’

Even I look at it with a stunned look.

All demons are beings of the highest rank regardless of dimension, so it is possible for them to exert their power even in the world of others’ images.

However, at least in the ‘spirit-related’ category, the white devil is at the forefront among demons.

Such an ability in a world where such a guy has absolute dominion?



Twenty-twenty, the gray energy that crawled out, this space, which was already bland, starts to stop altogether.

Elnor, me, and even the white devil, whom the gray devil borrowed.

At least, the white devil is a devil belonging to the same hierarchy, so it seems that he can move to some extent, but the bowl, Elnor, and even me, who has the seal of Fallen, stop without exception.


And, something comes down from the sky.

With a sigh.

There is a guy who lands lightly on the floor.

A ‘crown’ reminiscent of a halo on top of the head.

gray devil.

Ruler of Pandaemonium.

Among them, the strongest.

[Because of you… Because of you, my partner, because of you-!]

As soon as he saw the gray devil, the white devil brought out such a sentence as if he was screaming.


Immediately, such an answer came back.

[You must hate me ú´Â. I know that man thinks it’s because of me that he dies later.]


Words that could not be heard were passing by.

‘I’m dying?’



What do you mean, gray devil?

while thinking about it.


The gray demon’s pupils were torn left and right.

Compared to that innocent look he usually shows me, his expression is so different from the shudder.


Condensed black feelings for the other person.

From noble mtl dot com

The gray devil with such an expression reached in front of the white devil in an instant.


It’s the first time I’ve seen this guy since I saw him, and his expression is so full of malice that you can really call him ‘the devil’.

At the same time as the feeling of suffocation came over me for an instant, the gray demon reached out both hands to the white demon.

[That ¾î°¡ man.]

And as soon as you get there.

The white devil is ‘ripped apart’.

Like putting it in a grinder. in an instant.

The entire appearance of the white devil was blurry and crackling like a video that had been interrupted for an instant.

its mouth opens It must have been to vomit even a scream of pain.

Even before that, the gray demon grabbed the head, the only intact part of the white demon’s torn body.

[It’s my ¾´öC.]

Then, he slammed it to the floor.

Actions obviously meant to ‘break it down’, like hitting it with a full swing.

Again, the figure of the white devil crackles. His expression contorted in terrifying pain.

[It’s my ÇÏ¿¡.]

Irrespective of that, ferocity dwells in the pupils that glow the red of the gray devil. He lifts the head of the white devil he is holding back.

Again, hit the head on the floor.




Like trying to completely kill the opponent.

Kwajak, and the floor breaks. White flakes bounce in all directions.

Everywhere vibrates as if there was an earthquake. Even so, the hostility emanating from the gray demon shows no sign of calming down.

As if to pay the price for daring to touch their property.

[Don’t touch it.]

With a squeaky, squeaking sound.

Space is shattered. Along with the rest of the white demon’s body, the demons that had climbed up nearby scattered like glass breaking.



Anyway, it’s the same devil.

What is this overwhelming power gap?

This is a much more powerful force than the gray demons set in the setting.


As if he had surpassed even the ranks of the same demons, as if he alone exerted a power equivalent to that of a transcendent.


I don’t know what happened to make it this strong.



Gray Demon Musher.

I sincerely thought so.

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

It Is Fate To Be Loved by the Villains

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